So a user by the name of "Going to enjoy this" is literally harassing me. This is my only fanfic, and I've never had this problem. The person writes twisted entries about Mark Salling and Cory Montieth that kind of scare me, and they've been leaving odd reviews on my story, trying to make readers think that I've been harassing them and literally gas lighting me, and saying that I'm the one being hateful toward characters, when they wrote a graphic entry that's not even a story, about brutally killing Puck off. Yes, I left a review on one of their "stories", simply telling them that we're not just going to exclude Puck, but they retaliated by trolling me. It's probably a 13 year old girl, and people are saying ignore it, but this person seems to have more than one account, and I can't remove their "well worded", fake reviews, because I don't get notified when they've left one. If you see the account, please report them, because I'm not the only one they've been harassing. I really hope you understand how much this could shake up a writer.

Thank you.