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An isolated rock no more than twenty feet long, sixteen feet wide and three feet high -- this was the only solid piece of land that remained intact. The rest were totally obliterated. Sadly, the catastrophe took everything away. There was nothing left on the island.

Miraculously however, the castaways managed to survive the incredible blast but not without injury. They had taken refuge in that small piece of land since there was no other place to go. The ship -- their only hope left -- was destroyed.

They were bruised, wounded and weak. Everything seemed hopeless.

It was heartbreaking to know that despite all their hard work, they would end up like this. And now, two of their companions was gone. Possibly dead.

An eternity passed by as they stared blankly into the ocean.

Then, soft muffled sobs broke through the deafening silence. And just like that, as if an invisible dam was broken, not a single eye remained dry. Even Touya's.

Sakura suddenly burst out crying. Kero subtly nuzzled against her trembling hand in an attempt to comfort her. This only made her cry even more. Tomoyo tried to hold in her tears but she couldn't. She leaned towards her best friend and hugged the grief-stricken girl.

Meiling was crying so hard her body jerked with her sobs. The old man gently placed a warm hand on her head. It was the only thing he could do for the girl. What's done was done. Nothing could bring them back.

It was a loss the castaways couldn't bear.

And just when they had finally resigned to their fate, a small spark of hope went their way.

From a distance, a faint familiar sound was heard. No one noticed it at first but as the sound grew louder, each castaway turned to face the direction the long-awaited sound was coming from.

It was a ship!

The captain explained everything to them. It turns out that the crew found two injured bodies floating near the route of their ship. Thankfully, both were still alive. The older one, who identified himself as Takami Ryuusuke, was still conscious and was able to lead them to the location Sakura and the others were.

It was an unexpected miracle. The castaways couldn't be thankful enough.

They were finally going home.

It had been exactly seven months, two weeks and three days since the shipwreck.

Sakura smiled as she opened the letter that came all the way from Kyushu. Tomoyo leaned over to see what was written on the smooth piece of paper.

It was from Michirou.

According to the letter, everyone was doing great. Michirou had recently opened her own restaurant, which was slowly gaining popularity with the locals. Ikuma continued his practice as a doctor and was doing quite well. He had just proposed to his longtime girlfriend and they are invited to attend his wedding in September. Kaneko got even better at baseball and was planning to try-out for the national team. Takami studied the drafts he made on the island to advance his knowledge further and was actually convinced by Michirou to share his secret hobby to the world -- writing. He is currently working on his book "On The Island That Was Never There." He is hoping to have it published within the next two years.

What had happened to the old man, they never found out. They never heard from him again.

Tomoyo thought for a while and realized, "We never did ask for his name..."

When they reached the intersection, she turned to Sakura and said, "We part ways here. See you tomorrow at school, Sakura-chan!"

"Hai! See you!" Sakura gave her best friend one last smile before she continued walking on home. On her way, she saw someone waiting for her on the sidewalk.

She smiled at her unexpected company. "Li-kun!" she greeted cheerfully.

Without saying anything, Syaoran approached her and held out a small box. Sakura looked questioningly at him before accepting it. She slowly opened the cover and what she saw inside greatly surprised her.

"The Key!" she exclaimed. "But... but how?!"

His answer was simple. "I found it."

She looked at him, refusing to believe that was all there is to it. "Where? When?"

Syaoran hesitated. He gazed at Sakura, studying her. It was certain that she wouldn't let the subject go that easily without an answer. Because he did not want to worry her, he kept his answer vague.

"When we were about to board our ship..." He paused, recalling what had happened that particular day. He didn't bother to tell Sakura everything, ashamed of the recklessness in his actions. "Takami went after me when he realized I was not with you guys."

She remained silent and he didn't know how to interpret her unresponsiveness. Thinking that she didn't believe a word he said, he began elaborating on his story when to his surprise, he suddenly found himself in her arms.

"Arigatou!" she exclaimed gratefully.

Syaoran blushed deep red. "I-It was nothing."

Sakura looked up at him, smiling in open admiration. He couldn't help but smile in return. It was a rare smile and Sakura knew it. "You know what, Li-kun... You should smile more often," she remarked teasingly.

He blushed again and looked away. Sakura couldn't help but smile at this.

Syaoran managed to bring himself to look at her again and said, "I'll walk you home..." Unsure, he added nervously, "...Sakura."

Her eyes widened in surprise, a faint blush forming on her cheeks. A shy smile made its way to her lips. She took his left hand and entwined her fingers with his'.

"Sure..." she smiled contentedly. "Syaoran-kun."

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