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Paul POV
I watched as she followed her father out of the woods. Jared was watching from across the fire. And Sam was watching from the table with the food. My knee started to bounce, and my hand started to shake. She was fucking gorgeous. I wanted her near me.
Mine. My wolf whined lowly.

"Bella, over here." Paul yelled.

So this was the famous Bella. I'd seen her in Sam's thoughts enough. I knew she was wearing long sleeves to cover up the mark Sam's claws made during his first phase. She forgave him, of course. Then kept forgiving him when he imprinted. She was selfless like that apparently. Beautiful and selfless.

"Hi Jared... Who's the new guy?" She asked as she put her hand on Jared's shoulder. I growled lowly. I didn't like seeing her hand on him.

"Paul. This is his first outing. Paul, come on over. Bella won't bite." I watch as her hand smacked him lightly.

"Leave him alone, J. Don't put him on the spot. I'm just going to take these brownies to the table." I smirked at Jared as I stood up to walk to the table behind her.
"She's not a conquest, Paul. Bella is off limits." I swung my head around and growled loudly. My wolf was right at the surface. Like a snake, he waited to strike. I had control. The wolf had control. I just enjoyed the anger. I lived to slay.
Heat flew through my chest and it had nothing to do with phasing. My eyes darted down to see the shocked look of the girl in front of me. When her eyes met mine, we both gasped. She was mine. Bella was mine. I inhaled slowly as we continued to stare. My world was changing. She was it. My entire world in one tiny pale face.

"Paul…" She breathed like a prayer.


"Bella! Get away from him!" I growled loudly and pushed Bella behind me as I turned to face my alpha. My entire body shook just waiting for my okay.

"BELLA IS MINE." I challenged.

"She can't be. She's not meant to be an imprint. She was mine. I imprinted on Emily. Bella wasn't meant for this." I felt her hand on my back and smelled her tears.

My wolf was close. Closer than he'd ever been. But, we were in control. We wouldn't hurt her like he did.

Bella's scars flash through my mind. The jagged edges, the scared look on her face, her scream… Everything was getting too much.

I turned, scooped her into my arm, and took off to the forest. I had to get away from everyone. I couldn't have her near any of them. Especially Sam. So I ran, taking Bella with me, forever.

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