The New House:

It was huge, a four story house that had been on the market for some time because nobody needed or wanted a house that big. It had a detached garage just like at the old house, so Brandon could use it as his music studio. There were ten bedrooms, a huge kitchen, four bathrooms, a back yard with a pool, a deck big enough for everyone to lounge on if necessary, a raised & fenced in garden so no pests could eat the plants, a small fenced in orchard, a basketball court near the garage (with one hoop), an eight foot fence that surrounded the whole back yard, which looked to be an acre, a tool shed next to the garden and orchard, a carport had been erected near the garage to house whatever cars belonged to the family that lived in the house, and a gazebo was near the pool but a little ways away with a fireplace built into the ground. The family got busy packing everything inside and picking their rooms. Since the whole second floor was mostly rooms, the kids picked their rooms immediately. Each kid got their own room, while their moms grabbed the master bedroom on the third floor. That left four rooms to be used however. Any new fosters kids that were taken in would be able to choose their own room and not have to share with the other kids.

As the family unpacked their belongings, Mike and AJ came over to help in any way that they could. And Sharon and her boyfriend had also driven into town in the RV said boyfriend owned. The family was all smiles; they knew that this was going to be their permanent home. And the fact that they were able to sell the old house, even with the line of credit they'd taken out against it for the adoptions and construction. As AJ helped Callie and Marianna move their beds into their new rooms, the other kids ensued their talking as well. All were talking about the new kid that was coming into the house and how they were going to deal with not being able to talk to her without writing everything down or learning to sign. AJ said it would be cool to learn ASL, since it is technically a recognized second language. And it was recognized on college applications.

The boys, Jesus, Brandon and Jude were helping each other move their stuff into their own rooms. Connor had come over to help as well so that Jude had someone to talk to while moving. Callie had called Rita and asked if the girls wanted to help out as well and the van from Girls United was just pulling up as Lena and Stef headed out to the packing van to get more boxes. They acknowledged the girls, Rita and Michelle before asking them to grab some boxes and head inside. Cole even showed up to help with some of his new friends. As the group made their way back into the house, Rita and Michelle stopped to talk to Lena and Stef about some extra-curricular activities to help the girls get better jobs. Lena and Stef agreed that the kids could get some extra community service if they helped around the house.

The adults moved inside as the girls from GU went to the separate areas of the house with the boxes they had. Kiara and Daphne headed for Callie and Marianna's rooms with the boxes of clothes marked for the girls. Brandon, Jesus and Jude were already done with their rooms when Cole and Connor came back in to help move things around more. Sharon and her boyfriend were in the living room setting up everything to make the living room more usable. Mike was in the kitchen when Lena and Stef came back in with Rita and Michelle. The five adults got the kitchen into working order so that the family could be used that night to make dinner.

While the adults worked in the kitchen and living room, the rest of the kids moved on from the rooms that were occupied to the rooms that weren't occupied. The boys moved the beds in while the girls did the best to decorate. Not knowing what the new girl was in to, they did their best to decorate to what they believed she would like. Daphne got on Callie's computer and found some good posters of Deaf actors as well as a couple movie posters. Brandon and Jesus promised to get some as soon as their mom's let them out of the house after lunch. Kiara put some makeup and girl stuff on the dresser that had been moved in by AJ and Mike while the kids had been organizing their own rooms. Once the Foster Room was done being organized and decorated to the extent it was allowed at the moment, the kids moved on to the other three rooms on the floor, organizing the beds and dressers so that someone could stay in the house if the kids ever had anyone over for the night.

By the time lunch came around, all the rooms on the third floor were organized and clean for now. The kids trouped downstairs at the same time and headed into the living room, which was now useable and everyone sat down for some pizza that had been ordered. Brandon and Jesus asked if they could go shopping for some stuff that had been found online for the new foster kid after lunch and the mom's said it was a good idea. The GU girls were invited to stay the rest of the day while Michelle and Rita went back to the house to get some of their own things done. The GU girls accepted and Stef said they would be happy to drive them back to GU so that Michelle and Rita wouldn't have to come back out.

It was decided and Rita and Michelle headed out shortly after lunch ended, promising to get updates on how the girls behaved from Stef when they were dropped off later that night. The girls nodded before their supervision left and then everyone headed out back to organize the back yard and get everything cleaned up for some entertaining that might be done. The patio furniture was put out and the garage was looked into. It turned out that the garage was actually two floors. The first floor could be used as storage or for actual vehicles and the top floor could be used as an extra room for someone. There was a cover over the pool at the moment as well as a fence around the pool just in case there was ever a toddler in the house. The fence surrounding the pool could be taken down during big parties or whenever there weren't small children in the house, which probably meant all the time unless Anna came over with Isabella.

The kids moved the barbecue underneath the gazebo so that when it rained, it would rust. The tables were moved around and the garden was looked at. The small orchard seemed to be teeming with unpicked fruit and the kids were all given orders to pick as much as they could. The GU girls could take some of it home and have for their snacks during the day. So, everyone paired up and grabbed a bucket from the garden shed and headed out to do some picking. They were able to pick cherries, oranges, lemons and limes, apples, pears and there were even a couple banana trees that someone had planted. When they were done picking the fruit, they went into the small elevated garden and picked the fruits and vegetables that were ripe so they would not go bad; tomatoes and potatoes, cucumbers, squash, lettuce and cabbage, strawberries and blueberries, and some rhubarb. There was more to pick, but the buckets had started to get heavy and they all trouped to the back patio to sort through it all.

Callie and Marianna were laughing as Daphne and Kiara tried to get the girls into a food fight with the blueberries. All thoughts of food fights when out the window though when Stef and Lena told them to knock it off or they wouldn't have any fruit left to take back to GU with them. The kids settled down as Brandon and Jesus left to pick up the posters and other stuff for the new foster kid's room. Sorting out the fruits and vegetables, Kiara mentioned something to Cole, which earned her a smack across the arm from Callie and Cole. Laughter erupted again as Kiara tried to hide behind Daphne to no avail.

By the time Brandon and Jesus were back with the posters, it was about time for Stef to take the GU girls back to Girls United. Daphne, Cole and Kiara said goodbye to Callie and said that they would see her soon. Cole was staying at GU for the night as he had gotten permission from his group home to do so; he just had to be back the next day in order to do some chores. Callie, Marianna and the rest of the kids said goodbye and Stef left with the kids and the food. The Adams-Foster kids picked up the remaining food and put it in the kitchen, some of which would be used that night for dinner. Fresh food was always better than packaged any day.

When Stef was back at the house, the family ate dinner and then settled into the living room to watch a movie before bed. The day had been eventful and tiring, but they knew that tomorrow would be another day. And by the end of the week, the new Foster Kid would be in the house. Mike and AJ left after the movie and said that they'd be back the next day to help clean up from the unpacking. So, as everyone got ready for bed that night, all had a smile on their faces. Everyone knew that the day may be over, but the week was just beginning. And everyone was interested in seeing how the new girl would get along with the family.

More to come in next chapter...

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