A/N: How many of the Overwatch cast can I cram into this fic in as little chapters as I possibly can, I wonder?

The bustling base was unsettling for you. The number of warm welcomes and faces, even more. You weren't complaining, but the entirety of the recalled Overwatch had accepted you with open arms, regardless what you had done before. There were some disagreements, but not enough to veto you out. They hadn't even asked you about your involvement with Reaper. You figured McCree must've had a say in all this, or he didn't bother telling anyone else.

Though as bustling and rowdy as Watchpoint Gibraltar were, you couldn't find anything to busy yourself with. You had asked if there was anything you could do to help with around the place, but everyone – Well, you had only actually asked Mercy – had only given you a smile and said that they were fine. You had even brought up the courage to ask the gorilla for work, but he also turned you down. You couldn't blame him; you did try to steal from his network twice already. You opt to try your best to find McCree instead. He was, after all, the only person you knew here.

It was an easy task too; you only had just to stay in a place for about 15 minutes before he went out of his way to find you.

You smiled, hearing his already familiar footsteps approaching you, "I was just about to try and find you myself." You lied, twirling your finger around the top of your drink.

"Of course, you were." He grinned back, pulling up a chair next to you. You had grabbed a cup from in front of you, pouring him a drink. He said his thanks and took a sip while you stayed silent, eyeing each other. Déjà vu all over again.

You broke the silence by letting out a sigh, "What am I even doing here, McCree?" playing with your cup again. "How are they going to let someone that was working with Reaper to stroll about like this?" you didn't know if you had wanted an answer for that.

"Well, we sure won't turn away your skill sets. We can't afford to at the moment." He was watching his words; it didn't take a five-year-old to figure that out. You laughed, trying to ease the tension you had accidentally set in the room.

"It sure doesn't look like it. Can't seem to find anything for me to do around here." Your tone of voice was not helping out with the mode. You took another sip as McCree watched you.

"It's only been a day since Reyes left you here." You felt yourself swallow a lump at what he stated, "Just give it some time." He reassured, placing a hand on your drooped shoulder. Eyeing his hand, you looked back at him with a weak smile.

"Having you counsel me is probably one of the last things I expect from you." the laugh coming from you wouldn't even be able to fool a newborn. "How in the world do I keep deserving all this I'm getting? I'm just a simple information broker." Referring to both the bad and good things that's been happening for the past few months. You jokingly blamed McCree out load for starting the fuse way back then.

"If only you had done your work instead of me." You poked at his shoulder lightly, but the way he let your gentle push him off balance him like that, no one would've known.

"There's no better pick up line than 'hey, can you look at some classified files for me?'." He took off his hat, running his human hand through his hair with a grin. "In all honestly, Overwatch was already keeping an eye out for you, darlin'. I figured I might as well test the waters for them, but Reyes had wanted to keep it under the table."

You frowned at the mention of your former boss. Even after all you've been through, you still didn't know what to think of the man. As menacing as he makes himself out to be, you're still inevitably drawn to him like some moth to an open flame. McCree must've noticed your frown when he shoves his hat onto your head a little too roughly and gives your back a pat.

"Look, all that matters is that you're here now. You're safer here than trying to jump around like you usually do." His accent making each word all that much more fun to listen to. You couldn't help but let your smile spring back up as you take his hat off, fixing your hair in the process.

"That was what he had told me too."

You hadn't made any effort to contact Reaper, and it seems like neither did he. You were adjusting to your new residence fast, the what little work you found yourself making it that much easier. You'd take inventory for Mercy regardless if she asked for you to or not. You'd help look over the files with Athena and Winston. You'd even clean the floors when you were feeling a little too restless. But you were truly missing your old job; digging information out of the trash.

And that was why you were here in front of Soldier 76's room. You had confronted Mercy about starting up your old job, but she had only referred you to Winston. When you confronted him, he stayed silent before referring you to 76.

With a knock, you were greeted with rustling on the other side of the door. When it got quiet again, you brought up your hands to knock again but stopped short when a raspy boomed through the door.


Hands already starting to get clammy, you opened the door, greeted with a large man in civvies standing only just a few feet from the door. You didn't know what to do with yourself, so you just stood in the doorway, hands fidgeting with itself as you clasp it in front of you. You were getting fluster not because of intimidation, but because of being star struck. Whether he knew or wanted you to or not, you already knew who he was. Jack Morrison was standing in front of you with all his age-old glory. The vigilante fighting must have been tough; he sure looked a lot older than he is.

You hadn't noticed that he was waiting for you to say something. With a quick introduction, you cleared your throat from the nervousness you were feeling before.

"Winston told me to see you." You stood up straight, "About me getting to do some actual work."

He eyes you from head to toe as if trying to size you up. The voice in the back of your head told you that he was reminding you of Reaper a whole lot. You push the thought aside.

"An information broker, right?" you quickly nodded. "We don't currently need one at the moment."

You felt your heart sink. Did that also mean that Overwatch didn't now need you? Of course, they didn't they never even contacted you before.

"What I am more interested in, though, was your relationship with Reaper. McCree had given me the general gist of it, but I like to be thorough." That was no surprise to you; you were waiting for this very moment for a while now.

"Where would you like me to start, boss?"