Slam! The door closed, and the girl rushed to her PS4, the new Skylanders game in her hands, and a Creation Crystal.

The girl with blonde hair and green eyes sat down on the end of her bed, throwing her black jacket away and turning on her console and HD TV, turning up the volume. Her name was Mia, and she'd been waiting for this game's release for a long time. She'd camped outside the store all night, and she was finally ready to play it.

She turned on the game, plugged in her portal, and... something went wrong.

The portal flashed a bright blood-red and it burst out, sparks flying everywhere as the shockwave blew her back. A purple portal formed, and grew wider and wider with each second, sucking her in.

There was a sound like a scream, distorted, like when you pull out your game's cartridge and the audio glitches. Only now, she realized, the sound was her own scream, digitizing as she was turned into code.