Readers: This is where my story ends. I had very little time, and a ton of stress, and to say the least, I can't remember half of what I was plotting to do to these characters! Since you've all read along for so long, I figure I'll at least give you a few summaries. Now that I'm back in the swing of things, I just want to let you all know there WILL be a sequel. I've had the plot for that worked out so long, all I could think of was writing that, and finishing this one up. It became work for me, and like so many others, I fell.

The End

The week at Draco's passes fairly uneventful, though they finally get their acts together and get down and dirty under his father's nose. Pleasent. They return to school, and poof, everythings normal. The full moon swings around, Hermione takes a walk, runs into trouble.

The final battle is in a clearing in the woods. Hermione and Draco show up. Battle commences. Lucious tries to convince Draco to put a 'killing' -_-;; curse on Hermione, and he points his wand at her. Here's a clip of what I had wrote, since I decided the ending randomly.


Draco's hand quivered slightly as he looked at Hermione. Her hair blew in the wind gently, brown eyes locked on Draco. She didn't move towards her wand. If he wanted to kill her - then so be it. She didn't want to live without him. So in a way, she won. No matter which way it went, it went hers. In an odd clinical sort of way.

"Draco..." His father's voice whispered over the winds, chilling him to the bone. A shudder coursed through his spine as he watched Hermione. She was strong... And he was weak. That was all. His eyes fell closed for a second, before alarm started into them. The curse was called out, curt and short...

Hermione fell to the ground.


Yes, that would be the cliffhanger. The next chapter would've been the ending, the finish up. An intro into the second one.

Basically, Harry was behind Hermione, he wand pointed over to Draco. Draco shot, and hit Harry. HARRY'S dead folks. I'm sorry, but he annoyed me, so he's dead. Dead. On the ground. Not waking up anytime soon.

The spell grazed Hermione, so she was knocked aside. Lucious boogied out of their, showing a little bit of intelligence. Draco saw Hermione, had a heartwrenching moment, and left. It's like Romeo & Juliet. They both think the other's dead. Pity. Well, here's that heartwrenching scene.


He'd done it. He'd hit Harry. A surge of hapiness flew into his being as he looked over the form of his arch enemy. The feeling of that being done pierced every part of his being with a content pleasure. His gaze finally drifted though, and found Hermione... Sprawled on the ground. It took a minute for it to sink in. Draco swallowed hard. No. It couldn't be true. She was his reason for living... And he'd killed her. His knees gave out from him, buckling. His body felt like jello. A broken man. "No..." Was all that he could say. It was repeated a few more times, though nothing changed. Hermione didn't pop up and move, nothing changed. Nothing.

His hand tentivately reached out as though to touch her - though she was a little more then a yard away from him already. A few strands of hair rested over her face, her eyes closed. She looked peaceful... Though how peaceful could she really be? He'd killed her. He'd -killed- her.


His mind stated over and over, though soon it was yelling at him. Run, you fool! Move, before they find you! Before they see... Before they know.

He ran. He didn't know how he convinced his legs they weren't jello - maybe it was the cold anger forming in his stomach. The self-loathing that piled onto his being. Closing his eyes, he leaned against the wall. He'd keep running.

Hermione didn't think he'd do it. He'd done it. He'd tried to kill her. Her breath entered sharply. And there before her stood a man. His very body emitted darkness. A shudder passed over her, blinking a couple times as she wretched on the ground next to her. She could hear cries coming from the side of the woods near the school.

"Draco...? Hermione...? Hello...?"

The man, standing there... Watching her. Deep baratones finally spoke.

"He is dead."

The emotionless voice hit home finally. He? Who the hell was he?

"Draco..?" Another voice called out in an almost panic.


So, yeah. Everyone thinks Draco's dead. Uhm... Voldemort kills Lucious. Dumbledore smooths things over - life goes on. So, until the sequel... ^_^;;

Feelin' the Lurve,