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She doesn't remember much. She remembers waking up one morning, on the forest floor, in pain and cold. She was found, luckily, before she offlined from lack of Energon, and taken into the arms of some pretty nice bots. But, why do they keep calling themselves 'Autobots.' And why can't she remember anything? SS/OC/SS


Cybertronian Time Units:

Nano-klik = 1 second

Klik = 1 minute

Breem = 8 minutes

Cycle = 1 hour

Orn = 1 day

Quartex = 1 week

Joor = 1 month

Stellar cycle = 1 year

Vorn = 83 years

Ano-Cycle = 1 Cybertronian year (1.000.000 years)

I do not own the time units, they were gathered from various internet sources.

Speech and Dialouge:

{:: Words ::} - Private Commlink

.: Words :. - Sparkmate Bond speech

"Words." - English speech.

"Words." - Cybertronian speech.

*(* Words *)* - Public Commlink

::Words:: - Message (The equivalent of a text message or email).

(~ Words~) - Sibling Bond speech

I do not own the length units, they were gathered from various internet sources.


Initiate Onlining?

Uh... sure, I guess.

Welcome :)


Initiate Olfactory Sensors?

Um... Olfactory sensors?

Initiate Olfactory Sensors?

Ok, yeah, sure.

Olfactory Sensors initiated.

She could smell where she was. In the forest somewhere - if the scent of Pine trees is anything to go off of.

Initiate Audio Reception Sensors?

Audio? You mean noise?

Initiate Audio Reception Sensors?


Audio Reception Sensors initiated.

Where ever she was was quiet, the only sounds being the sound of wind flying around.

Initiate Vocal Processors?

Um..Vocal.. Pro..cessors?

Initiate Vocal Processors?

Um, yeah, I guess so.

Vocal Processors initiated.


Initiate Optical Visionary Sensors?

Visionary? That's seeing? Yes please!

Warning! Optical Visionary Sensors un-responsive.

Alright, nevermind, forget it.

Initiate Data Banks?

How many things need to be initiated?

Initiate Data Banks?

What are Data Banks?


Yes! Initiate!

Data Banks empty.


Initiate Nerve-ending Sensors?

Nerve endings? Like feeling stuff?

Initiate Nerve-ending Sensors?

Ya, I got it! Initiate

Nerve-ending Sensors Initiat- WARNING! WARNING! System malfunction! Repairative Shutdown Sequence beginning!

No, wait!

Repairative Shutdown Sequence Initiated

Goodbye :)


N.E.S.T - Non-Biological Extraterrestrial Species Treaty. A special covenant between the humans of Earth and the Autobots of a now destroyed Cybertron. For years now Autobots and humans worked together to protect them from another faction of Cybertronians called Decepticons, and any other threats that may be imposed on the blue and green planet.

Originally, when the group of Autobots began to form, they were funded by the government and watched over by Theodore Galloway, the National Security Advisor to the President, and Charlotte Mearing, the Director of National Intelligence. Those two kept everything in line, or so they were told. However, when the seventh Autobot landed on this planet - Moonracer, Ratchet's 'Sparkmate' - they were dismissed; the government stated that they were no longer useful to the cause and Captain William Lennox was put in charge of reporting to them. Then, Ratchet and Moonracer fixed Jazz. It took two to three months, but he was finally built back up, then reactivated. He stated the last thing he remembered was being held by Megatron upside down, then darkness, so they filled him in on everything.

From there, more and more bots showed up - Hot Rod, Cliffjumper, Arcee, Elita-One, Chromia, Bluestreak, Jolt, First Aid, Red Alert, Wheeljack, Mirage, Prowl, Blurr, Flare Up, Smokescreen, the wreckers Leadfoot, Roadbuster and Topspin, Hound, Springer, Skydive, Crosshairs, Drift, Tracks, Skids, Mudflap and, much to Sideswipe's joy, Sunstreaker - and on top of them, Dinobots showed up; Grimlock, Swoop, Sludge, Snarl, Slug, Strafe, Scorn and Slash. Once they came, the Government decided that enough was enough; the bots were relocated to a large island with multiple new bases built on it so the bots could do what they need, go for a long drive, and still be around. For safety reasons, the Dinobots were given a different base from the main one to reside in.

With the help of Wheeljack, Ratchet managed to create a ground bridge, which enabled them access to anywhere on the planet and complete missions. Everything was perfect the way it was, but of course it had to go wrong. Because we all know when everything is the way you want it to be, somebody's gotta come ruin it.


Whoever came up with the magical idea that the Chevy twins should be allowed to take on the task of patrol should be kicked in the processor. Seriously, who came up with that idea? Oh that's right, Sunstreaker had just repainted himself and didn't want to get dirty today. Oops, oh well. He was busy getting his aft handed to him by Ironhide in training anyway.

Jazz even bet on it. He said they'd come back with multiple scratches, fighting with each other and a ligament or two torn off. Boy, was he about to find out how wrong he was.

Mudflap had just drove through a mud puddle, splashing Skids, causing the fight to start, when a cry stopped them.

"D'ya hear dat?" the orange/red mech asked

"O' course I heard dat, ya glitch." Skids said

"Shh." Mudflap added, then pointed to a collection of pine trees - technically a forest, but he didn't know that - and walked towards it

"S'comin from in dere." he said, then walked over

"Why 'r we in here, again?" Skids asked

"Because, idiot, ya didn't hear dah-"

He was cut off by another scream.

"-Dat." he said, then looked around.

"W'o is it?" Skids asked

"Le''s go fin' out." Mudflap said, running towards the sound.

What they found was beyond belief. A cyan blue painted femme laid on the forest floor, convulsing in pain, and gritting her dentas as her left leg leaked Energon at the knee, seeing as the bottom part of her leg was torn off and settled beside her. She had a visor, which covered her optics, and dents all over her frame. How she got there without Prowl or Red Alert picking up her signal was a miracle. Both mechs gasped, and Mudflap crouched next to her.

"S'cuse meh, ma'am?" he asked, but the femme just convulsed and screamed again

"C'mon, Mudflap, le's get 'er back tah base." Skids said, kneeling on one side of her, and slipped one arm beneath her and helped her stand. Her visor brightened, hinting that her optics finally clicked on, but she leaned down and breathed heavily for a second, her vents making an odd sound every time she tried to breath in, like they were blocked.

"Come on, 'Flap, le's go. Grab 'er leg." Skids said, helping her. She couldn't stand up completely, and her head hung like she couldn't carry herself correctly from large amounts of weakness or pain, but they finally managed to help her get back to base

"Ratchet!" Mudflap yelled out "Bots! Hurry up!" he yelled out.

As all the bots walked out from a meeting or something, Ratchet growled and readied his wrench, and Jazz smiled giddily, ready to win his bet.

"I swear to Primus, I'm going to murde-" Ratchet's sentence cut short when he saw the femme in between them.

"Who is she?" Ratchet immediately asked "What'd you do?"

"We didn't do nothin'. We found 'er like dis in the collection of trees back dere." Skids said.

"Ironhide, grab her and follow me." Ratchet ordered as he grabbed the bottom half of her leg from Mudflap.

By now, all the mechs were gathered around and looking at the femme of their kind with extreme concern.

The black weapon's specialist practically sprinted forward and picked the femme up, only to have her convulse and scream again.

The scream was loud, and audio receptor piercing, but Ironhide followed Ratchet none the less, along with Jolt, First Aid and Moonracer. Ironhide gently placed her on the berth just as she convulsed again and another scream tore through her vocal processors.

"Moonracer, get me that I.V." Ratchet ordered.

Moonracer came out of the back room as the door slid shut behind Ironhide's retreating form, and handed the I.V and pain relievers to her Sparkmate. The large light green mech moved to pull her wrist armor off, but the clasps tightened and pulled the armor closer to her protoform

"Slag it, femme. I don't have time for this, you don't have time for this!" he growled, reaching behind her helm and yanking a couple of wires out. The clasps released for just a nanosecond, but it was enough for Ratchet to pull the desired armor off.

He slipped the I.V into her Energon lines and fed the line with the pain relievers Moonracer provided when First Aid's wrist stopped him. He looked up into the blue optics

"She's panicking. You scared her when you pulled those wires out." he said

It was true; the femme's optics were hidden by her fragging visor, but the visor was changing colors rapidly - from it's original dark black and blue tint to bright blue, to red, then the cycle started over again.

"Easy, femme. Nobody here will hurt." Ratchet said.

He must've made it worse, because her visor started flashing green too.

"Never let a mech do a femme's job." Moonracer muttered, walking up to the femme's head and crouching to be optic level

"Hi. I'm Moonracer." she whispered "I'm one of the medic's that's helping fix you." she mumbled.

The speed of which the colors in her visor changed slowed down, and Moonracer nodded to her Sparkmate as a silent go ahead.

Ratchet leaned over and started working right away. Her visor sped up a little at his touch, but Moonracer kept talking

"I'm not sure what you're name is, or how old you are, but maybe you can help me." the Medic-femme said, then slipped her hand into the young femme's on the berth "Squeeze once for yes, twice for no. Can you hear me?" Moonracer asked

One squeeze. A yes.


"Alright. You are a femme, right?"

One squeeze. Yes. Her visor stopped glitching.

"Do you know what happened to you? Why you're this injured?"

Two squeezes filled with hesitation. A no.


Ratchet touched her injured leg and her visor started glitching again.

"Hey, easy. It's alright, Ratchet's just going to fix your leg. Can you feel any pain?"

Two squeezes. No; her visor stopped again.

"Alright, good. We gave you a tad of pain relievers." Moonracer said "Do you trust me?"

Tonnes of hesitation. Two squeezes.



"Well, maybe I can be the first one you trust here. How's that sound?" she asked


One very, very, extremely hesitant squeeze.



"Alright. I promise to be somebot you can run to when you need me." she swore.

The little femme on the berth didn't move

One squeeze

"Alright. I'm going to help Ratchet and First Aid. If you need me, I want you to flash your visor blue. Can you do that?"

A squeeze and a blue flash over her visor.


"Alright. I'm still in the room, I promise." Moonracer said. The femme didn't panic, her visor stayed dark black, and Moonracer moved to help Ratchet.

The femme stayed quiet for most of the time and they managed to patch her up, re-attach her leg, and stabilize her Energon levels, but suddenly she tensed, and they noticed it.

"Femme...?" Ratchet asked, before she suddenly convulsed and screamed.

"Whoa, hey, I'm right here!" Moonracer said, but all she did was scream again. She convulsed again, and her visor flashed red.

"Femme!" Ratchet yelled out, but it did nothing to stop her screaming.

Finally, she screamed one last time, sucking a vent of air in through her lip components afterwards. She relaxed into the berth, frame shaking, vents trembling through something that was probably pain - or at least akin to it - but her visor flickered from black to red quickly.

"Femme?" Moonracer asked.

She had found herself crouching, back at face level with the femme on the berth, and First Aid and Ratchet had backed away form the berth, waiting for Moonracer to give them the go-ahead.

Moonracer moved her servo up to slip it into the femme's. She squeezed her servo, "You there?"


Moonracer looked back at the monitor - her Spark beat was stable, but she wasn't responding.

"Hello? You in there?" Moonracer asked playfully. The femme in front of her couldn't be older than sixteen millenia, maybe seventeen if she was lucky, but she looked so... stressed, like she'd seen to much for her age. Maybe she had.

Finally, the tinniest of squeezes graced Moonracer's servo, and she was cut out of her musing

"Are you ok?" Moonracer asked.

Nothing - two miniscule squeezes.


One squeeze.

Moonracer felt bad for her - they didn't want her to be scared, but what could they do? She needed their help.

"Hey, we finished everything we needed to do, alright? We won't do anything else unless you permit it, alright?" Moonracer asked

One slight squeeze, and her visor flickered a little bit.

"Okay." Moonracer said "You'll be fine, I promise. Why don't you try to get some recharge, I'll wake you up later, alright?"

One squeeze - the femme must've gone into recharge because her visor went completely black, and her frame relaxed into the medical berth. Moonracer got up and looked at her Sparkmate, who was going over the results of the scan he got.

"What's her name?" Moonracer asked

"Scans show her designation is Laceburner, she's seventeen aon cycles."

"Laceburner? I've never heard of her." First Aid commented

"Is she ok?" Moonracer asked

Ratchet stayed quiet, not responding to his Sparkmate's question.

"Ratchet?" First Aid asked.

The green painted mech stared at the results with a blank expression until Moonracer walked up behind him and wrapped her arms around his waist.

"Huh?" he asked

"What does it say?" the light green femme asked, unwrapping her arms from her Sparkmare's waist.

"Uh, nothing it's just... her data banks are empty." he said

"Empty?" First Aid asked "As in she's got no memory of anything from before?"

"Well, she has memory now, but all she has up there is what just happened - the twins finding her, the base, us. She's got the basics, the English Earth language, Cybertronian, and stuff. But nothing before that." Ratchet explained

"That's..." First Aid trailed off, not really having that much to say

"Well, tomorrow if she's good enough to get up and walk I'll introduce her to some bots." Moonracer said

Ratchet shrugged "I don't see why not."


She didn't like this - where was she? What was going to happen? Where was... Moonracer, right? Then again, all she knew about herself was her name was Laceburner, and she knew this because that voice she heard before told her so. Stupid voice, initiate? Part of her wanted to punch the voice in the face once she found out who it was, but she couldn't do that; it wasn't in her nature.

Go ahead. Try to punch me. I dare you.

And the voice hadn't shut up since. And with every passing second it just seemed to get meaner and meaner. And she couldn't get it to stop either.

She had quote on quote recharged for a little while, but when she woke up and couldn't fall back asleep questions wormed themselves into her thoughts. Everything around her was dark, but at some point everything around her was highlighted, the edges of some things green.

That same day, a little while later, the lights were turned on and everything went white. It almost blinded her, before everything went back to looking normal.

Idiot, it's called nightvision for a reason.

"Are you ok?" it was Moonracer, looking at her.

She nodded and sat up a little more. Moonracer crouched next to the little femme's berth and looked at her.

No, she's not ok. She's an idiot.

"There's a bunch of bots who want to meet you."

Just as Moonracer said that, her visor brightened and she scooted backwards. It was kind of obvious that she was scared about the idea.

"I promise to be right next to you, you can hide behind me for most of the time, but you should meet them." Moonracer said.

The small femme paused for a second, then nodded and scooted closer to Moonracer. The light green femme offered the blue femme a servo to grab onto as she stood up. Her first few seconds of standing up her legs were a little shaky, and her first steps were a little wobbly, but then she figured out how to walk and followed Moonracer out of the room, and down the hall.

They made it to the main hangar where a bunch of other robots were, and some humans too. But Laceburner didn't know what a human was, so she just passed them off. She stood behind Moonracer as they all looked over at them, suddenly not as comfortable with the idea of meeting 'everybody'.

So many optics, their attention focused on her, she was was the center of attention, and if she messed up they'd laugh, and she'd be in-no, she couldn't do this. She stood behind Moonracer, hiding as much of herself as she could.

"It's alright, they won't hurt you." Moonracer said quietly to her.

But what if they do? What if she's lying? You don't know her, for all you know this is a trap.

Arcee walked up to Moonracer and looked at the femme hiding behind her.

"Hi! I'm Arcee." she smiled. The little femme moved further behind Moonracer, looking in the other direction of Arcee.

The smile danced off of Arcee's face and she looked up at her fellow femme friend with a questioning glance. Moonracer gave her a face that read 'I'll tell you later', and Arcee nodded, walking off.

The poor femme looked scared and young. Too young to be in a war like this.

"Laceburner," Moonracer said softly "this is Optimus Prime."

Said red and blue mech kneeled down in front of Moonracer and 'Laceburner' so he wouldn't seem so intimidating to her. She seemed so young, and intimidated, like if she showed herself they'd beat her to a pulp.

"Greetings." he rumbled, and her optics widened, even though he didn't see it, and took a shuffled step back; Optimus saw the action "I promise none of us here will harm you."

She turned her head just a tad to peek at him, and he smiled when a very miniscule nod was his reward.

"Laceburner, correct?" he asked. Again, the tinniest of nods was what he recieved back, "Like Moonracer has stated, I am Optimus Prime, and these are my Autobots. I'd assume you want the rest of those introductions later."

She nodded a tiny bit again, even though it wasn't a question, and a confused expression crossed his face. She furrowed her brow - what she didn't seem to notice was her visor flashed red for a split second.

Moonracer looked down at the femme "Did you recharge last night?"

Technically, yes. She nodded.

"A lot of recharge?" Moonracer asked.

She shook her head - she didn't mean to not recharge, but once she woke up, she couldn't go back to sleep.

No, because she's an idiot.

Optimus looked at Moonracer when her visor flashed red agin, and the medic-femme nodded to him

"Come on, why don't you get some more recharge." she suggested. She wrapped an arm around the small femme and directed her away, back towards the room she had been in before, as her visor flashed red again, and she felt a wave of tiredness washed over her.

They made it to the room she was in before, and Laceburner propped herself up on the berth. Moonracer shut the lights off, and smiled.

"Get some recharge." she said, then shut the door as Laceburner's visor went completely black again. She sat up, walking over to the door that had just been there, making sure it was locked.

But she didn't recharge. The voice kept her awake.

What's wrong, Laceburner? Scared? You should be. You don't know anybot here. You're helpless, with nowhere to go. What good is it to be alive if you can't remember anything? Besides, what if this is a trap? Part of their plan? What if they were just supposed to stumble onto you by "accident" because oh look, you don't remember anything.

What if the voice was right? Like, she did happen to wake up with no memory.

Little did she know the voice would not only keep her awake for longer than she expected, but it wouldn't leave her helm by morning.


"Wait, she's from where?"

"Vos. According to this, she's a native from Vos. Born there to Blackbyte and Imperial. From this profile, it says they died when she was five by members of the Gladitorial Pits of Kaon due to a hefty debt. However, the thing is it says that she went missing after that. There's no records of her in the Gladitorial Pits, nor was she for... sale in the Bot Auctions. It says there was an official investigation for her by the Elite Security Force of Cybertron, but they never found anything. There were some reports of seeing her on certain occasions in Kaon or Vos, but those reports were often knocked out of the way due to lack of evidence, or due to the fact that the cameras weren't good enough quality to confirm that it was her." Ratchet explained.

"And she's how old?" Ironhide asked.

"Seventeen aon cycles old." he said.

"Wait, you say she's missing?" Optimus asked.

"Yes. She went missing at five aon cycles, and was never officially seen again."

He furrowed his brows. "Then how is she on Earth?"

Nobody responded to him.

"So, her data banks are empty?" First Aid asked.

"Yes. She's got almost all of the languages originating on Earth, but almost no Cybertronian. That's all that I can find in her data banks. If there's anything else in there, it's guarded so tightly that even she can't remember." he said as Moonracer moved in her seat.

"Where do ya think she came from Optimus?" Jazz asked.

"What if she's a 'Con?" Ironhide asked.

"Highly doubtful. Even so, if she was, I highly doubt she'd go back. Did you see the condition she was in when the idiots brought her here?" Moonracer shook her head.

Arcee giggled. "Did you even see her? There's no way she's a Decepticon."

"Maybe the 'Cons were torturing 'er? She may have 'ad information they needed, and when she gave it to 'em, they wiped her memory and ditched her." Jazz theorized.

"That still doesn't explain how she got past Prowl's, even Red Alert's security system without setting it off. That thing is designed to pick up an Earth insect if it's too large, not to mention anything remotely related to Energon." Elita-One piped in.

"Yeah, but none of this makes sense, so why would that?" Chromia asked rhetorically.

"Either way, she's one of us now. We've got to figure out what she excels in and use that to our advantage. She's an Autobot now." Elita-One said.

"Have you looked at her? I highly doubt she can do anything physical, like fighting. And her medical skills don't seem to be to amazing. Right now she's up in the air." Arcee said.

Optimus sighed, rubbing his nose.

"Well, she's got to be good at something. We'll just have to figure out what that is." Ratchet said.

Nobody around the table really knew how to respond, much less respond, so they settled for nodding.

"I guess I can try and evaluate her in training one day." Ironhide said lowly.

"Not until she's physically cleared. But yes, that would be a good idea." Optimus nodded, leaning forward.

Finally, he sighed. "On the bright side, we have another Autobot, and the ladies have another femme on their journey to over power us mechs."

Chromia and Flare-Up laughed, high fiving each other from where they sat beside each other.

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