Ladies and gentlemen, I now present my new story…




Okay, enough with that stupid intro.

Well, I watched Jacksepticeye's Riddle School gameplay and now I'm totally in love with that game. Phil and Smiley are so cute together, aren't they?




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But anyway, I ship them very much, and you know what it means… Fanfic time!

This is my first Riddle School fanfic and takes place after Riddle Transfer 2. R&R, enjoy!

Chapter 1: Prologue

Smiley sat on the hill and looked at the beautiful sight in front of her. The bright red sun was setting down behind the mountain, making the sky turned into a pretty shade of orange. Her lips formed a smile. Not her usual smile, a gentle smile.

"I can't believe it have been over a month since then." She put her hands on both side on the ground.

And yes, it had been five weeks since the day the Earth was saved, and the day she and Phil were officially together. The thought of him making her blushed slightly. She remembered the day he revealed his feeling for her.


Smiley looked at Quiz and Phil worriedly; she heard that they had to use Quiz's ship to stopped Diz from destroying the Earth, and that was very dangerous. Suddenly, Phil turned to her.

"But before I go…" He looked straight into her eyes. She looked back at him as he continued.

"Smiley, I used to tease you a lot, because I didn't understand you…"

He paused as he was trying to say something that seemed important.

"… But now I realized you're a true role model for me…"

She couldn't believe what she just heard. True role model?

"And, you have a beautiful smile."

She covered her mouth with her hand, her eyes widened. With those last words, he stepped into the ship and then it was out of view.

"Um… You okay, Smiley?" Zack asked when he saw her stood still like a rock.

She didn't say anything, or, her body didn't respond back. She was frozen and speechless; tears welled at the corner of her eyes. Unable to stand anymore, she knelt on the ground. Gripping the dirt, she let the tears flowed which couldn't be held back anymore.

"Ph… Phil…" She mumbled quietly between her cry. Suddenly, she felt someone's hand on her shoulder. It was Phred's.

"I… I can't trust myself an… anymore… He… just said that I'm a true role model to him and… my smile is beautiful… He means that… he loves me! He teased me a lot, but now he just said he loves me! Now I'm scared! What if… something happened to him up there and I won't be able to… to see him again!?"

"Don't worry Smiley." Phred patted her shoulder. "He's a tough guy, I'm sure that he can do it."

He extended his hand to her; she took it and got up, but tears still rolling down her cheeks.

"There there, everything will be fine…"

Zack spoke. "Phred's right. Phil can do it! Don't you worry anymore."

"Thank… thank you." She wiped her tears away and they looked up at the sky, wishing Phil and Quiz good luck.

An hour almost passed and they still found no sight of them. Smiley put her hands together into a fist in front of her chest, hoping they would return soon. Suddenly they saw a huge explosion, her heart skipped a beat. The sky became calm again, but they were still out of sight.

"Phil… Please…" She mumbled between her breaths.

Then, something flashed and a small ship landed on the ground. The door opened and there was Phil. Phred and Zack's expression brighten, but before they could say something, Smiley ran over and hugged Phil tightly right after he just came out of it.

"Phil, you're back." She said as she buried her face into his chest.

Phil's face seemed a bit shocked, but eventually he returned the hug.

"Yes, I'm back with you." His face formed a smile.

"Stu… stupid! Why won't you confess to me sooner? You make me so shocked and worry!"

"I'm sorry Smiley. I just can't find the right time, you know." He moved his hand up and down on her back, comforting her.

They broke the hug. Phred came to them.

"Hey, where's Quiz?"

Hearing this, he lowered his head, trying to hold back tears.

"He's… dead."

"What!? What do you mean?" Zack's face became shocked.

"He destroyed Diz's ship with his, along with his life. I'm so useless, I couldn't save him…"

Phred paused for a few seconds before spoke. "No Phil, it's not your fault, I know you tried your best."

"Yeah! And beside, you save us and the Earth! Without you, we wouldn't stand here by now." Zack said.

"Thanks, friend… Quiz, you'll always be memorized. You will always be." He looked at the sky, a gentle but sad smile on his face.

He suddenly turned around and with his quick hands, he pulled Smiley to him and kissed her. She was surprised at the sudden kiss; this was her first after all. But she kissed him back.

"And I'll always love you, Smiley."

"Me too, Phil." They looked deeply into each other's eyes. They leaned forward, but before their lips touched once again, they heard a small coughing sound.

"Okay, enough fluff for now." Through the hand on Phred's mouth, they knew that it was him who made that cough.

"Aw, you two are so adorable." Zack smiled. They blushed slightly, but Phil soon turned to him and said.

"Yeah, that really warms me up." He grinned while looking at the fire on his head. Zack's happy expression was turned down.

"I warned you Phil! One more puns and I'll punch you."

They all laughed, but Smiley was the happiest. She was glad that everything was fine at last.

End of flashback…

"But at the end, I still couldn't believe it…"

"Believe what?"

She jumped and turned around. It was Phil, still in his graduated clothes.

"What took you so long?"

"Sorry, I was having some conversations with my friends."

"You're late enough that I had enough time to change into these." She giggled.

"But still, you didn't answer my question." He looked down at her, hands on his hips. "Don't try to avoid it, Smiley Sundae. You know you can't."

He sat down next to her and took off his hat. She stuttered.

"Oh, that… well…"

"You know you can tell me anything, don't you?" He put his hands around her shoulders.

"You saved the entire Earth. How can a hero like you love a normal girl like me?" She looked away. Phil paused for a seconds and smiled.

"Maybe it's true that you're a normal girl, but you're special to me." She turned to him as he continued. "I love everything about you, Smiley." He pulled her closer to him.

"Thanks…" She smiled and leaned her head on his shoulder.

Then they both looked at the beautiful sight before them.