A/N: I read a fic. I rewatched the movie. Now I'm writing my own fanfic for it. This takes places years later after the movie, so everyone will be older. Not very long for the first chapter.

"But Mom! I don't wanna go to Military School!" came a whine from the backseat of a green Sedan. The car was driving through the mud as the rain poured around them. Inside were three people having a conversation. A lean muscular man in a soldier's uniform with red hair, an African-American woman in a white shirt and blue jeans, and a little chubby boy around 12 years old. He had his father's hair color and his mother's skin tone. He was wearing a blue T-shirt with some kind of superhero flying on it and beige shorts with white sneakers.

"It won't be forever." said Clara, the mother. "Besides, you need to be more active in this time of your life, Trevor."

"And you can't do that by sitting in your room all day reading comics and playing those fantasy card games." said Bill, the father.

"I like my comics and card games." Trevor grumbled while crossing his arms. "And why this place anyway? It's in the middle of nowhere!"

"The Colonel who runs the school is an old friend of mine." Bill explained with a smile. "I think he believes that if a soldier can endure harsh environments, they can handle anything."

"I'm gonna die out here!" Trevor whined.

"You are not going to die out here!" Clara told him.

"Your mother's right. You may feel your muscles burn from all the exercise, but you won't die." said Bill. Trevor only sunk farther into his seat with a pout on his lips, which didn't go unnoticed by Bill when he checked the rear-view mirror. "Don't give me that look. I know that look."

"What look?" Trevor grumbled.

"That look you always give us when you hate something you haven't even tried." Clara spoke up. "We're not having it. You're going to Military School, and that's final."

"I haven't heard one thing about this place that I'd even remotely like." Trevor groaned.

"That's because you've never tried anything outside of your card games and comics." Bill countered. "I bet after a month, you'll be as fit as I am." Trevor looked away with a scowl, causing Clara to sigh. "Besides, I heard that in a few months, his school will be fighting against their rival school in an annual volleyball game."

"And what kind of school is the rival? Another Military School?" Trevor asked.

"I don't remember the name, but I hear that it's an all girl Finishing School." Bill explained.

"All girl?" Trevor asked with wide eyes, making Bill smirk.

"Oh? Interested now?" he asked with a chuckle. "That's right. All girls. And you could face them in volleyball-"

"Okay! That's enough talk about that." Clara said, noticing the small smile on both Trevor's and Bill's faces. "How about we get him there first?"

"Right." Bill laughed before looking back at Trevor. "Trust me, son," he said as Trevor looked straight ahead. "You're gonna love this place."

"LOOK OUT!" Trevor shouted while pointing ahead. Both adults looked to see a figure stumble into the road.

"SHIT!" Bill cursed as he steered away. The car swerved, but not enough to miss whatever was in the road. Clara covered his face with her hands and screamed while Trevor watched as their car gave the figure a glancing blow and fall in the mud before the car finally stopped. Trevor only stared in shock while Clara was beginning to hyperventilate.

"Oh shit! Shit! What'd you hit?! Is it dead? Oh shit!" Clara panted as she looked out the window.

"Calm down." Bill said as he began to scramble for the flashlight in the glovebox. He found it and flipped it on before opening his door and stepping out. "I'll go see what that was." he said before closing the door and walking through the rain towards figure. "Hey! You alright?!" he yelled as he got closer. His flashlight light up the body of a man lying face down in the mud. He was pale with shoulder length blonde and red hair with mud mixed in. He didn't move and was stark naked. "Oh no!" whispered Bill before he ran over and checked for a pulse. He felt relief when he found one before turning the man over. He looked to around 16 years old, thin but well built, and some bandages covering his right eye. "Clara! You have your phone?!" he yelled.

"Yeah! Is he okay?!" she yelled back.

"He's alive, but he's not moving! Call an ambulance!" Bill shouted.

"Call an ambulance." came a monotone voice. Bill looked down to see the man's visible eye was open and staring blankly into the raining skies.

"He's awake!" Bill shouted to Clara. Clara sighed with a smile before taking out her phone. She was in mid-dial before she heard the backseat car door open.

"Trevor?" she said before turning to see Trevor closing the door with an umbrella open above his head. "Trevor! Get back inside!" she yelled as Trevor ran towards his father.

"Is he hurt?" Trevor asked his father, who looked back in surprise.

"What are you doing? Get back to the car!" Bill ordered.

"Get back to the car." the man repeated as he slowly sat up, that same blank stare on his face.

"He's naked!" Trevor shouted in shock.

"Trevor! Don't stare at the naked man and get him a towel!" Bill ordered while pointing at the car.

"Towel." the man repeated while mimicking Bill's actions by pointing his own finger at the car. Trevor nodded before running towards the car, where his mother was now explaining what was happening to the hospital.

"Young man, are you okay?" Bill asked.

"Are you okay?" he repeated. Bill gave a worried and annoyed look before standing and holding his hand out. The man simply stared at the hand before Bill told him to take it. The man looked down at his own hand in confusion before spotting the mud inside and squeezed it, making a squishing sound as the mud flew out. He blinked before picking up more mud and squishing that glob between his fingers. He went for a third time before Bill reached down and pulled him up by his arm.

"Look, I need to know if you're hurt." Bill told him. The man only stared at Bill with his head slightly tilted.

"I got you a towel." said Trevor as he ran up to them. Bill took the towel and wrapped it around the man's waist before leading them all towards the car.

"Trevor, buckle him in." Bill told his son as he got in his own seat up front. "Did you call the hospital?" he asked Clara.

"No good. No reception out here." Clara informed him. "What do we do now?"

"Well we can't leave him out here. Especially like...that." said Bill as he gestured to the man, who was now buckled up and staring at nothing. "He'll catch his death in this weather. We'll take him with us, and maybe the Colonel will let us use a phone to call his family."

"Alright. But let's hurry. He's starting to creep me out." Clara whispered the last part while casting a side glance at the man, who just stared ahead. The car started before they continued on towards their destination.

"Hey. My name's Trevor." said Trevor. "What's yours?" The man said nothing as he stared ahead. "Uh, hello? Earth to naked man." Trevor called before poking the man in the arm. The man slowly turned his head towards Trevor before staring right at him, a flash of lightning streaking across the sky outside his window behind his head, followed by a crack of thunder. Trevor jumped back at the sight as the man continued to stare while lifting his arm towards him. "Ummm..." Trevor got out before the man took his finger and poked Trevor's arm.

"Earth to naked man." the man repeated.

"Are you copying me?" Trevor asked.

"Copying." the man said.

"Why's he just copying him?" Clara asked.

"He was repeating some of the things I yelled to you earlier." Bill explained. "I think that hit might have damaged his mind."

"So all he can do is whatever we do?" Trevor asked while holding his hand up and flexing his fingers. "He's like a mimic."

"Mimic." the man repeated while flexing his own fingers.

"Yeah. A mimic. A guy that does what others do." Trevor explained.

"Mimic." the man repeated in a slight lighter tone. "Mimic!"

"I think he likes that name." Trevor laughed.

"Mimic. Mimic. Mimic." the man began to repeat with his own smile.

"Well, at least we know what to call him." Clara sighed. "So then, Mimic. Where are you from?" The smile and words dropped as Mimic just blankly stared at her. "And we're back to the silent treatment." she said with a shake of her head.

"You seem to be able to get him to talk. Why don't you ask him, Trevor?" Bill suggested.

"Okay." Trevor replied before looking at Mimic. "Where do you live?"

"Live?" was Mimic's response.

"Yeah. Your home. Where'd you come from?" Trevor asked.

"Home?" Mimic repeated.

"You don't know where your home is?" Trevor asked.

"Let's just...save the questions for when we get there." Bill said. His family nodded as the car drove on in silence. It was about five minutes later before they arrived at the front gate of Calloway's Military School.

"Here we are." Bill said with a smile as he looked back at Trevor. "Well? What do you think?" he asked his son. Trevor didn't notice he was being spoken to since he was staring at something else. "Trevor?"

"What's...that place?" Trevor asked with his finger pointing further down the road. Bill, Clara, and Mimic all looked to see what appeared to be another building, but in shambles. "Is that the all girl's school?"

"Maybe it closed down?" Clara said with a shrug.

"We'll just have to ask the Colonel about the surrounding area when we meet him." said Bill.