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Chapter 13


Today was my last shift at the hospital. Tonight I'll be taking two people to the cabin. Both of my next victims were heavily involved in Aro's human trafficking business and I was hoping that their disappearance would be enough to spook him. I relish in the thought of him fearing me. Marcus and his 'friend's' disappearances had set him on edge and what I can gather from the voicemail Emmett had left me, Aro had been demanding the police to do something about it.

"Dr. Cullen we need you." I don't look at the nurse but nod my head in acknowledgment.

I can't hide the smile as her hurried footsteps meet my ears. The good thing about being unsociable is that people don't hover. I think the nurses draw straws on who comes to get me when the ER is busy. Only nurse Denali is comfortable enough around me and I firmly believe that it's the prospect of landing a rich husband that overrides her natural aversion of me.

I run down the hospital corridors, only a few more hours, then I can be out of here.

I head into trauma room one, Dr. Furey is listening to the patient's chest with her stethoscope as two nurses hookup oxygen and start the IV line.

Dr. Furey lets out a relieved sigh when he see's me, he's an intern, but I have full confidence in his ability. "He's wheezing."

I nod, he's got this. "What does he need?"

He swallows hard with nerves. "Albuterol nebulizer?"

"Yeah, and give him 125 milligrams." I look intently at him until he meets my eye. "What else?" He freezes. "Come on Dr. Furey, what else?"

"Solu-Medrol, IV push?" He states it as a question and I raise my eyebrow in challenge. He knows this. I watch as he centers himself and turns to the nurse. "Nurse Betty, call Radiology. Let's get a portable chest film."

I smile. "You got this?"

He smiles back, confident. "I got it."

I move over to the next patient in trauma room two.

He's in capable hands, but I observe them for a moment. The patient is a young man, a teenager maybe, and impaled through his stomach is a metal bar.

"BP's going nowhere, still 50 over 30."

"Pulse ox 90. CBC, type and cross eight units?"

"Should we extract it?"

I intervene. "Not here!" They freeze for a split-second before jumping back into action.


"We're going to need a Foley."

"How much O Neg do you want?" I can tell they are uncomfortable with me being here. Nothing worse than the boss looking over your shoulder as you work.

"Four units." The doctor's eyes flick over to me. "And a Cross Table C-Spine."

I can't resist jumping in. "Shouldn't he go straight up to the OR, exploratory laparotomy?"

"Right away Dr. Cullen."

I exit the room and freeze at the sight of the man in front of me.

"How's my suspect Dr. Cullen?" James slithers over to me like the snake he is. "Is he going to make it?" I hate the look Officer Hunter gets around me. Like he is superior to me. I get the feeling that whatever darkness resides inside Officer Hunter recognizes that something isn't quite right with me and he believes that gives him an advantage.

I wonder how similar his demons are to mine.

"I don't know yet, but we're going to do everything we can. Please, stay out of there." He smiles. "Where's Emmett?" They are almost always together.

"He's doing the boring paperwork." He leans against the wall, his eyes firmly on mine. He seems entertained. "I figured it only needed one of us here. It's not like my suspect is going anywhere."

"Right. Well, have a good day Officer Hunter." He doesn't respond as I walk away, but I can feel his eyes on me. Maybe once I have dealt with Aro I can spend some time looking into Officer Hunter. The man completely intrigues me.


"How about I cook you dinner, Sunday at my place?" I smile at the two people seated in the chairs in front of me. I needed to speak to Isabella before I began to play. I planned to spend most of the weekend with my guests, but for her, I could finish a little earlier. Cook her dinner.

"I would love that. What time should I be there?" I can hear the smile in her voice. I make her happy.

"I will pick you up at…" I pause. I plan to spend tonight and Saturday with my guest, but I could be done and have them in the furnace by lunch on Sunday. "Let's say five. I have a few things to cleanup, but I should be done by then."

"Great." The enthusiasm in her voice is catching and I find myself feeling excited to see her. "I can't wait. See you Sunday."

"See you Sunday, Isabella." I wait for her to hang up before I place the phone down and look at my guest. "Sorry about that." I smile at them. "That was my… I guess I should use the word girlfriend?" I'm not sure what to call her now but girlfriend works as good as anything. Maybe it's something I should speak with Isabella about on Sunday. I shrug. "Anyway, where were we?"

I have both of them tied to the chairs and gagged. They are facing each other so they know they are not alone. I lucked out with these two, they didn't fear being caught so they were never careful. I remove their gags and pull up a chair beside them.

"Laurant. Victoria. My name is Edward." I smile at them. I think I am going to enjoy these two. Not one tear had been shed by the woman and neither of them has struggled with their ties. "You're here because of your role in Aro's empire." I point to the board between them. "These are just a few of your victims." I shake my head. "I didn't have enough room for all of them. You two have been very busy." Neither of them speaks.

I sigh. "I'm going to be completely honest. Usually, my guests start to panic right about now." They both stay silent, so I stand and make my way over to the table that stood in front of the board. I first grab a pair of pliers and place them on Laurent's knee. Then, I grab a pair of scissors and make my way over to Victoria.

I crouch down in front of her. "You're in charge of the girl's appearances. Right?" She doesn't speak, her cold blue eyes just stare impassionately at me. "Laurent here took the girls and you got them ready for their new owners." She doesn't flinch as I hold the pair of scissors in front of her. "I heard you enjoy punishing them too." I stand up and lean forward, grabbing a handful of her red curls. "I heard you laughed and taunted them as they begged for mercy." I cut at the curls until I am left with a mass of fiery red hair in my hand. "I heard you liked to end the lives of the more challenging girls." I drop the hair onto her lap.

I turn to face Laurent and smile at the unease in his eyes. I guess he is not as unaffected as he wants to appear. "Aren't women supposed to be united against things like this?" I sit back down in my seat. "You know all that girl power. I'm a woman, hear me roar kind of thing?" I shake my head. "And they say men are ruthless. I guess they never met Victoria here." I gesture at her. "This bitch would slit your throat with a smile on her face." I take in Victoria's perfect appearance. Her clothes are expensive, makeup perfect and her nails are in immaculate condition. I'm actually quite impressed by her. "I guess with a bit more restraint you could almost be the female version of me. Your taste for blood almost rivals my own."

Victoria is the tough one. She won't break no matter what I do to her so she is no longer needed. Laurent is the key. I need to find out who Aro's police informant is. Maybe he knows. "Unfortunately, I only need one of you alive." I look at Victoria. I have never enjoyed hurting women. It was something that always left me feeling uncomfortable. I had a feeling it had something to do with my mother and my childhood, but hurting Victoria was necessary. She couldn't be left alive. The police could never get enough evidence to get a conviction against her and like I have pointed out to her, she is very similar to me. She craves the kill.

She needs to go.

My monster has been lurking beneath the surface waiting for his time to play. He craves her blood, needs it to satisfy him. I stand and make my way over to the table and exchange the scissors for the surgical blade. I move to stand behind her, grabbing her hair I tilt her head back and place the blade at her neck. "I guess this is a fitting way to go." I turn her head to face the board. "Didn't you use this particular method to get rid of a few of those girls?" I turn her head back to face Laurent, he looks unsure of what I am about to do but Victoria knows. She has accepted her fate. It's written in the set of her shoulders and the clench of her teeth. It just added to my theory about her. She would have never given up any information regarding Aro. Her loyalty was unwavering. She doesn't flinch as the blade cuts across her throat.

Even death didn't scare her.

Her blood covers my hands and spills down the front of her pretty blouse. My eyes don't leave Laurent. He stares wide-eyed at the blood pouring onto the floor. His dark skin pales slightly, making him look sickly. He's scared and rightly so. I unstrap Victoria's body and drop her onto the plastic-covered floor. Once I moved her chair away, I lay her down properly and grab the saw. Laurent is going to realize just how much trouble he is in.

The only sound that can be heard in the room is my humming and the sound of the saw cutting through flesh and bone. Every now and then I would hear a sniffle or a gag, but other than that Laurent is silent while I dismember his friend. I have to give him credit I thought he would have broken down by now.

I stand and drop the saw at my feet. My arms ache and I know I don't have much stamina for Laurent tonight. My long hospital shifts combined with the physical exertion it takes to dismember a body into pieces has left me completely wiped me out.

I need to go home and rest.

"Alright Laurent, I need and get some sleep before me and you can have our fun tomorrow." He doesn't speak, but I now know it's from fear rather than refusal. He will talk tomorrow, I grab the black body bag and start to place Victoria's dismembered body inside. I can burn her tonight, then I will have less to do on Sunday. "You need to rest." I take the syringe from the table and proceed to knock him out.

He should sleep for a few hours. I grab the tape and place it over his mouth. I'm not worried that someone would hear him should he choose to scream. The derelict land that the cabin sits on doesn't get any visitors mainly due to the conflicting stories about the cabin and the land it sits on. Some say it's haunted, others say there is some kind of toxic waste spill that is so dangerous it has killed off the local wildlife. I grab Victoria's head out of the bag, removing a few fiery curls before placing it on Laurent's lap.

She can keep him company once he awakens.


It doesn't take long for me to get home and have Victoria in the furnace. I pull out the fiery curls from my pocket and place them in the envelope with Marcus's severed finger and a couple of the pictures I took while I was in Marcus's company. It's dangerous, but I feel that Aro would appreciate the sentiment behind the gesture. Now he'll know exactly what happened to his brother. The redhead is just an extra taunt.



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