1. Breakfast Thoughts

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I rolled over on the couch and pulled my arm over my eyes. Harsh winter light glared in through the living room window. I'd been staring at it since nine that morning and though the burning sensation in my eyes had gone away long ago, it wasn't helping me get any more comfortable. The restlessness in my stomach remained.

Giving up all hope, I stood and stretched. Grandpa was in the store performing last minute checks on the remaining merchandise. Due to a surge in Duel Monster's popularity, the store needed to expand to keep up with business. With Christmas and the New Year coming up, he had decided it was best to close the place down, get the work done as soon as possible, and plunge right back in. At the right price, of course. That had inevitably led to his needing going out of town in search of a cheaper contractor—and my being alone with Yami for two weeks.

The idea didn't bother me the least in principle, but the implications had left me pondering on the couch all morning. Sure, I couldn't ask for a better person to have for company, but a recent realization I'd come to about Yami and me sort of… changed things.

Unless you thought love affected diddlysquat. If that's the case, you have no right to read this because you are a cold and ignorant person. Of course love affects things! Why else would I wander around in loose cargo pants now instead of tight leather ones?

Sighing, I walked across the room and watched the cars drive by from the window. The idea that I loved Yami, Yami a man, had been quite the shock at first. I'd had crushes on girls before, and of course I could recognize an attractive guy when I spotted one. I'd just never been led to believe I was doing anything more than admitting fact. Except for the occasional mental thoughts that joined together the words "Yami" and "Oh boy" and "Daaaammmmnnn." I was surprised I hadn't picked up on those.

Not that anyone else would be. And not just because Yami was… well, Yami, but because looking back on everything we'd been through, it was like a romance mini-series. It had everything; the devotion, the occasional fights, betrayal, jealousy…. If that didn't sound like a cliché chick flick, I didn't know what did.

The only place the analogy fell through was that the main couple had yet to get together! I mean, it was only now, at 17, quite some time after we'd met, that I even realized I had feelings for him. Didn't that say something? Yes, yes it did. It said that the people who wrote the script of my life needed to move it along or DIE.

That thought in mind, I'd decided to try taking things into my own hands. If fate wasn't going to intervene, I planned to do all that I could to make it happen on my own. If I had to fly on a plane, lose all my money and possessions, or run naked through a filming of the news, I would make Yami love me.

I would seduce him.

The only problem was…. I had no idea where to start. I knew I could just walk up to him, kiss him, and proclaim my undying love but that was just a little too easy. I wanted to feel accomplished once I made him mine! I was pretty innocent in some ways of the world, but that didn't make me stupid. I knew the game and I was gonna win.

But first… Breakfast! I couldn't possibly plot without a good meal first… That in mind, I smiled and turned from the window. Grandpa would be leaving soon and then—then the fun would begin.

Okay, I don't know where this really came from, but I like the idea! I mean, Yugi's always considered the innocent one, but I always thought that if either of them was going to seduce one another, it would be Yugi, because Yami would have all those restrictions about 'not tainting goodness' or something like that. - ANYway... Yugi does seem a little out of character, but he's older, and he's in love! Craziness always ensues at that combination. So, please let me know what you think!