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"HAPPY BIRTHDAY HARRY!" everyone in the Weasley household greeted the now seventeen year old raven haired emerald eyes boy. no young man. He smiled as each family member shook his hand, slapped his back or hugged him in greeting.

"Happy birthday, Harry!" Ron, his best friend, smiled as he gave him his present.

"You shouldn't have," Harry said as he opened the gift. In it was a pair of quidditch gloves he was admiring the previous day at Daigon alley. He wanted to buy them but they ran out of time. Now someone had beaten him to it. "Thanks Ron!" Harry said ecstatically as he hugged his friend.

"Geroff me," Ron said playfully as he pushed him away. "Save those hugs for someone else," smiling evilly, Ron looked at the staircase expecting someone to come down.

"Whaat?" Harry eyed Ron suspiciously and then looked at the staircase with him.

"Hey! We're missing someone!" Fred announced as he looked around.

"Hermoine's not yet here," Ron said. But Harry could hear the regret in his voice. Smiling at the implication, Harry wore the gloves and counted the people there.

Mr. And Mrs. Weasley, Percy, Fred, George, Ron and. and. now he knew who was missing and sighed deeply and cursed himself. How could he miss that? He really should tell her. But the thought of six brothers ganging up on him if he made a mistake haunted him.

"What am I going to do?" Ginny paced back and forth in her room trying to think of her movements. He had been up since the crack of dawn but she was nervous as hell. In her hand was a small box wrapped and tied with a golden bow. She had purchased the item yesterday at Daigon alley but she couldn't bring herself to give it to him.

What if he didn't like it? she asked herself. Actually she had asked the shopkeeper the same question.


Ginny wondered what gift she should give to the boy-that-lived. She wanted it to be nice for it was his last year at Hogwarts and she was afraid she would never see him again. At least if she gave him a wonderful gift he may remember her. But she really doubted that he noticed her anyway. Just the usual "Hi Ginny," or "Hello," but he never seemed to notice her more that "his best friend's sister."

Every year it had been difficult for her to face him. From the time at King's Cross she had a crush on him. When he saved her at the Chamber of Secrets her admiration turned to attraction and along the years it had became affection. But did he. could he. return her love? It has been gnawing away her heart just to think about it.

Why would he love her? She had a lot of reasons to love him. (Okay, him being nice, brave and looked like Mr. Hard body helped a bit. But he rarely shows it off and his robes hid it well.) She on the other hand was.

She looked at her reflection in a shop's window and examined herself. During the years, and puberty, she had grown into a beautiful young woman with, as Hermoine said before, a body to die for. Her long auburn hair was tied into a ponytail to keep it from her face. Either than physical features, she can't see anything he would like about her.

Her mind was made up. First she should give him a gift then she would see where it would lead. If it would lead anywhere.

She looked at the quidditch supply store and found him and her brother inside. Obviously she knew her brother would buy whatever he saw he needed. Scratch that one out. Should she buy him a book? Nah! It should be personal. But what?

Her eye caught a small shop that displayed different curiosities. Most of them are intricate and lovely. Most of them were elegant. She couldn't afford any of those even if she saved for. forever. She sulked but the items were so enticing that she decided it wouldn't hurt to look.

"The Lion's Heart," Ginny read the sign as she entered. Funny name for a curiosity shop. It sounded a lot more like a pub than a shop. As she entered the shop, she had fought greatly not to squeal.

Lovely wouldn't fill the words she have for the place. Each shelf was filled with elegance that would even impress Royalty.

"If it is not elegant we do not have it," Ginny smiled at herself at her self-made motto. Maybe she could give it to the owner in exchange for a gift to Harry? She dismissed the thought easily. Why one item here could empty the family's bank account at Gringotts.

Elegant statues of gentlemen, ladies, witches wizards, angels, mythical creatures filled every corner. There are also some clocks and watches, jewelries brooches and many others. It seemed that no one usually enters this shop.

At the counter, Ginny saw something different. A light green stuffed animal sat near the register. It looked like a cub of a lion or a fox, maybe a cross between them. It had a ruby on its forehead and its eyelids were closed. As she neared it she saw that it came knee high if it was placed on the ground.

"How cute," Ginny sighed and began stroking its fur. After a while she noticed something shaking within the toy. Like a rhythmic sound similar when she stroked Crookshanks. Suddenly it purred.

Ginny gave a yelp of surprise and withdrew her hand. Looking at the creature, she found its obsidian eyes looking back at her. It looked lovingly at her and jumped into her arms, stroking herself on the young witch.

"She likes you," a man from behind the counter said as placed a box on the counter top.

"She?" Ginny was still flabbergasted. She did not know what kind of creature it was but it seemed friendly enough. Suddenly she realized that she was not alone. She looked at the proprietor fearing a wrath but it never came. His amethyst eyes were filled with amusement. His dark brown hair was. she couldn't believe it. Ginny's hair was about the length of her waist and his was longer. tied in a single braid no less. He seemed young, at least looked like a newly graduate or three years older than her. He had and angelic face and his smile was not helping. Her thoughts were distracted as the creature snuggled on her chest.

"Her name's Carbuncle III," he said as he went over her.

"Carbuncle?" she asked. Carbuncle looked at her happily as she heard her call her.

"Carby?" the man called and with a sad look on her face, Carbuncle once again sat on the counter. Smiling, he turned back to her.

"Now, my lady, what can I do for you?" he asked. Ginny looked at him. He was taller than her brother Ron, who already stood at six feet one. He was not wearing a wizard's robe but some kind of uniform that had an air of authority. The jacket was closed and up to his waist and met the hem of his pants, not truly covering it. It really looked good on him, she wondered if Harry would look good with. Focus Ginny, Focus!

"I was just browsing around," she shyly said.

"My lady, no one just browses along my shop," his smile was genuine. "Everyone who comes here has a purpose and you have one."

"Well." she blushed. She never wanted to offend him but it seemed that it did not matter. "I am searching for a gift for my friend."

"He must be special," the shopkeeper smiled.

"How did you know my friend is a he?" she did not have a chance to be baffled for the man was already talking.

"Lucky guess," he smiled. "A gift from the heart for a special someone is worth more than all the Galleons in Gringotts." Ginny's face fell as he said those words.

"I don't think I can afford anything here," she sighed.

"Just because it is elegant does not mean it would not be worth your while," he said. "Tell me about your friend."

"Well." she started. "I had a crush on Harry since before I was in Hogwarts. And."

"And it developed during time," he said sincerely. Ginny nodded once and blushed. She continued on with her story until the part of her choosing a gift for him.

"I don't know what gift will make Harry Potter remember me," sighing, Ginny came over the counter, giving Carbuncle a scratch on the head. At the mention of the boy's name, the shopkeeper frowned and suddenly smiled.

"I have the perfect gift. One would even be beneficial when you give it to him," he ducked form the counter and came up with a dusty box. Blowing off the dust, he gave it to the sixteen year old who looked at it skeptically.

"What is it?" she asked. Instead of answering, the keeper gave Ginny the box and it magically had already gift-wrapping and a ribbon.

"A very nice gift," he said. "Let him open it. And he doesn't like it, we'll find another one."

Reluctantly, she took the box. "How much?" the shopkeeper shook his head and smiled.

"Let's see how he likes it first."

"I don't know," Ginny was nervous. The episode with a certain journal etched her mind. Doubt covered her judgment.

"Trust me as Carbuncle trusted you," he said. Carbuncle had a happy face that Ginny can't deny her. Thanking the man, she exited the shop vowing to return. Carbuncle looked at the retreating witch with sad eyes.

"Don't worry, you'll se her again." With that, Carbuncle purred happily.


It's now or never, Ginny said as she went down the stairs to meet the birthday boy. Please let it not be cursed. She prayed that it will not do him harm than good.

"Oh, Ginny!" her heart stopped as she heard his voice. Harry was smiling at her, adjusting his glasses. With a final sigh, she took a deep breath and gathered what remained of her nerves.

"Happy birthday, Harry!" she greeted with a smile. Now before you loose it, she gave Harry her gift, expecting him to take it.

"Thanks Ginny," Harry smiled at her. Oh that smile! Ginny almost melted right there and then. She noticed the looks on the twins and cringed. I won't be hearing the last of this. Her mom was smiling at her proudly. This should be worth it, she prayed.

"Oh. my. God," Harry said slowly as her gift shocked him. Oh, no, she cringed, waiting for the blow. "It's Beautiful!" Ginny slowly opened her eyes she never noticed she had shut in fear. She now looked at her gift to him and it was beautiful.

It was a golden pocket watch with a golden chain. But what caught her attention was the carving on its cover were the letters J H and L in a triangle what seemed like resting on top of another.

"Wow Gin! Where did you get that?" Ron said impressed by her gift.

"Here and there," she said. She felt her ands shaking in anticipation. As Harry opened the cover partly and the soft tingle of music floated into the air.

"A musical watch!" Mr. Weasley exclaimed as he neared to have a closer look.

"Bloody brilliant!" Ron exclaimed. Ginny was feeling happy for herself. So far the shopkeeper was right.

"Thanks G." Harry's face, once filled with happiness was now filled with surprise and almost. pure happiness. The cover was full opened and Harry was staring at its contents. Looking bewildered, Ginny peeked at the watch to see what made him that way.

To her own surprise, and to the amazement to the rest, she now knew why it had been special. She saw behind the cover as a picture of three people; James, little Harry and Lily Potter were smiled and waving back at them. The inscription blew her away.

In each of our hearts forever. Harry was close to tears as he looked at the youngest Weasley.

"Ginny, I don't. how. where." Ginny suddenly felt his arms around her and his head on her shoulder.

"Thank you Ginny," he said. She could feel his tears on her shoulder but didn't mind. She caressed his hair to comfort him but she really needed the comfort herself. "This is the best gift I ever had," he whispered in her ear.

Ginny smiled as she still caressed his head. If she did not have the shopkeeper's warning, she would have fainted. She rested her head on top of his and sighed

And this, Harry Potter, is the best gift you have given me, she smiled wickedly inside. Yet.

Questions that formed in her head were ignored for the moment. All she wanted to do was relish the experience and hold him in his arms.

End chapter 1

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