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Before- Sometime on July 1988

Sometimes, when the manor goes too dark, Draco Malfoy finds himself in his mother's garden.

Commonly, other children his age would most definitely hide in their blankets or behave frantically because there is no such thing as self respect or what his father likes to call it, pride, inside their tiny systems. But in just a tender age of eight, Draco already learned firsthand not to allow anybody to see him quiver.

Sometimes, when the sun sets behind the hills, Luna Lovegood finds herself heavily drawn to fascinating places, especially magnificent creatures. There was a patch of majestic white feathers gliding around inside the hedges of the humongous castle just a few thumbs away based on the measurement of her finger. According to her daddy, those elegant birds were albino peacocks and were owned by a certain Lucius Malfoy.

Curiosity got the best of her. It was normal for her to have weird creatures, plants and things scattered inside their round house, but never before have she met a person who lives in a giant castle with an equally giant birds as pets! She guessed that Lucius Malfoy must be the owner of everything that is expensive. Why on earth would he live in a giant house if he did not intend to fill it with a whole neighborhood?

She rolled, kicked and frolicked her way to the castle. With just her yellow dress flowing around her skin and her feet bare, she went off with an excited smile. It was just like her daddy's expeditions. Mainly, she only imagined the hills and the creatures by his colorful words, but she was positive her little trip might be like those. In fact, he once told her the secret behind a successful trip. It was not about traveling to far off kingdoms, it was the way people gather information in their surroundings; as long as you learn, as long as you grow, and as long as you find beauty, it is a great adventure.

She was extra positive about her first expedition. She can feel it in her bones, she would definitely catch quite an experience. One that would cause a shift in her life.

While little Luna was taking her time slaying invisible creatures with her invisible sword, little Draco was sitting idly upon a branch of a sycamore tree, eyeing the odd looking house a few curves away. He found himself utterly curious, trying to form an image of a sane man inside his young mind. Unfortunately, he could not- he and his father would certainly not last long in the said peculiar home.

But of course!

The residents must not be humans. Yes.

That was the most logical thing he could possibly think of.

On his far right, he heard some rustling as well as movements from the innocent hedge. The deepening sky and the silence made the rustling intense, making his heart beat loudly and his imagination alive and activated. He glanced to the door of their patio, trying to decipher how many steps he has to take before he would make it safely to the safety of his house. Once inside, he is convinced that his father would know just what to do.

Yet, hearing another rustle, his pride and developing rational thoughts were slightly overpowered by his fright

"Who-who's there?" he shouted, his eyes betraying the fear he tried to cover. Despite being way too far up the tree, he still couldn't see what lies behind the tall hedge. Even arching his head up was an effort that ended in failure.

The sound of his voice was the straw the mysterious creature had waited for. The rustling eventually stopped. Draco climbed down from his spot, edging towards the thick hedge.

"Hullo! Are you, by any chance, a peacock?"

There was a faint voice just behind the hedge. It was a girl, a girl who's probably a young one just like him. She sounded like one, but judging by her barmy question, she was indeed much more prone with imagining than he is. He could not possibly question someone's existence to a peacock. That was too silly.

He stood frigid on the other side of the hedge, startled with the question and even more with having a random person on their usually quiet and brooding property

"No I am not."

"Oh, perhaps you're Mr. Hedge! Could you help me enter, kind sir?"

His eyebrows shot straight up near his forehead. Silly was an understatement. He now presume that the girl was slightly batty. Like the odd house far away from his home.

"Go away thief"

He could not risk his life. His father would go ballistic if he would let a thief in. Or worse, a filthy muggle.

"But I am not a thief. Would a thief ask for your help Mr. Hedge?"

He cringed with the thought that the girl might be laughing at the other side. He could not let that happen. At his mere age, he already has the social awareness some aristocrats have. He could not let her have the last say. His father taught him not to back down so easily.

"I am not a hedge. That's idiotic"

"It is not. It could happen you know, you haven't seen the secrets the world tries to hide. Who knows? Maybe they talk when we sleep. My daddy says that's why I sleepwalk, they talk to me when I am unconscious- Are you a person then?"

He seemed to predict that his eyebrows had move one step up on his face. With the strange conversation he's having, no doubt his psyche would alter. The girl was certainly different.


"Are you Lucius Malfoy?"

In contrast, his eyebrows, for once in their conversation, frowned.


He resorted to a closed reply, wanting to trap the girl into having no further reason to continue talking to him. As much as how bluntly he brags about being Lucius Malfoy's son, he reminded himself to also be cautious, who knew what evil plan the girl had in store for his father?

"Do you talk to your plants?"

Instead, she found another blabber for him to either frown or raise an eyebrow with.

"Who even does that?"

"My mum, daddy, and I do. They get a bit lonely you know. Do you ever get lonely?"

She again made him halt. It was a strange question indeed, but he found it more strange that he was considering her. He was taught not to surrender himself to his emotions, nevertheless, open his palms willingly for the whole wizardling world to see. He said it was scandalous, weak. But-

But the girl was vocal with hers. It was kind of towering. Immensely frightening.

"No I don't"

There was a small pause from her, which he was quite taken aback from.

"You must have several friends then, that is wonderful" her tone, much to his annoyance, was unconvinced.

"Of course, who doesn't?" he half hoped he sounded convincing in his second time. It was not that he was trying to impress her, it was wholly for the sake of his image. He could not let her think he was an outcast because he is definitely not. He is far from that in the social ladder, he was in fact, the one the other children envy. And he tend to keep relinquishing in that social pool.

"I am, they think I am too weird. But I think that's not bad at all. There's nothing to be ashamed of it"

He pretended not to feel the tone in her voice that made him know she was way pass the hidden message he tried to cover. He was, after all, as his father calls it, an amateur with controlling his nerves. He might've just imagined her being understanding, there was no way she could possibly guess him right there and then.

"I should be going now, nargles would most likely attack in the dim and cold" Draco, to his surprise, did not notice the slightly noticeable moon above them. He also forgot about why he was in his mother's garden in the first place.

He felt her shift to the hedge between them, as if waiting for him to say something. He however, kept his mouth shut. Not even when he was tempted to ask what nargles are or why she talked to him nonstop even if he made it clear he did not want company. The want did not seem to pass but he knows he could not simply introduce himself to a suspecting stranger, that would be too troublesome.

"Good bye for now," she made a point to emphasize the implication that she would return no sooner than later ",my name is Luna, like the moon,"

There was another rustling in the hedge, but this time, he did not flinch or even bat an eye. He simply watched, curiosity filling the insides of his skin. But it was thankfully not enough to make him call her. He did not tell her his name, he was certain she would forget about him sooner or later. He was nothing but dreadful to her after all.

"Thank you"

The two words did not seem right, yet he wholesomely took it from her. He was not sure what so ever he did that made her glad of him. But it was rare and raw, he indulged in it like a new found accomplishment.

He sat staring at the skies above him, glaring at the beaming moon that seemed to stare back. He vaguely wonder if by tomorrow at eve, he would actually see the strange Luna again. And if his mother knew a dangerous pesky creatures deemed as nargles.

After- Sometime in 1992

He watched as she got sorted into the wise bunch.

He watched as she effortlessly smiled at the older Ravenclaw next to her

He watched as she beamed at the older students who prodded, nevertheless teased, about the ridiculous set of earrings she always loved wearing.

He watched, keeping in track with the latest things she was up to. Not that he cared, no, really. She was just so often teased and wholesomely odd, he pitied her.

He continued watching, keeping a safe distance between them, excusing himself from the guilt by seeing her and making sure she still manages to live another day in the campus. For the life of him, he does not have an exact reason why he was avoiding her. He, in fact, already made a reputation his father was thrilled about. Surely he wouldn't let a single girl make him less powerful.

But sometimes, since the day they met, she hold such position in his life that he has trouble shrugging her off. Even so at that particular moment when they collided to each other rather physically.

He straightened his cloak and checked his slick hair just in cause some strands fell from their usual glamour. The younger girl seemed dazed down the earthly ground, seemingly choosing the comfort of the dirt rather than remember the scattered things around her.

He rolled his eyes and sat upon his Nimbus 2001, hovering just a foot above the ground, a few inches away from her.

"Hullo Draco"

"I told you not to speak to me so openly didn't I, Lovegood?" he never called her Lovegood before, not even when after the two years duration of them not speaking. It had always been 'Luna, the one who accused him of being a talking hedge, the one who made him ask his mother just what was the deal with harmful nargles.

"You did, but nobody's out here you know. At this time of day, I suspect everybody's already slipping in their dormitories" She acted unfazed about the coldness of his voice, her eyes not meeting his in the process. Perhaps, she did not wanted him to see the sorry look in her eyes. She pitied him. Probably for having been the one who made their team lose. And that infuriated him further.

"Whatever, at least I am not out here looking for my shoes I lost the other night. I have much more important things to attend to, such as a reputation to manage" he spatted, trying so hard to be fearsome despite the tired shoulders and aching muscles he had inside his skin.

That made the girl's attention move to him, her eyes clear from hurt and accusations. She simply looked at him, unfazed with his cold treatment to her innocent statement.

"I am not having the grandest time here yet. But I am still not ashamed though. It is not my fault they are close minded" she momentarily shrugged, eerie and whimsical as ever. Draco took her words by heart, sliding an invisible hedge between the two of them.

He sighed inwardly, ignoring the thought forming in his head. He was much too tired to even think of their different social standings. He knew she was somewhat, seeing the positive side of things even when she was clearly, being taunted and teased so immensely by others.

Looking back at her, he tried to shrug the feeling again, explaining to himself that he just did what he had to do. It was her decision to remain as peculiar as she normally is so why would he even bother?

"Good night, Draco Malfoy"

Her voice turned quite softer and his guilt turned a tad more heavy. He ought to say something, anything, especially those two simple words he should have told her far too long ago. But instead, he gripped far tightly to his broom, forcing himself to edge further away from her.

That night, the moon stared at him far too intensely and he blamed the fictional nargles for the tugging guilt.