On cooking and other matters

The ship lurched forward.

It tended to do that lately, considering the storm that had hit Hong Kong over the last few days. The lurching wasn't all that bad, but the trouble came from the fact that the only thing that stopped The Kraken from sailing to its watery grave was a few flimsy pieces of rope.

The weather also was a hidden blessing, since it gave a valid reason to postpone the run our fixer, Kindly Cheng, had set up for us. An attack on a port warehouse was hardly possible if said warehouse was also inaccessible due to it flooding by the rain.

"And what a blessing that was", I thought drily, now sitting in front of Gobbet, local rat shaman and cook extraordinaire, two titles that didn't really mix together all that well since it lead to the rest of the team deciding that they'd rather starve. I didn't know how to break it to her, and I needed to find a way t-

"Where's everybody?"

"Uh, Duncan decided to get some soykaf from the machine in your room last week and he hasn't recovered yet" "He's overreacting, I've tried it before, it wasn't all bad"

Which, by normal standards, probably meant that Duncan had gotten off easy with not being able to leave the bathroom for a week.

"The rest, you know how Racter get's when he feels that his droid is underperforming. Gaichu is... tending to his honor, and I can't get Is0bel to respond to me since she entered the matrix."

There, all lies (Except for Duncan's situation, the poor man), no way she wouldn't fall for it.

"And they didn't just run off when they heard I was cooking, right Seattle? I'm not stupid."

"Well excuse me for not wanting to tell you that the entire team thinks your cooking is shit"

"At least you're here, right Seattle? You will eat what I made, to make up for lying to me, won't you?"

'What I made' referred to the large rice cooker in the kitchen table, inside of which was…

"Oh Christ Gobbet, did you go fishing!?"