Stone Creations

"Yes! I've finally done it!" exclaimed 19-year old Eleni Dunbar, "After three years of hard work, I've finally created the golems like I found in the books. Finally, I can show my efforts to Huxely."

Eleni had been learning advanced magic for the past four years now. One year into it, she had read a few books on golem creation, hoping to learn how to create the creatures for herself. It had taken one full year to mold the nine muscular bodies of her creations to just the right specification. When they had all been finished, she began to cast the spells necessary to give them life. Once a week for a full two years she had to enchant each golem and imbue them with her power. It was a tiring procedure, but it was all well worth it. Now, the final spell of life had been cast and they were finally done.

The golems began trying to move their fingers and arms, testing their motor functions. Once they saw they could do that, they moved their feet as well. Then, they turned to Eleni, who was standing right in front of them with an excited look on her face for her achievements.

"Now golems, I am your master. You will fight to protect me from my enemies. Go into the basement and wait until I need you to help me out," she ordered.

The golems seemed to nod at their master. Eleni then proceeded to lead them to the basement of Magnus's house. There, they all sat down on the ground, waiting for her to need them.

* * *

When she came back upstairs, she ran into her best friend Sara. The orange-haired woman was standing in the hall, leaning on her staff. She asked Eleni, "So, are your golems finally done? You've been working on those things for three full years now, and I know you're supposed to be finished any week now. Was it today, or sometime in the near future?"

Eleni nodded. "They're waiting in the basement. I don't need them immediately, but if I go out to fight something, I'm going to bring them to help me out. I can't wait to show father and Huxely how good they are, especially for my first ones. I hope to make more of them in the future."

"That's cool Eleni," Sara admitted, "I can't wait to see them fight in a real battle."

"I'm going to test them out tomorrow, once daddy gets back from his latest trip. I want all of my close friends and family there for me while I show them off," Eleni stated.

Sara told her friend, "Well, I'm going off to find Amon and tell him the news. I'll make sure he's there tomorrow to see your golem's first battle. He'll probably be excited too."

Eleni knew all about Sara's crush on their childhood friend. She wasn't jealous one bit, Amon really wasn't her type. The kind of man Eleni wanted would be much braver than Amon, who sometimes got scared about facing danger. He would have a true heart, and be willing to die if he could save his friends. His class would most likely be some sort of fighting class, to compliment Eleni's magic, but he wouldn't be all muscle and no brains. Of course, he would be kind, and not conceited about his abilities one bit. The most important thing was that he needed to be someone who loved Eleni with all his heart. She certainly wasn't going to settle to being his inferior in any way.

Eleni sighed. "If only such a man existed. They say there's no such thing as the perfect man. I would even settle for half of the things on that list. As long as he loved me, and treated me as an equal and not his slave, I'll be ok with any manner he might have."

* * *

The next day, all of her friends were having a picnic in the fields outside of Magnus's house. There was her old nurse - - Sara and Amon's foster mother - - Mimi, the swordsman Dolan, the archer Ferdenan - - whose wounds had prevented him from active duty for nine years now - - her tutor Huxely, and of course, Sara and Amon. They were waiting for Eleni to show off her golems after they'd all eaten a nice lunch that had been made by Sara and Mimi.

When everyone had finished, the golems were brought out from their hiding place in the woods. Eleni ordered them to attack the straw dummies that soldiers used to train. Each one would walk foreword when it was their turn and take a shot at the straw men. It didn't take much effort on the part of the golems to blow them away, spewing straw all over the yard.

"Bravo, Eleni, bravo," called out Huxely, "You have done a great job on those golems."

"You've worked so hard the past three years on them, there was no reason that they shouldn't be good. I hope that you will get a chance to use them in an actual battle someday," Amon commented.

Suddenly, a messenger came running up the hill. He was a young man in his late twenties, with black hair and green eyes. The man seemed out of breath from his long run. Magnus let him catch his breath before speaking, so he could get the message out clearly.

The man stated, "General Magnus, I have urgent news. Hel Spites is summoning all of his top subordinates in the Defense Ministry for a top secret meeting."

Magnus looked at the man. "I will go right away. Eleni, stay here with Mimi and Huxely. This isn't something that concerns you. I'll see all of you later."

* * *

Eleni was bothered all night by what her father had said. He came home for dinner, and didn't say a word to anybody. When Eleni asked him what else the man had said, Magnus had just told her that it was none of her concern. But the girl couldn't shake the feeling that something was going on that would send the very balance of the world out of place.

- - - -

Well, we all know who I was trying to describe in Eleni's vision of the perfect man. Ash, of course. I just love that couple.