At first, I was going to be posting on my archive for stories. But I decided to do both cause why not? Anyway, I thought it was time I posted the first chapter of the first story in the series of SWAT Kats I'm writing. I honestly hope you all enjoy. I will try to continue other stories like There Be Pirates. I have been messing with the next chapter on that.

"All systems are functional, buddy."

"I would hope so, T-Bone, considering I was careful into installing those new upgrades."

Flying high over Megakat City's tall buildings late at night was the SWAT Kats, Razor and T-Bone. The two were testing out the Turbokat's new upgrades. T-Bone was of course excited to try out the newest turbo thrusters. He loved flying faster and higher. Razor in the meantime was looking forward to using his better visor. The radar on it was enhanced that allowed him to see for miles around the city. No way would any villain be out of his sight.

"Man I can fly forever in the Turbokat." T-Bone sighed in content as he leaned back in his seat.

"I would too, but we do have a job back at the Salvage Yard you know." Razor said with a small smile.

"Did you have to be such a buzzkill?"

T-Bone started grumbling under his breath. Razor simply shrugged and looked out to the side. It honestly would not hurt for them to fly for another hour or so. Today had been pretty slow. No villain sightings and just a few customers that came to get their cars looked over. This is why the two young tomkats decided to spend the rest of the evening flying around in the Turbokat. It was hard to believe that a couple years have passed since they had decided to become superheroes.

Their slick black jet always lightened up their moods. It was nice to just fly around and not worry about criminals trying to take over their city for once. However, the light attitude wasn't going to last for very long.

"Attention all Enforcer unites!" A voice rang out through the police scanner in the Turbokat. T-Bone and Razor snapped to attention, "We just had a break in at Megakat Vault! Sources say it was Chop Shop! All unites, prepare for battle!"

"Chop Shop? Again? Man, I am so done with that hyena!" T-Bone growled in frustration.

Razor shook his head while shrugging. So much for this being a quiet night of flying around; the Turbokat flew off towards the Megakat Vault. By the time the vigilante duo arrived on the scene, Commander Feral and his Enforcers were already trying to shoot down a jet. It was Chop Shop all right.

"Chop Shop, you're under arrest!" Feral shouted to the criminal.

"Oh? Is that so, Commander? Then come and get me!" Chop Shop let out a manic laugh and used a few of his missiles to shoot down a few Enforcer helicopters.

"Coming up on him, do you have a lock on him yet, Sure Shot?" T-Bone questioned to his partner as he flew towards Chop Shop.

"Steady T-Bone. I'm about to." Razor put down his visor and could see the perfect spot to shoot down Chop Shop's jet, "Locked. One missile away!"

At his words, he let loose one missile straight for Chop Shop. However, the crazy hyena saw it and he used his own missile to take it down, "Nice try, SWAT Kats, but it will take more than just a lousy missile to put me down!" He laughed once more and sent a few turbo blades straight for the Turbokat.

T-Bone gasped and managed to dodge a few of them. One however scrapped against the side, "Crud!" T-Bone snarled in frustration.

"That will take me a week to get out. Now I'm really mad!" Razor too was losing his patience and made way to shoot another missile.

Chop Shop smirked when he saw the Turbokat coming up at him, "That's it, come right this way." He whispered and when the black jet was nearly behind him, he pushed a button to let loose another missile.

"Cripes!" T-Bone gasped and turned the Turbokat to fly straight upwards. The missile however was following right behind them.

"Great, it's a heat seeking missile!" Razor said when he noticed it was following them.

"We're gonna have to lose it somehow!" T-Bone tried to go faster, but the missile was still gaining.

"As long as we don't go to Plan Z, T-Bone." Razor could feel his stomach churning from T-Bone making a lot of spins and turns.

The missile still was on their tail. Chop Shop laughed to see the SWAT Kats trying to get away from his heat seeking missile, "So long, SWAT Kats, and as for you, Feral." Chop Shop turned his attention back to the remaining Enforcers that were still trying to shoot him down.

"Uncle, what do we do?" Felina questioned her uncle and turned her helicopter from being blown up by another missile.

"We must keep firing until we have him, Felina!" Feral ordered and he had taken notice that the SWAT Kats were trying to get away from the missile Chop Shop had put on them. He didn't know if he should be worried or nervous. This was his chance to finally take down a criminal without the SWAT Kats interfering. But even he wouldn't wish any harm on those two.

In the meantime, "I can't shake this thing! Razor, we have to go to Plan Z!" T-Bone said and Razor shook his head,

"No way! I may have a better idea to get this thing off our tail!" the smaller SWAT Kat retorted. He was clearly bent on not having to go with that plan.

"What are you up to?" T-Bone questioned and made yet another turn to keep the missile from hitting them straight on.

"Fly near Chop Shop!"


"Just do it!"

T-Bone turned the Turbokat back to where Chop Shop was currently flying. He pushed the jet to maximum thrust to gain more speed. The three engines roared to life and the Turbokat was nearing the jet Chop Shop was flying. The missile was nearly upon them. The hyena was busy laughing and taking down more Enforcers that he had not noticed the black jet flying at him at great speeds.

Just as the missile was about to finally take down the Turbokat, T-Bone made a quick turn to fly right up in order to avoid Chop Shop. Chop Shop let out a cry of surprise at the sudden appearance of the black jet. He stared after the Turbokat, but he didn't have time to ponder what just happened. His own missile collided with his jet and it blew off a good portion of it away.

"No!" He screamed and immediately ejected out of his jet. Just in time for his jet blew up in a matter of seconds.

He landed on the top of a building nearby and the Enforcer helicopters surrounded him in an instant.

"Bingo! Guess he didn't expect to have his own missile fire back on him." Razor chuckled warmly.

"All I can say is that we were close to biting the bullet." T-Bone sighed in relief.

"Yeah. But at least we didn't have to go to Plan Z." Razor winked at his partner, who just laughed mockingly.

"Time to go to jail for you, Chop Shop." Feral said and put handcuffs on the hyena's claws.

"This isn't over yet." Chop Shop laughed harshly.

"Looks like it's over to me." T-Bone said causing both criminal and the Commander to look up.

The SWAT Kats were hovering nearby and Felina waved at them, "Thanks for the help, guys."

"No problem, Lieutenant." T-Bone gave her a thumbs up.

"Yes, thanks to you two, hot shots, Megakat City has a big mess to clean up." Feral pointed to wreckage that was from Chop Shop's jet down below in the streets.

"Whatever you say, Commander." T-Bone rolled his eyes before he had the Turbokat start to fly higher into the air.

Feral silently growled as he watched the jet fly away. Felina merely shook her head. She really wished her uncle and the SWAT Kats would just get along already. But the chances of that happening were rather slim.

Razor rubbed his head, "Glad that was over quick," he sighed and looked down. A frown appeared on his face when he noticed the fuel gage, "And good thing too, because we're almost out of fuel."

"Must have happened when we were trying to get away from that heat seeking missile." T-Bone recalled the event.

"Guess we better get back to the Hanger and fuel up. Not to mention I have to work on getting the scratch out of the Turbokat." Razor shook his head. He wasn't exactly looking forward to that.

"Why don't we just call it a night when we get back? It is getting late anyway." T-Bone suggested and continued to fly towards the Salvage Yard.

Razor agreed with his partner. He was looking forward to getting some sleep. Had both kats not been quiet, Razor would not have probably thought he heard something off in the distant. A frown formed on his face and he turned his head to use his visor as a scanner. For a long moment, he couldn't see anything out of the ordinary. Maybe he was just hearing things. He was about to turn his head back when his ears picked it up again. And this time, T-Bone heard it too.

"Hey Razor, you hear that?"

"Yeah, I'm trying to figure out where it's coming from." Razor narrowed his eyes as he continued to scan around all of Megakat city they were flying through. After a minute, the sound came again and it seemed to be on top of them this time.

"Whoa!" T-Bone's cry caused Razor to look forward and he gasped in shock.

Out of nowhere, something that looked like a swirling tornado cloud appeared in front of them. Except, instead of it looking like a normal storm cloud, it was glowing, yellow, and it seemed nearly identical to one of the Pastmaster's time portals.

"Where the heck did that come from?" T-Bone shouted and made way to steer clear of whatever appeared in front of them.

"You got me, T-Bone! Just try to avoid it!"

"What does it look like I'm doing?"

The tabby kat turned the Turbokat in time to avoid flying into the swirling portal like hole. Just as they were in the clear, the strange vortex vanished, "That was strange." Razor whispered as he turned to look behind him.

"I'll say. Just what was that?"

"It kinda looked like one of the Pastmaster's time portals but…that thing was yellow."

"Yeah, and his are purple," T-Bone looked below and could see the citizens of Megakat city were still going about on their daily business, "No one has seemed to notice it."

"I seriously doubt that both you and I would have imagined that up."

"Well, we're both tired from that run in with Chop Shop. Let's get home and rest up. Besides, Scaredy Kat is going to be on in a minute." T-Bone said as he continued to fly towards their home.

"Ugh, T-Bone, have you ever thought of watching something else for once?" Razor questioned while rolling his eyes and he lifted his visor.

"Come on, Scaredy Kat is totally funny!"

"You must be the only kat who thinks that."

The two best friends started a small argument that they failed to notice a similar yellow vortex appeared right in front of them again.

"Crud!" T-Bone had turned to see it and he made way to steer away. However, this time, he wasn't so lucky. The strong winds from the yellow vortex started to pull them inside, "Razor, hang on!"

Razor felt his stomach do a flip when they entered into the portal. It was like they were riding in one of those spinning rides at a fair. It was making the smaller SWAT Kat want to throw up. T-Bone tried to keep the Turbokat steady but it was no use.

Finally the ride was over as soon it started. The two kats were freed of the portal and T-Bone growled as he was in control of flying again, "Well, that was weird."

"If that was a time portal, are we in the past or future?" Razor asked and began to take in his surroundings.

"Well…not sure honestly." T-Bone too began to scan out of the jet and he took noticed that the buildings below were different to Megakat city.

Razor put down his visor again and scanned the area. As he did, his frown deepened, "T-Bone, I think we may have a big problem here."

"What big problem? Other than fact we went through some portal and are now in a different city, what could possibly be a big problem?" T-Bone challenged his co-pilot.

"You're right; we're not in Megakat city. In fact, I don't know what this place is."

The lights below in the city gave off an indication that it was full of life. No one below seemed to notice the black jet flying above in the night sky. Razor scanned an area down closer and his eyes widen when he took noticed of the figures. That can't be right.

"This is odd."


"These…citizens I'm looking through my visor. They don't look at all like kats."

"Excuse me?" T-Bone dared to lower the Turbokat down towards the city. Once he did, he could see that his partner was right. He barely can see the figures walking below, but none looked like kats. None of these things had tails or kat like features. What the heck were they?

"We are definitely not in Megakat City anymore." Razor said softly.

"Gee ya think?" T-Bone sighed in irritation and flew the Turbokat back into the air, "What are we going to do?"

"Well, I don't think it will be safe to land in the city. We better find a hiding spot or something."

"And just where are we going to find that?" Razor didn't blame T-Bone for feeling upset. They were after all just sucked into some unknown portal and now they were trapped in a new strange world with no way of getting back.

The clever tom started to wrack his brain for ideas. It had to be some place that no one would really look. He turned his head to the left and saw a large park not too far away, "Head for that park." He pointed and T-Bone obeyed.

The two kats decided that the deepest part of the forest was their best bet of not being noticed. After all, they had no idea of what to make of this strange world and the creatures that inhabited it. T-Bone managed to land the Turbokat safely within the trees. Once he powered the jet down, he turned to Razor,

"So what do we do now? We can't fly forever anyway since we're low on fuel as it is." he questioned and Razor pondered for a moment,

"First of all, we might as well see if we can grab a bite to eat. Who knows how long we're going to be here."

"Just where are we going to get food? I don't know about you, but there is no way you and I are marching into that city with those strange creatures like we belong here. They would probably either kill us or who knows what?" T-Bone rebutted the idea.

Razor could see his partner had a good point. He sighed and tried to think of something. He looked back at T-Bone, "Well, we can ride on the cyclotron through the city."

"Wait what? Are you crazy?"

"No. When I was looking out in the city, these creatures were riding in vehicles that aren't that much different to what we drive back at home. And since it's so dark out, I don't think anyone is going to be looking closely at what we look like. Not to mention, we'll be fast. We can just use this to observe around this place." Razor explained rather logically.

T-Bone listened and took note that his best friend had very good points. Besides, he was never the type to stay in one place for too long. Riding the cyclotron would probably make him feel more at ease. Finally, he spoke,

"Fine. Let's just hope your theory is right."

The two toms got ready to drive away in their cyclotron. Razor pushed a button on it to make it look more like a motorcycle and they drove off back towards the city. As they rode onto the street and blended in with other vehicles, T-Bone could see Razor had been right; the cars didn't look that much different to the vehicles back in their world. Razor used his sharp eyes to look upon the creatures they went by. It was hard to make out since they were going so fast, but he could see that they were not kats at all. There were no tails on them at all. Just what were they anyway?

"Razor, just how are we going to find anything to eat or get fuel without any of these…things noticing us? Plus, we don't even have any money." T-Bone asked and Razor sighed,

"I don't know, T-Bone. I really don't know."

For once he had no idea of how they were going to get out of this. Without that strange portal, they may not have any way of getting back home. How were they going to get by anyway? For the first time, both toms felt rather scared.