Retribution Sucks For Them


"I gave her a minor sedative and a morning after pill, at least she wont need to deal with the problems of pregnancy," Ami told everyone after she came back into the living room. She had been in the sick room of their mansion with Michiru to help her. She had tested Makoto for DNA and cleaned her up.

"Will she be alright?" Minako asked worriedly.

"I'm testing for disease, thankfully there's a cure for everything now. Could you imagine AIDS 60 years ago when there still wasn't a cure?" Ami asked them all.

"Let's not think about that," Minako said, looking slightly green.

"Instead let's focus on what we know. This guy she came with, bald, drove a motorcycle, tall, well built, lots of muscles. Dark eyes, tattoo of a skull on the back of his head," Rei said.

"I think we're going to hit the club tonight," Minako said with a cold look in her eyes.

"Not alone, not with what happened to Makoto," Duo said immediately. Duo knew that side of life. He grew up in a nasty neighborhood, he knew what could happen.

"Don't worry, I'll go with her," Hotaru said, a grin on her face.

"This isn't a game Hotaru," Trowa started.

"I know that," She interrupted him coldly, "We don't need big macho men to come with us. It would only hinder. Anyway, you'll be able to say truthfully that you don't know anything if something happens," Hotaru said with a slight shrug.

"If something happens?" Quatre asked slowly.

"Alright, when something happens. You don't touch one of us without feeling the consequences," Hotaru answered.

"She has a point. You guys might want to go home. We'll call you tomorrow," Setsuna told them. After ten more minutes of arguing the boys finally left.

"I'll stay with Makoto. My laptops up here so I'll be fine. You guys should get below, I'll send you DNA and anything else I find," Ami told them all. The didn't even bother to voice their agreement as they took off down the stairs.

"Haruka, look for that skull tattoo. Michiru, run the DNA. Minako and Rei see if you can get into the security file's from the club for last night, Hotaru, see what you can find on Kevin. I wouldn't put it past him to have slipped her the drugs," Setsuna ordered them all. They all got to work on their specific duties.

"Marvin 'Skull' Germaine, 37," Michiru announced. A picture was up on the main screen.

"No current place of residence, he's got a record for petty crimes, mugging people, stealing car parts. He's low time," Minako remarked.

"Drugging girls doesn't fit his MO. No harassment, no rape, no molesting, nothing that would point to this," Rei added.

"Kevin's squeaky clean. Not so much as a detention in school. Pathetic really," Hotaru added.

"Watch this though," Minako announced. Skull's picture was replaced with a video. Minako clicked a few buttons and the picture tightened on Kevin picking up drinks from the bar. It then followed him and they saw him slip something from his pocket into one of the pitchers.

"I think it's time we go for a little drive," Rei said with a steel grin on her face.

"You and Haruka go pick up Kevin. Hotaru and Minako, go see if Skull's there tonight. If he's not start questioning people and see what you can find," Setsuna ordered, still typing.

"And what are you doing oh Guru," Michiru asked as the other four left.

"I'm searching black market dealing of TD, I want to know who's selling around here, and who they're selling to," Setsuna said grimly.

"My vote is Relena. She's the spiteful type, I wouldn't put it past her," Michiru said, starting to type on her computer.

"What are you doing?" Setsuna asked, not stopping what she was doing.

"I'm compiling Relena's schedule for you. We can cross reference your dealer paths with Relena's. She's anal enough to have the routes she travels going to these places," Michiru told her.

"Sounds like her," Setsuna agreed.


Heero decided that he and Duo were best suited for the job of going to the club and seeing what they could find out about this skull tattoo guy. So they were getting dressed and hoping that the girls weren't really planning to go to that club, though they knew those hopes were very likely false.

"I think it would be best if I drove," Duo told Heero, popping his head into the boys room.

"No," Heero answered immediately.

"I'm serious Heero, I'm going to drive," Duo told him.

"Why?" He asked monotonously.

"Because I'm not going to let you drive my jeep and I'm not riding on your bike. We should go together, because people will be more likely to talk to us if we have each others backs. Drive the fear home. Uncertainty and a dangerous glint in the eye are going to be our best friends tonight. Trust me on this, you might know how political burly boys work, but I know the gritty gang members and average bad asses," Duo told him.

"Fine," Heero said with a shrug. Turning and looking at the braided boy. Duo was wearing baggy black jeans with a black belt and a black wife beater with his silver cross. Heero wore loose blue jeans, his regular green tank top and a jean jacket with brown shoes. He had a gun tucked in the back of his waistband just in case.

"Shall we?" Duo asked, gesturing in front of him. Heero grunted and grabbed another gun, tucking it into the built in holster of his jean jacket.

"Hn," He 'said' leaving the room.

"Well that bodes well," Duo commented sardonically, following Heero.


Minako screeched to a stop, slamming her foot on the break of her champagne colored vintage convertible Mercedes XL 500 2005. She tossed her door open, stepping out of the car, all eyes on her and Hotaru. Minako's hair, was up in a ponytail, the tail braided into three braids. Her orange skirt rode low on her hips, fell in loose drapes to halfway down her thighs. On her feet were 3 inch spike heels that crossed over the toe and wrapped around the ankle. Her cream shirt was a cowl necked spaghetti top that scooped deeply in the front and deeper in the back, the hem falling a few inches above her navel. A gold belly chain circled her tanned stomach, a thick gold collar circled the base of her neck.

Hotaru's hair was done up in a spiky bun, keeping it out of her face. She had a black collar that reached high up her neck and had pieces hanging in an intricate pattern that fell to her collar bones. She wore a strapless black velvet corset top with dark purple accents and low riding black leather flared pants that laced all the way from waistband to hem, where you could see black strappy sandals on her feet. She wore black leather wrist guards and heavy black eye liner.

"I think we got some attention," Minako said in a satisfied tone.

"Of course," Hotaru said flatly, walking toward the entrance.

"Hey Minako, hey Hotaru," The large bounce from the night before greeted the two. He liked the two, they were spunky, they had attitude, and they could take care of themselves. He was still a little worried about the girl from the night before.

"Hi Clyde, we have some questions for you," Hotaru told him. He raise an eyebrow. As sweet as those two looked, he knew they were into dangerous shit that he didn't want to know about.

"Like what?" He asked warily.

"A friend of ours came here last night, first time. It was on a date so we weren't welcome to take care of her," Minako told him with a tight smile.

"What did she look like?" He asked.

"Brown hair, long and curly, big green eyes, a few inches taller than me," Hotaru told him.

"Brown leather pants, green kerchief shirt," Minako added.

"Yeah, came with a sleaze, left with Skull. If I'd known she was a friend of yours I'd have stopped him," Clyde told them, shaking his head.

"Is this, ... Skull ... here tonight?" Hotaru asked.

"Yeah, he showed up about ten minutes ago. It's a little wild tonight so it might take you a while to find him," Clyde told them.

"We will find him though," Hotaru told him, entering the club.


"That's Minako's car," Heero told Duo as they pulled into the parking lot.

"I'm not gonna ask how you know that," Duo said, shaking his head.

"She drives it to school," Heero growled as they stepped out and walked up to the door.

"Cover," A girl with short spiky blonde hair said with a grin. Duo handed her a twenty for the both of them and winked. Clyde watched the two with interest. They weren't regulars, and both of them seemed a little off somehow.

"So how do we find and keep an eye on them while trying to find this Skull dude?" Duo asked a moment later as he looked at the crowded dance floor; people gyrating, music pounding, the air thick with lights and smoke and sweat.

"You dance, try and find anyone of them, I sit and keep an eye out," Heero said with a shrug. The two of them didn't know that the girls were dancing together, trying to get attention. They didn't have to try very hard. Most eyes were on them as they moved together, the goddess of love and the goddess of death.

"Guy behind you, looks like the one we want," Hotaru said as she and Minako danced seductively. Minako twisted around to shimmy down, rubbing her way back up.

"Yeah that's him," She said as she stood fully.

"Sandwich?" Hotaru asked. Minako simply stepped forward to the tall muscular man that was wearing black jeans and a black leather vest that showed a large tattoo of a wolf howling in front of a full moon. Hotaru moved behind him to double check for the tattoo and the two continued their grinding for a while. Minako and Hotaru both took a hand and led him to the tables.

"What's going on ladies," He asked the two as he sat down at a table. Minako promptly sat on his lap, Hotaru sitting on the table beside him.

"What are you doing later tonight?" Hotaru asked promptly.

"Are you offering yourself?" Skull asked, glancing at Minako quickly. Hotaru stepped away from the table and kissed him hard, shoving her tongue into his mouth, the two battling for a moment. Then she leaned back a little. Minako kissed the other girl on her breast, where the corset shoved it up a little. Hotaru the kissed her on the top of the head.

"We're a package deal," Hotaru said with a wicked grin.

"Think you can handle it?" Minako asked sweetly. Neither of the girls noticed Heero staring at them in shock, well shock for him. To most he looked passive.

"I can handle anything you've got sunshine," Skull told her, pushing a hand up her thigh under her skirt.

"We'll see," Minako said with a shrug. Hotaru took on of his hands and tugged him up.

"Follow me," She told him with a grin. Minako sashayed ahead of the two.

"By Clyde," Hotaru told the bouncer as she walked away with Skull in tow.

"It would be best not to comment on anything you might see us do," Minako said with a wink, walking across the street behind the two. Heero and Duo came out moments later and looked for a moment before spotting them. Hotaru was leaning against the car making out with Skull.

"Are you two cops?" Clyde asked the two, figuring that would explain the two, though they looked rather young.

"No," Duo said, Heero was about to step forward, as if to go 'save' the girls, when Clyde put a hand on his arm.

"I wouldn't," Clyde told the boy, shaking his head. Duo glared at him.

"You with Skull?" He asked in a menacing tone. Clyde chuckled.

"Not a chance, but those two said don't notice what they're gonna do, so I'm gonna make sure they don't get no trouble," Clyde told them. He laughed a moment later as Hotaru kneed the big man in the groin.

"What the fuck," He groaned, falling back a step.

"More like who," Hotaru told him.

"The cute brunette last night happens to be a friend of ours," Minako told him in a cold voice.

"So you figure you'd beat me up?" He said with a laugh.

"As an entree," Minako said, cracking her neck.

"You two bitches don't know what you got coming now," He told them, grabbing Hotaru by that arm. Minako stepped forward and kicked him at the base of the spine as he pulled back as if to give Hotaru a right hook. He let go of Hotaru and she fell to the ground. He kicked her hard in the side and she swore at him, quickly pulling at the knee's as Minako did a quick roundhouse to the head, causing him to fall onto his back. Minako then decided that Hotaru had it under control and went to go line her trunk with plastic so that blood wouldn't stain the inside.

Hotaru dug a knee into his gut and kept it there as she slammed her fist into his face a few times. She paused for a moment, giving him time get his hands up so that he could wrap one of his large hands around her neck. He used his other hand to punch her in the eye. They traded a few hits and then she drove her knee harder into his stomach and used her own fist to punch him in the neck which loosened his grip. She blocked his oncoming fist with one arm and used her other hand to hit the pressure points on his hand and force him to let go before she passed out, she was already seeing dark spots in her vision. She somersaulted away from him and stood shakily.

"You alright?" Minako called as she paused in her lining.

"I'm fine," Hotaru snarled, kicking at the tall mans left knee. She grinned as he staggered and jump kicked his chest, making him fall again. This time, instead of pummeling his face, she kicked him in the groin. As curled into a ball to protect himself, she drew back and kicked him in the temple, making him groan and close his eyes in pain. She knelt down, grabbed a fistful of hair and drew back her fist, slamming it into his face and knocking him out.

"Feel better?" Minako asked drily as she finished her own job. She walked over and squatted at the mans feet.

"Give me a sec," Hotaru said breathing hard. She wiped the back of her hand across her forehead and felt a cut on her left temple. Her hand came away bloody.

"You're bleeding," Minako noted with a barely suppressed grin.

"Well that's gonna make Ruka upset," Hotaru noted with a wide grin of her own. She grabbed skull under the armpits and Minako grabbed his knees, they waddled over to the car, shoving him into the trunk, pushing and bending him. They slammed the trunk shut and Hotaru leaned against the car, holding her side.

"What happened to your side?" He kicked me, might have broken a rib or two, he packs a wallop," Hotaru said, moving around the car to get into the passenger side.

"Staunch the flow," Minako told her, tossing a towel into her lap as she got into the drivers side.

"Sorry, didn't expect to bleed," Hotaru said with a shrug. She held it against the left side of her face, where she had a couple of cuts.

"No problem. I don't mind if it's your blood. Him in the trunk, he'll contaminate it with my luck," Minako groused.

"Let's just bring him to the rest of the group," Hotaru said with a grin.


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