Halloween was a big deal for Tony Stark, his annual Halloween bash was the party to go to, even more so now it included Avengers. Celebrities and Dignitaries alike hoped they made the cut to receive the thick embossed card that granted them entry while plotting and planning their costumes for the evening. Costumes were mandatory, except Tony who refused to wear one, ever. He was Tony Stark and that was better than any costume in his books.

Steve shook his head at the formal invitation in his letterbox, Tony had already called to make sure he was coming. Things still weren't the best between the Avengers but the distance between the two factions was decreasing and that was something. The Captain had been hoping for a quiet one but it seemed that wouldn't be the case, still the party didn't start until late so he could still enjoy some of his plans. Grinning to himself he went inside to break the news to his housemates.

Not wanting to return to the compound or the tower, Steve had used some of his savings to purchase a modest home in Brooklyn, still close enough to Stark Tower and the compound to continue as an Avenger but far enough away to enjoy some privacy. Bucky had moved in with him, claiming one of the bedrooms as his while Steve took the master bedroom. Between the two they made their home a mix of 'bachelor pad' and 'family home'. Of course the room they had originally planned to turn into a small gym was quickly converted into another bedroom when Wanda turned up on their doorstep.

The girl had originally gone back to the compound but couldn't help the uneasy feeling she had whenever she was there. It just wasn't home to her any more and it took her a while to work out why. Vision and herself had made their apologies but there were some things that couldn't be fixed and the rift that had been opened between them wasn't going to close up any time soon. On top of that her powers kept reacting every time she came near anyone from Stark's team. It wasn't a conscious desire but her magic seemed to be attempting to protect her, fizzing away beneath her skin, bubbling like acid whenever they came too close and it was destroying her nerves. Eventually she'd packed her bags and taken the train out to Steve's place, hoping he wouldn't turn her away.

With Wanda had come Sam and Scott, the pilot had his own house but Scott preferred Steve's place to the apartment he shared with his friends. Muttering about strays Steve shook his head, a small smile on his face as he set up two more bedrooms. Sam may have had a place of his own but he ended up staying with Steve often enough that it felt good to have a room that was 'his' if he needed to crash.

Slowly but surely Steve's house had become 'Cap House', with his team turning their motley crew into a strange little family. Clint dropped in regularly to check on Wanda, sometimes the girl left with him for a few days to visit his farm before returning to the house that felt more like home to her than the compound ever had. Mama Wilson sent baked goods every so often, her cooking was legendary earning her a spot as an 'honourary Avenger', with word she'd drop by for Thanksgiving and Christmas. It wasn't what Steve had ever imagined when he bought the house, it was better.

Walking into the living room Steve called a 'family meeting'. "Tony's invited us to his Halloween Party." It wasn't a question of if they were going, they were, Tony might have sent them an invitation but he'd take it personally if they didn't turn up. "So we'll be heading to that around nine o'clock, until that time though we're continuing with our original plan. Lets make this a great night."

Cap House had been planning their Halloween for weeks now, Wanda had never experienced Halloween before while Steve and Bucky had observed but never really participated so everyone had decided it was time to fix that oversight. With a wicked grin everyone set to work, scurrying about the place to erect as many decorations as they could to transform Steve's manicured lawn and modest home into a haunted house. Bucky and Steve worked on the yard hauling tombstones and fake bodies into place, Sam and Wanda flew and levitated decorations into place around the house, and Scott and his ants covered everything with a layer of fake cobwebs. Sharon and Clint had the kitchen, making a collection of horror-themed treats both for the evening and to feed the troops as they worked on the house. Eventually the weary heroes stepped inside just in time to clean up and get ready for the festivities to begin.

Scott bounded down the stairs when Hope arrived, the pair dressed as Rhett and Scarlet from Gone with the Wind, Hope'f choice. Sam slunk down the stairs in his spandex, opting to be Frozone this year. "I get a boxing glove arrow," Clint told them as explanation when he joined the crew as Green Arrow. Steve and Sharon had decided on Princess Anna and Kristoff from Frozen, mostly because Steve loved Disney. Wanda had chosen to be Red Riding Hood except she opted for a more traditional look, her red skirt reaching the floor while a brocade corset offset a white peasant blouse. A long, red cloak completed the look while her brown curls fell loosely about her shoulders, a touch of red staining her lips.

"Damn doll." Bucky smirked, leaning casually against the doorway. "You make me wish I was actually going to this thing." He hadn't bothered with a costume, he didn't see why he should dress up when he wasn't sure he wanted to be a part of the celebrations.

Wanda's face fell when she saw his casual clothes, sharing a look with Sharon before the girls forcibly shoved him into the closest bathroom, locking him in with them. The little witch got to work on his hair while the agent began on his make up. Taking over the eye liner the telepath carefully lined Bucky's eyes, kissing his nose every time he looked like he was about to fuss and make a break for it, while the blonde started work on adding some scarring around his neck. Ducking out the blonde grabbed the costume the girls had picked out for him, shoving it into his hands before they both left him to change.

"Okay, who am I meant to be?" Bucky sighed, one eyebrow raised as he glanced at both women. The costume was actually rather spectacular, a mix of silks and leather with some stunning brocade thrown in. Black leather pants, a black jacket with leather lapels and detailing, a black brocade vest, red silk shirt and a silk scarf tied off around his neck with the ends tucked into his vest.

"Jefferson." Wanda replied, brandishing a matching hat and slipping it onto his head. "He's the Mad Hatter. The Red Queen cut his head off but no one dies in Wonderland so he managed to put it back where it belongs." Untying the scarf she tucked it neatly into his vest pocket, showing off the scar Sharon had painted around his neck.

Chuckling Bucky let her lead him outside, there was no fighting it and he actually liked the costume she'd picked for him. Besides, why not be a fairytale character like her? Taking his position he watched as the rest of the group filed out and took their places, each armed with a large bucket of candy.

Groups of children approached, giggling with glee as they spotted the costumes Cap's team had dressed up in. Shrieks of laughter filled the yard as they raced through the gravestones to greet each one of them, bags open and eyes full of childish wonder as the Avengers filled their bags with candy. The biggest surprise was Paxton and Maggie turning up with Cassie dressed up as Ant-man, the little girl racing over to her father to proudly show him who her favourite hero was. With a bright grin Scott introduced his little girl to all of Team Cap, Paxton and Maggie happy to let her spend the afternoon with Scott, helping him hand out candy to other children.

Bucky snorted as children flocked to Steve and Sharon, the pair gaining the most attention. Steve practically had a sign telling kids to climb all over him. Sam and Clint garnered a decent amount of attention while Scott and Hope were focused on little Cassie. Bucky didn't mind though, it meant he got to sneak a few kisses from a certain witch, but he had to restrain himself from pulling her behind a gravestone and taking things further, especially when she looked sinfully delicious in her costume.

At eight o'clock Steve shut the gate, closing their yard off to the children trick-or-treating around the neighbourhood. A few moments to pack the remaining food away and they filed out of the yard and into the street. They could have taken a couple of cars but then they wouldn't be able to experience the evening, so instead they began to walk.

Giggling with childish glee Wanda joined the teenagers, going from door to door, armed with a plastic pumpkin to collect candy. As much as she tried to convince Bucky to join her he merely shook his head but nudged her in the direction of the next house. He may not feel like trick-or-treating but that didn't mean she didn't enjoy watching her bound from house to house in search of chocolate treats. It helped that every time she came back to his side he received a peck to the cheek and some of her bounty.

It took them a while to reach the subway station, and not just because of Wanda's search for candy. Sharon and Steve drew a crowd, little children racing over to hug them before darting back to their parents. A few times they stopped for photos, no one realising that they were actually getting their picture taken with Captain America.

Among the throng of children and teenagers the group was glad to see lots of little 'Avengers' running around. While Cap and Iron Man were the favourites there were a few of the others running around too. Wanda actually stopped in her tracks when she saw a little Scarlet Witch racing after an older boy dressed as Hawkeye. Wrapping an arm around her shoulders Bucky placed a light kiss to Wanda's hair gently urging her to keep moving. Clint spun around to wink at the girl he considered his daughter, it was nice to know at least some people were cheering for the Sokovian.

Shoving Bucky aside Wanda rushed off in one direction, speaking to a shocked mother before taking a quick photo of herself with her two children. Bucky and Steve glanced at each other when their phones beeped. A photo of Wanda with a miniature Captain America and Winter Soldier stared back at them, making the pair chuckle while shaking their heads at the telepath.

By the time they reached Stark Tower the party was in full swing. Rhodey greeted them, his bionic exoskeleton over the pants of his cheap Dracula costume. "I've worn this every year." Rhodey muttered quietly, leading them over towards the bar. "Mostly because it annoys Tony so much." It was a cheap costume he'd picked up at a supermarket and Tony seemed genuinely offended by it, so Rhodey made sure to wear it every Halloween party just to irritate the man.

Tony Stark wore no costume, he was Tony Stark, he just liked making everyone else wear a costume. He'd sussed out most of the team. Bruce hadn't planned on going so he'd just had time to grab some goggles as Tony dragged him out of the lab to try to pass as a mad scientist. Thor hadn't understood the idea of costumes, strapping a pair of antlers to his head and calling himself a Bilgesnipe. Vision has donned a hat for the evening, one that danced when you pressed the brim. T'challa had arrived as Batman, in a functioning batmobile, with a Catwoman, Harley Quinn and Poison Ivy hanging off his arms, much to Tony's chagrin, he was still pouting about being one-up'ed by the King. Maria Hill, Pepper and a couple of the other female agents had come as the female Ghostbusters. The only one he couldn't seem to place was Natasha. The assassin had to be there but he hadn't seen her all night. Tony winced as a cane struck his ankle once more, that was the third time that Charlie Chaplan had walked past and the third time he'd whacked Tony's ankle.

Taking Bucky's hand Wanda led him over to a couch away from the party, a quiet little spot where the throng of people wouldn't fray his nerves. With a wave of his hand a couple of themed drinks were summoned, non-alcoholic for her since there were civilians at the party, the pair sitting down to munch their way through her bucket of candy. Curled up against Bucky's side, the telepath was content to watch Clint, Sam and Scott dancing around on the dance floor.

At one point Thor came to join them, Wanda nudging her bucket in offering to the demi-god. With a chortle Thor accepted some candy, beaming as he watched the pair. He had to admit, he'd had reservations about the ex-assassin's affections for the young girl but seeing them together alleviated all his worries. Wanda and Bucky just looked so comfortable with each other, yet there was an alertness to the assassin, a vigilance as he watched for anyone who may seek to harm the girl in his arms.

Taking a piece of candy Bucky smirked when Wanda pouted over him grabbing the last piece of something she wanted. Slipping one end in his mouth the assassin leaned towards her. Watching Bucky place the sweet in his mouth Wanda had thought he would eat it all but instead he was offering her half. Wanda bit down on the other end, Bucky pressing his lips to hers before pulling away with his half of the treat.

Thor chuckled, the Captain's friend was thoughtful of Wanda's wishes. Wanda had chosen well with this suitor and he would permit their relationship. Wishing them both a jolly Hallow's Eve Thor slipped away into the crowd to find Steve in an attempt to lure the Captain into a drinking match with Asgardian Ale.

Eventually the party ended and Steve's crew began the trek back home. Bucky shook his head at his giggly girlfriend, his hat perched on her head and threatening to fall down over her eyes. After her third stumble, because of the hat blocking her vision, Bucky knelt down, letting her climb onto his back before righting himself, her arms wrapped around his neck and his hands supporting her thighs. Of course, putting her on his back gave her an all-access pass to his neck and no way to shield himself from her attacks.

Biting his lip he tried to stifle a moan as her mouth sucked on his neck for the fifth time, his feet trudging up the stairs to her bedroom. "Tricky minx." Bucky chided gruffly, setting her down in her bedroom only to have her close the door behind her, hands reaching for the lapels of his jacket. Sighing into her kisses Bucky was having a hard time remembering why he hadn't wanted to dress up for Halloween, in fact looking at her in her costume, lips swollen from his kisses, he was starting to think this holiday might just be his favourite so far. Delicate hands shoved his jacket to the floor, pawing at the buttons on his vest while his own reached for the lacing on her corset, hungry lips left bruising kisses on his neck. Yep, he really loved this holiday.

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