The Net: Still Running: Chapter 12

On the way to the airport Angela met up with the two weapons experts who handed her a belt with two holsters. They both contained brand new weaponry and she pulled one gun out to survey their work before sliding it back into it's holster with a grin, and strapping it on.

Landing at the small airport in New York, Angela kept a tight grip on Jacob as she helped him slowly descend the stairs. Once at the bottom, she told the pilot to be ready to go in five hours. He nodded and climbed back into the plane to taxi off the runway, while Angela and Jacob waited for their car to pick them up.

While they waited something else came for them instead. Two large men approached, wearing long concealing trench coats, carrying big weapons across their chests.

"Angel...I can't run...I can't..."

"I've got them, don't worry," Angela said, a seriousness coming over her that he'd never seen before.

Gently, she let him fall to the ground, to make him a smaller target before standing up right, ready to face the last two Praetorians head on. Together they walked toward her in their same steady stride, but she refused to move. And they came closer, and closer, slowly closer with every step. She could feel Jacob behind her on the ground, could feel his love for her emanating from him, and the strength building up within her own body, the strength to protect him at all costs.

The Trenches stopped only a few yards away, and aimed their large weapons at Angela, knowing she was protecting their quarry. Without another thought, she dropped to the ground, avoided being shot by a tracker, and rolled, coming up with both sleek new guns drawn and aimed at her targets. Within seconds she'd pulled both triggers, and watched as missile-like projections shot out and hit both Trenches. Metal spiders clung to them, their claw-like legs digging into both men's skin. They went down, like a knife cutting through butter.

"Nice work!" Jacob exclaimed just as their car finally arrived. "I didn't know you were that talented with weapons."

She reholstered the guns and helped Jacob back onto his feet. "It's all in the training."

"Um, what happened here?" The driver asked, surveying the two dead Praetorians.

"Long story, I can't explain it," Angela said. "You must be Angent Mackey, I presume?"

"Ah, yes. And you're Agent Bennett? Is that," he looked at Jacob. "Is that really Erin Jack? You caught Erin Jack?!"

"No. This is not Erin Jack," she said. "Now look, I need you to do me a favor. We can find our way around the city no problem. What I need you to do is call FBI headquarters and get the coroner out here. Have him call my boss Walter, head of CIC, and he'll get the facts from him, about what to do with the bodies. OK? You just stay here with them, make sure nothing happens to them. Got that?"

"Yeah, yeah sure."


"We're going to need a hotel room," Angela commented in the car on the way to FBI headquarters in New York City.


"Because that agent recognized you as Erin Jack, wanted criminal."

"Yeah, well, I find it amazing he recognized me, but not Liz Marx."

"Jacob. I'm only thinking of your safety. Besides, you won't be allowed inside Evidence Lockup anyway because you're not an agent."

He sighed. "Oh, fine."

"You know, it was bad enough when I was Liz Marx, and you were only Sorcerer. I had to do all this on my own, creating new identities along the way. You're one lucky man, to have me on your team, cause I am FBI. This stuff comes easily now. Besides, I still have that cd you gave me ages and ages and ages ago. Don't you worry, I'll have you a new identity in no time!"

Jacob smiled. "You know, I always knew you were going places."

Showing the agent on duty her ID, Angela was buzzed into Evidence Lockup, where she began searching for Sean Trelawney's computer from Praetorian Headquarters. Luckily, it was about the only thing there that hadn't been blown to bits. Searching the dates on each of the evidence boxes, she finally found the one she was looking for. Several boxes were marked with the case number and the date. She pulled them all down and opened each one on a nearby table, reading the tags attached to everything within each box.

"Computer located in private office" read the tag she was looking for and she lifted the heavy computer out of the box and began to set it up. She slipped Jacob's cd into the drive and waited for the proper screen to pop up. She'd already put a virus on the computer when she had altered her own identity, and now it was still working in her favor.

"Sean, you are the butter," Angela said to the computer. "And I am the knife."

She pulled up Erin Jack's records and inserted the name Jacob Gabriel Resh, along with the rest of his important information. Hitting the enter key, she changed Jacob's identity back to his own. But before she put the computer away, she pulled up another file, and entered in some new code while taking out some of the original. Now, both her file and Jacob's was permanent. No one could tamper with either one and change their identities ever again.

Satisfied, she unhooked the computer and put it back in it's box before heading back to the hotel, where Jacob waited for her, probably bored out of his mind watching tv.

"I've got good news!" Angela exclaimed, opening the hotel room door.

No one greeted her exclamation. The tv was off and there was no other sound within the room. Angela opened the door further and walked in, wild thoughts flying through her mind of kidnappers, other creepy men the Praetorians might have hired should the Trenches fail.

But Jacob was there after all, sleeping soundly. Angela's heart melted as she lay down beside Jacob and watched him sleep, letting him get the rest he needed. On the night stand was the journal she'd used to write to Jacob. So he'd had the chance to read it. She'd written a lot of personal things in it. But nothing she didn't want him to know. He needed to know those things.

Angela wrapped an arm around him gently as he slept. She had him back. And on top of that, he wasn't going to leave her ever again, either by force or by his own choice."I'm here with you, Angel. And I always will be. Don't you ever forget that." There wasn't a chance in hell she'd ever forget him saying that. Or his words after that: "I love you too." Who knew she would have fallen for a handsome guy nine years younger than her? Age didn't matter though. Nothing else mattered except that he was with her and he was ok. She didn't have to worry anymore. And if they did end up growing old together, when she became an old wrinkled prune, she could smile and laugh at all the other old wrinkled prunes who had equally wrinkled prunes for husbands while hers was still young and handsome. The thought alone made her smile as she curled up closer to Jacob and waited for him to wake up. He'd pretty much said he was hers, after all.

Jacob's beautiful blue eyes blinked open.

"Hey, you didn't wake me?" he asked groggily.

"It's been a long day and you needed your rest."

"How'd it go?"

"You're a free man, Jacob Gabriel Resh," Angela said with a smile.

"Ah, thank you!"

"You know what this means?"

"It's over."

"It's over. The Praetorians are gone. Every last one of them. And we both have our correct identities. I feel like we should be celebrating somehow, but nothing seems appropriate."

"I already am celebrating. Just by being here with you, and knowing it's all over. You know, I'll be celebrating for the rest of my life. Every time I take a plane somewhere, every time I go out in public and don't have to hide myself anymore."

"That's a great feeling. I think I might finally get to enjoy it myself."

With his back still numb from the painkillers, Jacob carefully rolled onto his side so that he could face her better.

"I read your journal."


Angela tried not to look too scared. After all, everything she'd written was meant for Jacob to read. Everything. But she was still a little squeamish at the thought of what his opinions would be.

"It means a lot to me that you did that," he said. "I wish I could have been there. I missed your graduation. And I wasn't there to hold you together when everything fell apart. I wasn't there to kick that priest's ass either, but you did, so that's ok. By the go girl! You kicked some guys ass, and that rocks!"

Angela grinned. "Glad you think so."

"And you being an FBI agent is cool. Ultra cool. I still can't believe it. I hope you thanked Sean for that one, because if it wasn't for the Praetorians, you wouldn't have this awesome job."

"I did thank Sean. I thanked him for bringing you and me together. I wouldn't want to be running away from trouble with anyone else in this world."

"Awww thanks, hun."

"So, what now? What are your plans?"

"My plans?"

"You haven't finished high school yet. And what about college?"

"I've got half a school year left to finish. If I finish that I can apply to Washington State University. That's near you."

"Are you sure you want to do that?"

Jacob looked deep into her eyes before responding. "Yes, I'm sure."

Angela smiled.

"You know, all those months running from the Trenches without you, I thought I was going insane. I got used to waking up with you, having someone there beside me fighting the bad guys. Not having you with me...I tried to forget you," he whispered as a single tear rolled down his cheek to soak the pillow beneath his head. "Tried to go on. You had your life back and I didn't want to get in the way of that. I'd already ruined it once. But I missed you too much."

Angela rested her hand against his face and wiped his tears away with her thumb.

"You didn't ruin my life Jacob. You made it that much better. And I couldn't be any happier right now."

He smiled through his tears just as Angela's cell phone went off.

"Damn, it's probably Walter," she said, picking it up. "Hello? Yes...oh, right...we're on our way, sorry."

Jacob dried his eyes while she talked. When she hung up he looked at her quizzically.

"Pilot. We're late."

"And I was comfortable too," he complained, when she pulled him off the bed, laughing.

As Angela opened the door Jacob took her hand in his and they went out into the world together.


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