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When the Adams-Foster clan moves into a bigger house, they also take in another Foster Child. With their first house becoming too crowded, Lena and Stef decide to sell the house and move into a larger house, one where all the kids can have their own rooms and still have two extra bedrooms to spare. How do the kids react to having their own rooms? And how does the new Foster Kid react to being placed with such a large mixed family? Will the Adams-Foster clan be her last house? Will they adopt her? And does she have any siblings?

It Will Always Be Our Home:

Callie walked up the stairs to her bedroom, wondering if this was it. Was this all the family would know, was this the house they were to live in the rest of their lives? She didn't really mind, it was the house she had come to know as home, but it was becoming crowded. Bill had been by the night before, asking her mom's if they could take in a special needs kid. He had explained that other homes were not good for her as the other kids would make fun of her and the parents ignored her. Lena and Stef had agreed to take her in, but now there really was no room for her.

Callie sat on her bed wondering where this new kid was going to sleep and what kind of special needs she had to make Bill think of the Adams-Foster's to take care of her. Marianna was on her bed doing something on her computer but Callie could see that her sister was wondering the same thing. Before she could ask Marianna anything about the new Foster Sibling they were about to get, the rest of the kids came into the room. Jude sat on Callie's bed while Brandon and Jesus sat on Marianna's bed. They all had the same concerns. The house barely fit the people living in it now; there wasn't any room for someone new.

And just before the kids could start talking about what was going to happen when the new Foster Kid showed up, their mom's walked into the room wondering what was going on. The kids voiced their concerns about a new kid entering the house and how crowded it already was. So the moms were forced to tell them that they had talked it over and were going to put the house up for sale. They just hadn't figured out where they would move to. The kids pitched for a bigger house, with a backyard, that had a pool, enough rooms for everyone to have their own room, the laundry room not in their mom's room, a kitchen big enough to cook in and eat in together, a living room big enough for the family to get together and lounge in, a garage where Brandon could do his music and so the other kids didn't have to worry about how loud he was being.

Callie asked the question first. She wanted to know what kind of special needs the new kid had and if Bill had told them anything about it. Lena nodded and let the kids know that the 'Special Needs' wasn't as severe as they had suspected at first. It turned out that the girl was deaf and that the family would just have to learn sign language in order to communicate with her. She would be going to Anchor Beach but she would have a translator with her in class. The mom's expected their kids to treat her with respect and to look at her when they were talking. Jude asked why they had to look at her when talking and Stef told him it was because she could read lips and that it was better than having her write down what was needed.

So in the next couple weeks, the kids started to pack up the house, look for a new house (helping there mom's out of course), started to learn sign language to help out the new kid in the house so she didn't have to write everything down every time she needed to say something (and it would help when they weren't in school and she didn't have a translator around). When the house sold, and the moving vans were filled up with all of their belongings, the Adams-Foster clan stood outside of the house they had grown up in. Each had a different memory of it.

It was where Stef learned she had breast cancer.

It was where Lena had lost Frankie.

It was where Brandon had first met and fallen in love with Callie.

It was where Jesus learned that he didn't have to be on his ADHD meds and joined the wrestling team.

It was where Marianna found out she could be herself and learned that she loved to dance.

It was where Callie found her forever home, though she didn't know it at the time.

It was where Jude learned he was bi-sexual and to love who he was and not hate what he couldn't be.

It was where the clan had become a family and nobody would ever forget just how special this home was.

But it's not like it was leaving the family. Mike had bought it up because he wanted out of his small two bedroom apartment. They could come back and visit whenever they wanted. AJ now lived here with Mike and the two could always invite Ty into the house when he got out of prison. He would need a home when he got out anyways.

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