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The Hanged Man- Sacrifices Prologue

"..." = talking '...' = thinking

She winced as water ran down her body... cuts everywhere, pain everywhere... worst of all, the pain in her heart is eating her day by day.

She brushed back some of the blue hair is that sticking on her forehead, and felt something hot run down her cheek. This is definitely not the shower water... because the shower water is icy cold and this is hot.

She raised a hand and touched the hot liquid... it's tear. She's crying, something she has never done for her entire life. She snorted mockingly and wiped away her tears, she cannot believe that she's crying.

Without a second thought, she turned off the shower and stood there for a moment, letting the cool air come onto her skin. She reached to her right and grabbed her white towel and quickly tried off herself.

They say that the mirror sees everything that is hidden... but can the mirror see why she's crying? And why are all these cuts and bruises on an eight year old girl's body? Whatever caused this?

'I should have made my decision a long ago.'

She closed her eyes as she remembered what she tried to tell the others the day before.


The red haired boy rolled his eyes and crossed his arms over his chest looking down at the younger with surprise and mock in his eyes.

"Why would you want to get away from here? This is the place where we will become famous and the World's best beybladers!"

She shook her head and looked back at the other boy with blue and grey hair, he just looked at her, but didn't say anything.

"Seriously, why would you want to anyways? You'll never be successful outside of this place!" The red haired boy continued, she returned her gaze on him again.

How long have they know each other? And yet they don't believe her... is there even any love on this planet anymore? She lowered her gaze, letting the red haired boy's words flow past her.

So they won't go with her, no big deal, she'll just go by herself. And she will be successful.

[End Of Flashback]

She thought back to that conversation and how stupid she had been to ask them. She snapped her purple eyes open sharply and walked out of the bathroom.

Walking in her room, she grabbed some clothes and threw them on, not really caring if they matched or not. Throwing a daffle bag onto her King sized bed, she threw in whatever was nearest to her, and zipped it up. Then she paused, does she even need all these stuff? No she doesn't, because she's running away, and you don't bring anything with you when you are running away.

She sighed and ran a hand through her still white light blue hair, she looked around the room. There's nothing valuable for her to take, turning towards her night stand, she grabbed her red and white beyblade and stuff it into her pocket.

Then leaning forward, she picked up the picture of her, the red haired boy and the blue/grey haired boy. Fingering the face of the red haired boy lightly, sadness filled her eyes. She stood there for a minute, but it seemed like an eternity to her. Finally, she put it down again and gritted her teeth.

No one can stop her from doing this, looking down at her half covered chest, a pair of wings are engraved on it. She picked up a sweater and covered it up. Then she turned and walked out of the room, turning off all the lights.

The hall ways are clear, no one is in sight. She walked down the darkened hall ways in silence, careful not to wake up anyone.

But, she forgot about the dogs that are on guard tonight. They barked, and hissed at her. Rooms were lightened up, she picked up a rock and flew it straight a dog. It backed away, but doors swung open. She turned around and headed straight for the main entrance.

"Hey you! Come back here!"

She heard voices shouting at her, but nothing can make her turn back now. She hear footsteps behind her, running, like her.

'Are you trying to run away as well?'

No, they are chasing after her, they want to capture her again, but she won't let them.

With a grunt, she jumped up onto the wall that surrounded the whole place, and then with a last look at the magnificant buildings, she jumped down and disappeared into the bushes.

'Goodbye... my friends, this place is hell... I cannot take it anymore. I never wanted to come here in the first place. I will come back for you someday, and you will see the truth about this place.'

She then turned around and faced the building again, this time, looking at it from outside, she's free.

'Goodbye Abbey, goodbye Boris......


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