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"First of all I would like to congratulate you on your success in the Jonin Exams."

"Thank you…sir."

"You've had quite the successful career so far. Graduated from the academy at age 8, promoted to Chunin at age 10. Currently the youngest A-Ranked Shinobi in the system. And that's not even mentioning your mission history.


"183 D-Ranked Missions, 81 C-Ranked Missions, 24 B-Ranked Missions, 19 A-Ranked Missions, and 2 S-Ranked Mission. All successful except for one."


"And in that failed mission you helped subdue the Four Tails Jinchuriki. There for inadvertently improving Konoha-Iwa relations."


"Your record alone could get you promoted to Jonin if I had my way. But some would call that favoritism and you and I both know I can't have that. Which, of course, is why I asked you to take this year's Jonin exam, and you passed with flying colors. So I see no need in stalling any longer. I, Minato Namikaze, 4th Hokage of Konohagakure no Sato, promote you, Naruto Namikaze, to Jonin effective immediately. Congratulations…son."

"…Thank you sir."

Kohoha was truly a beautiful place. A place of constant, never ending summer. A place that is a sight to see at any time of day or night. Whether at the large arching gate going into the village, or at the very top of the monument dedicated to each Hokage to ever take the hat, one can't help but bask in the glory that is the Hidden Leaf Village. On this very monument sits a boy. This boy, with his short, yet spikey, blonde hair and piercing cerulean blue eyes sat upon the stone head of his father, Minato Namikaze the 4th Hokage. The brisk morning wind quietly blew around him, slightly billowing his blue jacket, causing the boy to mentally thank his mother for reminding him to put it on. The boy finally took his gaze away from the sun peaking its way past the tree line to look down at what was in his hands. A flak jacket. The tree green jacket was in mint condition, fresh, and unused.

"Hmph…Jonin huh?" The boy paused before quickly getting to his feet before bringing his fist up into a victory pose, "IT'S ABOUT DAMN TIME! WHOO!"

The boy's declaration echoed down to the drowsy villagers bellow. Those close enough to hear it looked up to see the son of their beloved 4th Hokage screaming on top of his father's head.

"Is that Naruto? What the hell is he doing up there?! The boy could get hurt!"

"Ah didn't you hear? The kid got promoted to Jonin. I heard some ninja saying he's the next Itachi Uchiha."

"The next Itachi? Ha! Yeah right. Maybe the next Kakashi Hatake but there's no way he'll be as good as Itachi the Biju Slayer."

"Are you high woman? Kakashi the Earth Cleaver could kick the Biju Slayer's ass any day!"

"Are YOU high? I mean just look at their nicknames, what kind of nickname is Earth Cleaver anyway?"

"The kind of nickname you get when you literally cleave open the earth and leave a canyon behind so big Iwa got a new land mark."


Back on the mountain, Naruto had only put on the flak jacket for a second when a swirl of leaves appeared signifying a Body Flicker. Naruto quickly recognized the chakra signature and looked over his right shoulder to see his sensei hovering over Naruto's shoulder, with his signature eye smile in place before giving a small little wave.

"Yo." muttered Kakashi.

"So, Kakashi-sensei, notice anything different about me?" hinted Naruto as he puffed out his flak jacket wearing chest.

"Hmmm…well I could've sworn you got that hair cut a couple weeks before your exam so that's out. And I remember your mother saying she bought you that jacket. I have to say I'm quite stumped." Kakashi murmured.

"Seriously, sometimes it is so hard to tell when you joking." Naruto grumbled.

"Who said I was joking."

"Whatever come on I want to get some training in before I go to my promotion party." Naruto said before Body Flickering away to their usual training spot at Training Ground 3.

"Huh…so much for the surprise." Grumbled Kakashi before he too Body Flickered away.

At Training Ground 3

Training Ground 3 was a very generic training area. A large open area for practicing anything from ninjutsu, taijutsu, genjutsu, to kenjutsu. Inside the open area was a medium sized pond, perfect for practicing water ninjutsu and the water walking technique. And finally circling around the training ground was a vast tree line that went out for a few miles, perfect for tree climbing, tree hopping, and good for practicing how to fight in a tight area. In the middle of the field stands 3 wooden posts. Strangely there was an area slightly out of the way with a shrine standing in the middle of it. This shrine is the Memorial Stone. This was considered a sacred place, a place to grieve for and remember fallen comrades and loved ones. At this stone stood both Kakashi and Naruto, with the blonde haired boy waiting patiently for his teacher to finish his daily ritual of remembering his fallen comrades, one more so than the others.

"You never did tell me their name…you fallen comrade. The one that was on the same team my father taught." Naruto murmured, almost whispered to Kakashi.

"…Rin. Her name was Rin."

"Ho-How did she…"

"It's complicated. But let's just say she died protecting Konoha…"

"Oh. I'm sorry." Naruto whispered, wishing he had never brought it up.

"It's fine. At first I was angry. Angry at the man who killed her. Angry at myself for not preventing it. For not saving her. But after a while I realized that being angry, feeling hatred, was pointless. All it did was spit and piss all over her memory. That's why I come here. To remember her for not how she died. But how she lived."

"Wow…did you make that up on the spot?"

"…Huuhhh. Way to ruin the moment brat. Here I was looking all wise and shit and you go and say something like that." Kakashi mumble dramatically before looking down at his young student.

Naruto simply looked up smiling, "Heh, yeah I do that. Now come on! Stop with this melodramatic crap my mom loves to read, let's spar or something I gotta burn some time till my party."

Kakashi began to rub the back of his neck, "Yeah. About that. There's something I've been meaning to tell ya."

"What? You got a mission?" Naruto asked, confused.

"Noooo. Well…you see. I kiiiinda became a Jonin Sensei for a team of Genin." Kakashi said nervously.

"So what? You get a new team every year just fail 'em like you always do there's no way they'll pass the bell test."

"Yeah well…they passed."

"…They passed?"


"How the fuck did a trio of green as grass Genin take those bells from you!?"

"Well…they didn't take the bells. Not even close." Naruto then seemed to calm down, if only a little, "They did however manage to see underneath the underneath to see that the test was actually about team work." Kakashi stated, and if Naruto wasn't hallucinating, proudly.

Naruto crossed his arms looking at Kakashi expectantly, "Huh, so Kakashi Hatake the Legendary Genin Failer actually passed a Genin squad. They must be something special. So what're the name of my 'replacements'."

Kakashi shrugged while putting both hands in his pockets, noticing a trio of similar chakra signatures heading their way, "Well for one I wouldn't say I was Legendary, secondly they're not your replacements, I highly doubt they could stack up to you in a fight…ever. And their names are Sakura Haruno, Sai Nara, and Aiko Uchiha. I'd have to say out of the three I would say Aiko was the most impressive. Not surprising though what with her graduating a year early and all."

"Aiko Uchiha huh? Itachi probably had a hand in that somewhere along the line. And Sai Nara…isn't that the Root survivor that was taken in by the Nara clan? And Haruno isn't a name I recognize, probably from a civilian family which isn't surprising. More and more civilians are signing up for the Ninja Program after dad became Hokage, since he's from a civilian family himself. Looks like you got yourself a hand full sensei…" Thought Naruto as three kids his age made their way to where he and Kakashi were standing. Naruto quickly took a few seconds to take a look at who he presumed to be Kakashi's new team.

The one leading the pack was a girl of average height for her age reaching just under his nose. She had raven hair cascading down just before reaching her shoulders and pale skin, both traits found in just about everyone in her clan. Her clothes consisted of a dark blue sleeveless shirt that hugged her form ever so slightly. On her forearms she how tan bracers with matching colored capris that cut off at her calves. She, like everyone else in the area, wore standard blue sandals.

To the right of her was a boy who was unnaturally pale in complexion. His hair was the same color as the first girl that looked about the same length his once was only tame and combed. He wore the traditional Nara wear of a tight tan shirt with a long sleeve black jacket much like his own only the sleeves cut off at the forearms the collar was down. Similar to him he wore loose black pants that cut off just above the ankle. The boy seemed to have taken on some of the Nara clan's traits, as he walked in a very laid back manner: hands in pockets, back slightly bent forward, and walking at a much more reserved pace then the two girls with him.

Finally, the girl on the right was the one that stood out the most to him. Her short, bubblegum pink hair rested upon her head looking very well kept and taken care of. Similar to the first girl she wore a sleeveless shirt only hers has blood red with bright green highlighting the collar and ends of her sleeves. The shirt seemed more like the torso of a kimono at a closer inspection only instead of reaching to her feet it was cut off at the upper waist. To go along with that, she wore tight green biker shorts. From what he could see the only thing obscuring people from seeing her ass was the sash she had wrapped around her waist with the bow covering her backside. Only being 13, Naruto wasn't exactly experienced with the female persuasion, but even he could tell, given a few years, she would become a bombshell of a beauty.

"Hey sensei, who's this?" Demanded the raven haired girl.

"Aiko don't you know who thi-"

The bubblegum girl was interrupted when Naruto suddenly spoke, "isn't it polite to introduce yourself first? And here I thought the great Uchiha clan taught manners." Naruto asked sarcastically.

Aiko simply looked at him for a few seconds, trying to remember where she'd seen this boy before, "hmmph, fine. My name is Aiko Uchiha. Now wha-"

Naruto this time interrupted the now named Aiko while looking at the boy, "And yours?"

"…huh. My name is Sai Nara." The boy drawled.

Naruto then looked at Sakura expectantly. Sakura, quickly realizing what he wanted, answered," Oh! Ah, my name is Sakura Haruno! It's a pleasure to meet you Na-"

Naruto once again interrupted, "So…we have the Itachi wanna-be, the fake Nara, and the girl who I've never heard of and probably never will again…Some team you got here Kakashi." Naruto said looking at Kakashi.

Kakashi simply looked amused. It seems Naruto wanted to piss off his cute little Genin. That's fine. And by the looks of it it was working like a charm.

"What did you say?!" Surprisingly, the one to make the outburst was Sai.

"Ooohh. It seems I've hit a button." Naruto thought, "You heard me. The fact Kakashi passed any of you makes me sick to my stomach. You three look pathetic."

Now it was Aiko's turn to make an outburst, "And what would you know?! Now I remember you! You're the 4th's kid! You used to come to the Uchiha Compound all the time! Just because you graduated early like my brother you think you can judge us?!"

"Is this really what the son of the 4th Hokage is like? I expected him to be…different!" Thought Sakura.

"If you think I'm wrong prove it. I was looking for a spar anyway." Said Naruto challengingly.

"Fine by me, right guys?" asked Aiko, looking at her teammates. Both Sai and Sakura nodded in agreement, both just as eager as Aiko to shut this blonde kid the fuck up.

"Heh heh. Kakashi, think you can ref?" Asked Naruto excitedly.

Kakashi shrugged, "sounds good to me. Come on let's get away from the stone."

The four kids followed Kakashi out into the more open area before making a stop square in the middle with the three Genin facing off against Naruto. Aiko quicly took the time Kakashi gave them to take in the blonde across from them. The blonde had short spikey hair that seemed go in every which direction. The blonde wore the standard vest worn by Chunin and Jonin, with the girl presuming he was Chunin due to his age. Under the vest he wore what appeared to be a long sleeved blue jacket with black standard shinobi pants to go with it. She then took notice to the katana strapped to his back. The handle was red with black diamonds running down the center grip before ending at a black hilt and was held in a black sheathe.

"The rules are simple. No killing or career ending moves. When I say you're done, you're done. No questions asked. Other than that? Have fun," Kakashi then raised his hand before quickly bringing it back down in a chopping motion, "Begin!"

The three Genin quickly jumped back from Naruto, none of them having a clue what the blonde would do first. Naruto simply stared after them with a bored expression. The three stood in their fighting positions for about 2 minutes before looking at each other, all three realizing they're have to make the first move. It was for naught though, as Naruto used the time they were looking at each to cross the distance between them, appearing right in front of Sai quicker then any of them could track. To even further the shock factor, Naruto quickly sent two precise jabs to Sai's torso then face before delivering a spin kick to his midsection, sending him flying away before landing in a heap on the ground. Naruto then quickly straightened before moving his cool gaze to Aiko, who had now activated her sharingan, showing off two tomoe in each eye.

"Didn't they teach you at the Academy to never take your eye off your opponent?" Naruto asked staring straight into Aiko's eyes, not scared of the usual repercussions one faced when doing so due to her shocked state.

"This guy…H-he's totally different then before!" Aiko couldn't help but be scared. The annoying boy that had got under her team's skin was gone, in his place was something Aiko could now admit she had never truly faced before. A ninja.

Naruto gave her no more time to collect her thoughts, shooting straight towards her like a bullet in the eyes of the Genin. The only thing that saved Aiko a righteous beating was her blessed eyes. Not wanting to get hit by the fist she could see coming towards her, Aiko quickly went into a rather feeble defensive, only blocking a fourth of the strikes Naruto threw her way. After what felt like a few hits from a sand bag, Aiko finally got her shit together, only allowing a few hits in, most of which being simple glances.

Now able to catch her breath, Aiko quickly looked at Naruto's face seeing a smirk plastered there. Realizing he was enjoying their little duel, Aiko realized something. This was actually pretty fun! She'd never fought anyone her age that was her equal in taijutsu, let alone her superior, and she could easily tell this boy had her beat. Through her sharingan she could easily tell he was holding back a great deal, yet going hard enough to push her. It was while Aiko was off in her own little world that Naruto finally ended the little brawl with a sweep kick that quickly sent her to the ground. Before she could even fathom getting up, Naruto was upon her, finally bringing out his katana from its sheathe and placing it along her throat.

"Yeild." Naruto demanded.

Aiko glared up at the blondie for a couple seconds before finally calling it quits.

"Fine!" Aiko exclaimed.

Naruto then quickly sheathed his sword before turning around expecting a certain pink haired Genin to be standing there somewhere only for her to have disappeared.

"She's gone. As soon as Aiko said yield she ran off." Kakashi explained.

"And it looks like she took Sai with her too. Huuhhh." Naruto sighed dramatically. "I was half expecting her to jump in with Aiko, they did pass your test after all. Teamwork and all that."

Kakashi nodded, "As did I. She most've realized it was futile however because she went and aided Said instead."

"Medical ninjutsu?" Naruto asked surprised.

"Yup. Apparently her mother is pretty good at it. I guess she started learning at the beginning of her last year at the Academy." Kakashi said.

"That's actually impressive. You hardly ever see a Genin capable of medical ninjutsu. That's usually saved for Chunins." Now Naruto was impressed. To have that kind of chakra control at that age was unheard of. The last one capable of such control so early in their career was Tsunade Senju.

Naruto then turned in the direction of where he sensed the two Genin hiding out, "Am I allowed to used ninjutsu against these guys?" Naruto asked.

"Hhmmm. Fine. But only B-Ranked or lower. Can't have you killing them after all."

Naruto smirked, "But of course." Naruto then turned around before quickly going through a set of hand seals.

"Fire Style: Great Fireball Jutsu!" Out of Naruto's mouth came a fireball the size of a wrecking ball, quickly making its's way towards the shocked Genin.

"I thought I told you not to kill them…"

"Hey! You said B or lower dammit! And I totally dumbed in down and you know it, if I wanted to it could have been 2 times as big. Besides they got away, look." Naruto then lazily pointed to the right of the blazing part of the forest that was hit by the technique. Some twenty feet away you could see both Sai and Sakura looking at the burning trees in fear, knowing that that could have been them had they not been quick enough.

Sakura then quickly turned her eyes away from the bonfire, quickly finding Naruto standing in pretty much the same spot he was in at the beginning of the fight.

"What the hell Naruto! That could have killed us!" Sakura screamed.

"Yeah…it could have. But I knew it wouldn't. You guys may be weak, but you're not that weak." Naruto said, waving off Sakura's concern.

"Are you fucking kidding me? That's it, you're dead!"

"Sakura no!" Aiko screamed, just now getting over the shock of a boy not even from her clan perform a technique, that usually took a fourth of her reserves, like it was nothing.

But it was too late, Sakura had already made a mad dash towards Naruto, who simply watched her charge in amusement. It was only when Sakura was only an arm's length away that Naruto noticed something was wrong when he couldn't move his arms up to block.


With a single punch Sakura had sent Naruto flying where, much like Sai, he met the ground in a harsh tumble.


Only for Naruto to poof away in a cloud of smoke. Sakura stood there in shock of what happened until she heard a struggle behind her. Quickly turning around, she to her shock saw Naruto holding Sai in a sleeper hold.

"So…looks like we got someone that can perform the famed Shadow Possession Jutsu. Bravo. And the way you managed to distract my Shadow Clone long enough to actually possess it. Not bad. Too bad you didn't have a backup plan on the ready in case the first plan failed. Oh well, your loss." Naruto finished by successfully choking Sai out, rendering him unconscious. As Naruto allowed Sai's limp body to fall to the ground he turned his eyes on Sakura.

"So. Looks like it's just you and me Sakura."

Sakura couldn't help but swallow the lump that had formed in her throat. This was it. She had no more plans, no more back up. She lost. This boy…no this ninja, had completely destroyed them inside and out.

"I…I forfeit. I'm done." Sakura muttered as she fell to knees.

Naruto didn't say a word. He simply stared at her kneeling form, before making his way towards her in a reserved pace. Kakashi watched in interest as his former student made is way to his prone current one. Finally, after what felt like hours, Naruto made his way down to her before stopping right in front of her. Sakura, couldn't help but look up into his eyes as he stared at her with such intensity that it brought a slight blush to her face. Naruto waited another couple seconds before finally reaching his hand out to hers, saying, "Here take my hand."

Sakura took a couple seconds, looking back and forth between his hand and his smiling face, before reaching out and grabbing ahold of him, allowing him to help her up. In this time, Sai had also woken up and was staring at the two, wondering what the blonde would do next. Naruto simply looked at Sakura for a few more seconds before taking quick glances at Aiko and Sai before taking a breath and then speaking.

"First of all, I would like to apologize for what I said earlier. I didn't mean any of it. I just wanted to get you all riled up enough to want to fight me no questions asked. My own little test I guess. And while I was impressed with all of your individual skills, I can't help but be disappointed." Naruto then looked at Kakashi, giving him a nod that was returned before turning and making his way to the exit.

Team 7 could only stare at the boy's back as he left until he was completely out of their sight. With the Namikaze now gone the three quickly looked at their sensei. Aiko being the first to ask the question on all the Genin's minds, "Kakashi-sensei, just who the hell was that guy?"

Kakashi simply looked at his new student's before answering, "that, was Naruto Namikaze, A-Ranked Jonin of Konoha.

Later That Evening


"Aaahh. Wow! I-Im so surprised!...Hehehe."

"…You figured it out didn't you."

"Sorry mom! It's just…well it was easy to figure out is all."

"What?! What do you mean?! Did someone tell you?! Who told you?! It was Mikoto wasn't it!?"

Everyone watched in amusement as Kushina stressed over Naruto finding out about his party. The husband of the distraught mother watched with a smile as he stood next to his sensei.

"Your boy sure has become something Minato." Said Jiraiya, "You must be proud."

"I couldn't be prouder sensei. He's truly become his own man" Minato said

Jiraiya looked at Minato expectantly, "So, I know you already taught him your Rasengan. I'd imagine the Hirashin is next?"

Minato's smile got wider, "I offered to teach him, but the boy said no. Something along the lines of not wanting to be The 2nd Yellow Flash."

"Heh, you'd expect the kid to have been waiting his whole like to learn the thing that made you infamous." Jiraiya chuckled, "Well if he doesn't want to learn your signature technique maybe he'd be up for some Sage Training in a couple years."

"Oh yes, I'm sure he'd love to shove in my face how not even the great Minato Namikaze or Jiraiya of the Sannin were able to truly master the Sage Arts."

Jiraiya scuffed, "Please, if you'd actually give it a couple months of your attention you'd have it mastered."

Before Minato could respond a man he knew well walked through his door into the party.

"Obito-sensei!" Naruto shouted before running up to his Genin sensei

"Sorry Naruto, I'm not too late am I?" Obito asked sheepishly.

Before Naruto could respond Minato walked up to them both putting his hand on the young man's shoulder, "Of course not! The parties only stared!" Minato then faced everyone else in the room, putting his other hand onto his son's shoulder before continuing to speak, "Attention everybody! I'd like to thank you all for coming tonight. For this is a grand occasion! It's not every day your son becomes a Jonin! So Naruto, on behalf of everyone here, congratulations!"

Chapter End

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