Chapter twenty two

James had borrowed the invisibility cloak from Harry so he could sneak into the Daily Prophet with Amelia Bones. He wanted to see how they reacted to the news that their adult owner was alive. Since Harry was underage, he could not take control of the Daily Prophet. But James could and was about to tell them exactly what was about to happen with his newspaper.

Susan decided to give Harry time with his mother so after kissing her boyfriend she headed back to Hogwarts. She wanted to be back in the Hufflepuff rooms before everyone found out about James and Lily Potter.

'Even though I ended up hating Severus, tell me what he did to you.'

'He was a bastard,' Harry shrugged, 'He hated me the moment he saw me. I had no idea what I could have done to antagonise him but he never let up. I was blamed for disasters of other people's potions. If the Slytherin's threw things in my cauldron he would blame me then I ended up losing points and in detention cleaning his cauldrons. Before Professor Longbottom sacked him he couldn't give me detention from the time I went into Hufflepuff. Professor Sprout always takes her students for any detention the other teachers give. Snape was bias and unfair, everyone knew it but Sprout is the only one that helps out her students. It's another reason I wanted out of Gryffindor, McGonagall never helped, she never even talked to me when I first arrived. I was harassed and hexed because I'm a parselmouth and she just allowed it to happen. I went to her a few times about Snape or what other students were saying, she didn't do anything. I got sick of it but when my name came out of the goblet of fire and she still refused to help, I went to Professor Sprout. She signed off on me changing houses then disqualified me from the tournament.'

'I'm surprised Minerva allowed Severus to get away with that type of treatment of students. But to hear she never helped you, or any students is shocking. Tell me what else happened at Hogwarts?'

'Dumbledork signed a marriage contract for me. If it wasn't for Amelia I would be stuck with Ginny Weasley. She is after our money but she's one of the biggest fangirls at Hogwarts.'

'What is a fangirl?'

'They are all the girls who want Harry because he is the-boy-who-lived,' Sirius said, 'There are boys that follow Harry everywhere as well.'

'Colin's the worst but he's harmless, just continuously takes pictures of me, or walks past me just to say hello.'

'So he has been taking pictures of you over the last four years?'

'Three years, he's a year younger, and a muggleborn, along with his brother. He looked really upset when he found out I was now a badger and not a lion. Truth though, I hate cats, I'm a dog person,' Harry smirked at Sirius who laughed.

'I would like to meet him, I would like to ask if I could have copies of these pictures. I would write to Petunia but I doubt she would be able to send me any pictures of you.'

'She never took any, I never had my picture taken until I got to Hogwarts.'

'Oh my boy, that will change until you will want to yell at me for taking so many. But until I get a camera I see some of your memories. When I do get a camera I will take pictures of you while inside your memory.'

'Um, okay, but I never looked too good when I was young.'

'When she is released I plan to show her why you should not anger a mother or a witch. I will need to get the pictures from the cottage, I took many there, but most are at the manor. I will have to call the house elves and have them clean.'

'Um, you treat them good, don't you…mum?'

'Yes, the house elves that serve the house of Potter are like family. When I found out about house elves all I wanted to do was free them from their slavery. The head house elf explained that unless they are bound to a witch or wizard they will only live half the years they normally would and their magic would weaken over time.'

'Hermione, my friend, she wanted to free elves, but we never heard about their lives or magic. I have an elf friend, Dobby who I helped free because he was being abused by his owners, the Malfoy's. Dobby saved my life when I was twelve.'


'Lucius Malfoy was going to AK me but Dobby used elf magic to stop him.'

'Then I believe Dobby is now bound to you.'

'But he couldn't find work so he went to Dumbledore who hired Dobby. He now works in the kitchens but he gets paid.'

'He may not have told you that you now own a house elf, he might not have believed you would like it or want him.'

'I gave him socks for Christmas as he likes socks, he was happy about it.'

'Then he might be free, but it would end up hurting him in the long run. Also, a free elf can be bought from whoever it works for.'

'I doubt Professor Longbottom would do that. I might speak with Dobby when I get back to Hogwarts. I would use the map to sneak down to the kitchens but I leant it to Professor Longbottom.'

'It's not against the rules to visit the house elves in the kitchen, it's just not encouraged as the elves get distracted by trying to serve you.'

'Then I'll visit when I return.'

'Tell me why you leant Augusta the map?'

'Because she might be able to stop any other kids facing danger like I did. Between Professor Longbottom and Amelia, they made sure there is nothing dangerous there, not like there was over the last few years.'

'And you were involved in some of this danger?'

'Albus had Harry involved in all of it, Lily, including fighting and almost dying by a giant basilisk. He also faced Voldemort twice as an eleven year old.'

'Then if he wasn't in Azkaban I would kill the old bastard.'

'Who are you going to kill this time love?'

Harry, Sirius and Lily glanced at James and Amelia as they entered the room, 'Albus Dumbledore or as Harry calls him, Albus Dumbledork.'

James chuckled as he glanced at his blushing son. 'Good name for him. Amelia has been filling me in.'

'So how did it go at the Prophet?' Sirius asked.

'It was amusing. First they seemed sceptical when Amelia showed them the proof we were alive. When they realised it was signed off by an unspeakable they all began to look nervous. It was right then that I pulled off the cloak. I don't think I've even seen so many people suck up or faint before. I sacked the editor and that Skeeter bitch, then told them I would be keeping an eye on all of them. But I did inform then that they could only print the truth and nothing about any of us without my approval. If the Minister wanted something published it must be verified first.'

'Go dad,' Harry grinned, 'Skeeter bagged me when she heard I was selected as a champion then called me a coward when I went to Professor Sprout.'

'She's gone, I doubt Witch Weekly or the Wizarding Wireless Network will print anything she writes. So the story about us will be out in a special edition tonight. Then I believe we should head to Potter manor. We need to update Harry's room since it's decorated for a baby.'

Harry glanced at Amelia before he looked back at his parent's, 'Its fine Harry, they are your parent's. I'm pleased I could help over the last few months. Now it's time to be with your family.'

Harry nodded, 'It is, but I can't thank you enough for everything you've done,' Harry got up then hugged his godmother, 'Thanks…Aunt Amelia.'

James, Lily and Sirius smiled as they watched Amelia embrace her godson, 'We'll see each other a lot Harry, especially since you are dating my niece.'

'I want us to stay close.'

'We will,' Amelia kissed Harry on the forehead then pushed him towards his parent's. She would miss Harry, but as she said to him, they would see each other during the holidays.

'Let's go home Harry,' Lily held out her hand. Harry smiled then grabbed his mother's hand, his father took his other hand.

Amelia watched as the Potter family and Sirius disappeared through the fireplace. She knew she would miss Harry, but she knew it would be harder on Susan.

James, Lily, Harry and Sirius stepped out of the fireplace into a large living room. Five house elves popped in, all ended up crying as they hugged James and Lily. Harry watched, fascinated at the interaction between his parent's and the house elves. He was still coming to terms with the fact his parents were alive, and now they were going to be a family. He would always love Sirius and Amelia and he was grateful he has them in his life. Now though he had his parent's and it made him wonder if he might end up with any brothers or sisters. Since his parents were officially only twenty one. He knew they looked that age, which meant they may just be able to have more children. Harry didn't care either way, he was just ecstatic that he had his parent's back.

Harry stared at his parent's, then around the room. He realised he had a family, and the Potter family had come home.

The end: