Damia - "We were reading this story earlier about one of our beloved girls getting pregnant, but she was twenty-something, married, and could stay at home. Not to mention that she got to skip all those 'lovely' pregnancy bonuses,"

Solatina - "Such as swollen ankles, severe mood swings, fetishes, back aches, cravings, something kicking you from the inside, and let's not forget my personal fave, MORNING SICKNESS,"

Wren - "So they decided some poor fictional character was going to have ot go through that . . . And they wont change their minds,"

Solatina - "Yes, one of our beloved scouts will have to deal with it. Un-married, still a high schooler, and with a job,"

Damia - "This story will start before Mommy meets Daddy, go through all nine months (no skipping like in some stories) and keep going until I get bored. I don't know if these couples will stick, but this is how it's starting out. Wren and Solatina, if you would do the honors?"

Wren - "Michiru and Haruka,"

Solatina - "They make a great couple, if you have a problem with same sex pairings, pull your head out of your ass, it's no longer the 20th century,"

Wren - "Minako and Heero,"

Solatina - "What? You have a problem? Blow yourself 'cause I don't care. Opposites attract,"

Damia - "Watch the language,"

Solatina - "Screw ratings,"

Wren - "Setsuna and Trowa,"

Solatina - "Strong Silent type meets Beautiful Mysterious type, need I say more?"

Wren - "Makoto and Duo,"

Solatina - "She cooks, he eats,"

Wren - "Ami and Wufei,"

Solatina - "Wufei's not really anti-female, he just doesn't think that they should do things they can't handle. He's also a scholar, like Ami, so live with it. That pairs absolutely concrete,"

Damia - "I don't know if I want Hotaru and Rei to be together or if they should be single, or if they should have different people. You'll have to review and let me know on that one,"

Wren - "Damia doesn't own SM or GW,"

Solatina - "All scary lawyer dudes must exit the premises at this time,"

Damia - "And all readers must go on with the story,"

Summary - What happens when a female spy and assassin accidentally gets pregnant and wont tell anyone? Well, I can tell you that it's not the prettiest sight in the world.


And Then There Was One


The three girls stood together and looked at the door in front of them. They were all wearing skin tight leather body suits. The smallest of the three stood in powder blue with darker accents. Her shoes were flat heeled ankle boots and her dark blue hair was short and shaggy. The tallest had a grass green body suit with brown lines and she wore ankle boots with an inch heel. Her auburn hair was up in a high ponytail. The medium one wore a red suit with black lining. Her black and purple hair hung straight to her mid-thigh and her ankle boots had three inch spike heels.

"Let's blow it up," The medium one said with a shrug.

"Why is your answer always end with blowing something up?" The small one asked with a sigh.

"Because that's the fun way to do it," The tallest said with a shrug.

"Fine, but let's only blow the handle so that we don't set off to many alarms," The small one said.

"Calm down Frost, we know you can get around all the alarms in a few seconds," The tall one said with a shrug.

"Flash has a point. They haven't created a system you can't get into yet," The medium one said with a smile.

"Fine, I suppose you're right," Frost said with a shrug.

"So can we blow it?" Flash asked with a smile.

"Flare, blow the handle," Frost said. She walked over to a tiny key pad and stuck a device into it. She slid a mini computer into her hands and started to type quickly. There was a small explosion behind her, and she sighed.

"Oops," Flash said merrily.

"I could have sworn that I asked for the handle to blow, not the entire door," Frost said with a growl.

"We didn't blow the entire door. You would know that if you had looked," Flare told her snobbishly. Frost turned and looked at the door. She raised an eyebrow as the other two giggled.

"Blowing ¾ of the door is the same as blowing the entire door. The alarms are all off for the next two hours. Let's do this," Frost said. They all took out goggle things that were the same color as their uniforms and clicked a button over one ear. Figures started to pop up in front of them, but they could still see in front of them.

"According to the doctor, the rooms we want are on the top floor," Flash said. They walked over to the elevators and pushed the buttons. They rode it up to the 34th floor and got off.

"The door at the end," Flash said with a smile.

"Let's move," Flare said. She walked in the front to the door. Flash was in the middle, looking from side to side, and Frost was walking backwards. Rei pulled a tiny lock picking kit out of one of the many pockets that the girls had in their suits, and started on the door. Forty seconds later the door opened and she walked in, the others right behind.

"All the chairs, right?" Frost asked.

"Correct," Flash said with a nod. They looked at the long table in front of them and at the twelve chairs.

"Let's get started," Frost said. She wiggled her gloved fingers and started to put a layer of touch reactant poison on the largest chair. after that was done she used a small knife and cut a small hole in one of the seams. In it she put a tiny bug. After it was in she put a second coat of the poison on the chair. The three girls did the same thing to all the rest of the chairs and then placed more bugs in the obvious places round the room.

The three walked down the hall and each kicked open a door to a different office. They belonged to the three VP's for the company. They put obvious bugs all over the room and then put a few more around that they knew would never be found. They put obvious little bombs that would do minimal damage if left alone. The girls met at the elevator four minutes later.

"Security room?" Flare asked.

"Of course," Flash said with a smile. The three got on the elevator and rode it down to level 4, which was underground. That was the security level. The walked in and Flash took out a small pen that was actually a laser and cut a large door in the gate. Frost walked to the cameras and pulled all of the disks (they're like DVD's). She handed them to flare and pulled out one of her own. She rubbed a soft cloth over it to make sure there were no prints and put it in. She held out her hand to Flash, who put the pen she had used earlier in Frost's hand. Frost very carefully melted the opening so that it no longer opened and then hacked into the mainframe so that it would keep playing over and over without stopping on every computer and television in the building. They left out the front door again.

"What was on it this time?" Flash asked with a grin as they stood beside the three motorcycles.

"Some old show I found from back in the day," Frost said with a shrug.

"How back?" Flare asked.

"Uh, like back in 1960 AD I think, IT's called Gilligan's Island. I watched part of it, it was pretty cute. I think we should watch it friday," Frost said with a grin. She and the other two sat on their bikes, which were all black and silver, took off the goggles and put them in another pocket. They attached a small device to their ears and then put a sticky part on their cheek. They had helmets that matched their suits and they put them on and took off. They sped to the 'empty' warehouse in the Sanq kingdom. Flare pressed a button on the handle on her bike and a part of the side walk in front of the warehouse started to go down and form a ramp. The girls went down. Twenty feet from a small group of people the girls skidded sideways and put their feet on the ground. They were in perfect harmony with each other, almost as if they had been practicing for years. They were still about five feet from the others.

"Witness?" asked a tall woman with short sandy blonde hair and teal eyes.

"Nope," Flash said with a smirk.

"Problems?" Asked a woman with shoulder length wavy teal hair and matching eyes.

"None," Frost answered.

"Have fun?" Asked the youngest said with a grin. She had chin length dark purple hair and purple eyes.

"Of course," Flare said with a grin.

"So long as you're all right," Another girl said. She had knee length blonde hair which was kept out of her face by a red bow.

"Where's Setsuna?" Frost asked.

"Time Gates," The sandy blonde answered.

"Hello, Serenity and Mamoru gave up crystal Tokyo to become Goddess of the Moon and Protector of Earth so that we could live normal lives, That's not going to happen if she keeps taking off to look after the timelines," Flare said with a growl.

"Look Rei, we know that you are still upset at the queen, but you have to realize that she was only thinking about us," The teal haired woman answered. (Damia - Alright, you all know who they are so I'm going to just say their names)

"Let's talk about something else," Hotaru said with a sigh.

"Guess what?" Minako said with a huge smile.

"What?" Rei asked.

"I'm getting a huge bonus and I'm going to be on the cover of Vogue's next issue," She said excitedly.

"Good Job Minako," Ami said happily. It had been her idea for all of them to follow their dreams after they had been reborn together.

Setsuna, Haruka, and Michiru were all 17, Ami, Minako, Rei, and Makoto were 16, and Hotaru was 15. Setsuna was a fashion designer, Haruka was a race car driver, Michiru was a violinist and painter, Minako was a super model, Makoto owned a chain of five star restaurants, Ami ran the best hospital chain in the Sanq kingdom and possibly the colonies as well, Rei was a singer and song writer, and Hotaru was a normal girl that collected lamps. (Damia - "I believe that's what Hotaru's dream is, to be a regular child)

At least that's what people saw on the outside. The truth was they had fought so long in their past lives, that they turned into spies and assassins to fight for what they believe in. Of course, it would probably be quite disconcerting to some to realize that they still have some of their powers, but no transformation. Ami can freeze things and is still a genius, Haruka can move faster than anyone else and can control wind, Michiru can control water, Pluto still has the ability to go to the time gates, Hotaru can heal people, Rei can still use her psychic abilities and turn things to fire, Makoto can call thunder and Lightening and control plant life, and Minako can change peoples emotions as well as sense their emotions.

"Did they wire the money?" Rei asked Michiru.

"Fifty million," Michiru said with a smile.

"Good, the other half will be coming as soon as Orange Stock and Bonds, inc. has another board meeting," Ami said with a smile

"In other words, tomorrow," Makoto said with a grin.

"This is the life," Haruka said with a smile.

"School starts next week," Ami said with a smile.

"I take it back," Haruka groaned.

"Calm down sweetheart, it's not that bad," Michiru said with a smile.

"None of us have to be in school, so why od we have to be in school?" Minako growled.

"Well that made sense," Hotaru said sarcastically.

"You know what I meant, If we're all smart enough to have graduated both high school and college, why is Relena still forcing us to go?"

"Because Heero said more than three syllables to you," Rei said with a grin.

"Is it my fault that Mr. Heero Yui talks to us? NO," Minako shouted the last part.

"Live with it," Michiru said with a shrug of her shoulders.

"She's driving me insane, did I mean to knock him to the ground? NO, Did I mean to stop on his fingers? NO. Did I mean to hit him in the head with a basketball? NO," Hotaru smiled.

"Did you mean to flirt? NO, that's your personality. Did you mean to smile that dazzling smile when he nodded at you? No, that's your personality. Did you mean to dump a plate of spaghetti over his head? Yes, you were pissed off because he told Relena he'd prefer you over her, which got you detention for a week," She said with a smile.

"AAAAHHHHH, I'm going to bed," Minako stood up and walked out of the room. The others soon followed her example.