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T-Bone gritted his teeth while he tried to keep control of the Turbokat. The ride through the portal was not making it any easier for him. Still, he had been flying for years and he wasn't about to let this measly portal get the best of him. Finally, after about a minute, the jet was through and the rough ride was over.

Razor let out a sigh of relief, "Glad we made it back in one piece." He said while he proceeded to look outside.

"You and me both; now to see if Megakat City is doing all right." T-Bone replied and he steered the jet to overlook the city they currently were in.

The two tom kats recognize the streets, the buildings, the city hall, and of course the Enforcer Headquarters building. Everything seemed to be normal. Just then, a familiar alarm started to sound, "SWAT Kats! Are you there? Where are you?" Callie's familiar urgent voice rang through the speakers.

Razor and T-Bone glanced at each other. They didn't think they would hear her again, "We're here, Ms. Briggs, what's the problem?" T-Bone questioned as if nothing had happened.

"Thank goodness! I was getting worried that you wouldn't answer! The Pastmaster is causing havoc on the outskirts of Megakat City! Feral and his Enforcers are helpless to stop him because he has a grand army of monsters at his disposal!" Callie answered; the fear in her voice was pretty evident.

"We're on our way, Ms. Briggs!" Razor assured the Deputy Mayor and T-Bone flew off to where the Pastmaster was.

"Guess that little imp wasn't going to waste time in trying to take over our world after all." T-Bone said, his fangs showing to indicate he had a bone to pick with the Pastmaster.

"Then let's stop him before he makes good of his threat, buddy." Razor added while he put his visor down.

"You got it." T-Bone put the Turbokat into full throttle and the jet zoomed off, "I will say, it's good to be back in our world again."

"Yeah…" Razor trailed off and his thoughts wandered to Chris. He wondered how the human girl was doing. He had no time to ponder on that for much longer since he saw the Pastmaster and his army of ancient creatures come into view.

The Pastmaster cackled upon seeing his army of dinosaurs and monsters taking down the Enforcers. Feral, Felina, and the Enforcers did everything they could to obliterate the creatures. However, it wasn't looking good. They had been lucky for the past month of not having to deal with the worst of the villains. With Feral's commands and Felina's excellent skills, they managed to keep Megakat City safe. Though, it was strange that the SWAT Kats had never shown up throughout the whole thing. Feral had been curious if maybe the vigilante duo finally gave up. No. That could not be it. He had come to know the SWAT Kats were considered stubborn and never missed the chance to take down the villains as well as embarrass him.

"Keep firing! Do not give in!" Feral ordered as he kept using lasers and bullets to down more of the creatures.

"I don't know, Uncle! Every time we shoot one down, another ten come up!" Felina said and she shot down a flying lizard that was coming at her.

Feral clenched his teeth. If this keeps up, there was no way they could win. He hated to admit it, but he was silently hoping that those SWAT Kats will actually show up and help out. The Enforcers can certainly use it right about now. Then, as if to answer his silent prayer, that ever so familiar sound of the Turbokat jet could be heard.

"The SWAT Kats!" Felina said in relief. Feral closed his eyes to let out a sigh. For once, he was happy to see his rivals.

The Pastmaster looked up and was downright shocked to see the familiar jet come into view, "What? How on earth did those two get back here?" He questioned in utter outraged.

T-Bone smirked upon hearing this, "What's the matter, Pastmaster? Did you really miss us that much? Sorry, but we still have a score to settle."

"You cannot stop me and my army!" The Pastmaster shouted and he pointed his claw at the jet, "Destroy them!"

His army started to do just that. Razor glared, "Sorry, but that was a big mistake on your part," He pressed a button to show his new Net Missile, "Just for you, Pasty. Net Missile, away!"

The Net Missile flew off from the Turbokat and it exploded upon the creatures. It started to wrap around them and spread further. The Pastmaster tried to back away but it was too late. He found himself wrapped in the sticky substance.

"No! This cannot be! I was so close to conquering this city and this world!" The sorcerer screeched.

"Sorry, but we're never letting that happen," T-Bone replied and he glanced back at Razor, "Way to go, Razor!"

Razor gave him a thumbs up all the while there was a halfhearted smile on his face. Feral and Felina landed their helicopters and rushed to the Pastmaster. It was only him since his magic was put to a stop. The creatures he summoned had disappeared, "You're under arrest!" Feral said while pointing his gun at the imp.

The Pastmaster tried to get free of the tangled substance, but it was no use, "Curse those SWAT Kats!"

Felina looked up at the hovering jet, "Thanks guys! Glad to know you are back! Were you taking a vacation or something?" She asked in curiosity of where the two have been for the past several weeks.

"Uh, you could say that, Lieutenant." T-Bone laughed nervously. Just how was he going to explain that he and Razor went into another universe all together?

Feral walked up once his men had the Pastmaster in cuffs, "So, you two did finally decided to show up." He said giving them a stern look.

"Good to see you again, Commander. Now if you will excuse us, we have to head back." T-Bone started to lift the Turbokat into the air and the jet took off.

Feral and Felina watched the SWAT Kats go before they glanced at each other, "So, did you really miss them, Uncle?" Felina questioned the teasing tone clear in her voice.

Feral rolled his eyes, "Of course I did not! Thanks to them, we have to clean up this silly string like substance!" He said and he marched off.

Felina watched him go and said to herself, "Yup, he did miss them."

In the meantime, T-Bone and Razor were both relieved to see the familiar Salvage Yard come into view. T-Bone pressed the button to open the door that lead down into the hanger and flew the Turbokat inside. Once he parked the jet and shut it off, the two got out.

"Home sweet home…" T-Bone said and he looked at Razor.

"Yeah…" The smaller SWAT Kat turned to look back at the jet, "We might as well unpack everything we got from…Chris."

"Yeah, good idea."

Once they had unloaded the clothes and food, the two tom kats got out of their SWAT Kat gear to be Chance and Jake again. They walked out of the hidden hanger to their home of their Auto Body Shop. Chance checked the phone to see there were several missing calls. Some of the messages were of some customers requesting tows and other various things. Luckily, it was nothing too big.

It was hard to believe. Even though it was only a little over a month that they had been gone, to them it seemed like forever ago. While Chance called back the customers, Jake put away the food. He had to clean out the fridge of the rotten food inside. Once that was done, he headed for his room to put away the clothes. He was really going through the motions since his mind wasn't all there. He was still thinking about Chris. He had to admit, that goodbye was the hardest he ever had to deal with.

He removed his shirt and frowned down upon the wounds Bombard inflicted on him. He had nearly forgotten about them since he was so busy of taking down the villains. Adrenaline can do that to you. His fur was coated in dry blood around where the wounds were and he sighed while rubbing his head. The tortures Bombard made him go through were definitely excruciating. His body ached and the wounds were sending some numbing pains now that he noticed them.

"I need a shower." Jake muttered and he turned to go to the bathroom.

The shower was what he needed. Despite feeling some pain of the hot water hitting his wounds, he was starting to feel much better. He sighed in content. He opened his eyes to stare at the familiar tile wall in front of him. His mind once more drifted back to Chris. He couldn't help himself. He was already missing her. He shook his head and finished his shower. Once he was done, he applied some alcohol to his injures and put bandages on them. He tenderly put on a clean shirt and pants before walking out.

He was met with Chance, "Hey buddy. How are you feeling?" The bigger kat asked in slight concern.

Jake shrugged, "I'm doing better. The wounds aren't that bad so they should fade in time."

"That's good, but that's not all I'm asking…"

Jake frowned, "What do you mean?" he asked and he by passed Chance to go downstairs.

"You know what I mean. I'm talking about Chris." Chance said as he followed his friend.

Jake paused before looking back at Chance, "Why are you asking me about her?"

"I'm just concerned. Like, I miss her too, but I hope you aren't going to go into that cliché teenage emo stage because we can no longer see her."

Jake narrowed his eyes at Chance, "I'm not going emo, Chance, get real. Besides, I'm not a teenager, I'm 24 remember?"

"Yeah, but I also saw how you kissed her right before we left." Chance began and Jake let out a groan,

"That wasn't what you think. I kissed her to try to make her feel better. She was crying and I hated seeing that."


"Chance, drop it. It's done. We're home and Chris is safe back in her own world. I'm going to miss her but I will get over it. Now come on, I'm starving." Jake walked away, leaving Chance to watch after him.

"He's lying to himself…" Chance whispered and he shook his head.

And he was right. Despite what he said, Jake could feel sadness looming over his head. He tried to ignore it but he couldn't. He didn't think missing Chris would be this bad, but he hoped he will get over it soon like he said he would. The question was will he be able to? If he doesn't, he certainly wasn't going to show it to Chance otherwise his friend was probably going to send him to therapy.

There was a cold chill in the air around the time December came. Chris usually would enjoy this type of weather since it wasn't always cold in Florida. However, she hardly paid any attention to it. In fact, she ignored the weather completely. She didn't give any consideration to anything around her. She went about her daily routine without acknowledging the people or the environment.

Greg had noticed this and he knew the reason very well. The only problem is he couldn't cure her obvious depression. It was pretty clear that Chris missed the SWAT Kats very much. She had already made it clear that those two kats became like family to her. No one could ever replace them. It really broke Greg's heart to see Chris walking around with a rain cloud over her head every day.

He tried everything in attempt to make her feel somewhat better. But no matter what he did, Chris's depression only got worse. He was starting to fear for the worst. He thought of the portal making device his uncle had left. Now with his uncle in jail for the rest of his life, Greg was taken charge of all the things Bombard used to have. This included his inventions. The young man had put the portal device away safely just in case.

He decided to bring it up to Chris. After work on December 6th, Greg hurried to catch Chris before she left for her house, "Chris? Would you give me a moment?"

Chris stopped and looked back towards him, "Yes Greg?" Her hazel eyes seemed cloudy and Greg frowned down at her,

"I know you miss your kat friends and I was thinking…"

"No Greg. Forget it. No matter what you suggest, nothing will make me feel better. I know I promised them I would smile but I just can't. Now if you will excuse me." She turned to get inside her car.

"I know that and well, I do have a suggestion that might cure you."

Chris paused before looking back at him, "What?"

"I was thinking that we can use that portal device and help you go to their universe. I'm sure it still has the power."

"What?" Chris felt a little stunned at this suggestion.

"Yeah, what do you think?" Greg figured it was the best idea. Not to mention it would probably make Chris happy.

"I…" Chris was too shocked to speak. She didn't know what to say other than thinking there was a possibility of her going into Jake and Chance's world.

"I know, it's a lot to take in. Here's my number. Give me a call when you make up your mind." Greg handed her a piece of paper and he turned to walk off.

Chris watched him go and looked down at the paper with his number on it. She shook her head and pocketed the paper. Should she really go through with this? She decided to think it over. She drove off back to her house and she can almost feel that familiar sense of dread overcoming her. When her house came into view, she cut the engine to her car and stared up at her house. She hated coming home now. The place looked so empty.

She slowly got out and walked over to the front door. She unlocked it and carefully opened the door. Sure enough, there was no one here. Chance was sitting on the couch. She closed the door behind her and removed her shoes. She walked over and sat on the couch. She closed her eyes as she recalled the memories she shared with Chance and Jake.

Once she had gotten home after seeing the SWAT Kats off, she cleaned the place up even though she hated to do so. She didn't exactly have anything to remember them by. Though she still had the earring Jake made for her. When she helped Razor and T-Bone get their things, she tried to give the earring back, however…

"Keep it. It will protect you from just about anything, including wanna be robbers." Razor said and gave her a smile.

Chris couldn't help but smile as well from his statement. After all, a robber nearly got what he wanted. Funny thing, if he hadn't tried to do so, Chris never would have met Razor and T-Bone. Chris was glad to know she still had the earring that the smaller SWAT Kat made for her. She kept wearing it all the time. It was really the only thing she had to remember Razor and T-Bone. She didn't think this would be so hard. After all, they were always going to go home no matter what. Then why did she feel so depressed even after several weeks have passed?

Chris shook her head and she stood up from the couch to walk to the backyard. The backyard looked so empty without the Turbokat. She stared for a moment before turning and walking towards the garage. Jake used to be in there to make his inventions and other things. She opened the door and took noticed that she forgot to clean this place up. She sighed and set to work on that. Luckily Razor took most of what he made and other scraps leftover. He even made sure to put the tools away. She smiled at this.

"How considerate of him." Chris whispered and felt the ache of depression hit her once more. The thought of Razor made her recall the kiss he gave her before leaving. She shook her head before she made herself even more depressed than she already was.

She walked around the garage and took noticed of something white on the desk. She frowned as she never noticed that before. She walked over and saw it was an envelope. There some writing on it; "To Christina."

She frowned before opening the envelope and saw it was a letter. There was even a photo inside. She decided to look at that later and opened the folded paper. She recognized Jake's neat handwriting,

"Jake?" she whispered and started to read,

"Dear Christina or Chris,

I know this isn't much but I thought I write this letter ahead of time. I just wanted to say that there is no words to describe how grateful Chance and I that you took us in. I will be honest, when we first came into this world, we both were scared. I mean this kind of thing isn't new to us, but this universe is and we had no idea what we were going to do. We had no way of going back and the creatures that you told us are humans would probably take us to be studied or something if they ever saw us.

Luckily, you needed our help and I decided to help you even though there was a big chance you would have turned us in. I am really glad I followed my instinct to rescue you. You turned out to be a miracle that Chance and I needed. You gave us shelter, delicious food, tools to repair the Turbokat, and became a very good friend to us. I know it might not seem like much, but you are the first to know who we really are. I don't know how I could ever express my gratitude to you and neither could Chance. The only thing I do know is that you will miss us. We will miss you too. Just know we will always think of you no matter what.

Chance and I used your camera to take a photo of us so you can still remember us. Please take care of yourself, Chris. And remember to keep smiling. You look very pretty when you do.

Yours truly and always your friends, Jake Clawson and Chance Furlong aka Razor and T-Bone: The SWAT Kats."

Chris could feel tears welling up in her eyes once more. She slowly took out the photo and couldn't help but smile down at it. It showed Jake and Chance in front of the Turbokat and smiling at the camera, "Jake…Chance…I miss you guys." She shook her head and sniffed, "I wish I could keep smiling but…I can't…"

They were grateful for her? They had no idea what a big of impact they left on her. When they came into her life, she no longer was bored of the same routine. For once, she felt her life had meaning. Now that her kat friends were gone, she was back to doing the same old thing. She didn't want to deal with that anymore.

Suddenly, she heard the sound of the front door opening. She gasped and there was a glimmer of hope, "Jake? Chance?" She put the letter and photo back into her envelope and she walked out of the garage.

"Hey Chris!" She gasped to see a young man younger than her by a couple of years taking his shoes off, "I thought I surprise you by coming home."

"Alan!" Chris was a little disappointed to know it wasn't her kat friends. But that was okay because her brother was home, "I'm glad you're back. How was your trip?"

"Eh, long and tiring. I'm just glad to be back," Alan sighed and rubbed his short dark brown hair, "What about you? Anything new happened with you?"

Chris snorted, "You have no idea. Get cleaned up and I will tell you during dinner." Normally, she wouldn't tell this kind of thing to anyone since no one will ever believe her. However, she was close to her brother and she was sure he would believe her. Plus, she has the photo and letter to prove her word.

She made dinner while he took a shower. Once Alan was dressed and the two began to eat, that's when Chris began to tell him her story of the SWAT Kats and her adventures. Alan was speechless throughout the whole thing. Once she was done, he blinked for a long moment. Finally, he spoke,

"Let me get this straight; you were sheltering two humanoid kats this whole time?"

"Just for about a month; and they left weeks ago." Chris replied and Alan shook his head,

"Come on, Chris, give me a break. There is no way that you…" he trailed off when Chris shoved the photo towards him.

He blinked and looked down at the two kats smiling up at him, "Wait, so they?"

"Yes, they were real. And they were the best friends I could ever ask for," Chris looked out to the backyard, "I'm glad they're back in their own world but I still miss them."

Alan stared down at the photo and looked up to see his sister staring outside with a dejected look on her face. He had never seen her so depressed, "I'm sorry to hear that, Chris. They sound really cool," He looked back down at the photo, "And that's a really cool jet they have too. I wish I could have flown in it."

Chris laughed, "Yeah…I managed to myself and it flies great."

"Yeah but you got hurt as well. Are you okay?" Alan frowned in worry.

"I'm fine. My wounds healed a long time ago," Chris shrugged and she started to finger the earring Jake had made her, "The only thing I have to remember them by is that photo, this earring Jake made me, and this letter."

Alan took the letter and read it over. He didn't recognize the handwriting. It certainly wasn't his sister's since hers was a little messy. So it was true. There used to be kats living here in the house. His eyes widen when he recalled Chris saying she let Chance sleep in his bed, "Wait, if this big guy Chance Furlong slept in my bed, do I have to worry about cat fur?"

Chris rolled her eyes, "Relax, bud, I put on fresh sheets and cleaned the other ones. No need to worry about cat fur."

Alan nodded and looked back down at the letter. From the sound of things, his older sister and the two kats had really gotten close in such a short span amount of time, "You really do miss them, huh?"

Chris looked back when Alan spoke. She frowned and looked down at the table, "Yes. Yes I do."

"Well, is there a chance you could go into their world?"

Chris was not expecting this question. She looked up at her brother to see if he was joking. She could see he had a very serious look on his face, "I…" She recalled what Greg said to her earlier in the day, "Well, I guess…?"

"Then why don't you go live with them?" Alan questioned as if his sister should know that by now.

Chris's frown deepened, "But Alan, I can't simply just go into their world."

"Why not?"

"Well first of all, it's only a possibility of it happening. Second, even if I could go, I highly doubt it will be a two way trip. That means I won't be able to see you or mom and dad again." Chris argued and Alan sighed,

"Yeah that I kinda figured. But Chris, I think those SWAT Kats coming into your life was a big wake up call for you."

Chris raised an eyebrow, "What do you mean?"

"Exactly what I said. I know you, Chris, from the time we were small. I mean, what are you doing right now in your life? Not much, right? Mom and dad have always asked you what you wanted to do and you never could figure out what it was. So, maybe this is the thing you were seeking. From what you told me, you had fun for the first time in your life. These SWAT Kats sound like really cool kats and I think they view you as family just as you did."

Chris wasn't sure what to think. Normally Alan wasn't the type to speak so much like this. So seeing him act like some wise mentor was bugging her, "Give me a break, Alan, do you really think it was destiny that Jake and Chance were to come to me and that I have to go live with them?" She questioned, giving her brother a knowing look.

Alan shrugged, "If you want to put it that way, sure. Not to mention from how things are in this letter, apparently you and this Jake became very personal friends."

"Alan!" Chris cried and her brother laughed,

"Come on! He said you look pretty when you smile. That's gotta mean something."

Chris could feel her cheeks flush and she said, "Sheesh, like that will ever happen. I mean, in case you forgot, he's a kat, I'm a human."

"Your point?" Alan asked and Chris narrowed her eyes at him,

"Aren't kats and humans not supposed to mix?"

Alan shrugged, "Eh who cares about that? I don't think that's going to stop you."

"Oh forget it." Chris groaned and she decided not to bring up the fact Razor gave her a kiss on the cheek.

"Anyway, my point is, Chris, I think you're better off living in their world. I would be very surprised if you weren't downright depressed after they had left."

"I…" Chris frowned since what her brother said was starting to make sense. She had been upset and down ever since Razor and T-Bone gone back to their universe. Was it worth to leave her human world, her family, and everything to go live in the world her kat friends call home? "Alan, even if I were to leave, what would become of you, mom, and dad?"

"We'll make by. Mom and dad probably will never understand why you had to leave but hey I'm not going to tell you what to do. The only thing I can say is, follow what your heart tells you." Chris frowned at the last statement Alan just said. It was pretty deep coming from him. Her brother got up while taking the plate, "I'm going to go unpack. I'll let you think it over. Whatever you decide on; I will support you."

Once he left, Chris stared down at the table. This conversation wasn't what she was expecting. It did give her a lot to think about. To be honest, she wasn't sure if she should take up on Greg's offer of going into the other world. After all, she probably will never return. That means she won't see her parents or her brother again.

Then, her brother's words about her being unhappy came back to her. She never thought about it before but he was right. Even before the SWAT Kats came into her life, she had wanted something more out of her life. It wasn't that she was depressed like she was now. She only became very sad because she missed Jake and Chance. However, she still wished that she could do more. Her life here had been very boring and she never knew what she wanted to do in her life. When she wished for that something would come into her life, the SWAT Kats showed up. Was that a sign that she belonged with them?

For a long time, she continued to ponder and weigh her options. Follow what your heart tells you is what Alan said. Her brain was saying logically she should stay here but her heart told her something entirely different. She recalled the looks on both Razor and T-Bone's faces when she urged them to go back home despite them saying they were willing to stay a bit longer. The letter Razor left her also indicated that they were probably missing her just as much as she was.

She closed her eyes and let out a sigh. Finally after a long quiet debate, she made her choice. And she felt it was the best one she ever made. She picked up her cell phone and using the paper Greg gave her, she dialed his number. After a couple of rings, Greg's voice answered, "Hello?"

"Hey Greg, it's Chris. I'm calling to tell you that I made up my mind…"

The next day, Chris looked around at the things she packed. Her car was small so she couldn't exactly bring everything with her. Still, she figured she had enough that she needed. She made sure she had her cell phone as well. Her room was looking pretty bare about now. She sighed.

"You absolutely sure this is what you want to do, Chris?" Alan questioned as he came into the room.

"Yes," she looked back at her brother, "I gave it a lot of thought. You were right. My life here was going nowhere. When the SWAT Kats came, I never felt happier. I will miss you as well as mom and dad."

Alan nodded. He can see Chris was set on going into the kat world, "Well, I guess I hope you will be happier over there. And be careful. From what you told me, that world is always infested with villains." He said and Chris laughed,

"Don't worry. I became friends with the best protectors. They will make sure I stay safe," Chris paused and she turned before taking an envelope and gave it to Alan, "Here, give this to mom and dad when they get back. I know they probably will never understand that I will be gone but at least the photo that has Razor and T-Bone will probably show I did go up and disappear."

Alan took the envelope and he gave Chris a hug, "Can I go with you to where you have to go through this portal thing?" He questioned. He was going to miss his big sister. They had always been close.

"Sure, bud. Now come on, help me get my stuff in my car." Chris and Alan grabbed her bags to pack it in her car. Luckily there was enough room for Alan to sit in the front.

Finally, the two set off back to the University. After the whole ordeal with Bombard and the monster, the school was shut down to make repairs and be wiped clean of anything the evil man left behind. Greg thought that was the best place to meet up. When the two siblings arrived, the place was deserted except for one lone man standing in the parking lot.

"I'm guessing that's Greg?" Alan questioned and Chris nodded before they got out.

Greg smiled upon seeing them, "Hey, glad you made it," he looked at Alan curiously, "I take it, this is your younger brother?"

"Yes. He's honestly the reason I made up my mind about this choice." Chris replied and Greg gave her a sad smile,

"I understand. I will warn you that this device barely has enough power to make one more portal. So when I start it, you will only have at least ten seconds to go through. Otherwise it will be gone forever." Greg explained and he pushed a few buttons on the machine.

"Will it take me straight to Razor and T-Bone?" Chris asked in curiosity.

"I have no guarantee on that. All I can say is that you will be able to get into their world. Once you are through, that's it. You can never come back. So that's why I am asking you if this is really what you want? I did offer you this choice because I hated seeing you so upset." Greg gave Chris a serious look.

Chris was silent for a long moment. She glanced back at Alan. He only merely nodded to show he will support in whatever choice she makes. She made up her mind. She was going. She will miss her family and even Greg. Still, she can feel her heart yearning for her kat friends.

"I'm going. I already packed everything in my car. I'm ready to go." She finally said and Greg nodded,

"Okay. I am only making sure. Give me just a minute to prepare the machine. Once everything is in place, you better start your car to get ready to drive through." Greg instructed and he set to work.

"Got it. Just give my brother a lift home after this." Chris said and Greg gave her a confirmed nod. She turned back to Alan, "Good luck, little bro. Look after mom and dad for me."

"I will. I know they will miss you but I'm sure they will probably understand in the end that you want to be happy. Good luck in that kat world." Alan replied and the two hugged once more.

"Okay, the machine is ready to go." Greg stood up and Chris turned towards him.

Without warning, Chris leaned over and gave him a hug. Greg blinked in shock, "Thanks Greg. I know this is probably hard on you but I do appreciate you doing this," she stepped back to smile up at him, "Thanks for everything you did. I know I will never return the feelings you hold for me but I know you will be a great boyfriend to someone someday. Don't ever stop looking."

Chris leaned up and gave Greg a small kiss on the cheek to show she meant every word. Greg blushed upon both her statements and the peck. He gave her a faint smile, "Thanks Chris. I really hope you will be happy in the kat world and with the SWAT Kats; especially with Razor because I know he's missing you." He said and Chris playfully rolled her eyes.

She figured it was best not to argue with him on that subject. She backed away and looked at Greg and Alan for a long moment. Finally, she turned and got inside her car. Once she started the engine, she sighed and shifted her gaze back to the two young men. She gave them a thumbs up.

Greg nodded and he turned before pushing a few buttons and he cried over his shoulder, "Get ready! Remember, you only have ten seconds!"

"Got it!" She said through the open window.

"Here we go!" Greg pushed the final button. At first nothing happened but the machine started to sputter and the wind picked up a little before a small yellow portal appeared not too far away from Chris's car, "Go!"

Chris closed her window, revved her engine and her car raced to the portal. The portal was already going out. She went straight in but not before looking back at Greg and Alan one last time. The two men waved and the portal disappeared as soon as Chris was through. Silence fell once more and Alan sighed,

"I really hope Chris will be happy."

"You and me both. But I think this is what she wanted." Greg said and he smiled up at the sky.

Meanwhile, Chris can feel her car rattling from being pulled while she was driving through the portal. She was starting to feel a little sick from the jolts. She wondered how long this ride was going to be. Finally, just like it started, it stopped and she reached the end of the portal. Once she was through, the portal disappeared.

She stopped her car and let out a sigh, "Well, that was some ride." She wiped her forehead and looked up at the sky. She noticed that it wasn't bright blue back in her world. Instead, it was yellow and green. She looked around and could see a sign not too far away. She drove up to it and was happy to see it was written in plain English. It showed two directions, Megakat City to the north and the Metal Salvage Yard to the south. She had made it. She was officially in the world Jake and Chance lived.

She recalled of the tom kats telling her they lived in the Salvage Yard. She steered her car in the direction and began to drive towards it, "Jake, Chance, I'm coming…"

"It's almost time to close up shop. Did you wanna call it a night, buddy?" Chance questioned Jake as the two toms were currently busy finishing up a customer's car.

It had been several weeks since they came home. There haven't exactly been any villain sightings since the Pastmaster. This gave Jake and Chance the time to catch up with their customers. Still, despite being busy, there was a lingering sadness going around them both. Neither had ever brought it up, but they were thinking the same. Chris was still in their minds. Chance still missed her but he knew Jake was probably missing her more.

They don't exactly joke like they used to. It was hard to believe but it seemed Chris became a part of their lives that they were complete. Who knew a human girl from another world would make a big difference, "Yeah. Let me just finish up with these wires." Jake replied and he continued to do his work.

Chance nodded and he turned the sign over to say close. He headed for the kitchen to see if he can grab some milk and watch some Scaredy Kat. Jake tried to keep his mind preoccupied. No matter what he did, his mind always drifted back to Chris. He lowered the pliers and rubbed his forehead. He thought after a few weeks, he wouldn't still be missing her so much. But he still did. In fact, if he didn't know any better, he was missing her more than when he first left.

It was both frustrating and depressing at the same time. Jake sighed and stared at the wires of the car before him. He wished there was a way to cure him of this. Deep down, he kind of wished she was here. But that was impossible. There was no way she could ever come here. He faintly heard the sound of a car approaching. He frowned and decided to ignore it. It was probably Burke and Murray again. If it was, he was not in the mood to deal with them.

And if it was a customer, they will have to come back tomorrow. They were closed now anyway. He continued to work despite hearing a car being shut off and a door opening and closing. He heard the gravel crackle from someone walking towards the shop. When he heard them stop nearby, without looking up, he said over his shoulder,

"Sorry, but you will have to come back tomorrow. We're closed."

"You're not even open for a good friend?" Jake heard a familiar voice question. No it couldn't be. He straightened up to look towards the entrance and at first he thought he was seeing things.

The nearly setting sun shined upon a familiar human girl. She gave him a small smile while her arms were folded. Was he just imagining her? Or did she really come? He continued to gape at her and she laughed while shaking her head,

"Hi Jake, it's been a few weeks since I have seen you but it feels like forever." Chris said the smile still on her face.

"Chris? Is it really you?" Jake asked and he began to walk towards her.

"Yup, it's me in the flesh." She nodded.

There was a long silence before Jake hurried over and gave her a hug. She felt solid so she was indeed here. She wasn't just figment of his imagination. Now knowing she was truly here, he felt joy overcome him as he continued to hold her close,

"Chris! I can't believe you're actually here!" He said and Chris laughed while hugging him back,

"Believe me, I can't believe it either."

"Jake?" Chance called since he heard voices in the garage. Chris and Jake backed away from each other just as the big tom kat came up, "What the? Chris?"

"Hi Chance." Chris waved and found herself once more being engulfed by a hug.

"Chris! You're here! But how?" Chance questioned as he beamed down at the girl before him.

Chris laughed, "I will tell you over dinner. Would you mind showing me the kitchen?" She asked and the two toms happily walked to show her where the kitchen was.

It became a somewhat celebration that night. For the first time ever in over a month, all three were happy and it was because they missed each other. During dinner, Chris told Jake and Chance about how she managed to get here in this world.

"So there was still enough power left to make a portal here." Jake said and Chris nodded. Chance frowned slightly,

"But if that's the case, that means it was a one way trip. You mean you came here just for us?"


"Are you sure you gave it some serious thought about that, Chris? We don't want you to be homesick." Jake began but the girl shook her head,

"Believe me, I thought long and hard about my choice. It's true that I will miss my parents and brother. However, it was really my younger brother that had me think over my decision. He told me to follow what my heart tells me. And my heart says I should live here," She noticed Jake and Chance still giving her a concerned look before she continued, "The thing was, before you two even came, I wasn't happy with my life. It was always the same for me. I even made a wish that something would happen to me to give me my true meaning of living. That's when you both came. After you left, I never felt more depressed in all my life. My life back in the human world is over. I decided to come live here with you guys."

There was a long pause, "Well, we missed you too, Chris. And not just your cooking mind you," Chance gave Chris a wink and he continued, "We only hope that you made the right choice is all. If what you are saying is true, we will be happy to have you live here."

"And that means we're going to have to make adjustments." Jake said logically and his intelligent brain began to work once more.

Chris frowned at this, "Does that mean I have to stay hidden forever?"

"Not at all, in fact, you're lucky. Remember the earring I made you?" Jake questioned as he was already getting an idea in his mind.

Chris nodded and she reached up to grasp the said earring, "I still wear it in fact. I haven't really taken it off since you guys left."

Jake was touched by this but he had to focus, "That's good. I already have an idea of how you can blend with us without anyone noticing about you being human."

"I'll say. If you go around, the kats here will think you're an alien or something." Chance added and Chris shivered,

"I kinda figured. I know for a fact no humans exist in this world."

"Don't worry about that. What I will be making will take a bit of time but we have a lot of that," Jake stood up and turned to Chance, "Hey Chance, why don't you show Chris her room while I get started on inventing on making Chris blend in."

"No problem. Will the empty guest room be okay?" Chance asked and Jake nodded,

"Seems like a good place for her. There's plenty of space."

"Great. Come on, Chris, I'll help you get your things and show you your room. Then I'll take you down to the Hanger." Chance offered and Chris smiled brightly,

"Sounds good to me. Lead the way, Chance!"

While Chance showed Chris her room, Jake went down into the hanger to make another earring for Chris. While he busily worked, he couldn't believe the human girl was going to be living here. He had hoped it but he never brought it up in fear Chris would refuse. It was apparent that she missed them just as they missed her. The problems of her living here weren't going to be a big issue.

For one thing, unlike back when they were stuck at her house, Chris could freely move about in the Salvage Yard since the place was a little far off from Megakat City. Not that it would matter because Jake was working on something that will make her go unnoticed by the other kats. It took him a few hours to invent such a thing. He was nearly done when he heard Chance come down followed by Chris,

"Welcome to the Hanger, where we keep the Turbokat and other various vehicles." Chance held up his arms and Chris stared at what was front of her,

"Wow, this place is bigger than I thought. It's hard to believe you made this Hanger." She gaped and walked toward the Turbokat.

"Well, this place was sort of already here. It was an abandoned bunker. We did add a few things to it like the railway to make the Turbokat fly out of." Chance explained and smiled wide as the girl kept looking around.

Jake was smiling as well. He never thought he and Chance would ever show their Hanger to anyone. If Feral ever found out about this place, their SWAT Kat days would be over in no time flat. Chris was the first to ever know about their secret. They can certainly trust her since she did shelter them back in her human world.

"Still, this is really cool," Chris turned back to the two kats, "I'm also glad to know that your city and world wasn't in peril."

Chance shrugged, "Eh, the Pastmaster nearly succeeded into doing that but we got back in time to stop him."

"That's good to hear." Chris looked towards the lockers that had letter T.B on one and R on the other. She assumed that's probably where they keep their SWAT Kat gear.

"Okay, I'm almost done with this." Jake announced and Chance and Chris glanced towards him.

"What will it do anyway, buddy?" Chance asked in mild curiosity.

Jake smirked, "If I make this right, it will give Chris the appearance of a kat like us."

Chris blinked in surprise, "Seriously?"

Jake nodded, "That's why it's taking me some time to make this. With this, you don't have to worry about hiding anymore," he put in the final screw and beamed, "There, that's done."

He walked over and gave Chris the earring, "Oh." She said staring down at it.

"Just push the tiny button when you have it on your ear." Jake instructed.

Chris put the earring on her right ear and she did exactly what he said. She felt the earring make a buzzing sound and there was a small flash. She blinked and looked down at herself, "Whoa!" She gasped when she saw her arms looked furry. She put a hand on her arm but to her, it still felt like her normal skin.

"Wow, you look just like a kat. You even have a tail." Chance pointed out and Chris looked behind her.

She indeed had a tail even though it wasn't even real, "Looks like it's working perfectly fine." Jake said a satisfied smile on his face.

"Thank you Jake. It makes me wish I thought of this while you were back in the human world so you and Chance would have walked around without anyone knowing." Chris said and Jake waved his hand,

"No it's fine. That's all in the past. And now that you're here, there are other things we have to work out."

Chris nodded. For the next two weeks, things became pretty busy for all three. For one, now that Chris had the kat disguise, she needed all the things to become a citizen of Megakat City. Filling out the paperwork was a lot of hassle but worth it. Eventually, Chris became a resident to the city and she adopted the last name Scratkata.

She got a job at the Salvage Yard since she was already living there and went to Megakat City's University to continue her studies. During that time, Chris found herself much happier in the company of Jake and Chance. She was glad to be around them once more. And it certainly was no secret that they were glad to have her back as well.

Chris will however still remain fascinated at the fact the kats here celebrated Christmas. She was glad she had gotten the gifts for her two good kat friends. She just knew they will love them. She did sometimes wonder how her brother and parents were doing but that was in the past.

On Christmas day, Jake and Chance didn't exactly give her much except a few clothes since she didn't have a lot. She was fine since she knew they couldn't afford a whole lot due their job. She laughed when she saw Chance look surprised at his gift, "Tom and Jerry, the complete series?" He questioned and Chris beamed at him,

"I bought that right before I got here. I thought it would be the perfect gift for you." She said and Chance gave her a tight hug,

"Thanks Chris! I can't wait to watch this! Now I can binge watch this and Scaredy Kat!"

"Oh great…" Jake mumbled while placing his face into his hand.

"I'll watch it with you. Now can you please let me go, Chance? I can't breathe…" Chris said and Chance backed away.

Chance rushed off to put the DVD of Tom and Jerry on right away. Chris laughed and turned to Jake, "Here, it's not exactly much but I hope you like it." She handed the heavy box to the cinnamon colored tom kat.

Jake opened the gift and found it was a brand new set of tools, "Wow…"

"I figured you could probably use some new ones." Chris shrugged and Jake beamed at her,

"As a matter of fact I did. I take it this came from the human world as well?"

"They did indeed. Those are the same tools my dad uses. He says they're supposed to be the best kind." Chris said and couldn't help but smile at the adorable look Jake was giving off.

Just the way he was smiling down at the tools was so cute. She had no idea how much she missed him until seeing him again. Just like Chance, he leaned over and gave her a hug. He didn't do it so tightly but this hug was making Chris feel all warm inside.

"Thank you so much, Chris. I don't know how to say this but we missed you a whole lot. I missed you. And seeing that you are here and living with us, I think that's the best gift we can ever receive." Jake admitted and he backed away to smile at her.

Chris's cheeks were still a little flushed and she managed to smile back, "Me too, Jake. I'm glad that I decided to come here. I do feel at home here and I'm not just saying that."

She recalled what Alan and Greg said about certain feelings she had for this tom kat. At first she didn't think it meant anything because she didn't want to develop such feelings. However, she was beginning to realize that maybe there was something romantic going on between her and Jake. Question was should this be allowed? Despite her now living here, she was still a human while he was a kat.

She had no time to dwell on that thought. The loud noise of alarm went off and Chris jumped, "Trouble!" Jake said and he put the tools down before he rushed to the Hanger. Chance was right behind him.

Chris blinked in surprise and she remembered that her kat friends were superheroes. Curious, she ran to the hidden door that led to the Hanger and she climbed down the ladder. Just in time for she could hear a woman's voice ring out, "SWAT Kats, come in! Town Hall is being attacked by Dr. Viber and his mutated plants!"

"Don't worry, Miss Briggs, we're on our way!" Chance said and he and Jake turned to Chris, "Too bad for having a day off on Christmas. Looks like Viber didn't want to celebrate."

Chris smirked, "Then give him an extra punch for me."

"We will. Later Chris! Hopefully we'll be back before evening rolls around!" Jake said before he and Chance turned to get dressed.

Once they were dressed as Razor and T-Bone, Chris watched them get in the Turbokat and start the jet up. She rushed back up the ladder and rushed outside to watch the black jet take off toward the city, "Go get him, Razor and T-Bone." She said, a smile on her face.

She didn't mind that her kat friends had to go during Christmas. She was happy to know she was with them and that they were out there protecting their city. This was just the beginning of course.

End of Story One: Parallel Dimensions

Coming soon... Story Two: Nightmares

Chris, a human girl, has been living with her two kat friends Jake Clawson and Chance Furlong for a couple of months now. She has been living happily and helping keep the secret of the SWAT Kats. That is until she has a terrible nightmare that the Metalikats kill Razor. This leaves Chris very distraught. Now she fears for the tom kat that she is slowly starting to love over time. She comes up with an idea in order to prevent her nightmare from coming true; she decides to be a SWAT Kat herself. And thus Starlight, the newest member of the SWAT Kats is born.