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Chapter 8- Just what you're worth

Tsunayoshi Sawada had not exactly had a normal life, no matter how much he wished he'd have one. But this… situation was the proverbial straw that broke the camel's back. He wondered how this had all begun. Ah, it had all started with him having his first real relationship. Sure their first date had been anything but normal, and their relationship had started rather comically, but they said that unique starts were always better than clichéd one's, right? Right? Wrong. Tsu-kun, you should just stop trying to lighten this situation. Also, you're wrong about when it started. It started waaaayyy before you think it did, and even now, you haven't the slightest idea of what's going on.

As Sawada Tsunayoshi sat on the cold floor of what once used to be his closet, he was reliving his entire life until now, wondering exactly what he had done to deserve this awkward situation. Really, just how had he ended up having a massive crush on the people who were not just part of the strongest seven, but also mafia men who made stronger people then him quake in their boots and flee? Not to mention, all were very well-built, extremely hot ikemen who probably had both the sexes practically worshipping the land they walked on? Maybe it was just that, Tsuna mused. He was a teenager who was going through puberty, after all, and his mum did say that he might have a lot of strange and never-felt-before urges and attractions. Also, as he said before, all the said men were impossibly hot and could have anyone and everyone they wanted in their arms. That was it, Tsuna thought. All of this was just physical attraction. He hadn't done anything and his only action had been with Mitsuo the other day, and that too, was short-lived.

So why did he remember all the good memories he had shared with the Arcobaleno? Why did he suddenly get the urge to ruffle Skull's hair, or to simply watch Fon train, spend time with Mammon and try to learn what sort of faces Verde made, cuddle with Colonello and have quaint little conversations with Reborn? If this was just physical attraction, he should be thinking only about their bodies, not their personalities and eccentricities as well. Not to mention, the bleak future he had come back from had not let him escape, plaguing him with nightmares. Nightmares of the Arcobaleno falling, one by one, as a non-trinesette world succumbed to darkness and despair. Feelings of loss, pain and anger, of worry. Of fear. The fear of a 'what if it happens again?' threatened to choke him. The feeling of helplessness kept washing over him like a wave, almost drowning him.

It was all a great big mess, and the fact that all these men Tsuna had fallen for were as un-attainable as the moon, as wanted as the sunlight, made him cry. He was like a broken record, playing the same track over and over again.

"Tsuna… Tsuna… OI, TSUNA?! ARE YOU LISTENING TO ME?!" a shout broke through his mental reverie. Numbly, Tsuna recognized the voice as Skull's. A pair of arms shook him as Skull screamed yet again, "SHIT! DO YOU THINK WE HIT HIM?!"

"Shut up, lackey. We couldn't have." This voice was Colonello's, but despite the bite in there, there was also a small shred of concern. "THEN WHY ISN'T HE RESPONDING? OH MY GOD, TSUNA… PLEASE say something…..WAIT, IS HE CRYING? OH NO! WHY, TSUNA?!" Skull's voice came again.

Tsuna was surprised. Was he really crying? Oh, he could feel the wetness on his cheek now. He wanted to raise his hand to wipe the tear away, but couldn't move either of his arms, as Skull had clasped them tightly, almost cutting off his blood circulation. It hurt, Tsuna thought, whimpering. For a single moment, the chaos stopped. Then it re-started, as Skull was violently shoved out of the way by someone who Tsuna recognized as Reborn, who looked at Tsuna with impassive black orbs that hid concern in their depths, gently lifting his chin. Tsuna couldn't help it. The thought of losing all them had shaken him, and he leapt in Reborn's open arms, sobbing in his chest, whispering countless apologies. For a moment, Reborn stiffened, and it was the longest moment of Tsuna's life, as he thought he might be tossed away coldly, but then Reborn shifted, this time with Tsuna in his lap, cradling him close.

Tsuna wept for a long time, confessing all his messed up feelings and worries in short stutters, till there were no more tears to let out. Even then, he kept on violently shivering, unlatching himself from Reborn and hunching in on himself, wondering if this was the last he was going to see of the Arcobaleno, after all, they would be fed up of him, with his horrible and most likely unwanted, un-needed confession that was probably a burden for them all. But the rejection he was expecting did not come. A strangled noise later, Colonello practically pounced on Tsuna, crushing him in his arms and nuzzling his nose in Tsuna's neck, sending delicious shivers down Tsuna's spine. From this unexpected but much appreciated hug, he was unceremoniously ripped away, this time in Fon's arms. In this manner, he was passed around the Arcobaleno who practically crushed him with their hugs. At first, Tsuna was confused. But then he realized just what this was. Oh, how kind fate was to him! The Arcobaleno were being kind enough not to outright reject him, instead, giving him a 'goodbye hug'. Aw, Tsuna thought. It doesn't matter; I knew I was going to get rejected anyway. At least I'll get to treasure their hugs and find a way to cope with this unrequited love of mine. (Oh Tsuna…. You absolute idiot…)

Even though his heart was practically breaking, the least he could do was send them off with a smile, thought Tsuna. So, giving them his brightest smile, he said, "Thank you, everyone! I'm sorry for being a burden on you and making you do all this. Don't worry, I'll reign in my feelings and try my hardest to get over you and fall for Mitsuo kun! You won't feel awkward, I promise, heh heh! Now, I'd better go and calm Mom down, or is she not home? All this chaos must have scared her, heh…" He looked down and trying his hardest not to cry. The best solution was escape. But as he tried to move, a collective "HAH?" sound came from the people gathered around him.

He looked up, only to find Verde face palming himself, while the rest of the Arcobaleno looked in various states of confusion and anger. Indeed, Reborn was looking at him like he was about to shoot him, and that made Tsuna incredibly nervous for his life (What have I told you about being more nervous for your virginity instead, huh, Tsu-kun… seriously, you idiot) He should not have said anything! He should have just run away! Ughh, why did he open his mouth?! Better late than never, Tsuna thought, as he tried to rush past them all and out of the door.

He didn't get one step further before Reborn snatched him and kissed him on the mouth.

This kiss was waaay more different than what he had shared with Mitsuo kun.

This kiss sent a rush of coffee up Tsuna's brain.

This was a dangerous, exotic kiss, as Reborn practically ravaged his mouth, his tongue dominating and winning a battle Tsuna could never hope to succeed.

His hands cupped Tsuna's cheeks, then trailed down his torso as Reborn squeezed his butt, possessively clutching Tsuna close and tweaked his nipples as Tsuna let out a lewd moan.

Finally, the need for oxygen forced them apart, with Tsuna practically gasping for much needed air, hair all mussed up, lips kiss-swollen and eyes half-lidded, looking unconsciously sexy in a way that sent a blood rush up the heads of the people watching them, and caused steel to form in their pants.

"Do you correctly understand our intentions now, dame-Tsuna? Or do you, perhaps, need a more practical lesson, hmm?" Reborn said, smirking victoriously at Tsuna with a satisfied gleam in his eyes.

Tsuna froze as he realized just what had he done. was restarting, replaying the last one minute. He had k-kissed REBORN?! WHAT?

"What the fuck, kora. I was supposed to get to kiss him first!" Colonello's indignant voiced ripped through Tsuna's internal server error, as Colonello pulled him away from Reborn, completely ignoring Reborn's dangerous look. "Hmph. I guess we can't help it, huh Tsuna, kora? Very well, I'll just make sure to wipe away Reborn's pathetic kiss from your memory."

With that sentence, Tsuna's mouth was plunged into again, as he shared a breath-taking kiss with Colonello.

Colonello went one step further than Reborn, nipping down his throat and sucking in a strangely possessive manner, as if a predator marking his territory.

He was almost down to Tsuna's chest when his ministrations were stopped by a very angry and very jealous Fon, who took Tsuna away from him with the skill and grace of a martial artist.

"Stop, both of you. Don't you think Tsunayoshi needs a verbal, not a physical explanation of the reciprocal of our feelings for him? This way, you'll simply overload him, and he'll run away from us, which would lead us nowhere."

"Ever the voice of reason, eh Fon? Well, that doesn't explain the arms that are slyly copping a feel, though." Verde's sarcastic voice replied.

Fon simply smiled in devil-may-care-way, and said, in sepulchral tones, "Well, this is Tsunayoshi we're talking about. A bit of physical demonstration is always necessary to train this boy." So saying, Fon gently kissed Tsuna. Tsuna appreciated the gentle start, which slowly turned hotter until a hand came upon his shoulder, and like a splash of cold water, pulled him away from Fon. Tsuna looked up to see calm and cool green orbs looking at him in a strangely gentle manner.

"Fon is right. Tsuna confessed to us, right? So we need to confess back first to tell him we feel the same for him!" Skull exclaimed. "It's not right for you guys to just steal away Tsuna's kisses like that!"

"Why, lackey? Are you jealous that you don't have the guts to kiss Tsuna? And anyway, my kiss was my confession of my feelings for Tsuna, albeit one that ended abruptly, no thanks to Fon here." Colonello said, looking miffed.

"You guys need to confess properly. This idiot here will probably think you are kissing him out of pity, or worse, not get it at all." Mammon cut in, frowning. All pairs of eyes whipped to look at Tsuna in various forms of exasperation as they collectively sweat dropped, muttering, "It IS true….."

Tsuna finally broke the silence and said, "Ummmmm You guys like…..me? B-but… why? I'm just…me…" A collective groan was released by all of them as Verde finally chuckled and said, "Yes, Tsunayoshi. You are you. That, though strange, is the truest reason why you've made us fall for you."

"Be more confident, will you, Tsunayoshi? You've unknowingly seduced the world's strongest, the Arcobaleno. And god knows how. You are reckless, clumsy, idiotic, no-good, gullible, easy to trap, even more easier to kill…" Mammon trailed off, his face undecipherable as each word of his made Tsuna want to crawl in a hole and never resurface.

Until Colonello said, "Kora, that's why we have to keep an eye on you, you see? The way you are, so kind and sweet and in a daze, forgiving and trusting anyone and everyone, you are prone to weird people coming on to you! Like that bastard Mitsuo! How dare he prey on my Tsuna?!"

"Yours, Colonello? Did you just try to call my dame-Tsuna YOURS? HAH. LIKE I'D LET YOU HAVE HIM!" Reborn said, shoving Colonello to the side, crouching on one knee before Tsuna, clasping his hand and kissing it as he said, "Dame Tsuna listen up very well. I love you, and you are mine. So you better stop seducing any other people. Its bad enough I have to share you with these bastards, I will not tolerate anyone else. Got it?"

Tsuna nodded dumbly. Reborn smiled, his eyes turning the warmest Tsuna had ever seen them as, and looked up at Tsuna with adoring eyes. It was a touching moment. At least, until Fon practically stepped on Reborn, completely ignoring him, and gazed directly into Tsuna's eyes, saying, "Sawada Tsunayoshi. You have bewitched me body and soul, and I love, love, love you and all your perfect imperfections. Be mine?" Tsuna blushed and nodded excitedly as he practically screamed a yes.

As Reborn, Verde, Fon and Colonello squabbled in the corner as to who had made Tsuna blush the most, with Mammon taking bets and proclaiming himself as the winner, Skull stepped up in front of Tsuna and said, "T-tsuna… I know it must be very tough for you to have all of us coming onto you like this. But I was very happy to receive your feelings, Tsuna. It made me happier that you cried for my sake. So, if it isn't a burden on you, will you please be my boyfriend? I love you with all my heart."

Tsuna felt himself flush and he leapt up, glomping Skull, and whispering an "I love you back." In his ears, softly pecking him on the lips, before blushing a deep red. The fights on the other side stopped as Mammon ominously whispered, "Skull, huh… didn't think he had it in him. Very well, I shall soon vanquish him." Five pairs of eyes glared with full intensity at how Skull had gotten Tsuna in his arms, as Skull stopped smiling, glared and said, "Hey, wait. Tsuna, you need to break up with that Mitsuo! He cannot have you now! Nuh-uh!" Verde, Mammon, Reborn, Fon and Colonello stopped as they re-remembered the fact that someone had gotten his dirty little paws on their precious Tsuna-uke before they could, and collectively made an unspoken decision. Operation kill all rivals had officially begun. But that could be put on hold for now. Currently, they had to ravish and lavish their precious sky with all the affection he deserved.


With that, another chapter in Tsuna's life ended.

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