Unfortunate ending folks

Hello there dear readers of this mediocre but currently longest running story of mine. Whoever likes it or wants to read more, sorry but I'm finishing it here and now. The reason is because I'm a final year at school and had a sit ton of work to do and don't have the time, while having too many ideas.

I first started this story after watching the anime "Hundred". I was infuriated because I think the anime has SO MUCH potential to become a longer running show with decent plot, likeable characters, epic battles, twists, turns and mysteries. Alas, it was all ruined by the over-sexualisation, fanservice and the typical ecchi harem plot. If they had cut it down, it would have been great.

And just like this, I have lost my steam to work on this story. I know how annoying is to get hooked to something but then the author/translator axes it and leaves you hanging. That's why I decided to tell a quick review of what I had planned at first and finish this story for good, not leave it like they did with "Repure".

==================PLOT TIME!============================

After the submarine arrives, the capsuled artificial ARDs get released and our heroes are the only ones ready for it, Melinda is too by the way. Chaos ensures and many people get hurt, ships and equipment are damaged even more. Then the Varions attack. The Student counchil deals with the ARDs, which are enhaced in some way by Shiroyama.

Petya, Shin, Blake, Lance, Zane and Mary faced the Varions and some ARDs. Cala sees that Zane is fine and decides to take him with her but he refuses, they fight and she pushes him a bit too hard, he goes berserk. She gets heavyly injured and is about to be killed by Zane but he stops himself, roaring in pain. Lance knocks him out and she faints. Mary and Shin on the other hand try to stop Irina from stealing some date from the WPO's computers there, it's a data about all bases's diagrams, but they don't know it. Petya and Blake on the other hand face Xant on the North-east docks, storage depot.

Irina is too strong and almost kills Mary, however the half-dead Shin suddenly bursts in smoke, transforms and attacks Irina.

-Here's how it was going to happen-

"What the-! Gaaah!" - Irina exclaims while she's slammed in a wall in a split second.

As the smoke clears, to the horryfying expression of Mary and shocked one of Irina, Shin is revealed. He's not the same now. His eyes are cat-like and glowing in acid green. A 15 cm blade-like dark-green and black metal horn coming from the middle of his forehead. Two tear-like lines come down from his eyes and continue down his now exposed torso (his clothes were partially destroyed during the battle), sharp metal arms that look more like gauntlets and armoured feet, from his back short sharp spines were glowing like they were radioactive. Lastly two tails arounf 1m long came from his back, they were covered in black plates and had a sickle-like end.

Irina fell out of her hole in the wall and got ready for battle, taking a brief picture of Shin with the hidded device she had on her. She is about to attack when suddenly Shin appears behind her and tears off quite a bit from the right side of her torso. Mary is inable to move due to her extensive injuries.

"Damn!" - Irina curses and decides to escape, giving the retreat command to the others.

She tries to dodge and escape as best as she can but still gets hit a few more times, even gets slashed by his tails. In the end he gets angrier, his horn glows and he shoots a beam-like attack. It cuts everything it passed through and causes explosions. Irina loses a finger but has also managed to take a sample of Shin's hair that had fallen in the battle earlier. She escapes successfully.

"nNO! Shin!" - Mary shouts and uses her ONE on him.

Turns out her ONE could make a defensive bubble as long as she had the energy. She discovers a new use for it, to trap enemies in it. Shin's about to break out with his mad attacks as she's getting weaker and her vision darkens.

"Well done. Now rest. I'll take it fom here..." - a gentle and familiar, although distorted voice says behind her as a huge shadow looms over her.

The last thing she feels is a rough tap on the back of her head and a flash of bright blue. She faints.


Xant recieves the signal and runs away, leaving Petya in a bad condition, unaple to move anything from her neck down, and a bleeding Blake. Turns out Blake's ability was to sence danger and it got 'ubgraded', hence, helping him in the battle.

Everything gets to mostly normal when all the artificial ARDs are killed and collected as research material. The submarine is also gone. Lance appears with Shin, Mary, Zane and Cala on his back, looking a lot like an ant carrying a grape. Blake also comes with Petya.

Everything is explained to the Student council by the relatively unharmed Lance while the others were in hospital.

Petya is assigned an extensive therapy to be able to move like before but it was good she hadn't been crippled. Blake is getting blood transfusions. Cala is under armed watch, although she hasn't done anything other than staring at Zane, sleeping in the bed across hers. His healing factor recovering his on it's own. Shin on the other had was more tricky. He was also watched by armed guards in a separate room due to his change. he was asleep but hadn't returned completely to normal. He was stuck in a semi-form. His horn has receded to about 3-4 cm, the lines on his body and face gone, the spines only small bumbs when you moved your finger over his spine, the two tails still there but less sharp and armoured. Where the armour on his hands and legs was were only sharp nails and hardened skin left. Kumoto and Miki were currently examining the new samples taken from him.

Truns out due to his encounter with the ARD while escaping the truck and it's 'blood' getting mixed with his, also the thing he pricked his hand on was a small piece of ARD armour, where it came from only Lance knows.

At first Shin and everyone's freaked out and it takes time for them to get used to it, also for shim to learn how exactly his now transformed body works, he also has increased apetite and craving for steel. After many turmoil, both emotional, physical and political, due to some bastards in the WPO wanting him dead, he comes in terms with himself thanks to Mary. He discovers he has feelings for her but hides them, not knowing she has had crush on him ever since he chased away some bullies while they were hiding in one of the selters during the 1 year after the 'Starfall'. Cala joins them, determined to help Zane regain who he was. Miki discovers the device in her neck and removes it, this happens when it gets activated by Shiroyama in order to kill Cala.

They get prepared, Shiroyama plans her next move to disable all bases' by hacking into them. She also makes improvements on her artificial ARDs and makes a drug from the information she gathered from Shin's hair.

The forces gather in one last attempt, one last battle to decide who'll win. All bases and even WPO's HQ gets attacked by Shiroyama's army.

The drug actually turns the remaining 3 Varions, excluding No.10, into raging monstrocities that in the end were made to either self-explode or get absorbed by No.10. In order for him to become the ultimate weapon. He absorbs Irina and Xant but he's stopped before he can absorb Sam, who thanks to Miki's quick thinking was saved. In the end Lance was forced to reveal his true self.

-Here's how I imagined it-

The monstrcity that was once No.10 was going to shoot a destruction ray at them, no one could stop it.

"it's over...Just like that time a class 1 appeared, all that'll be left is destruction." - Melinda whispered.

Almost no one knew but Melinda had actually seen the downfall of the only class 1 ARD. She was much younger then, but even adults screamed and cried in terror at the sight of it, but she didn't shed a tear. She cheered for her mother that was bravely facing it in order to save everyone. Even though she had died because of it, Melinda still smiled sadly at the memory, unable to cry due to the promise she made.

'No time for crying! I have to help them! I won't allow all there people to die even if it means dying myself!' - she stood up determinately.

"Rosa Cross activate!" - a light shone and her ONE changed.

It was state secret that she owned two. Her second, the one she used untill now, and her first, an entirely defence-based ONE. It had an elegant white armour and helmet decorated with roses. On her forearms were two solind and large halfs of a shield.

She flew up and positioned herself in the way of the blast, both hands joining and it's defence protocol activated. it basically converted all energy into a hard layer to whitstand one destructive attack. Even if she survived the blast, the fall after all the energy was spent would kill her.

"Аьпх сш ѝВВВВ! ОКСН! Агсъаянх внъ0:chk ssk#s $IIn!" - a string of strange speech? sounded from behind her.

She looked and saw Lance flying towads her.

'Wait! Lance's ONE isn't capable of flight! If so...then what about these blue wings?'

He pushed her out of the way and stretched both his hand forward.

"Sorry, I've decieved you all. After all this is over, I ope you can forgive me..." - he said.

As the ray got closer, a blue orb formed between his palms, then he shot it forward. A blinding light and explosion like never before later...When everyone could see No.10 had a haping hole in the centre of his chest. He then coughed and crumbled away. Lance and Melinda land down. Lance falls to his knees and his skin cracks and also crumbles to reveal a small humanoid ARD, covered in blue lines, looking almost like a human, a human in armour of course.


After that Lance explains to them the reason he did everything and what the ARDs were.

The ARDs were in fact biological weapons of destruction, as they had guessed, used and created by the evil race of Curainh (rough translation of the alien name). They bombard planets with those asteroids, release the ARDs, kill all inteligent creatures, then harvest their bodies and those of other living beings for food and DNA to make newer and better ARDs. He was a new attempt but he gained his free will, getting rid of the controling device, the so-called core, and escaped to Earth by hitching a ride on one of the capsules. He had been gravely injured in the process of his escape and was still recovering, the reason he was so exhausted. He also told them how the mistake of Kumoto helped him a lot untill he adjusted and made his human disguise, also how he helped Shin and several others, he also apologised about the destroyed ships. Turns out a few 'Bomber' ARDs had attacked him and the fleet was destroyed by them, mostly.

After that they recover, start rebuilding the bases, making them better and improving their technology. It was untold but everyone knew that a second 'Starfall' will come some day. With Lance's help they also began improving their space technology and developing ships for combat in space. They also attempt to contact a few other alien species Lance knew fought against the Curainh, aka the Anti-Curainh alliance. He wanted to go to them at first but he ended on Earth instead.

Shin and Mary had also admitted they had feelings for eachother and were dating. Zane was also regaining his memories bit by bit but was on the right track. He had regained his personality and was no longer like a robot. Sam gave up on fighting and joined the espionage team of WPO, he was master at getting info unnoticed. Petya's confidence was getting better with Blake's constant teasing and a possible romance was budding between them, although not close, yet...

"Whenever they come, we'll be ready! We'll protect Earth at all costs..."

The End

Quite a good story, acording to me at least. What do you think? Review please.

Also if someone wants to make a continuation, he/she's welcome.

Buye for now.