A/N: This is the first time I have ever written a story in English. I saw a lot of good ideas in other peoples' stories, and I could not hold back any longer.

I am writing down all of my ideas soon, so if anyone wants to write something similar, then please do so, but tell me what you are writing, where it would be, and possibly when.

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-Unknown voice

[Thank you, for loving me]

He floats in the darkness, his last words echoing.

Am I dead?

He feels nothing. He sees nothing. In the vast, empty void, he remembers. His past comes crashing down, like the ocean waves that he loved so much.

[I will never die!]

He hears someone's anguished cries. Like that person's heart was ripped out and shattered into many, many pieces. The owner of that voice, those screams...


His brother is crying. He has to return. With those thoughts in mind, he struggles. Struggles with a body he doesn't know if he has anymore.

I have to go back... to Luffy!

The never healing wound that he left on his most precious treasure. Dying and leaving that open wound was not an option.

-Do you want to return?

Suddenly, a calm voice vibrates through the air.

...Who are you?

-I can give you a chance.


-A chance to return to your loved ones, your treasure.

Memories of his family, his crew flashes through his mind. Of Oyaji, of Marco, of Thatch, of Luffy.


His hopes start to rise. Can he really meet them again? To laugh, fight, and sing with them again? Can he?

-Yes, though there are some merits and demerits.

...Tell me more.

-But you have not answered my question yet. I can give you a chance. To return to your brother, your family, your treasure. What say you?

Who cares about demerits? As long as he could see them again, he doesn't care what will happen to him.

...I...want to go back! To my family, to my brother. I want to return!

-That is what I wanted to hear. We will talk later. Go!

A light shines through the void, warm fire coats his unfeeling body. The fire blazes brightly, chasing away any darkness he may have had. He deals his senses return to him. The last thing he heard was that voice again, before everything went black.

-Good luck...Gol, no, Portgas D Ace

That day, on the first of January, a child appeared at the front door of a family, with a note telling his name. That day, the wizard world gained a powerful child; one that could be a great ally, or terrible foe. That day, the world changed from its original course, as it gained an irregular factor. That day, the world gained a reincarnated Pirate.



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