You watched from afar, spectating the visually loud man from across the street. Laughable.

At this time and place, who would don a mask and completely covered from head to toe? You scoffed at the waiting man, as you fanned yourself with the manila folder you held.

As if he heard your remark, you watched his head turn to face you. With a wave you gave, both of you stood there, waiting for the other to make their way across to street to them. But none of you two moved. With a sigh, you got up from the bench and walked your way to him, watching both ways before you crossed. Out of habit, you also took notes if there were any bystanders around. With this heat and dryness in the air, the sidewalk and roads were silent save for the summer time background noise.

"I was already sitting down you know?" you remarked, hand already outstretched to give what you had promised," wouldn't kill you to cross the street for me."

He stayed quiet, pulling the contents out of the folder on the spot. You felt insulted

"Look, buddy, I know this is our first time interacting and everything, but you can tr-"you felt the cool barrel of his shotgun at the base of your chin. Great. You instinctively raised your hands, face betraying the annoyance you felt. So he was one of those types of people.

"I don't pay you to talk." He only said, before giving his gun a nudge, choking you a bit before he placed his gun somewhere inside his jacket. With a frown, you brought a hand to where the gun was. As nice as it felt in the summer time heat, you hoped it was a one-time event with the man you were employed under.

"Don't pay me enough…" you mumbled, crossing your arms as you waited for your employer to have his fill with his documents. Your eyes traveled his body, unashamed as you knew you have your sunglasses to thank for.

He was built, that's for sure. Whatever this man did for a living, you wanted to keep yourself out of. His fingers clawed with metal tips, his mask menacing. But your eyes lingered to his thighs. As laughable as how tight his pants were, you were thankful for how he filled them out. Toned and thick, you bit your lips thinking of what he could do with them-

"This looks good enough. I'll wire the rest by the end of the day." He caught your attention, voice sounding stoic and inhuman as it did over the phone," I expect the rest of our meeting to go as silent and smooth as possible in the future."

"Yeah, sure, you don't pay me to talk after all," a smirk graced your lips as you gave a shrug, hoping that you didn't piss him off somehow again. He stayed silent, standing still before turning around.

"I shouldn't have to pay you at all if I could."

This son of a bitch.

You gave a huff before turning around to head back home as well. At least that was over with.

You did wonder, though, why he needed info on some old cowboy wannabe.