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The four brothers were busy infiltrating a suspicious building. The owners of it just came from nowhere to buy it and have never been seen. Obviously, something strange was going on here, especially when they heard that people from the Foot had relations to the area and they knew that it was something that deserved their attention. They entered from the roof to the vents and was on the top floor. The building had three high floors and a basement level and they had already decided who would take what floor. "All right, let's split up. Make sure to have your communicators on the ready," Leonardo advised the group and they all assented, splitting up and Leonardo went to a staircase and went all the way to the basement, looking out for any cameras or guards but not seeing any. He reached the bottom and carefully cracked the door open to look around the area to once again find no guards nor cameras. 'That's odd,' Leonardo thought. 'We were expecting a heavy resistance. I'm not complaining, but it's suspicious.'

He walked through the hall, keeping to the wall as he did so. Every hallway seemed to be black with a white, tiled floor. Every single door seemed to be closed and Leonardo checked them to see that each one was locked. He kept going along, looking for any open rooms, until he found a door that was cracked open. He went over to it and opened it up to see a brightly lit, white room. It was completely sterile, not looking dirty in the slightest. Leonardo walked around the room, not noticing anything about the room. No consoles around the room. There appeared to be a door on the other side and a hatch at the center of the floor, but there was no handle, so it looked like he had nowhere else to go.


He heard a machine start up and went to grab his swords only to feel a force all over him and he couldn't move. As he was held in that position, he was lifted off the ground and saw metal arms come towards him. They quickly got to work removing his knee pads, elbow pads, katanas, straps, T-shell, and blue mask, leaving him naked. After that, the arms moved to a more neutral position, his arms hovering at his side and his legs close to each other. After that, the arms came over and went to his crotch and injected it into him and proceeded to extract his penis, making him yell out in lust, as he was forced to be erect. He saw the arms place clear, plastic screens on his eyes and felt something dig itself into his ear slits. Leonardo tried to fight the bonds keeping him, but he couldn't move a muscle, as the hatch opened, revealing a vat of black, liquid rubber. He was lowered down into the goo, unable to struggle. Leonardo shuddered as he felt the goo caress his feet and gasped loudly as his dick was engulfed in it. Then he was completely submerged in the black mist, unable to do anything. He felt the liquid coating his body, transforming it and also felt it enter his mouth, coating the inside of it. Something else also entered his mouth and he could feel it altering his vocal cords.

After several minutes, Leonardo was brought back up, completely covered in the black gunk and having a noticeably leaner frame, having lost all of his muscle mass. And his shell appeared to have flattened out to make his shape more humanoid, making it barely visible. Added to that, his previously erect dick was now a rubber ball, keeping it trapped closed to cumming, but now unable to cum permanently. He felt warm air all around him and the rubber dried out, ensuring that no latex was dripping. After that, the hatch closed and he was brought to the now opened door to a small container that closed behind him. And so began the next stage: painting.

Blue paint sprayers painted stockings on Leonardo up to the middle of his lower legs, panties, and a heart on his knees and bulge. Blue hearts were painted on where his nipples would be and an outline of a bra was drawn on him. More was painted on his entire lower arm and a heart was drawn on the palms and back of palms, followed by painting the fingers. The sprayers moved to his face and quickly painted eyes, eyelashes, and hearts on his cheeks. Lines were painted on him, with three thin ones on his upper thighs and one thick one right below them, four thin lines on his midsection, two thin ones on his upper arm and a thick one on each end and a thin line on his neck. To finish it off, synthetic lips were implanted on his mouth to make luscious lips and were painted in blue.

After that, the container opened up in the front and Leonardo was sent through the room. Microscopic cameras and transmitters were brought to his eyes and ears, respectfully, and turned on, allowing him to get a look at his new form, which was helped by a mirror that was lowered down for him. Leonardo gasped at his transformed self. He'd totally changed into a weak doll and it was absolutely despairing to look at. Was he ever going to revert back? Would he be able to fight against the Foot?

The mirror receded and it was time to dress the doll. He needed actual clothing. First was a pair of blue, latex panties pulled up to his bulge and rested gently on it with a circular hole for his ass for easy usage. Blue, rubber corsets, one in an overbust style for his chest and a smaller one for his neck, was brought to him and cinched up lightly since he was already physically altered. That didn't mean that he didn't gasp loudly when he felt it cinching it up, tightening his chest slightly and tightening his neck up a bit harshly. This was very uncomfortable for him and the panties on him felt so tight and cause so much pleasure just from pressing against his bulge. He couldn't help but feel embarrassed at all of this.

Black, latex stockings were brought to his legs and pulled up to the middle of his thighs, making Leonardo shudder as each one rubbed against his legs. He shuddered even more as the arms quickly brought straps up to the corset to attach them and gave them a rubdown to remove all the wrinkles. He could only moan in pleasure as they did so, and he couldn't figure out why. He'd never been so open with his emotions before and yet this was getting such a noticeable reaction from him. They must've done something to him to make him sensitive to just touch.

After that, the arms proceeded to bend his feet to a sharp 90 degree to an en pointe position, making him gasp in pain.. It was so sudden and at such an intense angle. As a ninja, he was flexible, but this was still quite drastic. The arms brought out blue ballet boots and placed them on him, cinching them up in black up to the middle of his lower legs, locking his feet into that position. He was lowered onto the ground so that he could stand on his own feet and all the weight was on the tips of his feet, making it extremely painful for Leonardo.

White, latex gloves came next and were slid up his arms to his shoulders and quickly rubbed down to remove all the wrinkles, making him groan. To go along with that, a black, unbuttoned latex blouse was brought to him. The arms slid the sleeves through his arms, ending at his wrists with frills, and buttoned it up. They then rubbed the blouse down, making Leonardo gasp even more and he noticed something strange. His voice was different, high pitched and feminine. It didn't sound like it belonged to him at all.

The arms brought a large, white, latex bow over to him and quickly tied it around his collar, letting the width of the bow at the middle of the shoulders and the tails reaching a quarter down the chest. Once that was done, the arms brought out a blue dress for him to wear and proceeded to put it on him, the sleeves going to the wrists, leaving only the frills of the blouse exposed, the bottom ending at the knees, making the part of the legs above the knees hug tightly, well-sized poofs, the collar going from the center of the shoulders on down to center of his chest, and a hole at the same place as the panties' hole. The arms make sure to smooth things out, making sure everything was neat, making Leonardo moan all through the procedure with his newly feminine voice.

Next, the arms brought a white, latex apron to Leonardo, wrapping it around his hips and letting it down to the center of his thighs. The apron had small frills all around it and a blue heart right where his bulge was. The arms quickly rubbed it down, making Leonardo groan all the more as they touched his bulge. He even squealed when they pressed down on his bulge. The arms then brought a large white bow and pinned it to the back of the apron, the width going past Leonardo's body width and the tails reaching down to the knees.

Now it was time for the accessories. White bows were pinned to the base of Leonardo's heels and wrapped around his wrists. Black bows were pinned on the back of his hands as well as right on his bulge, making him squeal again. A blue hood was connected to the dress and went up to the top of his head, covering the side and back of his head and neck. A black headband with white frills was placed on top of his head, going from ear-to-ear, and blue bows were tied to each end of the headband. To finish it off, one last white bow was placed on the back of his head, completing his look.

The mirror returned and forced Leo to look at his new form. He could see now that he was all dressed up as a fetish maid, with absolutely nothing showing his original origin. If Leonardo could've shifted his face to a look of disgust, he would've, but he couldn't shift his face beyond its current expression of promiscuity, his lips unable to move from its position, except when he talked, and he was unable to shift the muscles of his face. His green skin was now black rubber, which had transformed him into a more feminine and humanoid shape. The only thing indicating his former masculinity was his sizeable bulge where his penis used to be. If there was one good thing, at least he looked taller thanks to the heels. Donatello couldn't claim to be the tallest anymore.

After a minute of embarrassing examination, the mirror went away and began the packaging process, bringing out two black, rubber, phallic devices. They began inserting them into Leonardo's mouth and ass, shocking him and causing him to quiver as they started vibrating, until he heard a feminine voice in his head speak up. "Engaging immobile mode." At that, Leonardo completely stopped moving and was completely still as a large, pink box was brought to him. The box was like a doll-box with a clear, plastic front that allowed prospective shoppers to gaze at them before buying. The box was opened and he was inserted in it and kept in place with plastic bonds around his wrist, ankles, and neck. Several, other sextoys and objects were placed in the box before a clear sheet of plastic was placed on the box and vacuum sealed, causing immense pressure against Leonardo's body. He anticipated breathing problems, but to his immense surprise, he was still able to breathe normally as the box lid was placed onto him.

At that, he could only watched helplessly as he felt the vibrations in his mouth and ass and a trolley lifting him up and taking him out of the room. As he was moved about, he heard another voice speak up, this one more masculine. "My, what a fine prize you are," he spoke up. He was rolled around the area, looking like he was heading to the shipping room. "No, no, don't worry, you're not heading to shipping. Your buyer will come in to pick you up personally. We've already made the deal and now we have to make an exchange. He will be excited to see you." Leonardo felt fear crept up his spine at that as he continued to roll down the hall until he stopped and he was placed against the wall, leaning against it. "Your brothers are coming down. I wonder if they will recognize you." Hope filled Leonardo and he prayed that his brothers recognized him. They just had to.

"Leo, are you there?" Donatello asked as he entered a room and went to the nearest desk. The top floor only had toys for pre-teens and the like and it annoyed him that he couldn't find anything damning. He checked random toys to see if anything was stuffed into them, but there was nothing and the materials weren't made of anything suspicious so, so everything appeared to be on the up-and-up. That was exactly not what he was hoping for. If this was connected to the Foot and Oroku Saki's empire, than his best guess was money laundering of some sort. You needed legal money to afford your illegal business. He'd contacted Michelangelo and Raphael and they'd confirmed that their floors were the teens' and kids' toys floors. Donatello was rummaging through a desk drawer for a ledger of some sort to see if he could find out anything about the money. He was a bit anxious that Leo hadn't answered him, until he uncovered a map of the floors and could barely stifle a laugh.

Leonardo was on the adult toys floors.

That must've been why he wasn't answering his T-shell. He must be in shock about where he was. Leo was the most dignified of the four and for him to be there must be a huge shock for him. Leo wouldn't even dream of using such items. After searching through the desk once more, Donatello didn't find anything else, so he left the room and contacted Raphael and Michelangelo. "Hey, guys, I think we have to go retrieve Leo in person. He stumbled onto the adult toys section."

"He's at the what?!" Raphael yelled through the T-shell. "He's there while I stuck while this kiddy shit?"

"Geez, Raph, calm down. I'm having fun," Michelangelo told him and they could here the sound of something going off.

"Are you playing games, Mikey?" Donatello asked, exasperated.

"Uh, no," he said unconvincingly.

"Yeah, sure...," he said doubtfully. "Anyway, meet me at the bottom of the stairway as quickly as possible.

"Gotcha," Raphael said.

"Sure thing, as soon as I beaaaa- I mean, as soon as possible. Yeah, sure," Michelangelo said.

"Mikey…" Donatello groaned.

"I mean it," Michelangelo affirmed as he got off the line. Donatello sighed as he put everything back in the desk and quickly left the area to head back to the staircase. He quickly descended it and found Raphael waiting for him.

"Hey, Brainiac, I'm starting to think this was a waste of time," he told him when he arrived. "I didn't find anything on my floor."

"Neither did I. I'm starting to think that this is just a place to launder money from place to place, most likely to the Foot," he told him.

"Yeah, I guess so," he agreed, scratching his head. "I'm not good at all the specifics of crime. I just like fighting it."

"Well, you're going to have to wait for that," Donatello said as they heard another set of footsteps and Michelangelo hopped down to join them.

"Hey, guys, what up?" he asked happily as he stood around.

"Let's not waste time. I just want to find Leo and head out," Raphael told him as he opened the door and headed in.

"Alright. Sheesh," Michelangelo murmured as him and Donatello followed behind and walked around the halls. They were just like the ones on the other floors, so it did give them a sense of amnesia. They walked around, trying to find Leonardo. All the doors were unlocked, so they peeked in each one to find various adult toys of sorts. Phallic devices, sexdolls, gimp suits, and various other such items. It felt a bit icky to be around so much adult objects, but they were more concerned at not finding Leo anywhere.

"Geez, where is our leader?" Raphael asked as they were busy searching around. They were having plenty of trouble finding him.

"I have no idea," Donatello muttered.

"You think he might have a secret, you know… affection for the toys?" Michelangelo queried his brothers.

"The day I believe Mr. Stick-up-his-ass has a thing for these is the day I drop dead," Raphael told him bluntly as they turned the corner. "Huh, looks like they left a piece of merchandise out for people to examine."

"Huh? Oh, you're right. Look at that box," the orange-masked turtle said as they came up on a box. They walked over to see another rubber sexdoll all dressed up in a blue latex maid dress with blue latex painted on it and luscious blue lips. It was all packaged up and ready to go, complete with some toys inside to use. It just needed some labeling and it was ready to be sold off. The strangest thing about the sexdoll was a bulge at the pelvic region.

"Huh, very detailed," Donatello muttered.

"Yeah, although it looks like the doll has quite the package for a female," Michelangelo said as he bent down and poked its bulge, making it sink in slightly.

"Quit it," Donatello said as he slapped his hand away from is the doll. "We're here to find Leo, not inspect the merchandise."

"Well, she's all dress in blue. We could use her as a replacement," Michelangelo said cheekily.

"She? It's an it," Raphael scolded.

"Come on, look at those lips," he said as he pressed against the plastic to put his finger on the lips of the sexdoll. "With lips like those, it has to be a woman."

"It's an inanimate object," Donatello told him with a hand on his hips. "They don't have genders."

"That doesn't mean we can't assign her a gender," Michelangelo cooed.

"Mikey, quit it, we have to find Leo. I'm worried about him," Donatello told him.

"Why? We haven't found anyone," he told him. "Why don't you use that tracker of yours?"

"Ugh, fine," Donatello said as he brought the T-shell back up and looked for Leonardo. "Huh, according to this, it says he's... backed on the roof?"

"Huh? You serious?" Raphael questioned as he walked on over and looked at it. "Well, I'll be damn. This place must've scared him off."

"You think we can bring her back up?" Michelangelo asked as he looked the sexdoll over.

"It can't fit in the vents, Mikey. Besides, what do you think Master Splinter will say if we bring it back? He'll go on a tirade and I doubt we can hide it from him," he told him.

"But I need something to practice on for all the pretty girls up top. I might actually find something to say," the jokester said.

"Oh, you think you have a chance with a mug as ugly as yours?" Raphael said playfully with a smack on his shoulder.

"Hey, it's prettier than yours and I'm funny," he said.

"Guys, let's just head on back up and see how Leo's doing," the purple-masked turtle told them.

"Alright, fine, let's hand out. Say good-bye to your only girlfriend, Mikey," Raphael recommended

"Bye," Michelangelo said as he gave a good-bye kiss on the lips and ran off. "Hope I can see you more."

If Leonardo could scream every obscenity he knew in English and Japanese, he would've. Instead of recognizing him and saving him, they just had fun with him and joked around, topped off with Michelangelo actually kissing him through the plastic sheet. That was absolutely humiliating and now he was stuck here with absolutely no way out and the vibrators still activated. Soon enough, when they got done letting him just stare at the wall, he felt the trolley starting to move again and he continued on to around the corridor to another open door. He saw a bunch of machines around and they did their work, quickly going to his box and placing labels on the front, back, and sides.

When they were done, he was moved back out and went rolling through the halls on past a couple of corridors to another opened door and was placed in a small room. There was nothing to it except for a mirror to let him look at himself. Before he started looking himself over, the masculine voice spoke up again. "You'll rest in here until your customer comes over to claim you. I know you're wondering about sleep, but worry not. You will never have to get an ounce of sleep again. I figure you would want to know this since you can enjoy looking at yourself and enjoy the plugs. Good night, dear turtle," he said as he went silent as Leonardo was forced to look at himself. He was propped up like a doll with the label on the front having a title and two progressively smaller subtitles.

Leonardo the Cybersissy

Mutant turned Maid and Sexdoll

Collect All Four!

"Where is he?" Raphael asked out loud as he looked around. At the rooftop, Leonardo was nowhere to be found.

"I don't know," Donatello answered. "It says he should be around here."

"Uh, guys, I think we have a major problem!" Michelangelo said and the two immediately came over to him, who was behind a wall. On the wall, they found all of his gear on the floor, including his mask. Impaled on the wall with a black kunai was a black piece of cloth with the Foot symbol on it.

"What the fuck?" Raphael asked out loud bluntly.

"How did this happen?" Michelangelo wondered.

"We… should head on home," Donatello said as he picked up the gear. "We'll have to explain the situation to Master Splinter and find out exactly where he is."

"Goddammit!" Raphael yelled out. "I'm going to hunt them down and make them pay. They'll tell me where he is."

"Raph, please, calm down. We're leaving!" Donatello yelled at him as he had held all of Leonardo's stuff. "We'll save Leo later. We have to figure out where he is first."

"Oh, trust me, I'll figure out where he is," the red-masked turtle said as he cracked his knuckles, his temper rising. "I'll go out and find something."

"Raph, please, we already lost Leo. I don't want to lose you," Michelangelo said, his voice breaking. Raph was shocked at this before calming down.

"Yeah… alright," Raph agreed and the three of them trudged on home, missing one brother, not knowing that he was back at the building completely transformed into the sexdoll that Michelangelo had been examining.

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