On cooking and other matters

"Sure did!"

Gobbet's eager response to my question caused me to lurch forward, to which the ship decided it'd join me, a motion which almost made me fall out of one of the ship's windows. Only being stopped by Gobbet grabbing my legs.

Part of me hadn't decided if falling to the Ocean was better than taking the leap of faith Gobbet's cooking always demanded. She hadn't failed, yet, but the day she did was the moment the team would need to get a new leader, since I sure as hell wouldn't survive it.

"Come on, when have I failed you Seattle?"

The answer to that was easy. "Never".

Gobbet pulled me back into the ship, and closed the window behind her.

"See? What's there to be afraid of? My cooking is always the best, and you know it!"

As off-putting as it was to trust someone who considered rats one of their best friends to handle making a meal, Gobbet was one hell of a cook, and I'd had to admit that every time she made a meal, my fear subsided just a little bit.

Shame nobody else ever ate it besides me.

But that wasn't the point at hand here, the point is that Gobbet had honest to god gone out with a fishing rod, sat at the port for god knows how many hours (And it had to be hours, because few were the fish that could survive in the heavily polluted waters of Hong Kong) and had dragged out a heavily mutated fish just for him, since she sure as hell knew I was the only one that ate her cooking.

The thought brought a warm smile to my face.

"Yea, that's true, it can't be all bad"

"I actually bought that fish from a store, y'know"

"God dammit Gobbet, you ruined the moment"

AN: I actually wrote my first fan fiction
Please tell me if it's as bad as I think it is. On a lighter note, I always loved how cheerful Gobbet was.
And if people like this story, I'll think about continuing this. This was just a funny lil' thing that popped into my head a long time ago, and I just finally got around to writing it. When i get around to replaying the game, anyway.

Edited some things, don't get excited. Still don't have a laptop good enough to replay the game.