~ Comfort in Your Arms ~

Author: Rekino

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Story: Jasmine now lives in the castle and is tired of all the boring high-class stuff. Kree and Filli are gone, not literally. {Sorry. I felt no need of including them in this fic. I'm acting like they don't exist. I have nothing against them but there's no point in having them.} Jasmine escapes the palace one night only to be caught by the person she least expected...

Moonlight Escape

Jasmine sighed and breathed in some of the cool night air, which did her some good. It stopped her from thinking for a moment. Sneaking out really wasn't what she liked to do, but she certainly did have the skill for it. After all, she was raised in a forest.

Being branded as one of the King's most favoured companions was very hard to live by, especially when it was true.

Having many people look up to her, Jasmine became very stressed, maybe because she wasn't used to the attention or so Barda said. But Lief knew Jasmine better than anyone and he also knew that the forest girl didn't like it here but she had always said she was okay, maybe hiding her loneliness from someone... maybe from Lief himself. The emerald eyed girl finally had enough of the people calling her Lady Jasmine when a servant had asked for her autograph. Being her naive, quick to make rash decisions self, Jasmine had just looked ready to explode, but stomped off to her room instead. All this high-class people, clothes, titles and food... well maybe the food was an exception, were too much.

She looked down and frowned. Wasn't it just great that her room was very up high from the ground? Frowning again, she noticed that some of her black curls were rolling off her shoulder but made no movement to push it away. She delicately thought over her plan. First, she'd climb down or rather jump down into the garden below and second, run up to the wall while trying to avoid any guards that might appear and jump to the other side of the it. That seemed easy enough, except she hasn't worked out what to do after that.

The moon was covered by the hazy grey clouds. It's glow not having any effect on the places below. Jasmine thought it was the best time to act since it would be too hard for the guards to see without the moonlight. The forest girl breathed in a quick breath and dismissed most of her thoughts for later. After taking another look down, she leaped from her window still to the bottom of the courtyard, hoping against all hope that she'd land on something or somewhere soft... and she did.

The moonlight appeared once again from behind the clouds as if sensing the need for the light to be present, illuminating the beautiful garden and making it clear that Jasmine had landed right in the arms of a certain black haired boy with shining hazel eyes and a gorgeous playful smile plastered on his face.

To be continued...

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