Summary: Caroline Forbes had always been a curious child, but as the saying goes-curiosity killed the cat. When Caroline was four a pack of wolves led her back home, when she was fifteen they saved her from a bear attack. Now Caroline is nineteen and back in Mystic Falls after taking a break from college and still thinking about those wolves. When she meets the dominating Klaus Mikaelson she thinks nothing of him until she finds out that he is Alpha of a wolf pack. Slight Dom/Sub themes. Klaroline & Kalijah.

Little Town

Caroline Forbes wished that she could save the looked on her mother's face. It was a mix of both shock, anger, and confusion all rope into one. Caroline knew for a long time that her mother was a no-nonsense kind of woman. That was just the type of person Elizabeth Forbes was.

She had lived in and had been born in Mystic Falls and graduated college with honors and later from the police academy. Then she had become a high ranking officer in the Chicago Police department. Success was high on Liz Forbes' agenda and she didn't expect anything less from her only daughter though Caroline was sure that at the current moment she was breaking her mother's heart.

"You quit college, why Caroline?" Liz's voice wobbled after Caroline had told her that she would not be returning to her expensive private school in Chicago after her freshman year. "Do you know how lucky you were to get that scholarship in the first place? Do you know how expensive school is Caroline?"

"I know mom," Caroline said feeling slightly guilty as she looked at her heartbroken mother. "And I'll pay you back every penny from the loans you took out from the bank." She didn't know how to explain this, but she had hated her freshman year at college and at the end of it had decided to take a year off. She could always go back.

"I don't care about the money, Caroline." Liz said. "I just want my little girl to be successful and happy. You going back to that town, well what are you going to do, Caroline?" Caroline had let her mother know that her plans was to return to Mystic Falls-a tiny town in Virginia.

When her parents divorced when Caroline was just two she had spent her summers with her father in Mystic Falls in a beautiful house that was now under her name. Caroline didn't have the best memories of that town and many people would think her crazy, for wanting to go back, but it just felt like home to Caroline even though her father had died when she had been in middle school.

"I don't know photography, do some art classes," Caroline bit her thumb. "I still have the inheritance that granny left me."

Her mother sighed. "That money is for emergencies only Caroline, not for you to go back to that horrible little town after leaving college. I don't know why you even go back. There are dozens of animals there."

"Just for a year, Mommy." Caroline begged. "Just for one school year. Let me find myself and then I promise I will go back to school."

Liz had never liked Mystic Falls even during the short time that she had spent in Mystic Falls when she and William had first been married. Liz had often told Caroline that she didn't have good memories of Mystic Falls.

Caroline couldn't blame her; Mystic Falls was the place where Liz had gotten divorced among other things. When Caroline had been four years old she had wandered off towards the woods behind her father's house and had become lost.

Caroline could still remember how scared she had felt and how hopeless, but something that Caroline remember was who had saved her. The wolves. She remembered that she had been wandering around the woods crying her eyes out until she had run into a pack of wolves.

They had been large and a brown, tawny color. The leader of the pack, the one with the golden eyes had led her back home. Caroline never saw that tawny color wolf with the golden eyes again. When she was fifteen Caroline and her friends had gone to a keg party in the woods and Caroline had nearly gotten killed by a bear, but a wolf-this time a golden brown wolf had been her rescuer.

So could her mom really blame her for wanting to go back to Mystic Falls? The town was creepy as hell and she was surprised that no one had done nothing about the wolves. Caroline's plane landed in Richmond, Virginia, however Mystic Falls was over fifty miles away and Caroline had bought a small, broken down blue car with the small money that Liz had given her reluctantly and now at eight o'clock in the evening Caroline was arriving to Mystic Falls.

Caroline was greeted by no one in the sleepy little town, it seemed that everyone had gone to sleep and there was only the light porch waiting for her. She had called dear Mrs. Flowers and asked her to turn on the porch light because Caroline was coming home today.

Caroline was exhausted and her entire body hurt and throbbed. She desperately wanted to curl up and go to bed, but she still had to take a shower, unpack her things, and get some dinner.

Caroline drove towards the nearest supermarket and started picking things that she would need to make pasta along with a couple of cookies. Caroline loved cookies. She saw a shadow looming over her, but when she turned around there was no one. Maybe she was more tired than she thought.

She headed to pay for her purchases where a woman, bored out of her mind started ringing her purchases. "Um, excuse me can I ask you a question."

"You just did, sweetheart."

"Are there any wolves here, in the forest?"

The women looked at her as if she were crazy. "Wolves in Mystic Falls? Where do you think we live in the mountains?"

"But I," Caroline trailed off. "But I saw wolves, twice. Here is Mystic Falls and they saved me. Twice." The woman looked at her as if she were crazy or drunk and Caroline shut her mouth. Had she dreamed all of that?

She picked up her purchases and headed back to her car. Maybe she was just tired. Yes, that was it, she needed a good night's sleep.

"You're new."

Caroline flinched slightly as she turned around and saw a tall man that was at least a foot taller than her with light brown curls, light blue eyes, and a long, lean body. He was older than her, Caroline felt her body tremble slightly. She didn't know if it was because of intimidation or lust. "Yeah, I'm Caroline. Caroline Forbes, what's your name?"

The man didn't answer. "I think you should leave town, love."

"And why would I do that?"

He didn't answer her right away. " Just leave. Trust me, when I say it's the best decision you will ever make."

-End of Chapter One-

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