AN: This is an story idea that popped into my head and I couldn't resist writing it! This is Marvey slash so don't like, don't read!

Chapter 1

The Morning After

Harvey woke up with a splitting headache, and in desperate need of the bathroom. He also felt hot, which he quickly deduced came from the naked body lying next to him. Harvey looked down at a mess of blonde hair on his chest and an arm draped across his waist, and the person's legs intertwined with his. He had no idea who the person was but he quickly deduced they were male.

This wasn't the first time Harvey had woken up with a companion in his bed, with no memory of how he got there, but the first time he had woken up utterly hungover with a man. He was straight, so this was bizarre even for Harvey.

As he glanced around the room they were in, he saw it was some kind of hotel suite. Then he remembered getting on a plane with Mike to go to Las Vegas to meet with one of their clients, he remembered checking into the hotel with Mike, and then meeting with their client and then…nothing…he remembered nothing after that.

Then Harvey stilled as he looked down at the mop of blonde hair and the head on his chest, and gulped as he tilted his head to look at the face…it couldn't be…he thought and then when the man moved his head on Harvey's chest so that he could see his face Harvey froze…it was Mike!

Harvey felt himself start to panic and he must have moved because he felt Mike moving, and he stilled. Terrified at the conversation they were going to have if Mike woke up. When Mike moved his head and tightened his grip on Harvey, letting out a sigh before going still again, Harvey closed his eyes in relief.

Then his bladder reminded him he had to pee and he had to try and pull off the octopus attached to him, without waking the Mike up. Harvey managed to slide out from under Mike, who looked like he was about to wake up before he settled down into the warm spot Harvey left behind and fell back to sleep. Harvey quickly went into the bathroom and shut the door behind him, leaning against it and letting out a breathe, and putting his hands over his face

"Oh my god, what have I done?" Harvey muttered before he saw something bright on his left hand, and when he lifted his head his gaze landed on a gold wedding ring on the fourth finger on his left hand. His eyes widened as he stared at it and then he really started panicking.

Just what happened last night?

Harvey let himself panic for a few moments before the lawyer inside him slapped him and told him to calm down, that he could figure this out. So he took a deep breath and stepped into the shower, hoping it would relax him. At the very least keep him from tearing his hair out trying to remember what happened. How did he let this happen?


Mike woke up feeling warm and sore, like every muscle ached, but it was a good ache, and he felt strangely happy. He smiled with his eyes closed as he snuggled closer into the cocoon he'd made around himself. Then he heard the sound of running water and snapped his eyes open and lifted his head, his eyes glanced around the room widely as he saw he was in a hotel suite. He knew he was in Las Vegas with Harvey to meet a client, but his brain just couldn't figure out what happened between the client meeting and this morning.

And now there was someone in the shower and he was naked. Mike gulped as he tried to figure out what happened, he wondered where Harvey was and whether he knew what happened. When suddenly the bathroom door opened, steam poured out the bathroom and a figure stepped out in a robe and running a towel over his hair. Mike watched as the figure finally pulled the towel off his head and he sat up and gasped


Harvey froze and turned back to a shocked Mike, whose blue eyes were blown as wide as he'd ever seen them

"Mike, don't freak out." Harvey said raising his hands up in a peaceful manner, which is when Mike's eye caught sight of the ring on Harvey's hand

"Harvey what's that?" Mike asked nervously pointing at Harvey's hand with his own left hand

"I was actually hoping you could tell me." Harvey muttered and Mike frowned before following Harvey's gaze to his own left hand, and an identical gold wedding ring on his left hand. His gaze switched from the ring on his hand to Harvey's, and then to Harvey. His hand started shaking

"Harvey? What's going on?" Mike said as calmly as he could but Harvey could see Mike was on the brink of a total breakdown

"Mike calm down, don't freak out."

"Don't freak out?! Don't freak out?" Mike scoffed; "Are you kidding me? How am I supposed to react to this?! What hell happened Harvey?" Mike yelled

Harvey looked Mike in the eye; "I don't know Mike. I don't know."


Harvey and Mike didn't say much after that, instead they pretty much avoided each other. Whilst Mike took a shower and got dressed, Harvey made a few phone calls and talked to the hotel staff asking them about what happened last night.

After Mike was dressed he came out the bathroom in the middle of trying to pull the ring off, but it just wouldn't budge. In fact the more he pulled at it the more it stayed on. It started Mike off panicking again, as he was pulling so hard he was scared he was going to pull his finger off.

"Stupid ring!"

Eventually Mike gave up and collapsed onto one of the sofa's in the next room in the suite, where there were two sofa's and a coffee table. He leant back and closed his eyes again trying to remember what happened last night. But it was all a blur, the last thing he remembered was drinking with Harvey and their client. He wasn't sure if he didn't remember because he was extremely hungover, or because he didn't want to remember, but he did know that this had never happened to him before. He'd never forgotten anything before! So now he was scared.

Mike groaned and leant forward running his hands over his face, before looking at his ring again. How could this happen? He didn't understand even if both he and Harvey were drunk why would they get married? Why would they sleep together? Mike had never thought of Harvey that way, and well he knew that Harvey was quite the ladies man, so what the hell happened? This whole thing felt like a bad dream.

Mike sighed and glanced at his watch wondering when Harvey was coming back, all he said was that he was going to get some answers. Then Mike saw a dining cart out the corner of his eyes, next to the far wall in front of the window, he walked over to it and saw a bucket full of ice and empty bottle of champagne, two glasses, and an empty plate of food.

Well at least Harvey whined and dined me first. Mike mused before rolling his eyes at himself. Then he glanced at his watch again worried that Harvey had run off and left him, he wouldn't be surprised, he'd never seen Harvey look so rattled. Mike started pacing and pulling at his ring again, he just wanted the thing off, he felt like the longer it was on the more he couldn't breathe. He could feel a panic attack starting but he didn't care, he just wanted the damn ring off!


Harvey hadn't had the best of luck finding answers, he went first to their clients room after he hadn't answered his phone, only to find it empty, and apparently he had checked out early that morning and had already got a flight home. So there goes any chance of asking him about last night. So then he tried the hotel front desk, who knew even less than Harvey did, but told him to try the chapel down the street.

Harvey considered going alone, but he was a little worried about Mike, the pup seemed on the verge on a breakdown when he left. And his suspicions were confirmed when he got back to the room and found Mike sitting on one of the sofas wielding a knife against his hand.

"Jesus Mike!" Harvey said rushing over and pulling the knife out Mike's hand; "What the hell do you think you're doing?!" Harvey yelled frowning at Mike and looking at him with a concerned expression

"Dammit Harvey I'm trying to get the damn ring of but it… won't…. come…. Off!" Mike said as he tried pulling at the ring again

"So what you're going to chop your finger off?" Harvey said rolling his eyes

"No! I just thought I might be able to loosen it." Mike said still trying to pull the ring off and Harvey saw he was close to having a panic attack.

Harvey had to act quick and put the knife back on the dining cart and grabbed a paper bag off the dining cart and thrust it at Mike. "Breathe into this."

Mike didn't even bother objecting, he just grabbed the bag and breathed into it.

Harvey sighed as he sat on the sofa opposite Mike. He ran a hand over his face and took a deep breathe; "Mike I think we need to talk about this." He looked up at Mike, to see the man staring at him expressionless, still trying to control his breathing

"What do you remember about last night?"

Mike shook his head before bringing the bag away from his mouth; "Nothing. I don't remember anything after we met up with the client, Jones for drinks." Mike said bitterly;

"Same here." Harvey replied

"What do we do Harvey? I mean how did this happen? Why don't we remember? What if everyone at Pearson Hartmann find out? Oh god what if Grammy finds out and she-"

"Mike!" Harvey yells cutting Mike off, and causing Mike to finally look at Harvey; "You need. To. Calm. Down. I can fix this ok. No one has to find out because it's not a problem, it's not like we're really married."


"You know Vegas weddings, aren't real."

Mike just looked at Harvey like he speaking a different language, and then he pinched the bridge of his nose; "Harvey, you know that phrase 'what happens in Vegas stays in Vegas' doesn't actually apply to marriages. If you get married in Vegas you're married everywhere!"

Harvey felt his heart rate quicken; "No..that can't be true.. how do you you know what don't tell me..OK here's what we're going to do we're going to go to the chapel and find out exactly what the hell is going on here."

On the way to the chapel Mike was acting paranoid, wearing sunglasses and peering around nervously

"For god sake stop it, you're making me nervous." Harvey said rolling his eyes as they walked into the chapel

"Welcome to the Love Chapel what can it's you two, welcome back!" The woman in the lobby was wearing some kind of 80s sparkly dress and huge loop earrings

"You know us?" Harvey asked

"Of course! You know you're wedding brought tears to my eyes, those vowels were so heartfelt."

Harvey could sense Mike stiffen next to him; "Listen um the thing is we were drunk last night and well this;" Harvey gestured to him and Mike; "This was a mistake and we just want it undone."

The woman frowned at them both; "Um well we can't just 'undo this', you're both married now, so if you want it 'undone' you'll have to get divorced."

At the moment Mike ran out the chapel; "Mike! Dammit." Harvey groaned and turned to follow

"Wait! You forgot this last night." Harvey turned to see the woman holding out a bit of paper, as he looked at it he saw it was a marriage licence; "Congratulations by the way! Look I know marriage can be tough, trust me I've have 4 of them, but looking at you both last night I can tell it's true love. So whatever the problem is you'll work it out."

Harvey merely nodded and walked outside to find Mike bent over grasping his legs and muttering to himself;



Mike looked up as Harvey held up the certificate at him, Mike looked from the paper to Harvey

"I told you." He whispered before taking a deep breathe and walking off

Harvey merely looked at his name and Mike's name on the piece of paper and sighed, what had they done?


Harvey went back to the room to find Mike packing

"What are you doing Mike?"

"Donna called, our flights in an hour, so I'm packing." Mike said without looking at Harvey. Harvey noticed Mike didn't look panicky anymore, he just looked angry


"Harvey you need to pack otherwise we'll miss our flight."

So that was that, apparently the topic was now closed. In fact every topic was closed apparently as Mike hadn't said one word to Harvey until they were getting on the plane and sitting down in first class. Harvey was in the middle of going through their client file making sure they had the right papers when Mike spoke up

"Ok here's what we're going to do. We are going to keep this a secret from everyone, even Donna, and just get a divorce and never speak of this again." Mike said determinedly and Harvey felt bad to bust his bubble

"Right. But you do know divorce proceedings can take a while, months even."

Mike finally looked at Harvey before nodding; "OK. Ok. Well I guess we're already keeping one secret, what's one more?" He said sarcastically, and bitterly before his gaze landed on Harvey's left hand; "So I guess you couldn't get yours off either."

"Huh what?" Harvey said before looking at his ring; "Oh right yeah."

"We'll have to cover them up before we go to work I guess." Mike mumbled before looking back out the window

Harvey just continued looking down at his ring, as he realised he hadn't even tried to take it off. In fact he'd never even thought about taking off. Harvey glanced at Mike to make sure he wasn't looking before he pulled at the ring and it came off simply. As soon as he did those he looked at his hand and it seemed bare. Harvey looked at the ring and saw an inscription on the inside it said – forever. Harvey sighed before slipping back onto his hand and frowning as it felt right. What was going on with him, when he suddenly liked the idea of being married? It was funny before this he hated marriage and the idea of being legally bound to someone, but having a ring on and seeing that paper with his and Mike's name, he felt strangely calm about the whole thing. In fact Mike was freaking out more than him.

God what had happened to him? He'd definitely gone soft.