Nighttime was blanketing the city of Vale, as Sun Wukong laid on the roof of a small building, arms folded behind his head and one leg folded over the other. A few of his stolen goodies sat mostly eaten next to him. It was nice to be out by himself every once in a while away from the horrors of a boring lecture and homework.

His tail perked up as he heard some noise. Sitting up Sun looked around, then jerked his head left as he heard it again. Faint voices were also heard, and it peaked his curiosity. And so he crawled towards the noise to the edge of the building and peeked over. To his surprise he saw a group of six people surrounding a girl, and he was more surprised to find that she had a pair of large, brown rabbit ears. She was a faunus! And.. rather nice looking too.

Sun's eyes narrowed as he saw one of the figures surrounding her walk up to her and grab her ears, causing her to yelp and squirm. He scowled and silently started to reach for his staff, leaning a bit closer to hear what they were saying.

"Look at these things, you wouldn't catch me dead with these on." the guy holding the girl's ears, who had a peaked hairstyle and armor, said. Laughter came from the others. "L-Let me go, please! Ow, that hurts!" the girl whimpered, tears in her eyes and trying to pull away. "And why should I, freak?" he taunted more, smirking. More laughter. Sun saw her eyes start flowing with tears. "For a freak, she makes pretty tasty sandwiches." said another figure, who was holding a box and stuffing his face with the food contents inside before tossing it aside into a dumpster. "Come on Cardin, lights out is in an hour. We gotta make the light rail."

"Alright Dove, but just a few more minutes. It's not often that we get to hang out with cottontail here, y'know." the man, apparently named Cardin, gave another harsh yank on her ears, making her yelp. Sun growled and was about to jump down when...

"Stop it!"

Sun tilted his head in amazement as a sword made of blue light appeared in the girl's hand and swung, catching everyone off guard. Cardin was sent flying and landed inside of a nearby dumpster which made Sun laugh. It was just too hilarious! Cardin groaned as he climbed out of the dumpster covered in muck and a dirty sock on his head. The girl panted, wiping away her tears and shaking heavily, and stared at her attackers with determination.

Sun then saw the four bring out their own weapons. Dove was the first to swing his sword, but the girl created a light shield and spear and blocked it, followed by swinging the spear and sending him flying. The lights flickered and changed to two guns with blades. And it continued from there.

The faunus boy grinned widely and rested. This oughta be fun to see.

She transitioned with each light weapon as she attacked off each person. Sun noticed a few of them being familiar. Was that her semblance? Copying? Whatever it was, it wasn't bad at all. He also saw a box hanging by her hip, but his attention came back to her using a light sword to deliver a blow to one of the men's... ouch... He was sent flying down the alley. Sun laughed to himself as they all fell down a minute later. She panted, worn out somewhat as the lights faded away, and stared at the four around her. Sun almost believed she was sad and afraid, even guilty for what she had done. She then took a few steps away from them, looking ready to flee.

But just as Sun thought it was over and he was about to make himself known to her, the girl cried out as Cardin jumped up and grabbed her by the collar by the back of her jacket and turned her towards him. Dove got up and smacked the box on her hip away from her, which landed with a clang a few feet away, rendering her helpless. Her eyes widened in fear as she met Cardin's angry ones. "You'll pay for that." he snarled.

To Sun's horror, she was then thrown aside into the brick wall, slamming into it with a sick smack, and collapsing into a crumpled heap. She didn't move after that.

Sun gritted his teeth in anger. That was enough.

"Hey bozos!"

Cardin turned his head to meet a banana peel smack him in the face with a soft splat. He cried out in disgust before pulling it off his face. The rest of his teammates turned towards the boy with the staff in his hands. "Why don't you just mind your own business like everyone else, eh? Haven't you had enough?" Sun frowned. "You're already smell like a dying Grimm. Pathetic, don't you think?"

Cardin tossed the peel aside and stared at the boy, mainly the yellow tail behind him. "...Ehehe, look fellas, another freak! What, come to the rescue? Oh how sweet."

Sun rolled his eyes. "Oh I'm not here to save you, buddy. You're out of luck there, pal."

He then jabbed Cardin in the chest, causing him to wheeze. A sound of metal echoed behind him, and he whirled around to block Dove's sword with Ruyi Bang. Quickly he separated Jingu Bang and sent Dove flying back with it. "I suggest you leave before you make a bigger loser out of yourselves." said Sun, an undertone of anger growing softly in his voice. His response was having to block Russel's daggers with both Ruyi and Jingu before firing a shot at him, sending him flying back. "Alrighty then, losers it is."

The faunus twirled Ruyi and Jingu, fending off Sky and Dove's weapons and swiftly knocking the knees of Russel to make him collapse. He smiled as he heard a battle cry from Cardin as the crony charged at him, ready to swing his mace. The faunus jumped up into the air just as Cardin swung and fired a red Dust shot, and balanced himself on top of the mace, catching Cardin by surprise as he struggled to hold up his mace with Sun's weight on top. Sun giggled and flicked Cardin's nose. "Missed!"

Cardin growled and swung at him with his free arm, which Sun easily jumped out of the way and retaliated with a swift jab of Ruyi Bang, managing a hit in the eye. Cardin yelled in pain and crashed into the same dumpster he first fell into, its contents flying out. Sun ducked from a soda can and some other items.

"Caution, floor may be slippery." Sun commented with a smirk without looking behind him as Dove skidded and slid into to the dumpster too thanks to a banana peel he slipped on. His smile faded as he saw all four now charging at him. Sun rolled his eyes. "You guys don't know when to give up, don't you?"

With a twirl he combined Ruyi and Jingu into their staff form and slammed one end into the ground. A burst of energy shot out and cascaded into the ground, enough to send all four of his opponents flying to the outside of the alley. Sun smirked then raised his hands up and jerked them somewhat towards them with a "Boo!"

They shrieked, having to have had enough, gathered themselves up and made a hasty retreat.

"And good riddance!" Sun called out as they fled, before rolling his eyes with a smirk. "Losers."

Sun looked around and saw the girl curled up into a ball in the same spot, and not moving an inch. Worry filled his mind as he reassembled Ruyi Bang and Jingu Bang into rest form under his jacket and stooped down by her. "Hey? You okay?" Sun shook one of her arms softly. Velvet's eyelids squeezed tightly as she shifted and groaned a little, but she didn't wake. Sun looked on her for any injuries and saw some bruises, and a welt on Velvet's head near her ears, which had stopped bleeding thanks to her Aura. The welt was enough to make Sun flinch, but he figured that her aura would heal it up soon.

He looked around again and found a medium sized box not too far from them. Reaching for it he took it into his hands and sat crossed-legged, slowly opening it. Blinking in confusion he found a camera, wondering what it was for, then saw it also carried a wallet and a scroll that looked like it was dead. He peeked into the wallet, good ol' thief habit of his, and found her school I.D. "Beacon?" he asked himself, then found the name Velvet Scarlatina on it as well.

Sun smiled a little to himself. Velvet, it was a good name.

Speaking of who...

Sun scanned the I.D. one more time before tossing it and the wallet back into the box, closing it, and his tail curling around the handle to it for him. He then gently scooped up the girl into his arms, making sure she was comfortable enough, and proceeded to run towards Beacon Academy.

"She's not answering her scroll, she always answers her scroll..." Coco paced the room, scroll to her ear as she proceeded to call Velvet for the twelfth time. "Damn, I knew I should've went with her."

"Coco, I'm sure she's alright. Her scroll probably died or something." said Yatsu, though he was kind of worried himself. Fox sat on his bed, in deep thought.

"Yeah but she should have been back by now!" Coco gritted her teeth and threw her phone onto her bed as she heard the voicemail inbox again.

Tap tap tap.

The three suddenly jumped as they heard the sounds. "The hell was that?" asked Coco.

Tap tap tap.

They looked to the window and saw a blonde boy with a tail holding a familiar box knocking on their window with something even more familiar in his arms. "Oh my Oum. Velvet?!" Coco gasped. They raced over to the window and opened it quickly. Sun crawled his way into the room while balancing Velvet in his arms. He saw the tall guy scoop her into his own arms and lay her into a bed. Next thing he knew, a blade was pointed to his throat by the reddish-orange guy.

"Who the hell are you and what did you do to her?" the girl with a hat behind him hissed, whipping off her sunglasses and revealing her coffee colored eyes that blazed fury.

"H-Hey! Take it easy!" Sun held his hands up in surrender. "I saved her! Saw some idiots attacking her down in Vale!"

Her eyes changed to confusion and the teen before him lowered his blades slowly. "Who? Who did that?"

"Not sure, never seen 'em before. Their leader had like reddish hair, bulky armor, and some other guys named after birds..?"

"Cardin?! That damn piece of... oooh he is SO going to fucking get it the second I ever see him again! Oh hell no..." she screeched, seething with rage and spewing a colorful vocabulary. Sun noted to never make her mad. Or any of the others in the room as he saw anger on all their faces.

"...Oh, um, is this hers too?" Sun's tail swung gently over to hold up Velvet's box. The girl saw it and nodded, taking it. "Yeah. Thanks." She stared at the wiggling yellow limb behind Sun before looking at him. "So, you're a faunus too, huh kid?" Sun gave a small cheeky grin. "Yep. I'm Sun, by the way." He sat crossed legged on the dresser by the window.

"Coco." said herself, then pointed around the room. "That's Fox, Yatsuhashi but just call him Yatsu, and she's-"

"Velvet. Yeah." Sun smirked. "I read her I.D. to bring her back here."

The brunette nodded, and looked over at Velvet lying still in the bed. "She gonna be alright Yatsu?" she asked, concerned. He nodded. "She's got a nasty bump on her head, needs to be cleaned up, and some more bruises, but she should be fine..."

Coco snarled, fist clenched really hard and her knuckles turned white. She inhaled deeply before turning back to Sun. "How bad did you hurt them?" Sun grinned. "Well, she actually put up a good fight, but for me? I think pretty well. I remember giving one of them a black eye."

"Good. I like ya kid." Coco smiled softly, folding her arms.

Sun then perked up as he heard something, causing him to peer out the window. "Hey, look down there." he said. Coco, Fox and Yatsu poked their own heads out of the window and looked down. They saw four figures walking in the courtyard in the dark, one limping. "That's them." said Sun, squinting slightly but seeing well thanks to his Faunus traits. "You sure?" asked Coco, unable to see too well in the dark. "Positive." the boy nodded.

"Well then, why don't we say goodnight to them, eh? C'mon guys, just a quick one." Coco said, a little too cheerfully. She turned on her heel and walked speedily out of the room. Fox followed in pursuit, and then Yatsu, who groaned, "Coco, Fox! We should report this to Ozpin first!" His voice died out as they descended down the hall. Sun smirked a little, then slowly turned his head towards Velvet, who laid still on her bed. Yatsu had grabbed some damp, clean towels to clean her head, but of course, he and the rest were now working on kicking the asses of her attackers so they were left untouched on the desk. Sun could now hear the faint battle cries of Coco and screams of Cardin and his little pals, and it sounded hilarious.

Getting up he tiptoed quietly towards the desk, grabbed the towels, and creeped softly towards Velvet. His tail jerked straight as he froze in fear as Velvet shifted a little, then relaxed. He sighed a little in relief before proceeding closer to her. He scoped out the bump on her head before rubbing around it as gingerly as he could so Velvet wouldn't wake. He cringed as he saw the clean white towel become red quickly, and tossed it aside. Grabbing another towel he rubbed around the bump again, gathering the remaining dried blood there was, before taking a silent deep breath and dabbing the bump ever so gently of the pooled blood on it.

Velvet jerked under him a little from the touch but remained still. Sun bit his lip as he finished as quickly and gently as possible before tossing the towel aside. He looked at the other bruises and saw that they were fading slowly. He was not much of a medic, so he'd let Yatsu and her teammates handle the rest. With a satisfied nod he sat by the bed, crossing his legs and staring at the rabbit faunus by him, who had shifted in her sleep into a fetal position. Sun wondered if she always slept like that.

Aside from the injuries, she was... rather pretty. Her silky, long brown hair covered her face a little, her ears drooped as she was asleep, and she breathed slowly and silently. Yatsu didn't pull the blankets over her, so he noticed her brown and marigold outfit with black long leggings and undershirt, and her shoes remained on her feet, same color as her jacket and shorts. It suited her well. The faunus boy also took note of her emblem, a brown heart with stitches.

Sun found himself staring for a good five minutes before snapping out of it, a light blush on his cheeks. Aw come one Sun, you barely even know her! Quit staring like she's a pile of bananas or... something. He mentally kicked himself for such a stupid analogy.

Looking back at her, he hesitated then gave a tiny shrug.

Quietly, he pulled her shoes off gently, placing them by the bed, and pulled the red comforter up to her shoulders, doing his best to make her comfortable. He looked around for a clock and found it with the time reading: 10:34 PM. He had better get back to Haven Academy soon or Neptune would have a fit, even if he wasn't the leader.

With all his courage, Sun then planted a soft kiss on Velvet's temple, who's cheeks flushed ever so slightly from it. "Get well, little bunny." he said quietly, smiling softly. Hearing the voices of Coco, Fox, and Yatsu coming from the hall, he climbed out the window, looked at Velvet one more time, and disappeared into the night.

Continue or no?