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Fourteen years later
Two eleven-year-old redheads walked along Diagon Alley to find a perfect gift.

They searched through every shop but didn't find what they were looking for.

"Face it Jamie. We won't find anything for my dad," one of them sighed.

"Come one, Lily. There's got to be something for my dear uncle," Jamie said. Both girls were beautiful and radiant. Strangely, they looked alike even though they are first cousins. The only difference between them was their eyes. Lilly had green eyes and Jamie had brown. But at first glance you may take them as twins.

"Let's try this shop," Jamie said as she pulled Lily into an elegant curiosity shop.

"I don't think we could afford these," Lily said as she saw the elegant and beautiful curiosities around the shop.

"But we don't have a gift yet," Jamie sighed. But her eyes grew as she saw something behind the counter.

"Jamie? Why are you so quiet all of a sudden," Lily turned and saw why. On the counter, with his legs dangling was a boy their age smiling at them.

"Hello," he said as he jumped off and landed in front of them. "May I help you, my ladies?" he asked. Jamie and Lily blushed as the boy called them ladies. That and the fact that they thought that he were cute.

The boy had hair that was longer than theirs. It was odd but his hair had a combination of blue, black and brown. His eyes entranced them for it was unique. His left eye was dark blue while his right, was violet.

Both girls stared at him while the boy tried to figure out what was wrong.

"Hi," they both said shyly. The boy smiled and kissed their hands. A gesture only made by gentlemen to ladies.

"What is your pleasure, my ladies," he asked.

"You," Jamie said but Lily elbowed her side.

"We're looking for a gift for my father," she said.

"Could you tell me about your father?" he asked.

"Well," Lily thought for a moment before answering. "His name is Harry Potter."

The boy smiled upon hearing the name. He immediately went back to the counter and gave the girl a box already wrapped.

"He'll love that," he said. They didn't know the reason but they trusted him.

"But what is it?" Jamie asked, curious about the gift.

"It's a surprise," he said.

"We may not be able to pay for it," Lily said worriedly but the boy smiled at them.

"You already have with your smiles," the boy said making the girls blush.

"How can we pay for it?" Jamie asked.

"I'll consider it paid when you tell me your names and birthdates."

"Why birthdates?" Lily asked.

"It's another surprise," the boy smiled.

"Okay," Jamie smiled. "My name is Jamie Weasley."

"My name is Lily Potter," this caused the boy to look confused.

"We're not twins," Jamie said understanding his confusion.

"We're cousins," Lily said. "Our birthday is on August 5."

"The package is paid," the boy smiled at them. "I hope your father likes it," he told Lily who blushed. "Be careful now," he told Jamie who blushed as well.

As the two girls left, the boy sighed happily and sat on the floor. Wishing he could see them again.

Standing up, he took out his father's log book and wrote the entry.

Watch. Gold. Repaired. Owner, Harry Potter.

The boy took a stamp and inked it. He labeled the entry claimed.

Looking at where the girls were, he smiled. It was seven days before their birthday. He had to go shopping.

End of the beginning .

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