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The New Recruits


The Auror office is in mourning today after one of their own, Emmeline Vance, was killed in an altercation with ten men dressed in masks resembling those of the followers of He-Who-Must-Not-Be-Named.

Amelia Bones, Depute Head of the DMLE was also injured in the attack, which left five muggles dead, and the Tower Bridge in London severely damaged. Several muggles are in St. Mungos right now being treated for exposure to dark magic. (Byron Mclaggen, Head of the Statute Security Squad assures us they will be obliviated upon recovery).

Damage was further caused along the south bank of the Thames by a cyclone that pulled dozens of other muggles out of the river, flooding many of the buildings and further damaging the bridge.

Several of the Wizarding community were on hand for the attacks and say that while the dark magic was released by the presumed Death Eaters, most of the heavy damage spells (such as the cyclone) were launched by two vigilantes (pictured above). The blur visible in the camera points to a very strong glamour cast over their faces. (It should be noted that the wear the same uniforms as those seen at the battle in the Department of Mysteries earlier this month. The DMLE suspects that it was a pre-planned duel between these two factions that led to the deaths and the collapse of the bridge.

"It is terribly irresponsible," Auror Dawkins told us. "To be instigating things like this with tensions already running high. Let the aurors handle it."

One source though, claiming to be an Auror, but asking to remain anonymous, send us an owl to the contrary.

"This was a terrorist attack," it read. "Planned only by the Death Eaters. Had those two witches not intervened, the loss of life and infrastructure damage would have been far higher I owe my life to them."

The source's identity though has yet to be confirmed, and Minister Elect, Rufus Scrimgeour, has renounced the account.

"They are right that these are terrorists," he said. "I can't confirm or deny the evidence that it was a planned duel, except to say that both parties appeared at precisely the same time, suggesting some prior knowledge on these vigilantes part. To that end I'd ask them to cooperate with the Ministry. We need a concentrated effort led by the Auror office, in whom I have absolute faith. If they have some way of predicting these attacks, we need to know. And they need to cease their current attempts at fighting. The kinds of spell work we saw yesterday cause high damages, complicated clean-ups for our obliviators, and loss of life for Aurors caught in the crossfire. Only the ministry has the resources to fight these criminals efficiently. And I would heavily warn against anyone attempting to help by challenging these Death Eaters on their own. It is only a strong Ministry that will be able to do the job…"

(The Daily Prophet, June 29th)

"Let's begin by welcoming our newest members," Dumbledore's voice crackled through the extendible ear. Harry, Ginny, Neville, and Ron all leaned closer to it, and Ginny pulled Fred and George's newest upgrade – a fleshy screen dubbed the extendible eyes – closer as well.

"This angle sucks," Ron frowned, squinting at the low-resolution image projected on the screen. They could only see the view as it was from the crack beneath the door – so really only the backs of the Order were visible, as well as Dumbledore – standing across the table from their extendible eye. It was a further annoyance that the Extendible ear seemed to lag three seconds behind the visual.

"We're working on it," Fred had insisted when he'd gifted it to them ahead of the meeting this morning.

"You can't rush genius," George had added.

"I still don't understand what makes them qualified and me not," Ginny fumed, spotting Fred and George standing as Dumbledore introduced them and their contribution to the Order's efforts. "I'm a knight, after all."

"And I'm the Chosen One," Harry muttered.

"Can it would you," Ron ordered the two of them. "I can't hear."

"Don't worry," Neville whispered to them. "You'll still get to go on missions, I bet." He swallowed. "I asked Mom and Dad to train me over the summer, I thought they'd say no… but Mum agreed right away and not even Gran protested too much." His hand went to his brand-new, cherry-and-unicorn-hair wand in his left pocket. "I think they need everyone we have."

"Wonder if Sirius would train me then?" Harry wondered. Probably, he reasoned. Sirius and Remus had tried to keep the brewing war from overtaking the household. And in truth, though the first two weeks of summer had been the happiest weeks of Harry's life, their effort would never have worked. Harry still had The Daily Prophet delivered to him every morning. He'd begun pinning up articles and obituaries on his walls. Only of those people he knew or knew of. He'd seen Remus taping up whole pages in his study.

"Shhh!" Ron said again, though they were all quiet now. The noise in the meeting room had risen to a clamour as the final new members were introduced.

Haruka shook her head at the obvious eyeball whizzing around near the bottom of the doorframe.

"Finally we have Haruka Tenoh and Michiru Kaioh, recent Hogwarts graduates like these others, yes, from Slytherin," Dumbledore said as the whispers around the room picked up.

Now I know why Morgana opted out of this, Michiru thought. She ignored some of the Order who shot her suspicious glances and focused on Setsuna, who was beside them, her eyes on Dumbledore.

He'd already spoken with the three of them about the Bridge, about how it might seem suspicious to more than just the ministry for them to appear and disappear from the sites of attacks so quickly.

"Then let's bring the battle to their turf," Haruka had argued. "Start hitting them back and then they won't have time to wonder if we can predict their movements."

"I'd heavily advise against that," Dumbledore had cautioned, looking at them over the top of his spectacles. "The Death Eaters have resources we cannot possibly imagine, and we've no way of knowing which of them are under the imperius, as before, and which are truly on Voldemort's side."

"Then we need to find out more about their plans," Michiru'd argued. "Get someone on the inside."

"Someone already is," Dumbledore had confided. "And that is the other reason I need you to be more careful with how you respond to these attacks. It could be very dangerous for our friend on the inside if Voldemort begins to suspect he's being watched."


Muggle-Baiting Tops 1970's Highs!

Following a rash of muggle-baiting incidents across the country this weekend, ending with the mob of hooded witches and wizards in Cornwall that saw two muggles killed and dozens hospitalized, the Ministry is unhappy to report that Muggle Baiting incidents for this year have reached 253 topping the record of 248 recorded in 1979!

Most concerning is that muggles at the scenes of the incidents, before their memories were wiped, report that the instigators seem to be primarily youths. Does this mean Voldemort has a fresh bracket of support amongst Britain's impressionable young wizards? And will the echos of these incidents ring through the conversations in Hogwarts halls come September?

(The Quibbler, July 10th)

In the days following the newest of Hogwarts graduates and, indeed, even older students quietly receiving the masks and marks of the Dark Lord's followers, and the drama of one, particular first mission assignment, Severus Snape had expected a visit of some sort from one of his oldest friends amongst pureblood society.

He did not, however, expect she and her rather more distasteful sister to appear on his doorstep barely ten hours after Draco had been given his assignment.

"I cannot change the Dark Lord's mind," he told the haggard looking Narcissa Malfoy as her sister paced around them both. Bella never had thought well of him. Or perhaps she simply disapproved of how much favour the Dark Lord granted him.

She always has been disturbingly keen on his attention, Severus thought as he pondered Narcissa's, or rather her son's dilemma.

Given what I am already doing, Severus sighed, If it came to it, he supposed he could reveal his true side if Draco truly needed saving. "But it might be possible for me to help Draco."

Narcissa gasped a little, the hope on her face reeked of desperation. "Severus…"

"Swear to it," Bellatrix interrupted, her voice a high, childlike whisper. "Make the Unbreakable Vow…"

Severus returned her crooked smile with an impassive face as she approached him. She was no Legilimens. She was fooling herself if she thought any brand of her intimidation could break him.

"It's just empty words," Bellatrix crooned as she walked around him. "He'll give it his best effort – like with this potion he's promised me – but when it matters most…" She leaned in close to his ear. "He'll just slither back into his hole." She huffed and pulled away, sighing: "Coward."

It was years of practice schooling his face to the likes of Sirius Black and James Potter that kept him from showing his rage. He had beaten the Death Eaters many times at their games, once more was mere child's play.

"Take out your wand," he told her.

I will help Draco anyway I can, Severus thought. And if I can't…then this will kill me before they can extract any of the Order's secrets.

Imagine if Bella knew she'd just granted me a boon, Severus thought wryly.

Though he could not help the brief moment of panic when Narcissa grasped his arm, and the golden chain of the spell wound around their joined hands. It burned with the intensity of the dark mark. He winced.

"Will you, Severus Snape," Bellatrix began. "Watch over Draco Malfoy as he attempts to fulfil the Dark Lord's wishes?"

"I will."

"And will you – to the best of your ability – protect him from harm?"

"I will."

Bellatrix smirked. "And," she whispered, walking up to him as the binding magic of the spell continued to burn. "If Draco should fail: will you, yourself carry out the deeds the Dark Lord has ordered Draco to perform?"

Severus took a breath, focusing on Narcissa's hopeful face. The one deed was not so much a hassle, but second…

"I will."

Bellatrix giggled. "And finally – will you procure that potion for me."

He glared at her. "I will," he said.

Bella had bitten her lip between her teeth, she sucked in an excited breath. "That'll do." She ended the spell, and Severus let go of Narcissa's wrist, shaking out his hand.

"You needn't have added the last," He told her. "The Dark Lord knows this is a highly volatile brew and the last of its ingredients, I'm sure you're aware, is delicate to procure."

"As long as I have it before the fortnight's end," Bellatrix sang. "Can't be letting you keep it all for yourself,"

Severus rolled his eyes. "You'll have it a week."


That summer saw the senshi's homes warded with the best protections the Japanese ministry could offer, and in the early weeks of summer, it was easy to put the problems of the Wix in Britain aside. Their friends made it frustratingly easy, avoiding any mention of anything at all dark or violent in their letters. And Haruka's, Setsuna's, and Michiru's letters were the worst of the lot.

"They don't tell me anything." Hotaru complained as she helped Rei sweep the porch. With her mothers in Britain helping the Order, Hotaru was spending the summer with her father. She didn't mind very much at all – she was finding out so many, many things about him that she'd never known when she'd been young. Like the fact that they both liked their eggs the same way, they both signed their names with the same stylistic flare on the characters, and both of them liked the same classical composers. When he wasn't at work building the new Mugen Academy, she'd been enjoying showing him how many of those classical scores she could play now. She was not anywhere near as good with the violin as Michiru was, but it delighted her father all the same.

Still, today was one of the many days he was at work: setting up the Academy for its re-opening. And while it was nice of the inner senshi to entertain her, as Rei had by asking for her help today, she was feeling more than a bit like she was being baby sat.

"They have to have told you some things," Rei shrugged. "Or maybe the Death Eaters just aren't as active now."

"Yeah right," Hotaru scowled. "Evil doesn't take summer vacations." Rei held a hand to her mouth to stifle her laugh.

"They write you nearly every day Hotaru. Or they call. Didn't they say they'll be visiting soon?"

"Yeah, but that's not for like…a month." Hotaru pouted "And all their letters say is stuff like: 'Hi Sweet Pea: Michiru showed her animagus form to Sirius today and made him fall down the stairs,' or 'Harry's good,' or 'Hooch says you've a good shot at making the Ravenclaw team.' And yesterday it was: 'Hi Hotaru: Nothing's new. Haruka got pranked by the twins.'"

"She did?" Rei asked, pausing her sweeping and setting the broom aside.

"It happens a lot," Hotaru sighed, shrugging. "And Ida doesn't send owls cause she doesn't have one. And her parents won't let her call internationally. And Lauren only talks about Witch Weekly, which is dumber than the Prophet."

Rei smirked. "That's possible?"

"I guess so," Hotaru sighed. "Harry's the only one who ever writes anything important about what's happening – did you know they caught a bunch of Hogwarts graduates harassing non-magic kids last weekend?"

"I didn't," Rei frowned.

"Yeah… one of them was a Ravenclaw." Hotaru frowned. "I thought it was just the Slytherins who were going bad."

Rei sighed, about to respond, when Phobos and Deimos started squawking overhead. She darted her head towards the sounds and leapt over the railing of the porch. She shielded her eyes as she looked up towards the bright sky and grinned.

"Guys," Rei chuckled to the two crows. "We talked about this: let him through."

Phobos flew down towards her, squawking as she circled Rei's face and then darted to Hotaru, who was leaning over the porch railing. Phobos landed on Hotaru's head, ruffling her feathers and pointedly jerking her beak away from Rei.

"Deimos," Rei warned, smirking up at the second crow.

Her second familiar circled the arriving owl for its entire descent towards the ground, cawing ceaselessly. When the owl finally landed on Rei's outstretched hand, it was quivering.

"I apologize for them – they're very protective," Rei told the barn owl as she untied the letter from its leg. As soon as it was free, the owl flapped its wings, retreating towards the sky.

"You two had better not do that when my book list gets here, I hope you know," she told them.

"That isn't the books?" Hotaru said.

"Nope," Rei grinned, turning the envelope around. It had a ministry seal. She pulled her phone out of her pocket and held down the 1.

"Usagi – did you get yours? No don't open it yet, Bun-head. We're all gonna open them together." She rolled her eyes. "Because I know you: You'll burn yours before we get a chance to look. Fair's fair. We're opening them together like we said."

She passed the envelope to Hotaru, who couldn't resist tearing it open.


Hotaru looked up, Rei was still arguing with Usagi. Smirking, she pulled the parchment further out of the envelope.


Arithmancy: E

Astronomy: O

Charms: E

Defence Against the Dark Arts: O

Divination: T

Herbology: T

History of Magic: A

Potions: O

Transfiguration: O

Griselda Marchbanks

Professor Griselda Marchbanks

Governor, Wizarding Examinations Authority

Hogwarts School of Witchcraft & Wizardy

Headmaster Albus Dumbledore: Ord. M. 1st Class,

Grand Sorc., Chf. Warlock, Supr. Mug. ICW)

"YOU GOT TROLL FOR DIVINATION!" Hotaru gasped, giggling when Rei whirled around, snapping her phone shut.

"I did not!" She huffed, crossing her arms.

"Then why's it say that right here?" Hotaru teased, waving it in front of her.

"I…I ugh!" Rei scowled. "They have no clue how to predict the weather let alone anything important." She snatched the marks when Hotaru offered them.

"And a D in Herbology," Hotaru smirked.

Rei sighed. "I knew I failed the practical, but I thought the Herbology essay would be enough."

"How'd you fail?" Hotaru asked.

Rei blushed. "I kept… burning my plant."

Hotaru hid her grin behind her hand. "Don't worry," she teased. "I'm sure Usagi did a little worse."

Rei's ears turned pink. And her hair looked like embers at the tips. She rolled up her sleeves. "Oh you think you're funny," she said, wriggling her fingers. "We'll see who's laughing in a second."

Hotaru's eyes widened and she shrieked, darting away and running around the other side of the porch as Rei gave chase. Her laughter carried up over the trees and was the first sound the other Senshi heard when they all arrived at Juuban ten minutes later.

All of them grinned at each other when they got up the steps and saw Hotaru and Rei collapsed across the steps.

"It's good to hear her laugh," Usagi whispered.

"Yeah," Makoto said. "Bet she's missing her moms something awful."

"Not to mention Chibiusa," Ami said. "I think she still has some friends from their class, but I bet most of the friends she has now are at Hogwarts."

"Well she'll be back soon enough. Say, do you think they send out her exam results?" Mina asked.

"I'm sure she's done perfectly well," Ami said. "I did fairly well myself, they were straightforward exams, especially History, don't you think?"

"Ha!" Mina shouted, stuffing her results farther into her pocket "Absolutely. In fact, I'm hoping I got T: for Totally Awesome"

Makoto snorted. "That stands for Troll, Mina."

"Noooo," Mina winked. "That's only what they wanted you to think." She put her hands up in front of her and spread them out as if picturing a banner. "Totally Awesome. As in: It's totally awesome that I never have to sleep through a class with Binns again."

"Oh! Then I hope I got Totally Awesome too!" Usagi grinned.

Makoto laughed. She looked at Ami. "You opened yours already. How did you do?"

Ami was blushing, scratching the back of her neck. "Outstanding."

The others collectively groaned.

"You got O's on all of them didn't you?"

"IgotanEinHerbology," she muttered.

"You got an E," Hotaru said, sitting up as they reached the porch. She grinned, waving a piece of parchment. "Rei got a T"

Rei sighed, glaring at the others as the chuckled or smirked. She lifted her head from the steps. "Well I can't be the only one with bad marks. Mina," she pointed. "Usagi: Cough 'em up."

Mina and Usagi looked at each other and gulped. "It was nice knowing you my friend," Mina said dramatically. "I haven't opened mine yet."

"I didn't either." Usagi said, brandishing her unopened envelope. "The two of us are going to fail together."

"And we'll never have to go to a single class this year," Mina grinned.

As the others watched, they swapped envelopes, nodded to each other, and tore the seals at the same time, whipping the parchment out of the envelopes and cracking them open.

Both of them looked at the same time and gasped. They gaped at each other.



July 15th,

Dear Usagi,

Sorry ahead of time that I'm not saying much about the Order. Habit from last year. Plus, we're still not sure if our letters will be read.

Ugh! Can school start already? Is that a totally backwards thing to say?

You are so lucky your parents have no idea about the magic thing. Why would you ever consider telling them?

Mom somehow (Percy) found out about Jadeite. She tried to take the sword, said its too dangerous for me to keep under my pillow, or whatever. But I wasn't having it. Thank god I've got Fred, George, and Ron to back me up on that. It's even worth the twins jokes.

They've got plenty of material now, see. Everything from: "Mom did you know you have seven sons now" to saying: 'Ginny, no wonder you're such a good hexer. You've been a seventh-son-of-a-seventh son all this time.'

They mean them in good fun of course. Mom doesn't know what to make of it. Honestly? What is the big deal. I'm a GIRL now, duh. I guess sometimes I feel like a guy. A bit. Like if I'm dreaming about his life, or when I'm transformed. Or I guess transformed-me feels like a "They." I'm still figuring it out. Really glad Harry's around this summer though. He's been by the Burrow a lot, or we're by Grimmauld for meetings. So I actually get the chance to spend time with him. He's the only one who hasn't cracked a joke yet about my past life being a dude. And he doesn't ask all the awkward questions that Ron seems to spew at every possible moment (They don't bear repeating. Except to Hermione. She's promised to give him a lecture and I'm dying for her to get here so I can see it – WHY CAN"T IT BE AUGUST ALREADY).

Sorry, I want to get back to Harry for a second.

He's been writing me a lot lately – Hedwig's here every other day. We sorta started bonding over how no one lets us help with things even though it'd make a lot of sense to have me and the Chosen One helping out. But apparently the adults (besides Sirius) don't think so. Back to Harry: we've been talking a fair bit. I think it definitely helped that I was on the team last year. We probably talk about Quidditch even more than he and Ron, if you can believe it. We talk about lots of things actually… and he keeps complimenting me on…things. Like my clothes, or my flying, or my hexes. I'm not sure he realizes he's doing it. And he doesn't realize when it comes off as flirting. It's really frustrating.

I'm not going to worry about it though. I figure, if he wants to get his head out of his ass and make a move, he can, but I'm not waiting around for him. Michael Corner likes Quidditch too and he's got amazing arms (you have to have noticed).

You said in your last letter you weren't going to wait around for Mamoru. Well I'm not waiting around for Harry. I say we both date – we'll make a pact.

Can't wait to see you in August!


Ps. How did your OWLS go? Ron actually managed an A in Divination even if he did get a D in History. And I know Hermione's gotten at least one E (oh the horror). Harry got the highest DADA marks in the year, no surprise. How'd you guys do?


July 16th,


Okay so I have sent this via the muggle express post just to test a theory. I sent another letter by owl. It's not the real letter though. I need you to see if either's been read. I have a theory that the Death Eaters won't think to trace the Muggle mail. And I have a feeling the muggle post will reach you faster. After all it's flying by airplane and you said the last owl reached you five days after postage. (I think it's quite awful they have to fly all that way. Ron assures me they've got something magic done to them that makes it easier on the birds, but even so, there's half a planet between Tokyo and Oxford.

I was so glad to hear you got an E in Herbology! I got one in Defence! I swear it must be rigged or something. Maybe its impossible to get all O's.

I guess I have to concede though that I didn't do nearly so well on the practical as Harry did. There's just something a lot different about Defence-oriented spells than the normal charms from duelling. And even in duelling, my casting time is pretty slow, though the spells go perfectly. I'll have to work on that a lot this year... especially with the war coming.

I know I'm going to be fighting in it. There's too much at stake, and I'd never be able to sit at home with Mum and Dad twiddling my thumbs.

You've fought a lot of battles right? Not against wizards, I suppose, but other things. How do you keep your head? How do you… think quickly enough, and then make your body react at the same time.

I remember in the Department of Mysteries: I had all the right spells in my head. I knew exactly where I needed to be in the room, and what we needed to do…but as soon as the shelves went down I just couldn't move! I still had all the spells…literally at my fingertips and I couldn't cast a single one. Neville had to bring me to my senses. And then when Dolohov attacked… He actually voiced his spell, I didn't tell anyone that. I'd read that same incantation in a book in the Black Library over summer…I knew how to counter it, and it hit me anyway, because I just wasn't fast enough!

I need to get better. Do you have any advice?

Looking forward to seeing you in August: Flourish and Blotts catalogue has a bunch of new titles we absolutely need to go hunting for.

Miss you!


July 17th


First of all we miss you terribly. Don't think for a second we don't. It's been very busy in London. Nothing too bad, I promise we can more than handle what Voldemort's followers put us up against. You just enjoy your summer – I know you're eager to fight, but sweetheart you're going to regret not enjoying your normal life while it lasts. My dream is that you'll never have to fight a battle again, not if I can help it anyways. I know that's unrealistic. I'd never actually stop you from being a senshi. But you'll have to forgive me how much I want to protect you – you're precious to us, Hotaru. Just as you are to your father.

Speaking of, a certain mirror told me he'll be finished with the preparations for Mugen's school year early. He's going to have a whole week to take you on vacation so start dropping hints now if there's a place you want to visit. And if he doesn't get to it, I promise the three of us will take you on a vacation of our own the first chance we get.

I'm happy to hear you're spending time with the girls, and don't worry. I know you think your Ravenclaw friends won't be as good friends this year since you've fallen out of touch. But believe me – they'll be even more excited to see you.

All my love,

Mama M.

Hey Sweet Pea,

High five for winning that tickle battle with Rei – You wouldn't happen to know what they all got for OWLS would yah? Mina claims to have "lost" her results. (You can tell her Michiru and I scored all O's on the NEWT…I'm kidding I got a D in Astronomy, but that's irrelevant. Don't tell Usagi that – I have an image to maintain. (I'm just telling you so that you don't worry about your Transfiguration score. We can't all be good at everything).

And I promise – there's nothing bad going on here. The Death Eaters got nothing on the Space Sword and they know it.

I can't wait to see you. I keep trying to convince Setsuna that she can bend her own rules, but I guess it really is bad to have two versions of us existing at the same time. And every time we are free it's night time over in Tokyo. Still, it's only a month till you'll be here to get your books. And you gotta get your broom and then get plenty of practice on it if you're going to make the Ravenclaw team. (You'd better make it too cause Suna has a bet going with Mme. Hooch).

Love you, kid. Counting the days.



I was glad to hear you're having such a good time with your father, but I know you miss us too and it's okay to say so. Don't feel like you're guilting us.

I am sorry we have to be here and you in Tokyo. It's not fair to you. And I promise this year we'll keep you in the loop as much as we can.

Congratulations on your exam results by the way. Ravenclaw should be proud. You've more than earned that spot on the Quidditch team.

Grimmauld is, as always, busy. There is another meeting tomorrow. This is a much larger group than I initially thought. You'd be happy to see it. Trust me, for all the support Voldemort has, there's more people than that who think he's wrong.

One more thing, don't forget your old friends in Juuban. Momoko and Kyuusuke will be overjoyed to see you again.

And I've just learned that I will see you August 20th at 14:02, Sweet Pea. Don't be late. ;)


Mama S.


Harry flooed home from the Weasleys' house with Ron and Ginny in toe just in time for dinner on July 17th, but stopped short in the fireplace when he landed, frowning at the scene in the living room.

Severus Snape, leaning over Professor Meioh where she was sat on the couch, his hand on her shoulder and his face inches from hers.

"Uh," Harry stammered. Severus Snape whipped around, glaring at him.

And just then someone heavy and gangly crashed down on his back. He was still standing in the middle of the fireplace.

"Argh!" Ron groaned, shoving Harry out onto the carpet. "Bollocks, Mate. You're supposed to move."

"Language, Mr. Weasley." Snape glared.

"Uh… right… sorry?" Ron said as Ginny landed in the fireplace, brushing off her shirt.

"Did Harry trip on the firewood again?" Ginny asked, smirking at the both of them on the floor.

"Miss. Weasley," Snape said, making Ginny snap her head up. "If you could make yourselves scarce."

"They don't have to leave Severus," Professor Meioh chuckled, one hand pressed to her forehead. "It's Harry's home too."

Harry stood a little straighter, thrilled as he always was when he was reminded that Grimmauld place was now his home. It didn't matter that Sirius said the guardianship paperwork would be processed soon. He was still waiting for the day someone announced he must return to the Dursleys.

"They do if they're to keep causing a racket," Snape commented. "Potter, Weasleys, a little quiet would be appreciated."

"Are you sick?" Ron blurted out. And indeed, Harry realized, Professor Meioh did look dazed.

"Only a headache," she assured him. "They happen when I've worked too hard."

"Where's everyone?" Harry asked. It was still an hour before the Order meeting. Snape didn't usually show up so early. Harry couldn't stop staring at Snape's hand on Prof. Meioh's shoulder.

"Doing their jobs, I would expect," Snape said. "Being productive, upstanding members of society, if you understand what those are, Potter."

"OI!" Sirius voice thundered down the stairs. "If you're going to talk like that, Snivellus, you're going to leave my house!"

"I think you'll find as long as the Order holds it's meetings here, Black, that I've no choice to be here or not. And I said be quiet," Snape said, rolling his eyes. Professor Meioh was still holding her head. He resumed glaring down the students. "Shoo, all of you."

The three of them rushed as quietly as they could to the stairs, tip-toing towards the upper floors. Harry paused halfway to the first floor, putting a finger to his lips as Ginny and Ron turned to see what the hold-up was.

"You've been working too hard?" Snape murmured.

"I'm fine," Meioh said. "These happen sometimes."

Harry frowned, carrying on up the staircase when Ron coughed. All of them filed up to Harry's room – the same one he and Ron had shared the previous summer.

Ginny lingered in the doorway, staring back down the stairs with a frown on her face. "That could be bad."

"Why?" Ron frowned. "I mean, didn't Harry say last week it's like she never sleeps? I'm not surprised if she gets headaches."

"You'd never know though," Harry murmured. Granted, the three Senshi had only been living at Grimmauld Place for a month, and he saw Pluto the least of the three of them but still… "I've never noticed."

"And she's the Guardian of Time," Ginny worried, her right hand reaching for her absent sword that she had been forbidden from carrying around on a casual basis (Ron said that particular fight between his mother and Ginny had seen both he and his father making a hasty retreat to the shed).

"Think about what could give a Time Guardian a headache." Ginny shook her head. "I don't like what I'm coming up with."

Downstairs, they heard a door slam and Haruka's voice trailing up the stairs.

"They might get to talking about Order stuff," Ron said, pulling the extendible ear out of his pocket. "Come on!"


Down in Grimmauld's living room, Setsuna rubbed her eyes and looked up as Severus set a cup of steaming tea down on the coffee table in front of her. "Thank you," she said, straightening up. She was much less dizzy now.

"You know it would behove a Hogwarts Professor to take proper care of themselves," Severus said. "Imagine if you'd nearly fainted in front of your students."

"I didn't nearly faint," she said. She'd been too dizzy to see straight for a few moments and she'd had a piercing headache, but that had abetted now. "I've clearly just been working too hard."

"That's what I'm saying," Severus shook his head and put a hand back on her shoulder. "You'll forgive me for saying so, but for someone who claims such close ties to Time you are dreadful at managing it."

Setsuna frowned, trying to think of a witty comeback. She sipped her tea. Her favorite, she realized.

"HOME!" Haruka shouted, slamming the front door behind her. Setsuna winced and put a hand to her head. "Any new letters from – oh," she paused in the doorway, crossing her arms over her unbuttoned white shirt and frowning at the two of them. "What's wrong?"

"Nothing," Setsuna said. "I'm fine."

"A headache," Severus said smoothly. "Likely from overwork."

Haruka eyes fell on Severus and the hand he still had on Setsuna's shoulder. "Well, she said, walking swiftly to the couch and sliding in beside Setsuna. "I've got something that'll make you feel better." And she whipped a muggle envelope out of her pocket. Setsuna's face brightened immediately. "Kid's written us an essay." Haruka put her arm around Setsuna as she snatched the letter, effectively pushing Severus Snape's hand away.

"Snape." Haruka stared hard-eyed at him. "Dumbledore wanted to see you at the castle," she said. "Probably wants to talk before the meeting."

"Interesting," Severus murmured. "Considering I spoke with him last night."

"Well," Haruka challenged. "Couldn't hurt to talk to him again."

Severus nostrils flared but his face otherwise remained impassive. "Indeed." He turned and stalked out of the room, towards the front door.

"You know I think I agree with Sirius," Haruka said once Snape had gone. "He's kind of a git."

"Well perhaps you've been spending too much time around Sirius," Setsuna said. "He's actually very nice."

"Hmm." Haruka pulled Setsuna closer as she read through Hotaru's letter. "Well he's right about you working too hard. Don't think we didn't hear you come back to your room at 6 am the other day."

"I had, important things to do," Setsuna said. "The class lists need to get done, they've told me to pick a threshold for who can continue Divination as an NEWT, and Trelawney and I have vastly different standards. I'm considering creating an additional class. And there's the Death Eater's movements to watch over."

Haruka sighed. "Still think we're not doing enough. Dumbledore's still insistent we not cause any conflicts." She clenched her fists. "The Order's not being proactive enough."

Setsuna nodded, sipping her tea again as she tried to dispel the last of her dizziness. "Maybe so."


July 18th

Dear Harry,

There was an attack on Diagon? That's crazy. I'm so glad they were able to save Ollivander. Thanks for the newspaper clippings. It is weird that they'd single someone like Shunpike out as a death eater, but not someone like Narcissa. Just because they didn't see her at the Ministry doesn't mean she wasn't in it just like Lucius. I wonder if Draco and his friends will join up too. I wouldn't be surprised. Luna's been sending me copies of The Quibbler and they said a lot of Hogwarts kids have been caught in muggle baitings lately. Can't the Ministry or the Aurors do more about that?

Of course, maybe the ministry isn't doing more because they've already got people near the top on Voldemort's side (probably at the Prophet too given some of these clippings). That's what happened at Mugen (The school my dad owns): Our enemy had already infiltrated the top tier of the school. So none of the teachers thought to sound the alarm when anything was amiss cause my Dad (he got possessed) kept sweeping things like students who went missing under the rug. And the students at the top of the senior class got recruited too. So they convinced all the younger kids everything was normal. By the time the senshi got to fight them, they were already so entrenched it ended up being a really bad battle. I hope it doesn't come to something that bad with Voldemort.

Mamas and Papa haven't told me any of this, of course. I bet they say even less than The Prophet. They mean well. I guess. But I'm not afraid of Voldemort, or of fighting. Next time I see him, I'll make sure he doesn't apparated away.

Otherwise, how's living at Grimmauld? I'm glad you're having fun. I wish I could be there and get to see the others as much as you do. Have you gotten to spy on anymore Order meetings?

Happy Birthday in advance! I know it's coming up. Are you having a party? I wish I could come back in time for it. But that wouldn't be fair to Papa (my dad, not Haruka). It's been super great spending so much time with him now that he's recovered. I like that he's happy now. And I've gotten to spend some time with my old friends here too. We're going to a festival the day of your birthday, so I suppose I get to have sort of a party.

Still, I can't wait to be back. Mama Suna says I can come back to get my books in three weeks. They're going to buy me a broom too!

See you soon!



July 27th


Sorry this letter's late. I can honestly say this is the first summer I've ever been too busy to remember letters.

I'd bet anything Draco's a Death Eater. No question. And Crabbe and Goyle'd do anything he said. Nott and Parkinson are just like him too. I wonder if they'll all have tight sleeves on their robes this year. Sirius says that's what they used to do in the first war – to make sure their sleeves didn't ride up and show the Dark Mark on their arms. Remus says we have to give Malfoy a chance. I don't get why though. Malfoy's a git.

Don't worry bout your parents. They're good. Sirius and Remus say they're a huge help on missions too! They actually caught three Death Eaters last week. They were Polyjuiced though. And the ministry took them away before we found out who they were.

I think they'd catch more, but Remus says they're relying on a lot of creatures – giants and ogres and things. He says we'll probably see more vampires and werewolves and inferi (we'd call those zombies) the bolder Voldemort gets.

I'm not afraid either. If only Voldemort were easier to find. They think he's in an unplottable location, like Hogwarts. Guess that's why Prof. Meioh and Michiru can't find him.

There haven't been any new missions going on this week. But I heard they have someone watching Ollivander's shop 24/7 now. Otherwise the Death Eaters have gone quiet. Some of the Order say now might be the time to attack them, but Sirius says Dumbledore's being really cautious. Don't worry about them coming to look for you all in Japan though. Ron says they'd be mental to try anything in Tokyo like they do here – apparently Japan has the best Aurors in the world.

Otherwise it's been an amazing summer. I've gotten to spend nearly every day with Ginny and Ron. And Neville's been round most days too. Living with Sirius and Remus has been great! It's like with your dad – it's so cool to see them both happy, which they are even with the war. Ron actually reckons Sirius and Remus are more than friends. So I told him they remind me of he and Hermione, but he pretended not to know what I meant.

I agree with Ron. They're definitely more than friends, but they hide it well. Don't know why. Ron reckons they're still figuring out how to tell me. Hermione says some Purebloods and even muggles get weird bout that. Still – your moms are living with us and they're brilliant, so I don't know what's taking Sirius and Remus so long to come out with it.

I love living here. I almost don't want to go back to school. But I also do... I don't know nearly enough yet to stop Voldemort. I need to learn more.

Anyways, I'd better go. I'm running out of parchment.


Harry James Potter woke up on July 31st to barking and to four large paws bouncing on his mattress. The first thing he saw when he blinked his eyes open was the blurry mass of black fur looming over him, barking and nudging Harry with his big cold nose.

"What?" Harry muttered, pushing the dog's face away. Padfoot loomed over him, tongue lolling as he grinned. A huge drop of drool splashed on Harry's forehead.

"Blech! Padfoot!" He shouted, pushing the dog off of him. Padfoot carried on barking excitedly, jumping off the bed and putting his front paws on the nightstand. He pushed Harry's glasses towards him with his nose.

"Eww," Harry muttered, wiping off his glasses and settling them on his nose.

The moment he did, a flurry of confetti exploded around his bed, covering he and the still-barking Padfoot in multicolored bits of cray paper.

Harry gaped and pushed back the covers, stumbling out of bed. His window snapped open then and two balls of light zipped into the room, circling around the ceiling and crashing together, sending sparks flying as a huge banner unfurled in their wake, floating overhead.


A camera flashed and Harry looked towards the door. Remus was leaning against the doorframe, a lowering the giant camera away from his grinning face.

"Happy Birthday," he said as Harry rubbed his eyes and ran his fingers through his hair.

"Th-thanks," Harry said. "I…I thought it was just a party."

"Just a party?" Sirius scoffed, and Harry turned round and stared. Sirius was wearing a black tee shirt with Harry's face looking around bewilderedly plastered across the front, the glasses on his image lopsided on his nose. And on Sirius head was a bright gold and red pointed party hat. "I have missed fourteen of these, and you think I'd settle for a party."

"I apologize," Remus chuckled. "I tried to temper the enthusiasm. I was overruled."

"He was all for it," Sirius said. "Hurry up Harry," he said. "Get dressed – the bacon's going to get cold."

Breakfast was a meal the likes of which Harry had never seen outside of Hogwarts feasts. Everything was homemade and piping hot: scrambled and soft-boiled eggs, waffles, bacon, sausages, hash browns, a fruit bowl higher than Harry's head. Sirius and Remus even let him have coffee, which no one had ever thought to offer him. He had one taste of it. It was so foul even with the sugar that he promptly spit it back into the mug amid Sirius and Remus howls of laughter.

"Well that answers that question," Remus mused.

"Lily couldn't stand coffee," Sirius explained. "James used to live on the stuff."

Even though Remus said he didn't need to eat it all, Harry still tried to fill his plate with a little bit of everything. He managed to eat nearly all of it – in between frequent pauses to laugh and retaliate after Sirius started shooting off all manner of jinxs from under the table. Harry was even allowed to use his wand, which normally he wasn't allowed to do, despite the trace being unable to detect underaged magic in a Wizarding household.

"It's your birthday," Remus reasoned when Harry asked him after breakfast. "That warrants a certain amount of rule bending as the long-established code of Birthdays dictates."

"Does that actually exist?" Harry wondered.

"I'm glad you asked!" Sirius exclaimed, waving his wand and clearing the breakfast table in one, exaggerated sweep of his arm. He waved his wand again and cloud of purple smoke appeared overhead, poofing away and revealing a thick, brown-papered, and square package that landed with a hard thud right in front of Harry's seat.

"You got me a book?" Harry muttered. Picking up the heavy package. It definitely felt like a book.

"Oh! Ungrateful!" Sirius put a hand over his heart. "Books are the most valuable of birthday presents. Now I know Hermione's made you a bit wary but," He grinned until all his teeth showed. "You're going to like this one."

Interest piqued, Harry found the spellotaped corner of the package, carefully peeling back the brown paper and setting it aside. He held the book up and raised his eyebrows at the gold-embossed title.

A Compendium of Mischief: 1971-1979

"This is every prank," Sirius said.

"From every school year," Remus continued.

"We ever attempted," they finished together, in an eerie mimicry of the Weasley Twins.

Harry gaped at them, and at the book, and traced his fingers across the golden letters. "How long did this take you?"

"Well we were keeping a record from fifth-year on anyways," Remus said. "There was a bit of Pensieve searching for the rest, but," he sipped his tea. "It was a worthwhile effort. There's some brilliant spell combinations and time or trigger sensitive spell work in there that should be preserved.

"And the Birthday Code is in there," Sirius said. "In fact there is a whole Birthday chapter."

Harry was so enthralled that once he had opened the book to its first page, with a foreword by Messrs Moony and Padfoot, he couldn't help spending the rest of the morning looking through the pages. Some he skimmed, others took him a half hour to turn the page as the pictures and descriptions on them prompted long and delightful stories from both Sirius and Remus. There were even some of their original plans preserved on the pages – many in his father's handwriting.

When he got to the last page, there was a plain parchment envelope stuck to the back cover. Harry's heart jumped when he saw the official ministry seal. He tore the envelope apart to get to the crisp, officially stamped parchment inside.

Certificate of Guardianship

This is to certify that the legal guardianship of one Harry James Potter (b. July 31st, 1980) has been formally awarded to one Sirius Orion Black (b. November 3rd, 1959) and one Remus John Lupin (b. March 10th, 1960) on this day of July 25th, 1996

Anthony Mackellan

Anthony Mackellan

Head of the Department of Child Welfare

Harry swallowed the lump in his throat as he looked across the table at the two of them.

"I hope you don't mind that I'm on there as well," Remus said softly. "We thought if you did have more than one guardian, there'd be much less chance of you having to go back to the Dursleys in case something happened."

"Or to put a less morbid spin on it," Sirius said. "I know bollocks about guardianship, and,"

But before he could finish he was cut off by the scrap of Harry's chair against the hardwood floor as Harry ran around the table and crashed into them before they'd even stood from their seats. He clutched the precious document carefully in his left hand.

He'd started to believe, as the summer wore on, that the Ministry would say no. Or that Dumbledore had convinced Sirius out of it with his continued insistence that Harry would be safer at the Durseley's home.

"I know it doesn't really matter,"Sirus said, "Since you really don't need guardianship at your age."

"Don't care,"Harry said. "It matters." He grinned. "This is the best, thank you."

"Don't pronounce it the best just yet," Sirius said. "There's still the party to get to."

Party, harry thought an hour later when they port-keyed into the Weasley's back garden, was putting it a bit lightly. Sirius and Alice Longbottom had taken to the task of a birthday party with a vigor not seen, Remus said, since the time both of them had been James and Lily's wedding planners.

"I've blocked most of that from my momory," Remus had said last week right before as a heap of singing confetti rained down on him from the second floor, where Sirius had been "testing it."

I wonder how extravagant they made the wedding if this is the birthday, Harry thought as he gaped at the Weasleys' garden. Red and gold sparklers ringing the property all the way out to the orchard. On the property, five connected marquees, with their sides rolled up, spanned out from the Burrow. Glittering emerald and blue streamers sparkling down from the tops of them, and each Marquee had dancing ice sculptures and pyramids of sweets stationed in each corner. There was even a live band and, Harry blushed, in the largest marquee, two gold thrones with bright red upholstery, and on the seat of each an overly large red and gold crown with "Nearly Of Age" in flashing bold letters hovering over the tops.

"Gran usually just has a big dinner," Neville squeaked when he arrived and nearly fell over at the sight.

"I know it is a lot," Alice Longbottom had stressed, beaming up at her son as she straightened his collar. "But considering Your father and I are owed fourteen of these – and Sirius and Remus too, you are overdue for spoiling."

"And," Sirius declared, crossing his arms. "We've only got one trial run before your seventeenth birthdays. We need to know we've got it right."

"If this is the sixteenth," Neville said as they both stood with a gleeful Ron and Ginny, eyeing the twin thrones from the far side of the Marquee. "I'm a little scared for the seventeenth."

"Aw come on, mate," Ron said, clapping Neville hard on the shoulder. "This is bloody brilliant – didja see the cakes?" those took up half a Marquee and had been built into a pyramid of every flavour of pastry and butter cream frosting that Harry could name, and more that he couldn't. "Sirius and your mum can plan parties any time."

"Let them get it out of their system," Ginny advised. "You can probably reign them in a bit next year."

"I don't think anything can reign Sirius in," Harry said, spying him across the garden helping Remus and Frank Longbottom set up the dance floor. Or rather, help by charming all the tiles to flash different colors as Remus and Frank created them.

"Well I'm not complaining," Ginny said. "You do realize that's the Weird Sisters. The Weird Sisters, setting up outside my kitchen."

The party got started within the half an hour, with lively pop anthems welcoming the guests. Each time someone arrived, another present flew into the central Marquee with the thrones, amassing into an ever growing pile of gifts. And they were soon overflowing from the marquee. It seemed like Sirius, Remus, and the Longbottoms had invited everyone they knew: Order members, classmates, and even some of their professors port-keyed into the garden. Even Fleur Delacour arrived as Bill Weasley's date, and she left Harry dumbfounded and Ginny and Mrs. Weasley sour-faced when she greeted him with a kiss to each cheek.

Once Hermione'd arrived, and Luna, and half the D.A., it felt like a proper party. Harry played his first game of darts, and of pin the tail on the unicorn, which was made more difficult than the muggle game by the animated unicorn that ran around and would, on occasion, try to kick you in the face. Haruka, Michiru, and Setsuna arrived, fresh from a mission it appeared, just after lunch. And they were just in time for the students to rope Haruka and Tonks into a massive game of Quidditch in the orchard while Michiru and Setsuna elected to remain on the dance floor far away from, as Michiru put it. "those uncomfortable, inelegant death traps."

They came back from the pitch muddy and covered in grass stains. Neville was carried back between the twins after he'd tried his hand at chasing and injured his knee. He'd scored the winning goal by bowling into Ron and knocking the both of them through the central hoop, crashing them into a tree.

They'd no sooner come back and been Scourgified by Mrs. Weasley than Neville and Harry were hustled by Alice Longbottom and Sirius into the central Marquee and up to the twin thrones, where the over-sized crowns were promptly settled on their heads.

"I'm sorry," Frank Longbottom mouthed to his son from across the tent as he and Remus levitated the first presents over to them.

The gifts exceeded even the piles of presents that used to be stacked atop the Dursley's dining table at Dudley's birthday, and they were far more interesting that the kind Dudley used to break the week after he received them. Books, some, Harry guessed, they might need for class. Tons of plants for Neville and many Quidditch themed clothes for Harry, including the scarves of the gift-giver's favorite teams which Ron said was "clearly abusing Harry's celebrity" while also muttering about why he'd never thought to gift Harry a Canons' scarf. The most curious gift, in Harry's opinion, was the bright purple box from the Twins and Morgana Avery with the three, gold, intertwining Ws emblazed across the top.

"You're gonna wanna open it later," Fred said.

"That there's a Weasley exclusive ahead of the grand opening," George said.

"And we don't want you leaking all of our secrets."

Harry promptly put the box on top of the pile of opened gifts and happened to see Mrs. Weasley behind the twins and Avery too, glaring daggers at Avery. Harry wondered if it had something to do with Fred's arm around her waist.

Most of Neville's gifts were plants, rare Harry guessed from the stunned look on Neville's face. There was even a plant from Makoto that resembled a miniature tree and sent Neville nearly toppling from his chair. Harry himself got a box of sweets from her, and both of them got a stack of comic books from Usagi and Mina, a good luck charm from Rei, and a heavy book entitled A Guide to the NEWTs from Ami that Harry decided he'd let Hermione steal.

By the time they got through the presents it was time for dinner, held out on the lawn as a picnic as the now melting ice sculptures glided across the garden serving courses and refilling glasses. The band played through the meal, so that the massive party of people could drift between eating and dancing as it caught their fancy.

Harry'd just worked up the nerve to ask Ginny to dance – after all she'd danced with nearly every other boy in attendance, when he heard someone shout.

In the center of the dance floor, Professor Meioh, Haruka, and Michiru had all frozen, causing several other guests to collide into the three of them. And as Harry watched, Setsuna conjured her Garnet Rod, a pink vortex opened overhead and she flew up into it, disappearing in a flash.

Haruka and Michiru had grasped hands, staring with pale, stricken faces up at the now empty sky.

"Is there an attack?" Sirius shouted from the edge of the dance floor.

"Where'd she go?" others were asking as they crowded in around Haruka and Michiru.

"What was that."

Harry dashed away from the edge of the dance floor, elbowing his way through the crowd. He pushed through in time to see Haruka and Michiru rush up to Mcgonagall, who took the hat from her head and muttered something. She handed it to the two of them and they were gone, jerked through space by the Portkey.

Harry ran up to her. "What happened?"

Mcgonagall's mouth was a tight line. "They've gone back to Grimmauld." She said.

"Why, what happened?"

"I don't know yet Mr. Potter."

Behind her Harry saw something silver streak across the sky, soaring down to them. It was a phoenix patronus, Harry realized. It hovered a few feet from the ground and opened it's beak.

"Order Meeting in a half hour," Dumbledore's voice announced. And then the phoenix closed its beak, disappearing in a rain of silver specs.

Nearby, Remus sighed. "Alright," he said. "Let's start sending everyone home."

"What's going on?" Neville said, pushing out of the crowd with Ginny, Ron, and Hermione at the head of a crowd of the D.A.

And as he spoke Harry felt a burning in his scar and grimaced, rubbing his hand across it. As it burned, he felt the intense emotions of another filling him as though they were his own.

Voldemort felt pleased. Harry curled his hand tightly around his wand.

"The party will have to end early, I'm afraid." Remus sighed. "Sit tight," he said. "We'll have to activate the portkeys to send everyone home."

"Isn't the floo open?" Harry asked.

"B-blocked it for today," Arthur Weasley said. "Safety precaution."

"Then I need a portkey," Harry said, looking between Mcgonagall and Remus. "I need to know what's going on."

Mcgonagall glanced at Remus, who sighed.

"Harry will be safer in Grimmauld," he said.

"Fine," Mcgonagall said, waving her wand. "But this Portkey is only for six of you." She held out her hand and caught an aged leather shoe, tapping it once and handing it to Harry, who turned and let Neville, Hermione, Ron, Ginny, and Luna grab onto it too.

They were gone seconds later, their last sight of the Order members escorting the other party goers quickly and loudly to their portkeys.

And then they were in Grimmauld and Harry dropped the old shoe on the carpet, spinning around as he looked for Michiru and Haruka. They'd landed in the hallway, and Harry saw the coat rack at the end closest to the entry room knocked on the ground. He raced towards it, rushing towards the stairway and the front door in the entry room at the end of the hall.

He skidded to a halt right outside the entry room as the front door was pushed open. Haruka and Michiru were standing near the door, and both of them dropped to their knees as a short blur of purple clothes and black hair threw herself at them.

Setsuna stepped through the front door as well, shutting and locking it. Haruka looked up at her, and signed something with her hand.

Setsuna shook her head, then covered her face and wrapped one arm around he middle as she leaned back against the door.

"Hotaru," Luna whispered behind Harry. "Oh no."

~I Solemnly Swear That I Am Up To No Good~