"You might as well try and catch a Mew"

-Old Trainer saying, to derisively refer to any action deemed impossible, unachievable or elusive.

Episode 1: An Unexpected Meeting

Ensara Aquana always wanted to catch a Mew.

For the first years of her life, ever since she heard the stories of this mythical pokemon, she desired to become a trainer for this very purpose. She knew that it improbable maybe even impossible, but that is what attracted her to this goal. For if she pulled it off, it would be proof that she had done what no other trainer in all of existence ever had. As she raced downstairs, red hair flowing behind her, practical pants, boots, shirt and jacket clothing worn for her journey, fully ready for the day she had been waiting for called out:

"Mom! Its time for my Pokemon Journey!"

her mother, Serala Aquana smiled at the determination in Ensara's green eyes.

"Ensara...go and make me proud okay?"

"I will-"


Serala said before she could protest.

"But, remember: I know you want to catch Mew. Don't obsess over that too much okay? A Pokemon Journey is more than just the destination, its well...the journey. Its about going out into the world and experiencing it for yourself, learning and growing from what you experience upon it.

Whether you succeed in catching Mew or never even get to see Mew in your entire life, don't forget that there is always more to discover and more to the journey even after the destination has been reached. Don't forget that you can still have fun and a good time, even if you didn't reach the destination you set out for!"

Serala put a hand on her daughter's shoulder

"Don't be afraid to change your goals or dreams if they don't work out at first, just try things and if you like it, great! But if you find that you can't do it, there is no shame in knowing when to fold 'em. Its your journey, and there are no rules saying that you have to keep going the same path forever, or always do the same thing. Ok?"

Ensara tipped her wide-brimmed green hat in response.

"I know, Mom, jeez! But I still want to catch a Mew! I got to at least try, right? No matter how long it takes. Y'know at least find proof that Mew exists and take a photo."

Serala nodded

"And I'm rooting for you all the way, no matter what you decide to do."

Ensara tilted her head to side with a teasing smirk

"Oh? does that mean you'd root for me, even if I became the drug lord of Kalos?"

Serala waggled her finger

"You know what I mean! You little jokester. Be good, alright? Also did you bring-"

"PokeGear, yes."

Ensara said while showing it off on her wrist.

"Well how about-"

"Pokemon food, tools to cook for myself, hygienic necessities, all in my backpack yes."

"What about-"

"Yes pokemon medicine to, as well as a compass, a map, flashlight, the works, all packed, don't worry, I got this."

Ensara smiled

"Can I go now?"

Serala frowned for a moment then nodded and gave a soft smile.

"Ok…I won't keep you waiting any longer. Go and show the world what your made of, my daughter."

Ensara then goes out the door and waves

"Bye Mom! I'll miss you!"

Serala waves back

"Remember, you can always call if you need anything!"

And so Ensara departed towards Aquacorde Town. Serala watched her go, thinking of what will happen to her.

"Well, my daughter just went off on a journey filled with dangerous creatures, competitive trainers, teams of strange criminals seeking world domination and natural disasters and is probably not coming back for months."

She pauses to let that sink in. Then turns around and happily proclaims

"Reminds me of the good old days. I think I'll have steak tonight as celebration."

Steak from cows of course, not Miltanks or anything like that. Eating pokemon would just be monstrous!

Ensara arrives among the brick streets, flowing fountains and small shops and houses of sunny Aquacorde to see both Professor Sycamore and her friend Lily had already arrived and waiting for her. Sycamore stuck out his hand for a shake.

"Ensara! Good to meet you. We're still waiting on Jansen to come, so be a little patient."

Ensara shook his hand.

"Ah? Do we have to? He is kind of a jerk."

"Ah yes, I've been told he is very competitive. I'm sure he will grow out of the meaner streak of such an attitude."

Ensara rolled her eyes.

"Right, sending him off to compete and fight against trainers will make him grow OUT of his attitude. I'm sure I'll someday be able to put out a fire using more fire as well. What about you Lily, you still trying to find a way to talk to pokemon?"

The mousy, blue-haired girl adjusted her glasses as she spoke

"Yes, but only if you are still planning on capturing that Mew. I'd be disappointed if you gave up on that so early."

Ensara gave a thumbs up in response

"Yep, still a thing, we dreamers have to stick together, y'know?"

Sycamore nodded thoughtfully

"Indeed, Lily here has the makings of a great pokemon researcher. Studious, calm, collected and endlessly curious. I can already tell she will be somebody's assistant one day."

Lily nervously shook her head.

"Oh….you don't need to flatter me, Professor, I'm not really all that special…."

Sycamore was about to tell her different when a boy with blonde hair and a fierce look in his eyes came running in and stopped right in front of them

"Hey! Here now! Its me, Jansen. I know you all got here early, but now that I'm here, the real event can begin. Sup, Sycamore?"

The professor was a little surprised at this.

"Oh….hello Jansen…nice of you to join us. Before we begin, what is your goal for your Pokemon Journey?"

Jansen snorted

"Isn't it obvious? My goal is to WIN. Unlike these two-"

He waved his hand at Ensara and Lily

"-I'm going to do something that is actually possible! A realistic goal! Fight Gym leaders, beat every trainer I find, win tournaments, the works. Hope you like chasing after miracles, because while your still doing that, I'll be a champion with the toughest pokemon around."

Ensara stamped her foot raised her fist

"Hey! Don't go insulting our dreams! You don't know whether or not they are possible, and becoming a champion is just as hard!"

Jansen dismissed her with a wave of his hand.

"Yeah, but at least I have proof that others have done it before. You? There is no proof that Mew even EXISTS. Your chasing after a fairy tale."

Ensara was about to argue more, but Sycamore stepped in.

"Alright, calm down you two. Lets choose your pokemon, get pokedexes and get on our way. Lily, since you were here first, you get the first pokemon."

He presented three pokeballs, each one with a sticker that denoted the pokemon they had inside: Fennekin, Chespin and Froakie. Lily picked the one with the grass sticker an got her pokedex.

"I'll pick Chespin."

She then sent out the Chespin and gave his usual cry:

"Ches! Chespin!"

Lily knelt down and held out her hand.

"Greetings Chespin, I am your new trainer. My goal is to some day talk to pokemon. Would you like to help me achieve this?"

Chespin considered this for a moment then nodded and jumped to hug her hand.

"A yes then? Good."

Chespin bounded up her arm onto her shoulder and Sycamore turned to Ensara.

"I'll choose- Fennekin!"

She took the fire sticker one and sent it out. The Fennekin shook her head and looked up at Ensara questioningly


"Hey Fennekin, the names Ensara! I have chosen you to be my first pokemon as a pokemon trainer! I have a goal, Fennekin, and I hope we can achieve it together: Catch Mew Itself! What do you say, lets shoot for the stars!"

Ensara adopted a fiery pose while giving this speech. Fennekin in response could only nervously go:


As if to say "come again?" not really sure if this is a good idea.

"But of course, I will care for you, and I think the best way to do that is to give you your own nickname! You won't be just ANY Fennekin, you will be MY Fennekin, and let this name be the start of our friendship!"

She takes a pokedex and opens it to scan her new pokemon, after the Pokedex gives its usual spiel, it says:

"This Fennekin in particular is female and knows Scratch, Tail Whip and Ember."

"Thanks, Dex."

"No problem."

As Ensara closes her pokedex, Sycamore blinks and shakes his head. Was that supposed to happen with a Pokedex? Maybe he was just hearing things.

Ensara was already moving onwards however.

"Great! If your a girl, then we will name you Flara! Hows that sound?"

At this Flara smiled and wagged her tale while yelping happily, accepting the name. Even if Flara was not all that certain about a trainer who wanted to capture a legendary pokemon, she didn't seem like a bad person and would try become friends with her nonetheless. Then of course, Jansen had to ruin the moment.

"Ha! You picked the fire type!"

He then takes Froakie, the last pokemon available as well as his pokedex.

"Now I'll always have an advantage over you. Looks like I know which one of will be winning in this rivalry."

Ensara frowned and turned back to him.

"Lily has the Chespin so… she can beat you. Y'know."

Jansen once again shooed off the thought by waving his hand.

"Her? She is just going to be a researcher, not a competitor like me. Really, its pointless to fight now, we all know how the matches would turn out, its too obvious. I'll fight you after I go and train my new pokemon, unlike you, my pokemon will be prepared rather than rushing into the journey."

He then takes his pokeballs and leaves without a second thought, without even introducing himself to his pokemon. Sycamore sighs.

"What competitive spirit. Hope he grows beyond it. Anyways. Lily, Ensara. Its time for your journeys to begin, here are your pokeballs."

He handed the devices to them.

"Both of you have great dreams you wish to accomplish. It doesn't matter if I agree with them- go forth and try accomplish them anyways! Shoot for the stars, young trainers. Even if you don't hit them, well at least you'll land on the moon and that isn't so bad now is it? Its a wide world out there, with a lot of things to find. Maybe you'll find what your looking for, maybe you won't. But you never know unless you try eh? As a professor, I know more than anyone that what you set out or may not be what you get. Science is a harsh mistress like that. But I won't natter on. Its time for me to head back to Lumiose, and for you get going as well, wherever that takes you."

As they say goodbye, he throws a pokeball, releasing an Alakazam who teleports both him and Sycamore away. Lily turns to Ensara.

"Well, me and Chespin here and going to head straight to Santalune Forest. You and Flara want to come with us?"

Ensara considered it. It would be nice to have a traveling companion.

"Hm, maybe some other time? I'm not against the idea. Certainly not with you, but I want to prove I can do it on my own a while. Battle a few pokemon, make it on my own, just get into the mindset you know?"

Lily tilted her head at this, but if she said so…

"Very well, thats your decision. However I look forward to the day when we do travel together."

"Me too, Lily. Me too."

With that Lily walked out of sight and Ensara turned to Flara.

"Well, shall we be off then?"

Flara nodded in return, then jumped up to perch upon Ensara's shoulder.


She shouted while pointing towards the horizon.

It is a few hours later on Route 2. Ensara had not encountered a single pokemon the whole time she had been walking upon it. Everything was strangely silent. Even the winds had gone still and the grass around them stood motionless. The only sound was the river trickling beside them Ensara was not ignorant: she knew something strange was happening.

"We should've encountered at least one pokemon by now…Like Zigzagoon, or at least a Scatterbug. What is going on?"

Flara was not sure, but looked around fearfully. There was a strange presence on the air. Clouds suddenly cover up the sun and the silent moment grows dimmer. A chill crawls up Ensara's back as she spotted a strange light amid the clouds, and she knew that something that arrived. The light floats down to her and in a flash, dissipates revealing…

A Mew, hovering right in front of them.

The Mew goes


innocently, and looked at her as if curiously examining Ensara. Ensara just stood there frozen, not knowing what to think. Mew was right in front of her. It couldn't actually be Mew, could it? It couldn't be. Was it? She slowly takes out her Pokedex.

"Dex, tell me thats just a Zoroark messing with my head."

The Pokedex begins to state:

"Mew, the New Species Poke-"

It did a computerized double take.


Ensara raised an eyebrow

"Your sapient?"

The Pokedex nervously flashed its lights.

"That is not important right now! Pay no attention to the talking Pokedex! Look: MEW! Your dreams, right in front of you! Your on your own bye!"

It then turned itself off. Ensara's eyes became fiery.

"Wow! What a great help you are! Figures, my Pokedex turns out to be sapient AND a coward."

Mew tilts its head to the side, as if not really sure what is going on.


"I'm getting to you! Flara, this is the moment we've been waiting for our entire journey!"

Flara's fox-ears flattened and she raised an eyebrow, you mean waiting for the first few hours?

"I know that this is a little earlier than we expected…"

Flara rolled her eyes. Understatement of the century.

"And that you haven't battled anyone before…"

Just rub it in why don't you! No pressure.

"But I believe that we can do this. Go, Flara! I choose you!"

Flara jumped down even though she personally had her reservations about this. Something about this was a little too convenient for the little flame fox, but it wasn't as if her trainer would understand her if she voiced her concerns anyways.


She said, taking a battle stance.

The Mew just floats there, seemingly benign and innocent.

"Alright, Flara! First attack: jump towards Mew and use Scratch!"

Flara ran forward. She didn't know why this was happening, but she was a pokemon and this was what she was meant for, no matter what pokemon was in front of her. She would do it, even against Mew itself. It was time to battle, it was time to show the world her strength! She would trust in Ensara and trust in herself and her determination! That was all she would ever need. Flara jumps forward at full speed, claws raised to deliver the first blow.

Then the Mew hit Flara with a single Pound attack with her foot in midair.

One second later,Flara was knocked out, on the ground and defeated. Ensara looked on in shock as an evil grin spread across the Mew's face, and she began to laugh while a telepathic voice began to sound in Ensara's head.

-Wow, your such an IDIOT!-

Ensara was confused.

"What, what is…..going on?"

The grinning Mew gleefully gazed upon Ensara.

-Oh yeah, you totally fell for the innocent saintly Mew routine. You honestly thought you could even TRY to capture me. Silly human.-

Ensara's confusion soon turned to anger

"Why- why are you doing this!?"

-For kicks and giggles, mostly. Oh sure, I do serious world-saving and pokemon-human harmony stuff as my job but…It gets real boring between the rare times I'm actually called y'know? So I play pranks on unsuspecting humans like you. Don't think its because your special or anything. Its just that its more fun to mess with people who believe I actually exist, so that when they actually do meet me they come across as raving lunatics who talk about alien invasions and conspiracy theories. -

The Mew flits back and forth giggling all the while, Ensara's face twitching in barely contained rage.

-I mean who is going to believe that I appeared before you ON THE FIRST DAY OF YOUR JOURNEY? They will think your trying to make you seem destined and more important than you really are. Or that you gone crazy and are just seeing things. Your face right now is priceless.-

Ensara gets out a pokeball, readying to throw it. Mew focuses on it and narrows her eyes while still grinning.

-Oh! Unless you can capture me right now, is what your thinking. Then you can show them, prove that your not crazy if you have me right now, even if the chances are slim. That with my telepathy, you could help your friend achieve her dream as well. I am the most powerful pokemon in the entire world, and you have an ordinary pokeball fresh from the professor. Are you feeling lucky young trainer? Go ahead, do it. I dare you. Throw the ball. Make my day. You know you want to.-

Ensara lets out a howl of fury as she threw the pokeball at Mew, which instantly gets sent back to hit Ensara in the head with telekinesis.

-HA! You fell for it again! As if I'd allow even the smallest chance of being captured by a total rookie like you. I mean to weaken and capture me, you'd have to have an elite pokemon team! Lots of battle experience under your belt. You'd have to be like I don't know, a Champion or something like that to even get close to catching me.-

Mew leans forward, shrugging as she did so. Ensara rubs her head where it hit.

-Your a long way from there, I can tell you that, Ensara. But hey, look on the bright side: at least your not that jerk Jansen eh?-

The trainer scowls at the legendary trickster.

"I think your a bigger jerk than he is."

-Ouch! That hurts. Well then, I'm going to prove you wrong. Your pokemon is out cold and your going to be called crazy if you ever say what happened, might as well be nice and teleport you to the Pokemon Center in Santalune City! Look your getting a shortcut, don't say I never did anything for you.-

Before she could protest both she and Flara were teleported there, instantly finding themselves sprawled there with Mew nowhere in sight. Ensara rose up and shook her fist upwards at the sky. Which was hiding behind the ceiling of the pokemon center.


While Ensara is frozen there shouting into the air, the Nurse Joy behind the counter began to grow nervous at the strange trainer that just teleported in and was yelling about Mew for some reason.

"Um….Miss, can I help you…?"

Ensara stops and looks over to Nurse Joy.

"Oh right, My Fennekin got beaten in my first pokemon battle."

She returns Flara to her ball and hands it to Joy

"Please take care of her…Its kind of my fault."

"Very well, Miss….?"


"What pokemon did you battle against?



Nurse Joy said, blinking,

Ensara then instantly returned to shouting


at the top of her lungs while shaking her fist at the sky. Nurse Joy frowned. Why did she always get the crazy trainers?