Chapter 1 : Find the Horizon

Hey there ! Guess I'll try and make an impression on this website to propose my version of the Final installment of Ice Age ! I started to think about this project back in beginning of 2013 in January. I started to upload a Fanfiction centered on Buck on a French forum dedicated to the franchise ( .fr/t489-buck-le-retour) - check it out if you know and speak french well ! - where it lasted 9 chapters. Guess what ? I turned down that writing process to focuse on this one. I discovered this site thanks to a certain Stubborn Saber (Big shout out to this guy !) and was startled at how much his vision of the sequel was very similar to mine. - Now discarding that little intro, I would like to precise that this story has been written according to clues and elements in Continental Drift to put forth good continuity in the franchise. My dream is to transform this Fanfiction in a book under Blue Sky's supervision. My biggest yet too is to have the opportunity in directing an Ice Age movie (It would be kind of an alternative fourth sequel) based on this work that i will show before you. To be quite honest I'm not that impressed for the moment with the look of Collision Course, but nevertheless, hope you enjoy this First chapter ! Big things coming ! P-S : Sorry if my English is Bad : although I'm bilingual, I always tend to complicate myself as a French and English speaking guy !

A white specter pierced through the darkness then out of sight. Swift shadows did likewise and pursued the target. 2 pairs of pupils each followed every trace that could lead to her.

- We know these grounds better than you do, give up!

Grace shuddered just by that warning; feelings of guilt and fear ran through her body at lightning speed. But strangely in a short laps of time, that thought felt like a very old memory, and soon adrenaline took the front seat ; it was a speed never witnessed before, and boy did it make it difficult for the others to catch on.

[Under her breath/Panting] - I'd reconsider what I just said if I were you, freaks

Was she confident ? Frustrated ? It was hard to tell …

"Begin the games"

That last phrase kicked in like an echo in Grace's mind. She scurried through vines and hid in a dead tree trunk, allowing her body to cover itself in mud simultaneously.

She could hear the 2 unknown assailants closing in terrifyingly fast. A fair deadweight was one of them, as he pounced heavily by having the trunk as a stepping stone. Unaware was he ? Grace breathed heavily but tried to hold in as much noise as she could.

'Be darn sure I'll find you before dawn, young lady !' he warned in a deep gruff voice

The saber paused, looked around in the silent evening, then plodded until meeting the darkness once again.

Grace's breath was the only thing she could hear in her surroundings and that made her worry ; night stroke every living thing to sleep, but like the stars glittering among the moon, hungry eyes were on the loose.

This lonely dilemma struck the ice coated saber as she realized she had no one to count upon but herself. She barely could think straight.

Shortly after that she regained strength : a thump made her reconsider her surroundings. She caught a quick glimpse outside ; a rabbit – that's all she could witness.

Strange, but still she felt unsafe : the brute might have lost her, or he could be far enough from his target that the latter wouldn't burn any chances as to leave the area as quickly as it could.

She crept out of the trunk while muting her steps, but couldn't contain the omnipresence of adrenaline in her body that was dangerously accelerating her pace. It felt wrong, so wrong.

A terrifying shriek levelled the forest as soon as she got her skull slammed violently against the ground.

The claws gently retreated from the damage they had created ; now 2 bloody gaps stood out from the tigresses' right ear. A grin preceded another voice

- Angel down

The anonymous saber, clothed in mud, surprisingly felt repulsed as he retracted his shiny claws – untouched by the filth but bathing in Grace's fresh blood.

'Feeling dizzy ?' he amusingly sighed

The pinned saber didn't want in any circumstances to witness anymore harassment of this sort. She wanted to hold the last remaining drops of dignity she possessed, but those were wasted in tears – the pain in her ear was excruciating.

Not anymore could she show bravery to his opponent. But she wanted to do something.

ANYTHING imaginable …

'Funny thing that we had the same strategy in mind, miss !' he snickered in an inappropriate smile.

His paw still weighed on Grace's throat, he sighed with effort

- Well, time to call the big ... AAHRR !

One move, one impact, one consequence.

The young saber didn't think twice as soon as the enemy's hand drifted from her vital spot. She made the best out of her remaining energy to dash once again into oblivion.

'Little pest !' was the last thing she heard him scream.

The muscle responded to the complaint.

He examined swiftly the difference in his colleague before heading in the direction of his partner's nod . The latter felt weak

- You're a dead loss, I'm finishing the job

The other responded with a confused nod ; his claw still latching on his mauled neck and chest.

- Go for it, tough guy ! She's twice as fast as my feet !

- No way, smart guy ….

He went for a sprint that felt impactful and once again disappeared.

Grace was missing something : she didn't have a destination at all. A breeze of salty air filled her lungs as she headed North (consider that accurate by all means). How long will she need to run ?

That question felt abruptly easy to answer : the next thing she knew, was that her legs were running on an empty road and her heart beat was overwhelming anything else her body could express.

The impact felt nothing like butter for sure : she never experienced a collision with a concrete of that sort before, not discarding the wet feeling that was new to her.

She floated semi-consciously among heaps of rock spikes – not that she knew that herself. She braced herself to the first shell filled rock she could sense, and held onto it until her mind faded in a slumber.

Back uphill, the muscle stopped at the tip of the cliff. He gazed at the emptiness below and grumbled silently.

His colleague joined the deserted scene with a deep sigh – exhaling loudly and close to loosing balance.

- Lost her ?

He didn't respond. They stared at each other for a moment, then the slim one concluded by a hasty nod

- Great great …. Then you know what's next …

- Nothing ! She's gone, cooked !

That latter barely surprised him

- Whoa easy …. You can tell that to him, not me.

Silence kicked in.

'…Any paw prints, blood stains we can trace ?' he added, while examining the ground.

'For WHAT use ?' he angrily replied

It didn't take him that much time to acknowledge the location.

- Right ….

The big one began to stroll back. The other wondered close to the cliff. He remained still, then raised its head, flicked his ear, then inquired.

- Hear what I hear ?

- Dolphins, ain't a great fuss

He turned to his partner, surprised :

- Not a bad guess there ….

- Kid, we're on tropical land.

'So what ?' he added with a questioning face ; it felt slightly sarcastic and deadpan

- So : these creatures roam these areas. You won't find any penguins here for sure

'Guess you're right' he sighed

- Can you please do me a favor on the way back ?

- What's that ?

- Hold your breath until we're home ?

He chuckled for a short while, then responded

- Sure, drag me lifeless and wake me up when we're there.

Dawn was on its way and the wave's became more clear as the wind woke up. Dolphins were jumping in and out of the water with terrific grace, whistling and clicking happily as they did so. But a more grounded whistle marked its presence among the sea mammals.

They responded in the same fashion and began to follow their target.

Grace was close to drowning before four dolphins carried her effortlessly above the surface.

Wondering what on earth was going on, she raised her eyelids and tried to catch as many elements her vision could carry. But victim of exhaustion, everything around her cut to black.

The last thing she saw was an Iceberg.

- She'z in a very bad condition, capitaine

The blue footed booby was perched on the shoulder of a shadowy figure, fiddling with his beard as he ordered :

- Lower the ice hook …

The order echoed among the pirate crew ; a boar hit the lever and a long-legged creature proceeded in balancing the hook.

'Caught it, Razzy !' shouted a badger, safely standing on top of the crow's nest. the tall creature acknowledged it and turned to a sea elephant :

- Get fit, Flynn, and pulla'r out of the water, will ya ?

- Ay, got it guys !

Flynn proceeded in pulling the rope to raise the hook. The bird contemplated the catch as it was near the deck of the ship and turned to his master

- A saber, monsieur Gutt ?

- Black and white coat … Peculiar isn't it Silas ?

'Maybe itz the coz of thiz' as he pointed to the damaged ear

- We all went through this, so she's fit for the crew …

- Orderz Capitaine ?

The Gigantopithecus turned to him

- Cover her ; put her in the bottom deck close to my bounty ….

- She'll need to eat ?

- She'll need to get used to the fruits. We can't set ashore every time : it can be very dangerous for everyone on this ship.

- I understand ….

They fell silent, then Gutt announced :

- We'll head North afterwards

Silas nodded. It took him some time to notice that the crew was surrounding them. He barked

- You heard the orderz ?

All – AY !

End of 1st chapter

Hoped you liked it ! Second chapter coming soon !