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Rose Hariel 'Harry' Potter, daughter of James and Lily Potter, goddaughter of Sirius Black, and honorary member of the Weasley family, dies at the age of fourteen during the first task of the Triwizard Tournament. The Hungarian Horntail, already aggravated by the cries of the Chinese Fireball who lost half her eggs, rips herself free of her chains and attacks the audience. Harry, on her Firebolt, distracts the dragon and draws it away from the screaming students. And dies for it, for while she can avoid fire and fangs, the wind the dragon's wings make is inescapable on her broom, and so she is smashed into the rockface and the dragon's tail crushes what is left of her body.

Rosabella Daniela Vongola, daughter of Enrico Vongola, grand-daughter of Timoteo Vongola, is conceived the moment Rose's heart ceases beating.

She isn't a quiet child. Her father calls numerous doctors for Rosa sniffles, cries, and screams in her sleep, and sometimes when she's awake as well. They cannot find anything wrong, aside from damage to her vocal chords due to the screaming.

It's Xanxus, her youngest uncle, who has the brilliant idea to bring his Mist, the Arcobaleno Viper (and just how his little brat of a brother had managed to get a Mist that strong, Enrico would never know), to take a look at her.

All blood leaves Viper's face as she takes the infant girl in. "I will be her godmother," she states coldly, in a tone that brooks no argument, not even from Xanxus.

Enrico doesn't protest. With his daughter under the protection of one Arcobaleno, she would be able to count on the others as well. This is a good thing. His wife Felicia doesn't see it that way, had already promised a friend of hers the position of godmother, but there's nothing she can do.

Viper summons her Flames, clear, pure indigo, and makes them coil around the child, letting them seep into her skin.

Little Rosa is much better after that, and Enrico is glad.


Papa is Rosa's favourite parent by far. Mamma is coldcoldcold, her eyes like ice, her skin like snow, and her hair so pale it looks like frost covers it. Papa is warm. Papa smiles at her, carries her around, sings her songs, tells her stories. Mamma frowns at him a lot and stuffs Rosa in dresses and shows her off to her friends. Papa takes her into the gardens and plays with her.

Nonno is Papa's Papa. He's funny and nice, full of stories, and he comes at least once a week and drinks tea with her. He always treats her seriously, and he treats her stuffed animals - Rick the Lion, Hedda the Owl, Paddie the Dog, Remmie the Wolf - nice, too, and he never tells Mamma when Rosa kicks off her pretty dress shoes or spills tea on her silk dresses.

Rosa has uncles, too. There's Uncle Simo (his name is too long for her to say) who gives her tons of gifts and has a loud laugh - too loud, but he's still nice. And Uncle Rico, who isn't there as often, but makes up for it with really nice hugs, and who twirls her around like a princess when she runs up to him. He calls her Principessa, too, which always makes her giggle.

"I'm a witch, not a pwincess!" she tells him while she laughs.

"My little witch-princess, then!" he answers and ruffles her golden-blond hair, which makes Mamma frown at him because it takes aaaaages to arrange Rosa's hair since it's so messy. Rosa prefers to leave it open, hanging to her back in messy curls, but Mamma says it's not proper.

Her last uncle is Uncle Xanxus. (She took ages to practice saying his name right, he always made a weird face when she called him 'Uncle Zansus'.) And where her other uncles and Nonno are merely warm, Xanxus is a wildfire, fierce and strong and untameable. He scares Rosa a little, but she still loves when he comes, because he treats her like an adult, he tells her to stand straight and never ever let others make her small, and he gives her awesome boots and leather jackets that she can actually run around in. Mamma frowns a lot that at that, but Uncle Xanxus glares at her and she goes away.

There's also Uncle Iemitsu who she refuses to call 'Uncle' on account of the incident where he threw her on their first meeting, seriously, how in the world could he think that was a good idea? And it didn't appear that Papa punching him in the face had heightened his intelligence at all, but then again, you can't improve what isn't there, says Papa.

Rosa loves her family.

When she's three, she meets Viper for the first time. Papa told her that when she was little, she was really sick, and Viper fixed her and became her godmother, which means that she's like an aunt and will protect Rosa if Papa or Nonno or her uncles can't (which is ridiculous, Papa is always there.)

Anyway, Rosa has tea with her godmother, who is smaller than Rosa herself and wears a hood that obscures her face. It's, well, awkward. Rosa is a bit of a shy child, and normally that isn't a problem since her uncles and Nonno talk a lot and are fine with her listening and answering. Viper though says nothing at all until ten minutes into the meeting.

"Do you sleep well?" she asks then.

Rosa nods. "Yes, Madrina," she says, remembering her manners.

"You will address me as Viper unless instructed otherwise," Viper tells her.

"Yes, M - Viper," Rosa corrects herself, blushing. Viper nods regally.

"You do not have vivid dreams?" she asks. Rosa shakes her head, then hesitates.

"Sometimes," she says. "But I can never remember what they're about."

Viper nods shortly. A small hand reaches out and touches Rosa's forehead, and she has the distinct sensation of an icicle melting inside her head. "I see. They will grow more vivid in the future. It will likely be unpleasant for you. Tell your father to contact me if you cannot handle it."

Rosa tilts her head. "But why do I have those dreams?" she asks, frowning in confusion.

"You will understand soon." Viper suddenly stands up, drains the rest of her tea, and leaves the room. Rosa stays in her seat, utterly confused.

"You alright, sweetheart?" Papa asks as he enters the room.

"Mmm," Rosa mumbles. "Viper is weird."

"That she is," Papa agrees with a smile as he bends down an picks her up. "What do you say, let's go to the kitchen and get some ice cream?"

Rosa smiles widely at him. "Yes, Papa!"

He grins. "But you know the rule..." he waggles his eyebrows at her, making her giggle.

"Don't tell Mamma!" they chorus together.

Papa kisses her forehead and all is right in the world.


"Rosa?" Enrico asks his four-year old daughter. Teary green eyes look at him from the bed, pudgy arms reach for him.

"Papa!" she sobs.

He doesn't hesitate for a second in scooping her up. "Another nightmare?" he asks.

"S-sirius!" she cries into his shoulder. "The Dementors tried - my fault my fault my fault he isn't free!"

He rocks her gently, silently resolving to get Viper here again. Anything to stop this. "Shh," he murmurs. "It was just a dream."

"N-no," she sobs quietly. "A memory."

"Sweetie, you don't know any Sirius," he assures her. "It was just a dream."

She shakes her head again. "It's from before! My name's not Rosa, it's Rose, I d-didn't get it before but now I do and-"

"No," Enrico interrupts, pulling away a little and staring into terrified green eyes. Another Mafioso might have suspected impersonation or involvement of an illusionist, but Enrico has Hyper Intuition. This is definitely his little girl, and there would be hell to pay for whoever did this to her. "You're Rosabella Vongola. You're my daughter. End of story, don't ever tell yourself otherwise. Understand?"

"Papa," she sobs.

"Yes," he says. "That's me. Now tell me about those dreams."

"M-memories," she mumbles.

"Tell me."


Rosa tells Papa everything she knows, all those awful dreams (memories). He doesn't interrupt once, only to comfort her when it gets bad. (The Dursleys. The magic. The hero worship. The troll. The dog. Quirrel. The Dursleys again, being locked up for the summer. The heir of Slytherin, everyone thinking it's her. The basilisk. Dementors, dementors, dementors. Pettigrew. The Quidditch World Cup. The Triwizard Tournament, facing the betrayal of a whole school, Ron's betrayal. Humiliation upon humiliation, terror, nobody seeing how bad it was. And finally, the dragon, her sacrifice. And she had known that she was going to die, for people who didn't even care about her.)

Papa's Flames feel as hot as Uncle Xanxus' by the time she's done.

"It's all real, right? Magic and stuff?" she whispers. "Papa?"

He sighs deeply. "Yes. Magic is real. It's not very well-known in the Mafia, some bosses know, that's all. And the magicals don't really know about us, the Mafia."

"I don't think I have magic in this life," Rosa mumbles.

Papa pokes her forehead. "You have Flames instead," he says gently. "That's way better."

"Mmm," Rosa answers. "Yup!"

"Rosa, this will be our little secret," Papa tells her seriously. "You tell no one. Not even Nonno."

She nods. "Okay, Papa. Does Viper know?"

"If she does, she's not talking." Papa sighs. "I'll see if we can't find out more about the current state of the magical world, alright?"


"What is it?"

Rosa sniffs a little. "Stay with me? I'm scared."

Papa smiles and ruffles her hair. "Of course, sweetie."


Two days later, all of Rosa's tutors have been replaced. Her education had previously handled by tutors hired by Mamma, with a lot of etiquette, dancing, and some music, plus stuff like writing and numbers. Now Rosa learns about the Mafia, Politics, Maths, Geography, History, and other serious grown-up things from Papa's Guardians, Papa himself teaches her languages - and Rosa relearns English in a week.

"You already know a lot of what you're learning now," he tells her. "You just need to remember it. And while you are young, you learn faster, we need to capitalise on that."

And at night, when Mamma and the servants are asleep, Papa wakes her up and takes her to his personal training room to teach her to fight and use her Flames.

Those things come to her completely naturally. And not just because of her memories, but also because she's got the Blood of Vongola and the Intuition. Still, Papa is pretty surprised when he tells her that to light her Flames, she has to think about what she wants so badly that she'd be willing to come back from the dead to get it, and she barely even has to think before her body is engulfed in warm, orange Flames.

Which Papa douses with a bucket of water he had wisely brought, just in case. Good thing, too, because Rosa collapses a second after in exhaustion.

"Okay okay, we need to do this some other way," Papa mutters. "Sorry, sweetie, I should've known that would happen."

"Ugh," Rosa sputters and flicks water into Papa's face. He grins.

"Oh, it's on, kid."

Rosa loses the ensuing tickle-war, but she puts up a valiant fight and manages to use the second water bucket to its full potential.

They dry off after that, and sit down on her bed. "Okay, Rosa, the problem is that your Flames are too strong and pure. You're going to hurt yourself like that."

"So what do we do?" she asks, hugging Hedda the stuffed Owl.

Papa frowns. "I don't like it... and you won't either, but we're going to have to seal your Flames for a while." He sees her horrified face and adds hastily, "Not completely! Just a little, limit the output, make sure you don't turn into the Human Torch! And I'm going to unseal you for at least two hours a day!"

"Oh, okay," she mumbles. "That's fine, I guess."

"It's not, but there isn't really a way around it," Papa sighs.

"Did you find out anything about the magical world?" she asks, not sure if she really wants to know. She and the Wizarding World hadn't exactly parted on the best of terms.

"Not much, no. What I've heard isn't very good," he answers. "I could find more if I asked my father for help, but then I'd have to tell him about," he leans down and kisses her forehead. "How special my little daughter is, and I think it's too early for that."

Rosa nods gratefully. Attention, she doesn't like that. Not even before the memories came back, and definitely not after. "We could ask Viper," she suggests softly.

"I did," Papa says. "She isn't talking."

Rosa hesitates. "Maybe if I ask?" she asks tentatively.

Papa sighs deeply. "If I can't find anything out, we can try that, alright?" He holds out a fist to her. She bumps it with her own.

"Love you, Papa," she mumbles, eyelids growing heavy.

"I love you too."


Enrico loves his family, he does. But he loves his daughter most of all, and he would do anything to protect her. And he knows that his father and brothers would chose Famiglia over family, and use his little girl in whatever way they see fit - not against her will, oh no, they would just manipulate her into thinking that she's doing everything of her own free will - and so if Enrico had his way, they wouldn't know until Rosa was able to stand on her own and make the decision herself.

So he hadn't exactly planned on anyone finding out. Then again, it could have been worse than Xanxus. Massimo for example would have exploited the potential blackmail without hesitation.

When Xanxus finds Enrico training Rosa in Flame use, he just stares for a bit, then jerks his head to the door with a scowl that says 'there better be a good fucking explanation for this or I'm gonna tear you trashy limb from trashy limb'. Enrico sends his daughter to bed and doesn't bother asking Xanxus into his office - better the training room get destroyed than the room where he keeps important business documents.

"Talk, trash," Xanxus growls out, red eyes blazing. Enrico inwardly rolls his eyes. His youngest brother is a horrible brat at the best of times and this certainly isn't one of those. Xanxus had already been in a horrible mood before he saw Rosa getting trained in Flame use.

(Enrico would bet that there'd been another situation with his father. Timoteo is a good father, but he isn't the best at handling Xanxus, that's Federico. Anyway, Enrico is pretty sure that Xanxus came to either vent or spend some time with Rosa to calm down - it wouldn't be the first time.)

"Rosa isn't exactly an ordinary child," Enrico informs Xanxus. "I deemed it best to start teaching her to defend herself."

"The fuck's that supposed to mean?!" Xanxus growls out. Enrico gives him a reproachful look that says 'Language, Xanxus, we both know my impressionable five-year old daughter is standing outside the door eavesdropping.' Xanxus rolls his eyes.

"It means that she remembers her previous life," Enrico says nonchalantly as if stating the weather. Xanxus' eyes widen. "Don't look at me like that, it's not like that's unheard of."

"The hell's that got to do with teaching her about Flames, trash?! She's five!"

"One, her Flames are extremely strong, she has to learn to control them," Enrico states. "And two, I'm afraid that her previous life might come back to haunt her."

Xanxus narrows his eyes. "Oh?" he asks dangerously, fingering his guns.

And that's the reason Enrico is glad that it was Xanxus who found out. The brat is stupidly independent and hell-bent on doing everything himself, and he's hellishly protective of Rosa. Xanxus would be the last one to tattle.

Now to make sure that he sees Enrico's point...

"She died young. And violently."

Yeah, that did it. Xanxus' Flames roil in anger and rage, from his guns drips fire that destroys the floor mats and the floor below that is supposed to be Flame resistant.

Time for damage control.

"Rosa, sweetie, come inside for a bit!" he calls. A pause, then the door clicks and Rosa shuffles inside sheepishly.

Xanxus sends Enrico a murderous look that he returns with a smug one. There would be no destruction of his house with Rosa around.

"Uncle Xanxus?" she asks hesitantly, seeing his angry face.

"Get over here, brat," Xanxus growls out. Rosa looks a bit confused and scared, but obeys anyway.

"Uhhm..." she mumbles, twisting her fingers, and then she squeaks as Xanxus scoops her up and settles her on his hip. Enrico stifles a grin as she reflexively wraps her arms around Xanxus' neck.

Nothing like a hug from Rosa to quell a temper tantrum.

"So why did you come here, Xanxus?" Enrico asks pleasantly.

Xanxus glares at him. "You've been slacking off," he growls out.

Rosa looks up. "Papa!" she scolds. "That's not good!"

Great, and now Enrico's bratty brother smirks. "Yeah, what your brat says," he drawls out. "And guess who's picking up your slack."

Oh that little-

"Papa, you can't make Uncle Xanxus work more!" Rosa glares at him. His daughter is so adorable. His brother, not so much.

"And now I know why," Xanxus rumbles. "I'm taking over your brat's Flame training."

Enrico frowns. "That's not-"

"You said her Flames are too strong. Who better to train her than me?" Xanxus points out, and damn, he has a point.

"You'd do that for me?" Rosa asks her uncle with wide eyes. Xanxus shoots her a side-glare.

"Shut it, brat. You better work hard," he responds. Rosa beams at him and kisses his cheek which makes Xanxus freeze. Enrico rejoices that there are cameras in the training room, he's so getting a picture made from that. The blackmail potential is endless.

"Thanks Uncle Xanxus!" Rosa cheers obliviously.

"You can't come over every night," Enrico points out.

"I'll be there often enough," Xanxus retorts and sneers at him. "You bet your ass that she'll learn more in an hour from me than in a week from you."

Rosa swats his arm. "Language!" she scolds.

"Get used to it, brat," Xanxus growls back.

"Don't get used to it, sweetie." Enrico glares at Xanxus. "Someone is going to watch his language around you or I'm telling his Sun Guardian."

Xanxus pales considerably. His guardians - the ones that he has, anyway - do worship him. But if they get overexcited, well... Lussuria in particular is terrifying.

Rosa giggles. "Papa, I've heard worse before," she says. "Uncle Xanxus can talk however he likes."

Xanxus and Enrico exchange a look. Enrico's says that yes, it was bad for his sweet little daughter, it was really bad. Xanxus' promises retribution for whoever hurt her.

(He'd be a bit late in that. Enrico had already had Vernon and Petunia Dursley removed. Dudley Dursley had been spared since he'd been a child back then, but he had lost his job at Grunnings, and documents concerning his scholastic career had been revealed to be forged and ensured that his search for a new job would be that much more difficult. The wizards who had hurt Rose Potter were harder to find, but Enrico is working on it. Perhaps with Xanxus involved, Viper would be a bit more cooperative.)

Rosa suddenly yawns and rubs at her eyes. Enrico's heart melts a little bit more at the adorable sight of his daughter. She had been a bit of an accident, and having to marry Felicia had not made him happy at all, but he could never regret Rosa. He could not imagine a life without his sweet little girl.

"You tired, brat?" Xanxus asks gruffly.

"Mmm," she mumbles and buries her face in his neck. Moments later she's asleep. Xanxus smirks a little and stalks out of the room to put her in bed.

Yeah. It could have been much worse than Xanxus.