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Chapter One

"As you can see, de novo mutations such as those you see around you can occur even if neither of your parents show any signs of carrying the X-gene. It's impossible to tell when these mutations first occurred, but most theories hold that the X-gene expresses its influence in the gametes of the parents, and not the somatic cells, explaining why you might be able to look at your family, and…."

It wasn't that Dr McCoy was boring the class, honestly. In fact some of them were even pretty interested in the lecture, eager to get some answers as to why they were the only one in a long line of normal humans who had turned out with extraordinary abilities. It was just that the classroom was too hot, the weather outside looked too good, and it was getting far too near lunch time for some of the students to concentrate. In the back row, Kurt was trying hard to pay attention, distracted by the inviting glimmer of the pool he could just about see outside the window. It would feel so good when he could finally get out of here and *bamf* himself down to the poolside for a relaxing swim. His three broad fingers seemed perfect for pushing himself through the water, and right now he was aching to cool off rather than sit here with sweat trickling down the back of his neck. Even Scott and Jean looked like they were having trouble concentrating, a little smirk on the boy's face now and again betraying a silent conversation between the two star students that probably had nothing to do with chromosomes. Or maybe it did…. Kurt grimaced at the thought and dismissed it quickly.

Beside Kurt, Peter was trying his hardest to keep his mind on the class. Whilst the Professor had done a lot in the past few months to help him quiet his racing mind and bring himself down to other people's pace, it was a hard effort to make, especially when it was this close to the moment he could zip out of here and down to the lunch hall. He exchanged an embarrassed look with Jubilation at the desk next to him as his stomach gurgled noisily, tried his best to drag his mind back to the lecture and away from the promise of lunch. The next moment, however, he finally lost all ability to concentrate either on the class, the people in it, or even how unfair the one-hour gaps between meals were on him as he spotted the Professor coming down the corridor with two people in tow.

At the front, Hank rolled his eyes, realising that he had entirely lost the attention of the entire class, and paused. The trio paused outside the classroom and he could hear Xavier explaining

"This is one of our science classes – Dr McCoy is a gifted teacher as well as a scientist, and we do attempt here to make sure that our students get all the education they would be receiving in a mainstream school as well as tuition more tailored to their gifts. Now, down here is -"

They moved on, but Hank knew he would never get the class back to order now and simply said

"We'll continue this after break. Class dismissed, thanks everyone. And don't you care bother the Professor whilst he's giving the tour"

Half the class didn't even stick around to hear the last sentence, a faint smell of burning sulphur spreading through the room as Kurt vanished himself poolside, a streak of silver as Peter racing everyone down to the lunch hall, determined to make it in time to get a second or third helping before anyone else had even finished. Scott and Jean obligingly hanging behind to hear what their teacher was saying before they had walked off as if joined at the hip.

Ewww, Jubilation thought, picking up her books and walking out with the rest. Those two really were grossing her out lately, and she didn't think she was alone in the sentiment.

Settling herself down with her tray, she almost didn't jump at all as a slightly damp Kurt materialised beside her, *bamfed* again before reappearing with a tray of his own, tearing into the food with almost the speed of their other tablemate. The three of them always ate together, even at a place like this it seemed their quirky personalities and fun-loving natures had drawn them together as a unit apart from all the others.

"That class isn't too bad y'know" she mused, speared a piece of chicken on her fork, "I mean I was never much good at science, but it's cool finding out where we come from"

"Yes, it is good to learn such things," Kurt showed sharp teeth in a grin, "I have never been to a school, but the Beast makes sure he does not leave me behind"

"Really? You never went to school at all?"

"No, but I learned many things with the Circus where I was known as –"

"The Incredible Nightcrawler!" the other two chorused in a gentle mockery of Kurt's accent. The blue boy smiled indulgently, knowing they didn't mean any harm any more than when they would rib Jubilation for her Valley Girl slang.

"How about you, Peter?" she asked, concentrating on her salad, "Did you get much out of school or were you too busy pranking people?"

When no response came, she looked up and saw that the older boy had actually stopped still and was gazing over her shoulder with a weird, distracted look on his face.

"Hey" she tried, "Hellloooo? Earth to Planet Quicksilver, come in, do you read me?"

Jubilation looked around to where he was staring, seeing the Professor speaking with a girl probably about her age. When she looked back, Peter had vanished.

"I hate it when he does that" she sighed.

"So if you'd like to get yourself something to eat, we can meet again in my study this afternoon and have a talk about building you an individual programme" the Professor was saying to the girl, who looked like she was trying to cover nerves and shyness with a sarcastic indifference. "Ahh, this is Peter, he's joined us a few months ago"

The girl looked him up and down as if she'd seen better things free in her cereal, and raised an eyebrow.

"I'll leave you two to get acquainted" the Professor's chair turned and he left them standing in the hall, eyeballing each other

"Do you talk?" the girl asked, "Or just stare?"

"I – yes, all the time. Too much. Totally"

"Oh I see. You talk but you don't make sense?"

She looked a little sorry then at the kicked-puppy look that crossed his face, offered him a half smile that she noticed brought a little flush of pink into his pale cheeks.

"I'm Angela," she offered, "I just got thrown out of three different schools. So why are you here, man?"

Angela had hardly blinked before the boy seemed to vanish, then reappear in front of her with a cocky grin and a pink rose from the garden held out to her, virtually the same colour as the pink streaks in her bangs. She raised an eyebrow at him.


"You! You? – what do you do – I mean what's your power. Is it cool? Can you do cool stuff?"

Peter babbled. He could feel the heat in his face intensifying by the millisecond. Angela just smiled again and reached over to take the rose from his fingers. As she did, a spark of blue flashed across their touching skin and Peter jumped back several feet at the sudden shock.

"Cool" he grinned, shaking his numb hand rapidly

"So you like Pink Floyd?" Angela asked, indicating his shirt. It was ratty and faded now, but still one of his favourites, "they suck. Old dude noise"

"Uh.. yeah. And no. I mean, they're awesome" he said, suddenly unsure where to put his eyes, tapping his foot nervously and sticking both hands in his pockets.

"They suck," she repeated, turning away and giving him a wave as she headed toward the lunch counter, calling back over her shoulder, "later, Old Guy"

Peter didn't learn a damn thing the rest of the day, and by the end of the afternoon class Kurt had bounded over to him and laid a hand on his forehead, frowning in concern

"Are you sick, Peter?" the little demon asked, "You're very quiet, and you have not been flicking things at Scott's head all afternoon"

Peter shook the blue hand off, made a puzzled face at his friend.

"I'm fine." He spat, annoyed at the interruption to his train of thought, "hey Kurt, do you think that new kid's going to stay?"

He jumped for the second time that day as Jubilation somehow managed to sneak up and tickle his sides hard, giggling to herself

"Peter's got a cru-uush!" she sang at him, "Nah-nah-nahnah-nah-nah!"

He didn't reply, didn't have to. The evidence was there to see in the way he immediately started turning slightly pink around the cheekbones, leaving his classmates smirking faintly at each other as he sped off to find somewhere less embarrassing to be.

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