"What do you mean, a punishment?" Draco Malfoy, a tall lanky young man, around the age of 16, asks his father in disbelief. His father had never punished him. As long as he could remember for.
"You've gone against my word," his father answers in return.
"Father, it was an accident!" Really though, he had broken the rule. He had let his mother see him with a girl. So what, he thought, I'm 16, I'm supposed to be running around with women. Every other Slytherin had started to date, and Draco, not wanting to be outdone, had to find someone to bring home.
Lucius Malfoy was not one to be contradicted. Growling under his breath, he smiles maliciously. He'd teach Draco a lesson all right. One he'd never forget. Grabbing a parchment and quill, he scribbles a note, handing it to the pitch black owl near him. Whispering the name to it, he sends it out the second story window of the large mansion.
"Better pack Draco, you're going to have a very interesting break." Walking away quickly, he laughs to himself. Oh yes, Draco would get what he deserved. Definitely.

Hermione Granger was sitting at her table in her room, when suddenly an owl flew through the window, landing with a large commotion. Looking at it dubiously, she wonders if Harry got a new owl, she didn't know anyone who owned a black owl such as this. Stroking its chin, she takes the paper from its leg, unrolling it and skimming it. Just then, her father walked in, also reading it over her shoulder.

To the Grangers- I am requesting a stay at your place for my son for the week that is break. I will pay a sum of 40 galleons a month for your keep of him. I would like to teach him a lesson, and you know how he despises leaving this house. Please consider my offer and return an owl as soon as

Yours truly,

Lucius Malfoy

Hermione's father grins. Him and Lucius had formed a small agreement, doing favors for each other now and then. Nodding, he quickly writes a note, saying that they'd gladly keep him, and that he needn't pay, he'd pay for himself with entertainment of living here.
Hermione gapes at her father, "We seriously can't be letting him stay here."
"Come on dear, he'll be easy to deal with. Just watch." She mumbles under her breath, irritated. Winters break... with Draco? And now that Hogwarts was doing a remodeling, they were giving an extra two weeks, since the power needed to change it was going to wipe most of the teachers. Hermione couldn't wait. She liked the feel of Hogwarts, and she wouldn't mind seeing Hagrid and Harry again. She missed Ron though, it just hadn't been the same without him.
About a year ago, the family had upped and left; no explanation or anything. Only a small note, saying a date almost three years from the present day.
Kicking a small rock as she walked along the gravel roadway, she wondered what Draco would think of this. To spend his break with mudbloods. She clenches her teeth at this. Yes, this could be fun. Revenge was always fun. Especially for Hermione Granger.

Draco was staring at his father open-mouthed. "You're sending me where?"
With a smug look on his face, he replies, "To the Grangers, you can spend your break there, with them."
Draco turns red with anger. The last thing on earth he wanted was to be spending an entire winter break with Hermione. She was a Gyffindor! Also a lot of things, he thought to himself. On the bright side though, this could prove to be quite interesting.

Little did either of them know though, that someone else decided it was time to pay Granger a visit... She always muddled in his affairs with one Harry Potter...