Chapter one

'It's Halloween, of course something happened, just like it has before. Maybe I should just sleep every Halloween,' Harry Potter growled angrily as he hurried up to Gryffindor tower. After the initial shock wore off of being the fourth champion, Harry Potter sat on his bed, the curtains were around him. He opened the book that had been given and began to read about the triwizard tournament. Once he was done with that book he went to his trunk and took out one of the very first books he ever got about the magical world. It only took an hour, but he finally had hope that this nightmare could end.

Harry looked out of his curtains, the room was still empty. He quickly packed his trunk, using magic, he shrunk his broom, stuck that in the trunk the shrunk the trunk as well then slipped his cloak over himself. He knew he would see Hedwig in the morning, hopefully it was to give her the news of his change in living areas.

Harry carefully made his way down through the school until he knocked on a door. He heard a voice call to come in, so he took his cloak off and stepped into the room.

'I never entered Professor Sprout, I want you to use veritaserum on me so you will hear the truth.'

'Even though I am unsure of what took place, and I admit I first thought you entered. I have come to realise that this is something you would not do Mr Potter, nor do I believe you would have the magical power to bypass the magic on the goblet of fire. I will be speaking with my house in the morning.'

'Thanks, but I'm hoping you would do something for me, it helps with all this but it will help Cedric as well. All I want to do is cheer him on, he's the real champion.'

'Tell me what you want.'

Harry didn't speak, he handed her the book, he had marked the page, 'I've had it with them lying about me, believing I'm dark one minute, the next they want to be my friend. I'm just sick of all of them.'

'It is allowed, normally you have to give a good enough reason before it is approved by the new head of house.'

'I don't trust them Professor, ever since I arrived, some have given me reason to be wary. Ron has been jealous of me since we meet, so even though we stayed friends he would turn his back on me at the drop of a hat. He has again now, Hermione's just as bad. There is only one person in that house that I trust. I sleep with my wand under my pillow, I learned to spell my curtains closed so they can't be opened by anyone but me. During my second year I had a lot of them hex me, some even spat at me. I don't know Professor, but I don't have a good feeling about any of them, not anymore.'

'Safety is always an issue, but I did see a few looks tonight, especially from Mr Weasley. We have one problem, the Headmaster.'

'He can't refuse, it says so in the book. I went through the book I was given about Hogwarts, I needed to check. I only knew it was possible because I overheard a six year Ravenclaw mention it once.'

'The first Friday night that you spend in the castle as a first year is supposed to be a talk with your head of house. Professor McGonagall is supposed to fill all Gryffindor first years in on important issues in regards to Hogwarts.'

'I was in detention, but no one mentioned that to me. In fact I don't remember her ever doing that. I'm trying to remember the first Friday of my second year, but I don't remember her talking to the first years, nor before my third year. I'm not sure if she did and I just wasn't there, I don't remember.'

'The book about Hogwarts rules and regulations is given out during that meeting. How did you get it?'

'She gave it to me at the end of my very first transfiguration class. Ron and I arrived late because we got lost, well, to be honest, Ron got us lost. He kept saying where to go and it ended up wrong. But that night I ended up reading the book since I knew nothing about Hogwarts, or who any of the teachers were. I was raised with muggles and only just found out about this world a few weeks before. To be honest, I was feeling very overwhelmed and a bit…well, scared. I wasn't used to being around so many people.'

'You went to muggle school, surely.'

'Yeah, but I was left alone, there were a few things that made everyone wary of me. I don't really want to talk about that though.'

'Tell me Mr Potter, when you were sent your Hogwarts letter the first time did you receive all the information pamphlets?'

Harry shook his head, 'No, I didn't know anything about pamphlets. They did keep destroying my letters, so there might have been some. When Hagrid brought me my letter on my eleventh birthday there wasn't a pamphlet with it.'

'Why would Hagrid give you your letter instead of Professor McGonagall? It is her job as deputy head to visit all the muggleborns.'

'I'm not a muggleborn.'

'No, but you were raised with muggles, so a visit is mandatory. It is so you and your muggle relatives could be given all the facts. It gives your parents or in your case, aunt and uncle time to decide if you wish to come to Hogwarts or remain in the muggle world.'

'I didn't know that was possible. I wanted to come here, mainly to get away from my aunt and uncle and they were glad to be rid of me, especially for almost a year.'

'I was told that Lily's sister treated you like she was yours.'

Harry scoffed laughed, 'What, you're kidding, she hates me, she hated my mother, she hates all of us and thinks we're abnormal. Her favourite name for me is freak, actually she's never spoken my name, not once. I really don't like talking about them though.'

'I will help if you, if you are sure Mr Potter?'

'I am Professor, I ever packed up my trunk just in case. I wasn't going to stay there even if you said no. I would have found an empty classroom or somewhere else to sleep.'

'That is not necessary,' Pomona took some parchment from her drawer, a quill and ink, she began to write. She signed then held out the quill to Harry who signed, 'I will take this straight up, but I am going to cover your name and house name until he approves. I believe he will refuse once he sees whose name is on this and he would be suspicious if he saw the name Gryffindor.'

'Won't he be curious about why you're hiding the names?'

'Yes, but I'm sure I can come up with something. He cannot refuse Mr Potter, he knows I can go to the board of governors or just make it unofficial. I doubt he would want an enquiry about why he refused when it is up to the student, as long as they have a legitimate reason. You stay here until I return.'

'Thank you Professor,' Harry sat down at Professor Sprout left. He wasn't sure what would happen but hopefully he would finally feel like he belonged.

It was only half an hour later that Professor Sprout came back, 'I got him to approve it before he realised it was you. Then I had the Headmaster and Professor McGonagall arguing with me. It's done though, you are now a Hufflepuff Mr Potter.'

'Thanks Professor,' he stood then watched as his new head of house changed the colours on his robes. A new house badge sat over his chest, 'Now can you help with this tournament?'

'I already have, you are no longer a champion. I asked Minerva why she did not use her authority over you to get you out of it. As head of house we assume legal rights over our students while they are in our care. We get to say what you can and can't do if we cannot get in contact with your guardians. We also do this with any student raised with muggles. But the rules of the tournament were changed, legally, so only those of age, that is seventeen or older, are the only ones that can enter. You are only fourteen Mr Potter, you were instantly disqualified once I became your head of house.'

'Thank you, I've gone to Professor McGonagall a few times but she's never done anything to help. That's another reason why I wanted out of Gryffindor.'

'Did you ever ask her to take a detention that Professor Snape gave you?'

'I asked once, she said I deserved to have detention with him, I never asked again.'

'None of you deserve his detentions, so if he gives you another you will be serving it with me. I usually get the students to help me in the greenhouse, but it's not a real detention. I know how Severus is, and since the Headmaster refuses to talk to him I make sure all my badgers end up with me.'

'Thank you, to tell the truth I think I only ever deserved one of his detentions. He gives them to me at least every few weeks, he still tries to get me expelled though.'

'He cannot get past your looks, it's a shame when you are nothing like your father. I never knew your parents Harry but I have heard enough stories about the Marauders to know that you take after your mother. You are not the trouble maker that James Potter was. Oh he was popular and well liked, but he did like to cause mayhem.'

Even though Harry would like to ask his teacher more because he had no idea why Snape would hate him just because of his father. It was late and he had been so stressed, all he wanted to do was sleep.