A week had passed. After doing some secondary diagnostics, the Doctor had realized that all they could do was wait until the TARDIS recharged. Meanwhile, they had had to make themselves busy, as well as finding money for parking their spaceship. So they took the first job they could find: they became bartenders at the cantina.

"This is humiliating!" Rose complained for the thousandth time that day, as she reached over to pour a glowing blue drink for a customer sitting at the bar. The Doctor spun around to look at her. In the past week, he had fully embraced his new job, and wore a big, dumb smile on his face. He had also adapted his outfit from a pinstripe suit to what he imagined a bartender should wear: black pants, a crisp white shirt, a red vest, and a black bow tie.

"I don't know what you mean. This is brilliant!" He said in response, while he poured about seven drinks simultaneously. As he delivered them and picked up some of the tips thrown on the counter, he hear the bell above the door ring. It opened, and he saw four shapes silhouetted against the sun. The door closed, and he could see that the shapes were two droids, an old man, and a younger man, who was about Rose's age.

Rose walked up to where the group stood. "I'm sorry loves, but droids aren't allowed in here. They'll have to wait outside." The older fellow nodded, and the young man ushered the droids outside. The Doctor poured them both drinks, and the old man put some money on the counter.

"Do you know if there are any fast pilots here? We need to be somewhere in a hurry." He said to the Doctor. Rose, who was listening on the conversation, jerked her head at Han, who was sat at a table, his feet on its surface.

"That's Han Solo. If you're willing to pay, he'll be more than happy to take you wherever you need to go." She said, pointing more specifically at Han himself.

The man nodded his thanks, then turned to walk towards Han when he was stopped by a commotion occurring between his companion and two other cantina patrons.

"YOU'LL BE DEAD!" boomed one of those patrons, and the old man tried to intervene calmly. The other patron drew a blaster from the holster on his hip.

"No blasters!" The Doctor shouted, before ducking behind the counter with Rose. While he was hiding, he couldn't see what happened. He did however, hear a sudden gasp, followed by a faint humming. When he stood up, he saw the old man, holding a weapon made of what appeared to be pure light. On the floor next to him lay the hand of the patron who had drawn the blaster.