Looking Back

Eleni put down her pen after finishing the latest chapter of her memoirs. She wanted to tell the whole world about how hope can get you through any tough time in your life. Since she had been through more trauma and sorrow than most people, it was only fitting that her story be that inspiration.

It had been a harrowing five years since the war had ended. Although bandits and thieves still made trouble for the law-abiding citizens, there was enough help among the army and DSF to keep it down to a minimum. Although that didn't stop corrupt merchants and politicians from making trouble in order to line their own pockets with gold, but human beings could only do so much.

The Enchanter walked into the kitchen, where she began to make a pot of tea for herself. It was a calming tea that Mimi had used when she was young and had nightmares. Now, Eleni used it when she finished remembering an important fact from her past, as it often involved the need to calm herself after thinking about it. But it didn't bother her one bit, since the tea was so good.

Sitting at the table, was Ash, eating his lunch. Eleni smiled, and sat down besides the young Vandalier. Then she took her arm, and intertwined it with his, while they held hands.

Eleni didn't remember the first time she had fallen in love with Ash. It might have been when he showed her concern over her father's disappearance and her situation as a past-less orphan. He had tried to protect her like a big brother, although they were perfect strangers.

Or it could have been when he came barging into the prison to rescue her, Clint, and Amon. That time, the Jailmaster Dumas tried to kill her with his sickle. But Ash had leapt out at him, and stopped the attack before it could hit Eleni. She then finished him off with her Phase Shift spell.

If not those two, it would have to be right after she had discovered her past. When all of the excitement over having Vandal Heart in their possession wore off, Eleni had begun to cry over the loss of her family, and how she failed to save them a second time. Ash had come to her then, and let her cry on his shoulder. She remembered looking into his eyes, and they seemed to tell her that it'd be all right. "Ash," she whispered, "What do you think will happen next? Nobody knows what the future holds for anyone. But can you see a light at the end of the tunnel, or only infinite darkness?"

"I believe we're already at that light. We've defeated all of our enemies, and can live in peace from now on. I've returned from my long journey after being thrust into the portal, and we're together once again. What more can we ask for?" he inquired.

Eleni could not come up with an answer for her beloved. She just looked into his eyes and smiled. They stayed like that until the tea water boiled. Then, she had to pour it into her teacup. The young woman offered some to Ash, who accepted graciously.

Suddenly, a sound was heard from the nursery. When Eleni went to check inside, she saw that the twins had woken up from their nap. She picked up their daughter while Ash tended to their son.

Eleni asked, "What's the matter Leena? Don't worry, mommy's here now. I'll take care of you sweetheart. Mommy's never going to go anywhere." She walked over to the changing table to put her daughter in a fresh diaper. Instantly, the child quieted down. Then, Ash did the same thing with their son, Ken. When both children were changed, their parents walked them into the kitchen for their lunch.

Eleni looked at Ash. "It's a good thing that we're both home at this time. Every time one of us has something to do, it is pure chaos while the other tries to take care of two babies."

"Yeah, but it's worth it," Ash replied, "I wouldn't trade the life we live now for the world."

"Me too Ash, me too," Eleni replied.

- - - -

You know what, I can't figure out what to say next. That's why this last chapter is so short, I'd rather have a brief ending than ramble on about nothing just to get a thousand words in. Well, here's the thank yous. First, to Konami for making this game. Then, to the creators of Slayers, Ruin Explorers, Dirty Pair, and Inu Yasha since I listened to some of their theme songs while typing. Finally, to my best friend Dan for inspiring me to play this game in the first place.