I believe in you

Third of the drabbles: for the Sokkla Saturdays - Drabble Challenge

Physical exercises (Squats!). Breathing exercises. Meditation (Aang). Strict sleep schedule. Healthy food, only. Limited stress. She had done everything right so …"
"Where's the baby!" Azula screamed after a particularly painful contraction. "It's late! What's taking so long?"
"Azula," Ursa soothed, mopping her daughter's brow. "Babies don't come on a timetable."
"I wasn't late!" Azula shouted, then grabbed her husband by the collar. "This is your fault Sokka."
Ursa released Azula's stranglehold on Sokka.
"I wasn't late, tell him mother!" Azula demanded.
"Definitely not. The midwife just thought you should've come ten days earlier."
"See!" Azula proclaimed. Then frowned, confused. "Wait!" but her thought was cut off by another contraction.
Katara checked her. "Six centimeters."
"SIX!" Azula cried. "I'm never having this baby. I'll labor forever, I …"
Sokka placed his hands on Azula's cheeks. "Listen. Any woman who can take down a nation at age fourteen can have a baby at age 23. Now breathe. With me."
Seven hours later Azula conceded Sokka's faith in her was correct. The most wonderful child in all the world nestled at her breast.
"We did it." Azula whispered.