The day everything began

Ding Dong ding~~

"Haah... Finally afternoon school ended!" -said Shin.

"Yeah, yeah and tomorrow we're going to be here again." - Viki said sarcastically.

"Come on today the classes were so long, like they would take forever."- he said to her.

"Yeah right, says the guy who slept during the first half of the day. You woke up when lunch break came!" - Mary scolded him.

"Way to go Mary, keep it UP!" - Jack was cheering her from the door.

"Shut up ya womanizer!" - Shin scolded him.

"Oh, come on, we're pals. Aren't we, Shin?"

"It's time so... do you girls want to go home with me and Shin?" - Jack asked them with a sneering smile.

"We're headed to the same direction so why not." - Mary agreed.

"No way I'm going with him. He gives me strange looks!" - Viki disagreed.

"Don't be childish, he can't do anything to you while I'm here." - Shin said proudly and pointed at his chest with his thumb.

"After all the road to your home is the same for them, too. Moerover if he tries to do something funny, I'm going to beat him up." - Mary added.

"OK. I guess I have no choice. Let's go!" -Viki finnaly agreed.

"YES! Victory!"- Jack shouted triumphantly.

They headed to their homes. It was already sunset.

"It's not fair to make us studdy untill this late! We are only in the fourth grade!" - Jack complained.

"You bring this up every day! Can't you stop already!? You can't change the school order by complaining." - Viki scolded him.


"What's it Shin?" - Mary looked at him.

"Oh, it's probably my imagination."

Meanwhile at the park a few blocks away.

"Waah! Mama, papa, look!" - a small girl pulls at her parents' clothes.

"What's it dear?" -the mother asks.

Then the girl points at the sky and says "Look how many shooting stars!"

The same moment every single person on the world looked at the sky. It was filled with many shooting stars but then...


The shooting stars fell on the fround. Some at the wilderness and some at populated areas.

"Kyaa! Waah!" - the children shouted.

"Tthat shooting star fell!" - Viki screemed.

"Wait! Near there is my house!" - Shin said and hurried towards the place of the crash.

"Shin! Wait for us!" - Jack shouted and along with the girls he ran after him.

When they reached the place, it was horrible some of the houses were gone and half of Shin's house had collapsed. Under some rubble his mother was struggling to get out.

"MOM! Wait we'll help you get out!"

"Don't worry when the firefighters come they'll get me out, so don't come here. Something might fall on you." - she told them.

Several meters away there was a crater with a huge rock inside it. It was still steaming. Then, suddenly, a loud CRACK noise came from it. The children and the woman looked at it. Pieces of it started to fall and then from under the crust of rocks a monster came out.


"What is that thing?!" - Viki shouted.

"How can we possibly know?" - Jack replied angryly.

"WAAH!" - they heard and saw a man shouting a few meters to the left of the monster.

It turned towards him and with it's huge pincer, it stabbed the man. Everyone was horrifyed by that.

"Now's your chance! Run away to a safe place!" - Shin's mother told them.

"No! I won't leave you, mom!"

"You have to."

She took her necklace off and threw it to her son. He caugt it.

"Take it as a memory of me and run! I'm going to die anyway, so at least you have to survive."

"No, I don't want to loose you."

"You have to protect your friends. Go to the shelter as fast as you can! Don't take any detaours! You have to survive!GO!"

"sniff' OK. I love you and I won't forget you, mom." - he said and then ran with his friends.

The monster had already eaten the man and turned towards their direction.

"I love you, too, son."

She then looked at the monster and shouted with all her might.

"HEY! You damn monster! Come and get me!"

The monster grabbed her with it's pincer and threw her in its maw.

I hope you survive without me Shin. I'm sorry that I couldn't be with you longer.

Then it's jaws closed and completely crushed the woman. The children managed to get to the shelter and were evacuated later by the army. This was the beggining of the new war of the sentury. The war of humanity against those monsters began at 7.03.2054. Will humanity survive or will it perish before this new threat from outher space? Wait and you'll see in the next chapters.