This is just a prologue. I plan on adding a longer chapter tomorrow. I will be using magick as I have learned it from my mother and aunt, though I may add in a few things here and there. I hope you enjoy, feed back is always welcomed, and don't hesitate to ask me something if you're confused!

Alfred had been friends with Ludwig for about two years now. They shared a class freshman year in college that started with twenty students but ended with three. It probably had something to do with the professor, who was a bit of an asshole and did not know how to teach. It wasn't that surprising when the first few dropped out or switched, but it was surprising when more than half the class left.

About halfway through the first semester the remaining five grouped together. That was when the two of them started to get close. When their numbers dwindled to three, that was when they really started to talk, especially since their third only showed up half the time. Even after the course finished they continued to study together.

Come spring, they decided to try rooming together. It was a good match-up for the most part. True, Alfred was messy and often had things he didn't want the other to see and Ludwig could hardly stand the when the other left clothes and books lying around, but they managed. They didn't hate each other, and as both were mainly focusing on their academia and work no one got 'sexiled'. That was always a plus.

Junior year, though, Alfred got a small apartment off-campus with his brother who was attending a nearby university. The only problem with that was Alfred didn't get to see Ludwig as often as he was used to. Sure, they met up two or three times a week to study as was their routine, but still. Alfred didn't like it. He wanted to see the other everyday, like he used to. He wanted to hug him and have movie marathons every night where he could cuddle with the other because they both were terrified of the ghost but neither wanted to admit it. He wanted to be more than just good friends. He wanted to kiss Ludwig and wake up next to him. He definitely wanted to be more than just good friends.