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It started as a crackfic but then i took it seriously

"Angel Dumott Schunard!" Collins introduced and opened the door, and there she was standing there in all her glory.

I knew her.

She danced around the room smiling and singing, giving us money, she recognized me but never missed a beat. Typical Angel. I hung on every word of her story laughing at Collins. He's lucky, he's definitely got a catch. I wasn't smart enough to realize that back when we were together. Yup, thats right Roger Davis and Angel Schunard dated…. Well not "dated" we were something though…. It was an experimental time in my life. There she stood though back in my life coaxing me to leave the house with her and Collins. I don't really know what to say or think but I know I don't want to go to Life leave and finally I'm alone, I can't believe I just saw her again. I didn't want to see her I barely remember meeting her.

That's a lie. I remember everything….

It was right before I met April, 5 ½ months before I met her to be exact and i still remember every detail. I was at CBGB's half way through my first set when I finally open my eyes to scan the crowd looking for any hot girls I could maybe hook up after and to see if people are enjoying the music. They are, of course, I play here almost every weekend the crowd that this place brings in always like our music. But then I see someone who doesn't belong. Though the haze I see a very tall attractive woman in bright colors dancing amazingly to the music. She spots me staring and stops dancing. Not embarrassed, no, she holds my stare and gives a small smirk and turns her attention to the girls around her and begins dancing again.

'She thinks she's too good for me,' I thought to myself. 'I can't wait to prove her wrong.'

The set soon ends and I jump off the stage to get a drink and find that girl. I grab a beer and scan the club she's gone along with the other girls she was with. They must have all gone to the bathroom together girls do that stuff. 15 minutes pass by quickly then it's back on stage. The rest of the gig flies by I play regularly but keep a look out for that girl.

As we packed up and the club settled down, most people clearing out someone came up behind me. A small cocky smile appeared on my lips as i turned around I expected to see her but no, just the club owner there to pay us.

"There you go boys, Thanks again" he gave us a hundred each.

"Thanks, Paul same time next week?" I ask him stuffing the money in my pocket.

He nods and walks away, never was a man of many words. Well, at least not with me. Still though he was a good man everyone knows him and they all love him. I walk outside and there she was hugging her friends and saying goodbye. I lit a cigarette and casually walked over.

"Hey," I smile and leaned against the wall setting my guitar down.

"Oh," she seemed a little surprised.

There was something off about her, she was a little too tall, a little too toned, her jaw a bit too defined….. At that moment it hit me this girl was no girl this was a drag queen. Well, Shit.

"Hi" she-he? Fuck it they said a little sheepish.

"I'm Roger" I introduced taking a drag on my cigarette.

Now I know I'm not gay, not by a long shot but I don't hate gay people no. My best friend is gay and one of the greatest guy I know. So I've started a conversation I'll talk for a bit then go.

"I'm Angel" She smiled and offered a hand.

I took it "How do you do?" i said in my most posh voice making her utter the most adorable giggle.

Did I just call her adorable?

"Lovely and a little tipsy," she smiled "how are u?"

"Ahhh, an honest Angel, huh?" I laugh a bit "I'm just fine, I saw you from across the room and just thought I'd talk to you."

She smiled I didn't know what else to say I was at a loss for words for one of the first times of my life. I guess I let the silence go on too long because she spoke up.

"You play well" she looked at my guitar.

I could feel this getting awkward….. I was wrecking this. But wait, why do i care? It's not like I want to sleep with this…. Guy? Right?... Wait did I? No, right? Oh shit, I should say something…..

" What brings you to this place?" I motion to all the punk kids and heavy rockers around and then back to her bright, cutesy style.

"Oh, my friends wanted to go and i don't mind the style you bad boys got going on." she winked, I could feel my face heating up a bit. Was I blushing or was it all the drinks I had?

"Oh, you like bad boys, huh?" Why was I saying this?

"From a distance" she messed with the zipper of my leather jacket.

"Oh really?" I took a stepped forward she playfully backed up against the wall.

Angel may have been tall for a girl but for a boy even in heels I still could tower over him. He oh, what the hell, she let out a playful giggle. As I stared down at her face I realized how young she looked.

"Now, Angel I may be a bad boy but i feel like you have a bit of a badassery in you?"

"What do you mean?" she said as innocently as possible, pouting.

"How old are you?"

"18" she roller her eye.

"Oooh, someone's in trouble."

"Sorry, Dad" she said sarcastically and smiled.

"Oh, so you're calling me Daddy now?"

She made a fake gagging noise making me laugh.

"Please, as if" she smiled.

"Well you set me up for that."

"Very true," she became quiet and bit her lip thinking. She bites her lip! every mans' weakness. "I should go though, Roger."

So suddenly?

"Oh, ok goodnight, I guess? Will I see you again?"

Why did I say that? Why do I care I'm not into guys. Right? No I like women, boobs, pussy, curvy hips all that great stuff. But then, why am I still here talking and flirting with him? There's something different about him.

"Sure" she shrugged. "I'll find you."

She gave me a quick peck on the lips, winked and stepped away hurrying across the street going down to the subway, her hips swinging the whole way. Leaving me confused and slightly turned on.